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  1. The Philosophy of Plato's Republic: life
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  3. The Topics Discussed in The Prophet By Kahlil Gibran: life - Philosophy
  4. Solipism - You are this world.: humans, nature - Philosophy
  5. Would the World be a better Place Without Nietzsche, Marx, and Freud?: points, morality - Philosophy
  6. Cosmo Kramer Art: Concepts on Reality Volume 1 - Philosophy
  7. How all Religion is created - for the Jew and the Gentile - Philosophy
  8. Sociology I am stumped.: biological - Philosophy
  9. I want your opinion on this article: religion, humans, life - Philosophy
  10. The light appears in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood by the light: religion, society - Philosophy
  11. Personal Choice or License for Selfishness?: morals, life - Philosophy
  12. Is The Law of Attraction Real?: life, self - Philosophy
  13. As a Landlord, is it racist (morally wrong) to prefer certain races? - Philosophy
  14. Should we bother to wave and make funny faces at small children anymore? - Philosophy
  15. Would Eugenics eventually lead to a better more healthy society?: ethical, morality - Philosophy
  16. Our are lives as intelligent creatures meant to be this superficial?: religion, soul - Philosophy
  17. Diverse groups of people that need to come together more: life, self - Philosophy
  18. Handling advice: points, life, objective - Philosophy
  19. David Hume recommendations?: marriage, humans, society, life - Philosophy
  20. did it happen? Do i exist?: life, self - Philosophy
  21. More difficult to become historically infamous?: life - Philosophy
  22. What exactly is epicureanism?: morality, nature, biological, life - Philosophy
  23. The Means Or Mechanics Of Disappearing. (No Tricks Allowed): self - Philosophy
  24. How do I gain the same level of knowledge that all others got?: society, self - Philosophy
  25. Oppression and Knowledge: self - Philosophy
  26. Medium vs. Message: Musings on McLuhan....: society, life - Philosophy
  27. Do we have a right to create lives?: eastern, life - Philosophy
  28. Animal Consciousness: humans, self - Philosophy
  29. The rise of the fairer sex?: life - Philosophy
  30. One Man's Passing: life - Philosophy
  31. can tell me about Heidegger?: points, life, objective, self - Philosophy
  32. Gender Identity: Nature or Nurture: biological - Philosophy
  33. is this good - Philosophy
  34. You Own Your Life?: purpose, self - Philosophy
  35. The role of Devil's Advocate: points, religion, society - Philosophy
  36. Can you help (philosophy or religion): Kantian, self
  37. The Learning Machine: life, self - Philosophy
  38. Posting pedophilia is normal are latent perverts: nature, society, biological - Philosophy
  39. Future, Past and Now.: points, purpose, humans, self - Philosophy
  40. Has The Term Man-up! Today Become Quite Laughable?: society, biological, self - Philosophy
  41. Random Concepts Volume 1: life - Philosophy
  42. Workplace philosophies: ethical, points - Philosophy
  43. When I need strength, I turn to the Bible, or - Philosophy
  44. Why do certain groups of people tend to be automatically favored or disfavored?: nature, society - Philosophy
  45. Can democracy exist with a controlled mass media?: purpose, society, life - Philosophy
  46. Secular Humanism: ethical, religion, marriage, soul - Philosophy
  47. Plato on Democracy: humans, self - Philosophy
  48. 'You Are Your Story': nature, life, self - Philosophy
  49. Are NDE's real?: religion, nature, life, objective - Philosophy
  50. Help me with logic and fallacy: purpose, nature, self - Philosophy
  51. Are we better off than the people who were never born?: religion, purpose - Philosophy
  52. Have you ever ..: life, self - Philosophy
  53. Critique My Philosophy of Life: purpose, nature, determinism, self
  54. Die a national hero or continue living as a hated villian: life, self - Philosophy
  55. In the U.S why are drugs considered worse than most every other crime?: life, self - Philosophy
  56. So, what is a coward?: morals, self - Philosophy
  57. If you met you, would you like you?: objective, self - Philosophy
  58. Are Younger Guys More Old-Fashioned?: religion - Philosophy
  59. How are musical preferences formed?: nature, life, western, self - Philosophy
  60. Why do female pedophiles get less harsh sentences then men?: purpose, society - Philosophy
  61. Why am I me: soul, biological, life, self - Philosophy
  62. Ethical Time Travel: nature, life, self - Philosophy
  63. Jigsaw Puzzle: life, self - Philosophy
  64. NYT article on college students being overly critical: improving, points, religion - Philosophy
  65. The TWO things you need: Health, Money, Love: life - Philosophy
  66. What's the point of it all if we fade into nonexistence?: Buddhism, soul - Philosophy
  67. doing good deeds, are all created equal?: ethical, society, life - Philosophy
  68. Is it wrong to only want sons?: divorce, biological, life - Philosophy
  69. Philosophy vs. Neil deGrasse Tyson: purpose
  70. What is worth the end of the Earth?: humans, life, objective - Philosophy
  71. On loving and hating humans and animals: points, nature - Philosophy
  72. Pepsi CEO: [Women] have to make a decision about be a wife or a mother...can't have it all.: life, self - Philosophy
  73. Do we exist?: ethical, purpose, eastern, life - Philosophy
  74. Can something be infinitely small or is there a limit to how small something can be?: points, life - Philosophy
  75. The Definition of Success: life - Philosophy
  76. humans: life, self - Philosophy
  77. If you lost everything, what would you be left with?: soul, life - Philosophy
  78. If Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body...: self - Philosophy
  79. What do you do to feel fulfilled and that life is worth living?: points, religion - Philosophy
  80. How sympathetic are you towards beggars? One made me angry yesterday: purpose, nature - Philosophy
  81. Did human beings evolve out of lower species?: religion, humans, life - Philosophy
  82. News, 'Paedophilia is natural and normal for males' - Philosophy
  83. Video, Dad: My son wears dresses and that's OK - Philosophy
  84. Are we aliens?: humans - Philosophy
  85. Vegetarianism/Veganism: humans, nature, society, life - Philosophy
  86. Seeing Kids Being Spanked/Slapped In Public - Philosophy
  87. A CPS worker speaks: society, life, self - Philosophy
  88. I am struggling to find a reason to live: purpose, life, self - Philosophy
  89. Has science failed at it's ultimate purpose?: religion, morality, nature - Philosophy
  90. Ever wished you could go back?: life, self - Philosophy
  91. Is the Prospect of Eternal/Infinite Life Appealing? Why or Why not?: religion, soul - Philosophy
  92. Deepest Mysteries: Who are the biggest idiots in the Universe?: purpose, humans - Philosophy
  93. is it worth it to be born today?: humans, life, self - Philosophy
  94. Nostalgia's not what it used to be: marriage, nature, society - Philosophy
  95. If Jesus and Socrates had Internet: humans, self - Philosophy
  96. Happiness is a being a cow grazing on green grass: purpose, life - Philosophy
  97. Could the Universe be God?: nature, self - Philosophy
  98. For you, is a child an adult at the age of 16, 18 or 21?: life - Philosophy
  99. why does the world prefer to remain asleep: humans, life, self - Philosophy
  100. Is God found in a glass of water: humans, life, self - Philosophy
  101. Need help with an illogical statement: society, self - Philosophy
  102. Was there ever nothing?: points, nature, life, self - Philosophy
  103. Rights don't actually eixts: points, morality, nature, society - Philosophy
  104. Can we really call ourselves an evolved species?: points, humans - Philosophy
  105. Do two wrongs make a right?: morality, nature, life, self - Philosophy
  106. Can nothing really exist?: religion, life, western, self - Philosophy
  107. Hallucinogenic Drugs - what do you think?: purpose, life, self - Philosophy
  108. How do you imagine the good life in Heaven: points, religion, soul - Philosophy
  109. Random vs Predetermined: humans, nature, life, self - Philosophy
  110. Karma.. very simple explanation: Buddhism, soul, life, self - Philosophy
  111. long fingernails on men: nature, self - Philosophy
  112. Should we frown upon women who are reluctant get pregnant just because they want to protect their body shape?: humans, life - Philosophy
  113. Philosophy forum and children: humans, society, life, self
  114. do you think a dream has to be realistic in order to be happy at the end instead of disappointed?: life - Philosophy
  115. Is America in a New Dark Ages?: ethical, points, religion - Philosophy
  116. Morality and Ethics: ethical, religion, morals, purpose - Philosophy
  117. It's wrong to have children: divorce, ethical, marriage, biological - Philosophy
  118. No one knows about the beginning of life, right?: nature, self - Philosophy
  119. Why are the positive things in life worth more than the negatives?: humans - Philosophy
  120. Bringing Children to an Adult Dinner Party?!: self - Philosophy
  121. Did philosophy take us out of the dark ages?: life, western, applied
  122. Why Is Death Necessary?: soul, purpose, humans, biological - Philosophy
  123. Is life really planned or is it all just random?: religion, humans - Philosophy
  124. Teen children, religion, and politic issues: Buddhism, life, self - Philosophy
  125. cultivate Mind or Body...?: ethical, society, life, self - Philosophy
  126. What is the point of having kids?: religion, biological, life - Philosophy
  127. Does Having Children Make People Happier?: divorce, marriage, purpose, life - Philosophy
  128. Can Happiness Exist Without Kids?: divorce, life - Philosophy
  129. Living in the future: life, self - Philosophy
  130. where is the line between being an A-hole and being: humans, self - Philosophy
  131. Why do older generations complain about the younger generation?: religion, life, self - Philosophy
  132. 'Our Reproductive Organs Are the Ultimate Symbol of Our Mortality...': morality, life - Philosophy
  133. Did people in the past have children out of duty?: marriage - Philosophy
  134. Do parents still teach that their kids need to be virgins at marriage?: biological, life - Philosophy
  135. How did you find your purpose in life?: divorce, society, self - Philosophy
  136. give me: life - Philosophy
  137. What is Beauty?: soul, life - Philosophy
  138. Lies and Reasons: morality, self - Philosophy
  139. Gender and Lgbt Equality -- an Oxymoron?: self - Philosophy
  140. why do you think men hate women: self - Philosophy
  141. Has ever lost their faith in humanity?: ethical, humans, life - Philosophy
  142. Is (intentionally) having an only child selfish?: points, society, life - Philosophy
  143. standards for little girls: society, life, self - Philosophy
  144. When people refer to human nature, why do they usually discount the good part of humanity?: religion, humans - Philosophy
  145. The things that are important: religion, Buddhism, purpose, society - Philosophy
  146. The downside to optimism: marriage, life, self - Philosophy
  147. Cardinal Rules for Happiness: life, objective, self - Philosophy
  148. Why Relationships ?~: self - Philosophy
  149. Your Conscience: ethical, soul, morality, morals - Philosophy
  150. Boy's and Girl's raised equally!: society, life, self - Philosophy
  151. do you see working as suffering to live?: society, life, self - Philosophy
  152. What causes political corruption?: morals, humans, nature, self - Philosophy
  153. Do you think this is tacky?: life - Philosophy
  154. Idealism ==> Pragmatism: is this your trend?: divorce, marriage, soul - Philosophy
  155. ~~~~~~~ ASK the WISE MAN ~~~~~~~: self - Philosophy
  156. Evolutionarily speaking...not everyone is supposed to reproduce.: humans - Philosophy
  157. Is the world more dangerous for children today than 40 years ago?: society - Philosophy
  158. Showing offences drunks how they look.: soul, self - Philosophy
  159. The PHILOSOPHER is missing in present democracy: religion, soul, nature - Philosophy
  160. The Kid Broke my Heart: life, self - Philosophy
  161. Homosexuality - illogical and harmful?: marriage, soul, biological - Philosophy
  162. Should birthdays be a celebration of the birthing process.: life - Philosophy
  163. What would you do if you had to live in 1950s America?: marriage, life - Philosophy
  164. Does life only have meaning if you give it meaning?: ethical, points - Philosophy
  165. Your own quotes and sayings: religion, humans, life - Philosophy
  166. Why are we born as ourselves?: religion, soul, purpose, nature - Philosophy
  167. What would the world be like if all males disappeared?: humans, biological - Philosophy
  168. People who force their will on others are calling it being noble: society, life - Philosophy
  169. God right to leave the country: life, self - Philosophy
  170. are you where you want to be in life?: improving, self - Philosophy
  171. If Hell really did exist, would you consider it appropriate for: soul, nature - Philosophy
  172. Do you believe that we are slowly destroying ourselves.?: purpose, humans, nature - Philosophy
  173. What would the world be like if all females disappeared?: humans, self - Philosophy
  174. If you had your time again, would you have chosen a different career?: life - Philosophy
  175. Know your self worth: marriage, life - Philosophy
  176. International consensus on climate - game over. Why are people in denial?: nature, life - Philosophy
  177. Why are Americans so extreme nowadays?: points, marriage, society, self - Philosophy
  178. Do you think single-parent raised children can succeed?: divorce, life, self - Philosophy
  179. Why does this appeal to men?: society, self - Philosophy
  180. Would you be bothered by this?: life - Philosophy
  181. Why Ordinary Suicide Should be Discouraged: divorce, ethical, morals - Philosophy
  182. Is a bird alive? Why or why not?: soul, humans, nature - Philosophy
  183. If you're telling the truth but nobody believes you, then is it lying to tell what they want to hear?: morality, life - Philosophy
  184. Is it wrong to kill? Why or why not?: morality, purpose, humans - Philosophy
  185. If a fetus isn't a person, how can someone be charged with double homicide for killing a pregnant woman?: soul, purpose - Philosophy
  186. If we were to propose a different work week...: religion, nature, life - Philosophy
  187. Aristotle's Ideal Man. Did you ever meet one?: soul, life, self - Philosophy
  188. Is Man about to create a better Cockroach than God?: ethical, humans - Philosophy
  189. Why a 'supernatural being' is physically impossible...: nature, self - Philosophy
  190. Your job and your personal ethics: ethical, euthanasia, nature, self - Philosophy
  191. 'cosmos' makes god look silly: religion, self - Philosophy
  192. Sooooo, what's the point of having a family if one parent is at job 75%-80% of the time?: life, western - Philosophy
  193. Is aggression genetic?: religion, purpose, nature, society - Philosophy
  194. Should we accept LESS apologies from people?: ethical, humans, nature - Philosophy
  195. personality theory / test based on archetypes - Philosophy
  196. has Raymond Moody Gone Off The Deep End?: life - Philosophy
  197. A subjective moralist put in his place. - Philosophy
  198. How all Religion is created - for Jew and Gentile - Philosophy
  199. To piggyback off my last topic... - Philosophy
  200. Drawing the line between combatant and innocent civilian in war - Philosophy