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  1. Up the Natchez Trace to OKLAHOMA: A Mississippi leader reimagines Pre-Columbian History... and, apparently, the map: best, life - Americas
  2. What are the Bolivian, Paraguayan, and Peruvian neighborhoods in Buenos Aires?: country, people - Americas
  3. El Salvador has first murder-free day in two years: country - Americas
  4. Do you usually listen to sad songs when you are in a bad mood: best, beautiful - Americas
  5. Mexico City vs Buenos Aires (quality of life, transportation/infrastructure, economy, beauty): crime, best - Americas
  6. Colombian Stores/making change: best, country, people, time - Americas
  7. Which DEVELOPING Latin country has the brightest future?: crime rate, best, cost - Americas
  8. Most beautiful country in Central America: cost, places, people, cons - Americas
  9. About vaccinations & the (??) inability to return to USA if I am not vaccinated (??) help: country, safe - Americas
  10. Outside of Brazil and Cuba, which Latin American countries have the best jazz scenes?: country, international - Americas
  11. my vinyl albums - Americas
  12. Who remembers Archbishop Oscar Romero?: people, speaking - Americas
  13. Hurricane Jose - Americas
  14. When did Mexico become the narco-trafficking hub of the Americas?: crime, country
  15. American expat returning age 68/Medicare: best, life, places, vs - Americas
  16. Medellin Int'l Airport and Colombian Cell Phones: best, life, cost - Americas
  17. Name one place in your country or state that a foreigner must visit: people, time - Americas
  18. Argentina cuts benefits for the disabled: people - Americas
  19. Where can I find the beautiful Halo Diamond Ring?: best, country - Americas
  20. Best of Reggae, Roots, Dub, Ska, Dancehall, Mento, Calypso, Rocksteady: speaking, live - Americas
  21. Most Badass Spanish Accent?: country, speak - Americas
  22. 2nd largest bronze statue in the world has been renovated in Mexico City: move, speaking - Americas
  23. Shakira is on tour again :)!!!!: time, live - Americas
  24. Why not rename Mexico City?: country, people, cons, places - Americas
  25. Best mass transit in a sunbelt city? - Americas
  26. Where in North America should I consider moving to?: safe, place, move - Americas
  27. Religion of Pieces Attack Thwarted Before Ariana Grande Concert--Costa Rica: crime, best - Americas
  28. are twin cities in the U.S. have the best of both worlds?: live, culture - Americas
  29. Latin American city with best quality architecture, infrastructure, and organized urban layout?: move, pros - Americas
  30. What is the best way to get to Patagonia from UK?: travel, visit - Americas
  31. Marijuana in Latin America and the Caribbean: best, life, cost - Americas
  32. Extended Vacation in Central/ South America!!!: cost, country, safe, dangerous - Americas
  33. I need to find someone in Argentina: best, live, school - Americas
  34. Is Pope Francis popular in Latin America?: life, people, citizen - Americas
  35. Expats Living in the South or Central America part-time?: best, cons - Americas
  36. Best beaches on the pacific coast of South America?: beautiful, time, water - Americas
  37. Buying property in Costa Rica: best, places, cheap, compared - Americas
  38. Exploring Bogotá during a 8 hour plane layover?: cost, place, speak - Americas
  39. In How Many American Countries are Rivers a Place of Enjoyment?: safe, people - Americas
  40. African immigration to Latin America: cost, country, people, move - Americas
  41. São Paulo vs. New York City: best, people, population - Americas
  42. Weather in Panama City, Panama, in Late May?: crime rate, country, safe - Americas
  43. Puerto Rico. - Americas
  44. Flight voucher through Avianca: best, cost, safe, places - Americas
  45. How will you be spending New Years Eve in your part of the Americas?: country, people
  46. Where to visit in Mexico City?: life, places, people, move - Americas
  47. Costa Rica in 4 Days: country, places, people, live - Americas
  48. The Miss Peru 2018 beauty pageant: crime, best, country, people - Americas
  49. The trick of the 2017 - Americas
  50. Tips for getting around Costa Rica?: places, people, speak, cheap - Americas
  51. What are the different regions/styles of Latin American Cuisine: best, cost - Americas
  52. Venezuela Chinatown: country, people, culture, population - Americas
  53. Best option for a fast trip to Centeral or South America: cost, country - Americas
  54. Best Colonial-style architecture in Carribbean region...(your top 3): areas - Americas
  55. How would you describe Latin American Fashion....: people, move, speak - Americas
  56. What regions do you consider to be part of the Southern Cone?: cost, country - Americas
  57. Melting glaciers in Peru: time - Americas
  58. How far did the Inca empire stretch?: people, move, speaking - Americas
  59. Manuel Antonio Noriega Panama's former dictator is dead.: country, time - Americas
  60. Which of should I prioritize visiting?: best, life, safe - Americas
  61. Boy from Amazonia mysteriously vanishes leaving behind a den filled with secret codes: life - Americas
  62. How to contact someone in Brazil?: life, people, live, time - Americas
  63. At least 200 dead in Amazon region of Colombia: place, people, live - Americas
  64. Article on the Social unrest in Guyane française: crime, country, jobs - Americas
  65. Why does Chile have a very high Gini coefficient?: crime rate, people, developed - Americas
  66. Buying Emeralds in Colombia...: safer, move, cons, vs - Americas
  67. America's Surf Beaches: best - Americas
  68. Road Trip - NJ - West Virginia - Virginia - NC - SC - MD - DE: best, places - Americas
  69. Finding a place to rent in Uruguay: cheap, cons, time - Americas
  70. Looking for my Father and Brothers in Havana,Cuba: live, visit - Americas
  71. What are your Top 50 Favorite Places in Canada-United States? (CanAmerica): best, people - Americas
  72. Florianopolis - The hidden paradise in Southern Brazil: best, life, country - Americas
  73. Ilha de Queimada Granda: life, cost, country, place - Americas
  74. A about legal (and illegal) immigration to Panama: cost, country, jobs - Americas
  75. Move to Santiago Chile: place, cons, live, time - Americas
  76. Best Neighborhood Near SDU Airport.: place, travel, beautiful - Americas
  77. Using Uber/Lyft in Medellin?: safe, people, time, hotel - Americas
  78. Sao Paulo air pollution - how bad is it?: places, cons, population - Americas
  79. Iphone's into Colombia- at the Medellin Airport: visiting - Americas
  80. Heirachy: best, country, people, move - Americas
  81. Mexico and Trump effect: people - Americas
  82. Elections in Ecuador: place, standard - Americas
  83. If a man says he wants to date a girl who can have fun, does that mean he just want to have sex?: life, people - Americas
  84. Complementary currencies: visit - Americas
  85. Were independent Caribbean nations better under British colonial rule?: crime rate, best, life - Americas
  86. Dressing Up as Simon Bolivar in Colombia and Venezuela: cost, country, people - Americas
  87. Why Didn't Slavery Build The Caribbean & Latin America?: life, country, jobs - Americas
  88. What Ecuadorian dish should I try?: live - Americas
  89. Que pasa en bogota?: life, country, place, people - Americas
  90. Choosing a Latin American country to move to (black female): best, cost - Americas
  91. Living in the USA with no running water: life, country, safe - Americas
  92. How did a country like Colombia survive during that violent era: life, place - Americas
  93. Before thinking of moving to Latin America: best, life, country - Americas
  94. Express Kidnappings in Buenos Aires: life, country, safe, dangerous - Americas
  95. Tourism in the Americas 2018: best, cost, country, places
  96. Best area in Bogota Colombia for tourists to stay: country, safe, places - Americas
  97. Best countries to hide money in the Americas?: cost, country, place
  98. How similar are foods from countries.....: best, cost, country - Americas
  99. Economic growth: Spain again a destination for South Americans.: best, country, jobs - Americas
  100. Attitudes towards Abortion in Latin America: crime, best, life, country - Americas
  101. Class/ income extremes in the Americas: cost, country, place, people
  102. Argentina/Uruguay - low murder rates but high crime rates?: country, places - Americas
  103. Can you realistically get by speaking American English in Belize? Belize is barely an anglo-country: best, people - Americas
  104. Is Brazil considered Latin America?: life, country, people, speaking - Americas
  105. Brazil Rio Carnival 2017: cost, place, travel, cons - Americas
  106. Crime in Brazil is totally out of control: life, country, safe - Americas
  107. American Millennial's obsession with Cuba: best, life, country, dangerous - Americas
  108. Big 3 of Latin America: crime, best, life, safer - Americas
  109. What to do and see in Aruba.: best, travel, cons - Americas
  110. Deporting criminals back to El Salvador: crime, country, place, jobs - Americas
  111. Native American, not native, what????: cost, people, move, travel - Americas
  112. Costa Rica High School Sr Trip: best, life, country, place - Americas
  113. know of Spanish language (Latin American or Spaniyard) discussion forums?: best, place - Americas
  114. The Most Economically Powerful Cities in the Western Hemisphere (2000 vs 2010 vs 2012 vs 2016): cost, people - Americas
  115. Who do you think is more similar to Puerto Ricans- Cubans or Dominicans?: cost, country - Americas
  116. Nicaragua's Socialist Dictatorship is Killing the People! Horrible!!!: crime rate, best, life - Americas
  117. Latin American metro areas under 6 million with best infrastructure: life, place, people - Americas
  118. What country in central America would you move to with a family: crime, best - Americas
  119. How do groups like FARC, or ELN survive this long?: crime, people - Americas
  120. What is it like in Suriname: crime, best, country, dangerous - Americas
  121. What is the reason behind American media obsession with African Brazilians?: country, people - Americas
  122. Could Panama and Venezuela be considered Caribbean Hispanic countries?: cost, places - Americas
  123. Dominican Republic off the beaten path.: crime rate, country, place, people - Americas
  124. Couple with young child looking to move to South/Central America: best, life - Americas
  125. Is Latin America really more racist/racially-obsessed than the US?: best, country - Americas
  126. Jamaica vs. Canada for a 30th Birthday: place, people, cheap - Americas
  127. Things not to miss when visiting Bogota and Cartegena: best, cost, people - Americas
  128. Why do people assume Latin America is all the same?: crime, life - Americas
  129. Best States Where Weather is Mid-High 60s Almost Year Round in USA: places, people - Americas
  130. Thousands of Venezuelans flee to Colombia as imminent collapse looms over the Bolivarian nation: life, country - Americas
  131. Is Puerto Plata a rich town or a poor town?: country, place - Americas
  132. Americans going to Cuba (in 2017/2018)...Increased interest? or a bit of a negative bias against, still?: country, place - Americas
  133. San Juan vs Havana vs Santo Domingo: best, place, jobs - Americas
  134. Prices of Latin American countries: best, cost, country, people - Americas
  135. Why are people attacking Catholic Churches in Argentina?: best, place, move - Americas
  136. Are Argentinian women like other Latinas?: country, people, move, culture - Americas
  137. Street food in South America: best, country, place, people - Americas
  138. Should they rename PR as Borinquen?: life, country, places, people - Americas
  139. It has nothing to do with me: best, country, people - Americas
  140. Advice for a 20something caucasian male clothes: crime, cost, country - Americas
  141. United Airlines punches passagens to accommodate flight attendants in their places: place, people - Americas
  142. do locals say olé in Cuba?: life, country, people - Americas
  143. Does Costa Rica live up to hype and expectation?: crime rate, best, country - Americas
  144. Do Ppl from So & Central Americas and Mexico realize how loud they are?: people, speaking
  145. Poor/Working Class Whites in Latin America: crime, country, people - Americas
  146. Left vs Right: Whose Been Worse For Latin America?: best, country, people - Americas
  147. How I learned Spanish: best, cost, country, dangerous - Americas
  148. Meltdown imminent? 35,000 Venezuelans cross into Colombia each day: crime rate, life, cost - Americas
  149. Why is El Salvador so violent?: crime rate, best, life, country - Americas
  150. Bizarre things that only happen in Argentina: crime, life, cost - Americas
  151. Santería pratice in the Americas...: place, people, cons, experiences
  152. Are Afro-Latinos an invisible minority in Central/South America outside of Brazil?: life, country - Americas
  153. Why are the Native Brazilians trying to occupy the Brazilian congress?: country, people - Americas
  154. It is about impossible to imagine that Cuba really has free or universal healthcare.: crime, life - Americas
  155. Reverse racism in the Caribbean...: best, life, country, place - Americas
  156. Is Rio the biggest tragedy in South America: crime, country, safe - Americas
  157. Help in translating from English to Argentine Spanish.: best, culture, time - Americas
  158. Romantic songs?: best, people, beautiful, time - Americas
  159. Santa Semana in Latin America: people, travel, cons, vs - Americas
  160. Donate to Charities to Help Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Barbuda, Mexico,: best, places - Americas
  161. Ethnic groups: country, place, people, speaking - Americas
  162. Streets of Georgetown, Guyana...: crime, cost, dangerous, people - Americas
  163. Ecuador the new retirement hot spot: crime, life, cost, country - Americas
  164. How Widespread Is Marijuana Use In Jamaica?: best, country, place - Americas
  165. Does Panama City have a high concentration of Afro Panamians?: best, cost - Americas
  166. Is Latin America considered The West ?: life, country, people - Americas
  167. For who are Hispanic/Latino/Latin American, Did you used to ever self-hate being Latino/Hispanic at one point?: life, country - Americas
  168. The most complete South American country: place, cons, culture, population - Americas
  169. Do you see most (smallish) Carribbean countries as high-end travel?: life, cost - Americas
  170. Travelocity (and other Travel Engines) - Still no flight options for CUBA??: best, cons - Americas
  171. Bogota vs. Lima: best, life, place, people - Americas
  172. Which Latin American countries are Indigineous people most equal?: life, country, places - Americas
  173. Which is better for living/ working abroad to learn Spanish (Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Bogotá)?: best, place - Americas
  174. How can an American find a good paying job in Latin America?: life, cost - Americas
  175. Trabajando como negra: life, jobs, train, people - Americas
  176. With the Large Italian Diaspora to Brazil, Argentina did/does the Mafia exist there: crime, country - Americas
  177. Sao Paolo vs Mexico City: crime rate, life, safest, place - Americas
  178. Bogotá - Safe Area?: crime, best, life, country - Americas
  179. What is the point of having a nice stuff in a place with a high crime rate in the Americas?: safe, dangerous
  180. Little known styles and genres of music?: best, country, people - Americas
  181. America might split in the future.: cost, country, place, people - Americas
  182. Latin musicians/singers covering international songs.: time, hotel - Americas
  183. Hurricane Irma: places, people, time, areas - Americas
  184. Venezuela in crisis: best, life, country, jobs - Americas
  185. Teacher Preparation Programs - Americas
  186. Manufacture of tennis rackets: cons, 2015, quality - Americas
  187. Spanish Video for Travelers - Americas
  188. Beauty Pageant in Venezuela....: life, country, culture - Americas
  189. Brazil Carnival 2018: travel, time - Americas
  190. To search a person - Americas
  191. Places like Venice, Cinque Terre, Cappadocia, in Americas: life, water
  192. see them theme and if you want help us. - Americas
  193. Buying property in Belize: people - Americas
  194. 48 hours in Bogota - Americas
  195. GRAND Suite - DANN CARLTON HOTEL - MEDELLIN - price: travel - Americas
  196. Bolivia, Facebook's guinea pig: time - Americas
  197. Do you need a professional Resume - Americas
  198. Haunting/ Paramonal Activity in Latin America: places - Americas
  199. Lowest property taxes and property crime in the Caribbean basin?: country - Americas
  200. America Sucks Less!: water - Americas