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  1. Looking for suggestions on rest stop/park around Muskogee/Highway 69 route: Tulsa: RV park, 2013 - Oklahoma (OK)
  2. injections in to knee: reviews, to work, drug - Oklahoma (OK)
  3. Dust Bowl tourism: Guymon, Sallisaw, Fairview: houses, centers, land - Oklahoma (OK)
  4. OK KS border towns leery of planned bioterror test: Kansas: 2015, house - Oklahoma
  5. Bryan county grew by just over 4% in population: Stillwater, Durant: university, casino - Oklahoma (OK)
  6. Starting a mobile car wash business in Wilburton Oklahoma: Ada: moving to, money (OK)
  7. What’s the matter with Oklahoma education?: Stillwater, Newcastle: sales, real estate (OK)
  8. Camping around Ft Wa****a: Kingston: safety, best, park - Oklahoma (OK)
  9. Bartlesville VS Florida Hot Humidity and Tornadoes.: Tulsa, Moore: 2013, home owners insurance - Oklahoma (OK)
  10. Oklahoma Options for Country Living: Edmond, Stillwater: buy, schools, tax (OK)
  11. Contact information for Kiowa County Democratic Committee?: May: democrats, Christian - Oklahoma (OK)
  12. A About Picher Ok.: Miami, Quapaw: houses, auction, legality - Oklahoma (OK)
  13. landlord issues: lease, house, tenant - Oklahoma (OK)
  14. Moving back to Oklahoma in Eufala area what should I know: Enid: schools, live (OK)
  15. Email in the Workplace: crime, purchase, camp - Oklahoma (OK)
  16. The 10 Worst Cities In Oklahoma Explained In Video: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: water, town (OK)
  17. VD in OK: Howe: gangs, health, children - Oklahoma
  18. Durant growing up: Tulsa, Choctaw, Wilburton: credit, hotels, house - Oklahoma (OK)
  19. Vacation Rentals Property Investment in Hochatown, Broken Bow: Idabel: sales, real estate - Oklahoma (OK)
  20. Found out that I am Choctaw: live, requirements, membership - Oklahoma (OK)
  21. Lawton,Oklahoma moving: Cache, Elgin: to rent, homes, neighborhoods (OK)
  22. Tips on getting hired at OG&E?: looking for, interview - Oklahoma (OK)
  23. Mosquitoes that kill are going to be released in 20 States: shopper, food - Oklahoma (OK)
  24. Guymon, OK - overnite stop east to west: Oklahoma City, Beaver: hotels, cinema
  25. Sand Springs, safest areas?: Tulsa, Sapulpa: apartments, rental, high crime - Oklahoma (OK)
  26. Flint Ridge Resort and Kansas Oklahoma: Tulsa, Tahlequah: for sale, crime, credit card (OK)
  27. Ran toll booth by accident - what happens?: Howe: construction, station - Oklahoma (OK)
  28. Enid--hospitals?: St. Louis: lease, insurance, relocation - Oklahoma (OK)
  29. Why is property value in Lawton, OK declining: Cache, Elgin: real estate, house - Oklahoma
  30. basements or storm shelters: Oklahoma City, Moore: sales, 2013, home owners insurance (OK)
  31. How is the speeding situation down 44 and 40, in OK?: Tulsa: insurance, wedding - Oklahoma
  32. Education, strikes, and policy in Oklahoma: oil, wealthy, medical (OK)
  33. Sequoyah County,...your take on buying a home: Tenkiller, Short: restaurants, dinner - Oklahoma (OK)
  34. who live in a trailer in Oklahoma.: insurance, house (OK)
  35. Calling all Lawton, OK apartment dwellers: Altus, Boise: renting, home, water heater - Oklahoma
  36. Cattle Near Bristow: pictures, driving, white - Oklahoma (OK)
  37. Beer at OSU game: May: to buy, live, price - Oklahoma (OK)
  38. Relocation Near Quail Springs Mall Area OKC: Lawton, Edmond: house, YMCA - Oklahoma
  39. Relocating and car sales in OkC: relocating to, pay, market - Oklahoma (OK)
  40. need high resolution old IT or old delaware county or old Oklahoma Map for book cover: associations (OK)
  41. Waynoka status: home, restaurant, law - Oklahoma (OK)
  42. Most recent populaton growth for Oklahoma cities: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: high school, minimum wage (OK)
  43. Durant business investments: Tulsa, Choctaw, Dennis: 2014, insurance, house - Oklahoma (OK)
  44. Hallo from Capitan: Duncan, Waurika, Comanche: homes, live in, store - Oklahoma (OK)
  45. How to sell a car ...: sale, how much, buying - Oklahoma (OK)
  46. Special Needs Services in OK: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: moving to, medical, metro area
  47. Lakemont Shores POA: Disney: buy, camp, lawsuits - Oklahoma (OK)
  48. Sulphur, Oklahoma?: Stillwater: mineral rights, transplants, home builder (OK)
  49. New casino Mega Star near Willis OK: Choctaw: casinos, money - Oklahoma
  50. Vietnam Wall replica visits Durant: Stillwater: school, live, campus - Oklahoma (OK)
  51. What happens is I'm in an accident?: Howe: insurance, lawyer - Oklahoma (OK)
  52. What is there to do near the Winstar Casino?: Thackerville: cities, waterfall - Oklahoma (OK)
  53. Property taxes.: Choctaw: home, buying, exemptions - Oklahoma (OK)
  54. Tahlequah : the good the bad and the ugly: Tulsa, Stillwater: best towns, apartments - Oklahoma (OK)
  55. Stroud international airport???: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Stillwater: salary, train, stadium (OK)
  56. Broken Arrow, OK -Rhema: Tulsa: apartment, school, college - Oklahoma
  57. Is Lawton a terrible place to live?: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: for sale, real estate (OK)
  58. hesitaion problems gmc c1500: place, working, time - Oklahoma (OK)
  59. Driving thru OK in a few weeks: May: hotels, new home - Oklahoma
  60. Searching for family!!!: Commerce, Carmen: live, history, great - Oklahoma (OK)
  61. Where to stop on the way to OKC: Oklahoma City, Stillwater: hotel, houses
  62. Where to live near Muskogee??: Tulsa, Broken Arrow: homes, neighborhoods, construction - Oklahoma (OK)
  63. What to do about my car: sale, insurance, how much - Oklahoma (OK)
  64. Is from or with Grove, OK: homes, tornado - Oklahoma
  65. Moving to Southeastern Oklahoma: Durant, Choctaw: best cities, college, living in (OK)
  66. Presidential election: long lines at the polling place: Canadian: live, vs. - Oklahoma (OK)
  67. Move to Norman to the Texas Border...: Oklahoma City, Ardmore: university, income (OK)
  68. Buying land in OK: mineral rights, oil, budget - Oklahoma
  69. Thinking about moving back to Oklahoma.: Tulsa, Norman: how much, new house, buying (OK)
  70. May Want To Move To Durant, OK: Choctaw: houses, neighborhoods - Oklahoma
  71. on a route Friday 12/18: Tulsa, Norman: best, areas, dinner - Oklahoma (OK)
  72. Selling Pennsylvania Car: live, title, office - Oklahoma (OK)
  73. Retiring to Wilburton / Haileyville area: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: real estate, crime, college (OK)
  74. Fall condition watch: best, tree, locations - Oklahoma (OK)
  75. Small Business revolution top small town finalist includes Durant: Washington: new home, construction - Oklahoma (OK)
  76. about a car: Howe: sale, attorney, DMV - Oklahoma (OK)
  77. ISO:Witnesses of a Ponca City car / train accident August 1, 1982: live, friendly - Oklahoma (OK)
  78. Veterans day free meals for veterans in the state of oklahoma: buy, movie theaters - Oklahoma (OK)
  79. Moving to Oklahoma City, OK from Columbus, OH: Edmond: house, job market
  80. High School teacher tells students to be white is to be racist ?: move - Oklahoma (OK)
  81. Winstar: free - Oklahoma (OK)
  82. Would Oklahoma tax my income if lived there part-time???: taxes, living in (OK)
  83. Unemployment: kitchen, money, company - Oklahoma (OK)
  84. Oklahoma City vs Tulsa: Is there weather differences?: Stillwater: tornadoes, trees (OK)
  85. Lawton, OK made the list: Buyers can get into a house for less than $100,000: crime - Oklahoma
  86. Voting process not abiding by Bylaws: Howe: HOA, insurance, attorney - Oklahoma (OK)
  87. Relocating to OK from WA: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: extended stay, fit in, apartment
  88. Can you live in Oklahoma city with no car?: Tulsa: living, buses (OK)
  89. Does remember a restuarant in Norman, Ok called Po Folks?: Eufaula: house, bankruptcy - Oklahoma (OK)
  90. Asking for a friend who wants to move to Stillwater: Howe: low income, section 8 - Oklahoma (OK)
  91. Property taxes on a house: auction, title, money - Oklahoma (OK)
  92. ARDMORE: for rent, crime, homes - Oklahoma (OK)
  93. Best area's around Grand Lake?: Tulsa, Perry: real estate, safe area, purchase - Oklahoma (OK)
  94. Teaching Jobs in Southeast Oklahoma: Tulsa, Durant: sales, how much, construction (OK)
  95. Flint Ridge, Kansas, Oklahoma: Silo: buying a house, buying, moving (OK)
  96. Denied Time off for surgery: office, health, schedule - Oklahoma (OK)
  97. Need legal advice! Help! Thanks: Long: lease, month to, transfer - Oklahoma (OK)
  98. Trying to help a friend....: Oklahoma City, Moore: living in, homeless, vehicle (OK)
  99. Moving to Meeker from NJ: Oklahoma City, Shawnee: sales, to rent, sales tax (OK)
  100. Dealing with oil company: mineral rights, lease, lawyer - Oklahoma (OK)
  101. Fort Sill graduation: Oklahoma City, Lawton, Buffalo: to rent, hotels, home (OK)
  102. Meeker.: Shawnee, Poteau, Jones: homes, schools, subdivisions - Oklahoma (OK)
  103. Lodging in Durant, Oklahoma: rentals, hotel, homes (OK)
  104. human remains buried at ‘Tiger King’ zoo in Oklahoma: Wynnewood: office, station (OK)
  105. Where to live in Lawton, OK: Cache, Cameron: extended stay, best neighborhood, apartments - Oklahoma
  106. How is Bartlesville doing?: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: to live in, price, moving (OK)
  107. Need to move!: Norman, Moore, Stillwater: low income, apartments, how much - Oklahoma (OK)
  108. Safe and Affordable Small Towns in Oklahoma: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: real estate, crime (OK)
  109. Scary stuff in Oklahoma lakes: Stillwater, Blackwell: rent, live, moving to (OK)
  110. Cross country trip recommendation - Arkansas to Colorado: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: school, live (OK)
  111. Oklahoma and Indiana Apartments Skimp on Amenities: Lawton, Boise: lease, motel (OK)
  112. Safe & affordable bohemian areas of Ok: Oklahoma City: low crime, house (OK)
  113. Bandanas as covid masks in Oklahoma: shop, Walmart, rating (OK)
  114. Is the COVID-19 outbreak in Oklahoma much worse than it: Stillwater: home, closing (OK)
  115. OKC vs Tulsa in 2020 (for a young family): Oklahoma City, Norman: job market, neighborhoods
  116. Low Teacher Salary: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Howe: how much, houses, schools (OK)
  117. Covid-19 Cases appearing to spike now in Oklahoma: Tulsa, Stillwater: house, school (OK)
  118. Best small town (25k or less) in Oklahoma: Tulsa, Owasso: home, schools (OK)
  119. I-40 and OK dangerous towns: Shawnee, Yukon: 2014, crime rate, hotels - Oklahoma
  120. Half of Oklahoma is now a Native American reservation, including Tulsa: crime, design (OK)
  121. Daycare costs -Edmond, OK: May: day care, home, move to - Oklahoma
  122. Fastest growing city in Ok by 2040: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: 2015, lease, houses (OK)
  123. What's the deal with buying a car in Oklahoma: Tulsa: sales, price (OK)
  124. Retirement in Guthrie?: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman: crime, houses, neighborhoods (OK)
  125. 2019: A Depressing Lawton, Oklahoma Story: Oklahoma City, Comanche: middle-class, real estate, apartment complex (OK)
  126. Altus vs Lawton: Oklahoma City, Stillwater, Chickasha: extended stay, for sale, apartments (OK)
  127. Would love to move to OKC but. Concerned abt Tornado: Moore: house, earthquakes - Oklahoma
  128. Driving to OK in December: Oklahoma City, Stillwater: 2015, home, transfer
  129. a new beginning: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Edmond: transplants, real estate, homes (OK)
  130. I want a WinCo in Lawton, Oklahoma: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: sales, real estate (OK)
  131. Has Scott Pruitt ever been under the microscope for his OK AG time?: Tulsa: lease, attorney - Oklahoma
  132. Children's Rally (walkout) Against Sex Ed In School: Lahoma: appointed, public schools - Oklahoma (OK)
  133. Weather: Stillwater, Mustang: house, neighborhood, zip code - Oklahoma (OK)
  134. Teacher's Strike, Poor Education: Tulsa, Tuttle: buy, movies, construction - Oklahoma (OK)
  135. How do I make friends?: Tulsa, Howe: transplants, 2015, house - Oklahoma (OK)
  136. Sharing a water bill in an apartment: Moore: lease, condos - Oklahoma (OK)
  137. Seminole, OK? How is it?: Stillwater, Jenks: crime, houses, employment - Oklahoma
  138. EF4 and EF5 tornado monsters of Oklahoma: Moore, Stillwater: 2013, new house (OK)
  139. Californians Moving to Oklahoma: Stillwater, May: new home, high school, income (OK)
  140. Is Lawton, OK Black family friendly: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: amusement park, new home, employment
  141. Should I quit my job and move in 2018 or stick it out to 2020?: Oklahoma City: 2014, loan (OK)
  142. Oil propaganda about fracking needs to go: Cushing: house, to buy - Oklahoma (OK)
  143. RIP Okie1962: Howe: condo, place, great - Oklahoma (OK)
  144. Why does Oklahoma have such an Obesity problem?: Stillwater: home, live in (OK)
  145. Texans Who've Moved to OK: Oklahoma City, Lawton: sales, real estate, insurance
  146. More fracking manipulation by big oil: Stillwater, Yukon: sales, real estate, apartments - Oklahoma (OK)
  147. Young couple looking to relocate to OK: Tulsa, Stillwater: rental, mobile home - Oklahoma
  148. Norman Derelicts: Oklahoma City, Edmond, Stillwater: house, buying, cabinet (OK)
  149. Weather and living: Norman, Edmond, Moore: insurance, houses, find a job - Oklahoma (OK)
  150. McCurtain county wilderness area?: Choctaw, Antlers: fencing, land, rain - Oklahoma (OK)
  151. OK Route 66 in a 56-Year Old 356: what are your Route 66 “must see” spots in Oklahoma?: Oklahoma City: rent, house
  152. Fine for no cash at toll roads?: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: credit card, buy (OK)
  153. Why People Hate Stillwater: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: apartment complexes, movie theater, high school (OK)
  154. Religion in Oklahoma City and Norman: Moore, Thomas: college, live, zip code (OK)
  155. Population data: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman: 2015, lease, schools (OK)
  156. Is it for Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez to get a fan base in Oklahoma?: Guthrie: home, high school (OK)
  157. Saying goodbye my Okie homies...: Norman, Shawnee: real estate, 2013, apartment - Oklahoma (OK)
  158. Sooner Care - Why do only certain people qualify?: insurance, high crime - Oklahoma (OK)
  159. Coming on Amazon: OK Sales tax: Oklahoma City, Stillwater: home, to buy, live
  160. OU alumni, how did you like your experience? How is Norman and OKC as a city?: Oklahoma City: 2015, transfer
  161. Is there way without a car to get to Stillwater and then home?: Tulsa: how much, houses - Oklahoma (OK)
  162. Boston Girl stuck in the midwset: Tulsa, Lawton: fit in, college, live in - Oklahoma (OK)
  163. Medical Marijuana Legalization in Oklahoma Likely To Pass: Tulsa, Stillwater: houses, buy (OK)
  164. New Oklahoma License Plate: Tulsa, Durant: school, universities, price (OK)
  165. Should I or should I not move to Oklahoma?: Oklahoma City: transplants, power lines (OK)
  166. Route 66 trip next summer: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: motels, community college, live (OK)
  167. Oklahomans, what are your thoughts on this anti-abortion legislation?: May: bills, baptists (OK)
  168. Pawhuska, OK: Tulsa, Drummond, Osage: live, shops, property - Oklahoma
  169. Searching for lost siblings: Oklahoma City, Thomas: loan, beach, area (OK)
  170. looking house/Apt near OUHSC: primary school, kids, family - Oklahoma (OK)
  171. Crane Family: Ada: live, children, territory - Oklahoma (OK)
  172. where to go for new years?: Grove: kids, travel to, hours - Oklahoma (OK)
  173. B. C. Clark Jingle - Oklahoma (OK)
  174. OHP cutback: safety, tickets, driving - Oklahoma (OK)
  175. intestate oklahoma: property, looking for - Oklahoma (OK)
  176. Acorns!!: live, gardens, yard - Oklahoma (OK)
  177. Displaying the American and State flags at public school: law - Oklahoma (OK)
  178. Oklahoma Republican Party Voter Guide: Colbert, Howe: appointed, parties, democrats (OK)
  179. Ideal Homes New Construction - Stillwater: real estate, new home, tornado - Oklahoma (OK)
  180. Mount Scott reopened: vehicles, top, drive - Oklahoma (OK)
  181. Property in Cimarron county: Boise: leasing, cheap house, buying - Oklahoma (OK)
  182. Guymon: great, local - Oklahoma (OK)
  183. Selling Home (Eastlake) in Lawton, OK: luxury, high school, backyard - Oklahoma
  184. Pictures of Yukon and Oklahoma City in 1997: 2013, living in (OK)
  185. Red Fern Festival: Tahlequah: video, weekend - Oklahoma (OK)
  186. Do you have unclaimed property held by the State of Oklahoma?: Cushing: money, area (OK)
  187. Your unclaimed property held by the State of Oklahoma?: live, money (OK)
  188. Trying to locate someone: Wilburton: living, trailer, vehicle - Oklahoma (OK)
  189. Durant selected as 1 of 10 US cities for drone test: Choctaw: live, delivery - Oklahoma (OK)
  190. Lake lot land longtown eufaula area: deal, build, sold - Oklahoma (OK)
  191. Best Neighborhoods in OKC/Edmond: Gate: gated, recommendations, looking for - Oklahoma
  192. Does know of: homes - Oklahoma (OK)
  193. Fireworks Display Reset For Saturday Night In Stillwater: food, rain - Oklahoma (OK)
  194. Most scenic route to Beavers Bend from Dallas: driving, interstate - Oklahoma (OK)
  195. Delaware County Oklahoma, State Capitol for Missing People and Suspicious / Unsolved Deaths & Murders: Howe: 2014 (OK)
  196. Just North of Piney Creek, Oklahoma: quaint (OK)
  197. Piney Creek, Lake Eufaula, Lot for Sale: real estate, tax - Oklahoma (OK)
  198. Root Cellars: temperatures, working, underground - Oklahoma (OK)