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  31. Bill Maher on religion, Islam being a religion of peace and the recent oil spill
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  66. why muslims fast the islamic way, and why fasting islamic way is for the humanity Good?
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  68. Why Islam?: verses, atheist, Sunni, human
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  95. it takes more faith to believe in evolution than it does to believe in Allah...: atheist, scientific - Islam
  96. Do you believe Islam should be destroyed?: convert, human
  97. THE CREATION OF HUMAN BEINGS FROM WATER (according to islam): heaven, converted
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  111. Islam and Jesus: Abraham
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  130. Fort Hood shooter was recent convert to Islam: human
  131. the scientific Mechanisme which ALLAH *GOD*Almighty will utilize on the day of judgment to resurrect the DEAD: convert, prayer - Islam
  132. the advanced science of america is because islam
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  135. ISLAM and the AIM of LIFE: heaven, hell, revelation, prayer
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  160. Can we have a Islam subforum?: convert
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