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  63. The Problem with Islam
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  71. As Salaam Alaikum my is can a Muslim speak other Languages besides Arabic what I mean is that Non Muslims: verses, Egypt - Islam
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  105. Definition of Islam: verses, revelation, Abraham, scientific
  106. Mexican convert to Islam slaughter his own parents because Allah told him they were infidels: verses, converted
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  113. for Woodrow: hell, punishment, human, worship - Islam
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  131. If They Had Gotten Rid Of Apostasy Punishment Islam Wouldn't Exist Today: converted, scientific
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  134. 3:72 A Messy Verse?: verses, converted, revelation, Jew - Islam
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  140. Islamic teachings that positively affects non-muslims?: verses, prayer, human
  141. What Muslim State is the most Islamic?: Egypt
  142. The Islamic State is no mere collection of psychopaths. It is a religious group: verses, punishment
  143. Renounce Islam, end up dead: verses, revelation, punishment, prayer
  144. Why are muslims still joining ISIS?: convert, woman, worship, language - Islam
  145. Why isn't Islam a Sub Category Within The Pagan Forum?: verses, hell
  146. Destruction of Green Dome and Prophet's tomb and churches: Mecca, woman, worship - Islam
  147. Quran meant to be Local not Universal: prayer, Mecca, atheist - Islam
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  152. Why is Islam so violent?
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  160. Pbuh: heaven, revelation - Islam
  161. If Islamic terrorist aren't true Muslims,...: hell
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  167. come: heaven, verses, converted, revelation - Islam
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  191. Mercy in Islam
  192. Abu Bakr Muhammad al-Razi on Islam
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  200. Muslims commit 91% of honor killings worldwide.: Egypt, woman - Islam