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  47. In less than 24 hours, two former governors of Rio are arrested - Americas
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  52. Colombia: Barranquilla, Cali, or Medellin?: crime, best, safer, place - Americas
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  61. Hello Everyone: people - Americas
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  66. Jamaica is paying its oil debts to Venezuela with food: best, place - Americas
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  72. Haiti doesn't have a current leader: place, international - Americas
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  74. Looking for really amazing empanada or arepas recipes!: best, jobs, people - Americas
  75. Best time of year to vist Cartagena, Colombia: place, people, live - Americas
  76. Central America from space: population, areas - Americas
  77. Best Dutch Caribbean Territory (crime, poverty, wealth, cleanliness): life, cost, place - Americas
  78. Temperate with lake?: time, water, live - Americas
  79. Los Angeles, Chile: travel, famous, time, water - Americas
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  82. cured hpv: life, people - Americas
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  90. Is new york still dangerous?: crime rate, safest, place, people - Americas
  91. Young Gringo wants to escape USA (expat): life, cost, country - Americas
  92. In which South American (or Central American ) countries do they love gringos?: cost, country - Americas
  93. Why are there so few South Americans in the US despite geographical closeness?: life, country - Americas
  94. Best Amazonian City to visit: cost, people, cheap, travel - Americas
  95. Best English Caribbean Movies ...: crime, country, people, speaking - Americas
  96. Why don't mexicans re-learn native Amerindian languages rather than speaking spanish?: life, country - Americas
  97. Brazil - acceptable behavior for ugly Amercian visiting your country?: best, places - Americas
  98. Cool music that makes you think of South America: people, pros, time - Americas
  99. Brazil - WHere you will be robbed and thrown in jail if you report it: crime, place - Americas
  100. Still have Nazis in South America: life, country, dangerous, places - Americas
  101. What are the most important social issues in Cuba?: crime, country, jobs - Americas
  102. Will democracy take root in Cuba?: life, people, pros, population - Americas
  103. What would be the best option for Puerto Rico?: crime, country, people - Americas
  104. Feliz Natal! Feliz Navidad! Joyeux Noël! Merry Christmas!: life, 2014, country - Americas
  105. Fidel Castro is dead: country, people, cons, quality - Americas
  106. 20.000 Americans confederated have immigrated to Brazil: life, country, place, jobs - Americas
  107. Why Latin Americans care less about being latino than US-latinos?: life, country - Americas
  108. Best Places to Celebrate New Years!!!!: cost, 2013, country, safer - Americas
  109. El Salvador saved thousands of Jews: cost, country, people, travel - Americas
  110. Expats in Ecuador: life, cost, country, place - Americas
  111. Plastic Surgeon in South America: best, country, safe, place - Americas
  112. What is the best way to get to Machu Picchu?: life, country - Americas
  113. List of metropolises over 1 million people by population in the Americas, 2015: cost, country
  114. Why Does Latin America Have the World's Highest Female Murder?: crime, best - Americas
  115. How are immigrants viewed in their home countries?: best, life, cost - Americas
  116. Is it easy to cross Mexico border to US?: life, country, safe - Americas
  117. The climate of South America: best, areas - Americas
  118. Did The U.S Invade Puerto Rico?: best, country, place - Americas
  119. Southern Cone countries/cities with Western European sobriquets: country, people, cons - Americas
  120. Backpacking in Cartagena, Colombia: best, country, safe, dangerous - Americas
  121. How white is El Salvador?: country, place, people, speaking - Americas
  122. Netflix true crime series Narcos spurs huge demand for Colombian women.: 2014, country - Americas
  123. Thousands of Venezuelans across the borders of neighboring countries in refugee conditions: life, cost - Americas
  124. Colombia referendum: Voters Farc peace deal: people, move, cons - Americas
  125. In which South American (or Central American ) country you just love to be in?: best, life - Americas
  126. Brazilians what are your opinions on the 2016 Rio Games: crime, best, country - Americas
  127. Criminals Target Olympic Site in Brazil: crime, life, country, people - Americas
  128. Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) vs San Juan (Puerto Rico): best, life, cost - Americas
  129. Brazil's Ex-Pres., Lula, home is raided amid questions of corruption: country, jobs - Americas
  130. What are social characteristics Puerto Rico shares with its Latin American peers?: life, country - Americas
  131. Regional food in Latin America: country, people - Americas
  132. Archaeological sites in South America: country, people, travel, population - Americas
  133. Best value for travel in South America...: life, country, place - Americas
  134. Caribbean to Amazon: A Colombian journey through Folk: country, people, travel - Americas
  135. Do Latin American women outside of Canada and the USA have lower standards for husbands?: life, country - Americas
  136. What does Bolivian Regret mean?: best, life, time - Americas
  137. Visiting El Salvador: crime rate, country, safe, dangerous - Americas
  138. Must sees in Colombia....: country, safe, dangerous, place - Americas
  139. Cubans are ready to become obese: life, people, time, live - Americas
  140. Colombia's Big Comeback: crime, best, life, cost - Americas
  141. How known is Brasilia in your country?: 2014, place, people - Americas
  142. Lima Peru Impressions: crime, best, life, safer - Americas
  143. Best Latin American Movies ....: crime, life, cost, people - Americas
  144. Cubans stranded in Costa Rica and Panama: life, country, people - Americas
  145. Moving to the bahamas: life, safer, dangerous, place - Americas
  146. Visa-free travel for the Caribbean?: crime rate, cost, country, jobs - Americas
  147. A simple fact: 99.9% of tourists who visit Brazil are NOT robbed: crime rate, best - Americas
  148. I live in a city that is said to have one of the highest muder rates in the world: people, speak - Americas
  149. West Indian Descendents In Latin America: life, cost, country, places - Americas
  150. Brazil is nothing to do with Spanish America, Mexico Yes....: places, people - Americas
  151. Experiences in Cartagena, Colombia?: best, place, people, travel - Americas
  152. Zika Virus: Colombia: cost, safe, place, people - Americas
  153. Holly Week and other Catholic/ Christian Traditions in Latin America: country, places - Americas
  154. Best Carnivals and street festivals in the Americas ...: life, cost, 2014
  155. Best country to invest in property in the Caribbean or the Americas...: crime, dangerous
  156. El Salvador and Honduras Violence: best, country, dangerous, jobs - Americas
  157. 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Along Ecuador's Coast: life, people, cons, water - Americas
  158. Immigration within South America: cost, country, jobs, people - Americas
  159. Best Salsa Songs ...: cons, live - Americas
  160. Dominicans and Haitians: best, country, safe, jobs - Americas
  161. Do you think they should a highway through the Darien Gap?: best, country - Americas
  162. How Portuguese influenced is Brazilian cuisine?: best, life, country, places - Americas
  163. Teen age pregnancy and single motherhood in the Americas....: life, country, jobs
  164. How safe is Plastic Surgery Tourism in Brazil?: life, places, people - Americas
  165. Colombia: Safety and locals' attitude towards Americans: crime rate, country, safer - Americas
  166. Latin American countries with first world: crime, best, life - Americas
  167. Is Latin America improving?: crime rate, best, cost, country - Americas
  168. Colombian Beauty Queen Sentenced To 15 Years In Prison For Drug Smuggling: crime, country - Americas
  169. Latin American clothing brands: people, time, international, 2014 - Americas
  170. What Latin American countries are most similar to each other?: cost, country - Americas
  171. Is Salsa a thing of the past ...: best, life, cost - Americas
  172. The Caribbean and its place in World History: people, move, speaking - Americas
  173. How do you self-identify?: people, speaking, travel, cons - Americas
  174. Studying abroad in Latin America(Cost of living) Argentina,Chile, Costa Rica, Uruguay?: best, life - Americas
  175. Your favorite city of the bunch: Chicago, Toronto, San Francisco, Montreal, Washington D.C.: life, safer - Americas
  176. Is There Hunger in Venezuela?: country, place, people, move - Americas
  177. Blackface In Latin America: people, cons, live - Americas
  178. The South American tendency of calling each other by the main indigenous group instead of by country.: best, people - Americas
  179. Can you speak Espanlish or Portulish ?: people, speaking - Americas
  180. Brazil: Small towns and violent crime?: best, life, country, safe - Americas
  181. Bogota and Medellin Trip.: country, train, speaking, cons - Americas
  182. Which of 3 cities do you feel has the strongest presence of Asians?: people, speak - Americas
  183. The beginning of the end of Chavezism in Venezuela?: country, people - Americas
  184. Why so many countries in Central America?: cost, country, places - Americas
  185. Where would you go and why?: cost, country, train, people - Americas
  186. How common are Quinceañera?: life, country, place, people - Americas
  187. HAVANA - to become a glamorous cosmopolitan city again?: country, place - Americas
  188. Best country to be gay Argentina or Brazil?: cost, people, cons - Americas
  189. Family Drama Network - Americas
  190. Martinique, Puerto Rico or Bahamas: best, income, school - Americas
  191. USA natives perspectives on Buenos Aires - ALL aspects, living OR visiting! All rmation is: life, country - Americas
  192. ombú vs. pampas grass as symbol of the Pampas - Americas
  193. Expats Living in Buenos Aires willing to answer a few questions for a Thesis?: life, people - Americas
  194. for people with Montezuma/Santa Teresa, CR: cost - Americas
  195. Memorial Day: place - Americas
  196. Tipping in Ecuador: hotel, time, visiting - Americas
  197. Shipping From USA to Venezuela - Americas
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  199. Car Child Safety Survey: time - Americas
  200. Belize trip recommendations: vacation - Americas