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  44. Which is worse polyamory or jealousy?: divorce, marriage, humans, nature - Philosophy
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  48. I believe everything happens for a reason. Ludicrous!: purpose, life - Philosophy
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  57. Why is voluntary suicide wrong? Why is it widely acceptable to force a suicidal person to live against their will?: euthanasia, life - Philosophy
  58. Is it ok to call myself a racist everywhere and infront of everyone?: humans, biological - Philosophy
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  60. Have you always been the same person ?: divorce, morals, humans - Philosophy
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  62. why well educated and responsible citizens have fewer or no children?: marriage, life - Philosophy
  63. Future Philosophical Debates.: purpose, humans, eastern, life - Philosophy
  64. Things happen for a reason: humans, life, self - Philosophy
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  67. a happy ending massage & morality: ethical, religion, marriage, morals - Philosophy
  68. Humans are bacteria.: marriage, purpose, nature, society - Philosophy
  69. If life existed for billions of years, why people don't believe that: humans, self - Philosophy
  70. Was it wrong for me to expect privacy in a public park?: self - Philosophy
  71. The Philosophy of Criminal Justice.: ethical, utilitarianism, morality, society
  72. Raising your child in a small town puts the child at a tremendous disadvantage: eastern, life - Philosophy
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  75. On Happiness, Your Thoughts: marriage, soul, life, self - Philosophy
  76. Do you like living your life?: nature - Philosophy
  77. The 'Scientism' debate.: religion, purpose, society, life - Philosophy
  78. What is the most harmful myth/lie that can be perpetuated?: humans, nature - Philosophy
  79. If there are two roads to take, you got a 50/50 chance, but what if there are a million or infinite number of roads, and: divorce, points - Philosophy
  80. Is life really supposed to be that complicated?: purpose, self - Philosophy
  81. Why our modern society focuses on wealth and not a peace of mind?: humans, life - Philosophy
  82. Are humans capable of comprehending EVERYTHING there is in reality?: purpose, nature - Philosophy
  83. Tombstone Quotes: life, western, self - Philosophy
  84. Society needs to be more respectful to men who change their names!: humans, eastern - Philosophy
  85. To lie or to tell the truth?: morality, purpose, life - Philosophy
  86. The Nerd Defense ?: life, self - Philosophy
  87. The meaning of Dreams and Nightmares?: nature, biological, applied, self - Philosophy
  88. Why do people believe the universe designed?: purpose, self - Philosophy
  89. Political Leanings vs. Precipitation Levels: life, western, self - Philosophy
  90. Why is morality only focused on preventing harm?: utilitarianism, Buddhism, society - Philosophy
  91. Changing place, changing luck: soul, life, self - Philosophy
  92. Is Technology making us miss out on life?: humans, self - Philosophy
  93. Is it wrong??: morality, morals, society, life - Philosophy
  94. Aristotle the godfather of conservatism?: soul, nature - Philosophy
  95. What do you want out of life?: soul - Philosophy
  96. Philosophical about concept: soul, life - Philosophy
  97. minimum height for male to be accepted in society?: life, self - Philosophy
  98. Watching movies made me not want to have kids: marriage, life, self - Philosophy
  99. Christ and AD/BC: western - Philosophy
  100. of American culture ?: purpose, humans, nature, society - Philosophy
  101. Toys turning kids gay?: life - Philosophy
  102. Is Being Childfree Selfish? Debating Time Magazine's Touchy New Issue: religion, life - Philosophy
  103. Which would bug you more? 16 year old smokes cigs daily or pot weekly?: life - Philosophy
  104. To bury or to cremate: ethical, religion, life - Philosophy
  105. The Myth of the 'Make Believe': humans, life, objective, western - Philosophy
  106. Ran into the next generation of entitled kids: life - Philosophy
  107. Your personal policy towards giving to beggars and panhandlers.: society, life, self - Philosophy
  108. Once you're 30+ years old would you pop a pill to live to be 100+, without looking or feeling 100+?: humans, nature - Philosophy
  109. What blocks you from being all that you can be?: society, life - Philosophy
  110. No one can make us feel anything.: self - Philosophy
  111. girls, gifts and sex: marriage, life, self - Philosophy
  112. Exposing unethical Merchants in your little town ; need tips and advice: life, self - Philosophy
  113. The origins of evil: humans, society, self - Philosophy
  114. Adam and Eve: religion - Philosophy
  115. The case goes on. - Philosophy
  116. Law of Attraction, Negative People in Your Life - from a Metaphysical Perspective Only :): purpose, self - Philosophy
  117. The longest an 'insant', or a 'moment' has felt for you: life - Philosophy
  118. Has the Whole World gone ...Crazy!!!: morals - Philosophy
  119. What is Philosophy?: ethical, religion, nature, life
  120. Derrick Jensen: religion, humans, life, self - Philosophy
  121. There is a separate being manifested within all of us, which controls what we say, do, or think: ethical, points - Philosophy
  122. What if we didn't have names?: humans, society, life, self - Philosophy
  123. Negative Emotions and (Ascension/Law of Attraction) From a Metaphysical Perspective, Only) :): life, self - Philosophy
  124. What Have YOU Determined is the Meaning of WLife? WHY Does Life Exist on This Planet? What is the Point?: religion, Buddhism - Philosophy
  125. Is it moral to live longer than a normal lifespan?: morality, society - Philosophy
  126. School Shooting in a Philosophical Sense: humans, society, life, self - Philosophy
  127. Co-Creating Reality from a Quantum Physics Perspective: soul, nature, society - Philosophy
  128. Requesting your interpretation..: soul, life, self - Philosophy
  129. Do you find the concept of Meaning overrated?: points, religion - Philosophy
  130. Pleasure as the purpose of human life?: religion, marriage, humans - Philosophy
  131. Is ignorance bliss? Or is the truth always better?: religion, purpose, life - Philosophy
  132. Can we stop with the Alpha, Beta male categories?: purpose, life - Philosophy
  133. Does find the appearance of the human body really disturbing?: purpose, humans - Philosophy
  134. Is slavery part of human nature?: marriage, humans, society, life - Philosophy
  135. conspiracy theories .: society, life - Philosophy
  136. s my moral code at this present time. What do you think?: humans, nature - Philosophy
  137. Why the knowledge of God is not intuitive: religion, society, life - Philosophy
  138. Look to the past to explain the present..: humans, life, objective - Philosophy
  139. With each birthday, does the next seem to..: life - Philosophy
  140. I don't understand the limits on my life: biological - Philosophy
  141. Do you ever feel like things are meant to be?: humans, nature - Philosophy
  142. What is the worst kind of crime?: society, life, self - Philosophy
  143. Neo-Luddism: improving, ethical, morals, nature - Philosophy
  144. Time for a fun, not-so-serious: life - Philosophy
  145. Monologue: the meaning of life: purpose, society, self - Philosophy
  146. Is Nietzsche the greatest of all time?: religion, Buddhism, soul - Philosophy
  147. Anger is a Drug: self - Philosophy
  148. Who Are Satisfied With Sameness and Routine: biological, life - Philosophy
  149. Aristotle was an idiot.: ethical, utilitarianism, nature, western - Philosophy
  150. Why do believe in God, and others do not?: religion, purpose - Philosophy
  151. for people 50 & up: marriage, life, self - Philosophy
  152. Wisdom, Knowledge, and Intelligence. . .: religion, nature, society, life - Philosophy
  153. Death - What is the best way to approach death and suffering?: religion, purpose - Philosophy
  154. What would you think of a person who has beliefs?: points, religion - Philosophy
  155. Is time real or only in our minds?: nature, life, objective - Philosophy
  156. Do You Think Life Would Be Worth Living Without Food?: purpose, humans - Philosophy
  157. Can God and Modern Science Co-exist?: religion, purpose, life, self - Philosophy
  158. Offending religious people?: points, society - Philosophy
  159. Where point do you want to reach in your life/Where do you want to be in life? - Philosophy
  160. Physical Immortality is Prison..true Immortality is..: soul, purpose, humans - Philosophy
  161. Debunking Evolution: humans - Philosophy
  162. If people believed that others are good, this world would become a better place: religion, life - Philosophy
  163. what is most important in life, from 1 to 4?`: humans, society, self - Philosophy
  164. do you want to live long?: life - Philosophy
  165. Do you believe in Balance of Good and Evil?: morality, humans, nature - Philosophy
  166. I don't think space and time are linked at all.: objective, self - Philosophy
  167. What would you rather know...: life, self - Philosophy
  168. The Sacrificial Lamb: Do of Us Exist to Die?: soul, nature - Philosophy
  169. We Pay For The Sins Of Our Father? True?: ethical, eastern, life - Philosophy
  170. I can't seem to find the value in .........: life - Philosophy
  171. An execise in Logic: life, applied - Philosophy
  172. The Biggest Hypocrite Known To Man: religion, life, self - Philosophy
  173. An is there an event in your life that has made you never want children?: teaching, baby - Philosophy
  174. Is it ever rational to believe something you have no evidence for?: religion, life - Philosophy
  175. Making A Difference in other's lives: humans, life - Philosophy
  176. Is the Universe 'Good' or 'Evil'?: religion, morality, morals, purpose - Philosophy
  177. Chaos, Qualia, and Consciousness: It's time to solve the Hard Problem: humans, nature - Philosophy
  178. Dna: religion, morality, humans, nature - Philosophy
  179. Does everything in life happen because it needed to happen?: humans, nature - Philosophy
  180. Valid reasons for not wanting children: self - Philosophy
  181. The End of the Universe That Lives Behind the Eyes: purpose, nature - Philosophy
  182. More Important:Where you live or What you do?: religion, society, life - Philosophy
  183. 5 things you must do before you die: life - Philosophy
  184. The Concept of FAME and Existence: life, self - Philosophy
  185. Who are neither theist nor atheist, but religious?: religion, purpose, nature - Philosophy
  186. Natural selection, fittest genes, eugenics...: purpose, humans, nature, biological - Philosophy
  187. Objects in the past: humans, nature - Philosophy
  188. Without death, do you think it would be to appreciate life? - Philosophy
  189. My Philosophical: religion, life, self - Philosophy
  190. Can a leopard change his/her spots?: humans, nature, life - Philosophy
  191. Women and Cities: life - Philosophy
  192. God + Allah = ?: religion, nature, self - Philosophy
  193. My blue and orange house: self - Philosophy
  194. Someone Acting Rich: Rich in Mind/Spirit vs. Rich in Materialism/Consumerism Activities.: purpose, life - Philosophy
  195. What's your purpose in life?: humans, self - Philosophy
  196. Reflection - Philosophy
  197. Cloud Atlas Extended Trailer #1 (2012): for in need of inspirations - Philosophy
  198. Science and Religion.: self - Philosophy
  199. Theodore Adorno = Awesome! - Philosophy
  200. Why we believe and how it's done - Philosophy