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  1. We ARE the cells which create life - Philosophy
  2. Can anything good come out of a fast paced race?: society, life - Philosophy
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  4. Are you right now because of you?: soul, life, self - Philosophy
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  6. Germs - how to argue less online - Philosophy
  7. Hmm, what to call it? No idea... we should have a contest for the best title: points, humans - Philosophy
  8. Humans are computing machines: points, nature, society, life - Philosophy
  9. expected vs unexpected: humans, life, self - Philosophy
  10. Consciousness versus World News, a link: self - Philosophy
  11. Does the continuation of the human species in form have value to you?: morality, humans - Philosophy
  12. Culture of competition ?: marriage, humans, nature, society - Philosophy
  13. (Payroll) Taxes and Our Obligation to Pay Them: points, life, self - Philosophy
  14. what is a connection between people?: marriage, humans, life - Philosophy
  15. Self Awareness: nature - Philosophy
  16. On The Nature Of Combs, &c - Philosophy
  17. Zombie science: religion, life, self - Philosophy
  18. How do you like to define 'love' ? - Philosophy
  19. A Philisophical About Sex And Religion: humans, society, self - Philosophy
  20. Leonardo Da Vinci~ The Hidden Unseen Works.: self - Philosophy
  21. Cultural Narratives: Music That Define Your Multicultural Identity - Philosophy
  22. Things have to be interconnected in order for life to emerge: humans, self - Philosophy
  23. The difference between Evolution and Life Force: nature, self - Philosophy
  24. Systems ... how many can you count?: society - Philosophy
  25. Ethics and YouTube (and other video sharing sites): ethical, purpose, society - Philosophy
  26. Are women ages 16-29 SUPERIOR AND MORE VALUABLE than man?: points, humans - Philosophy
  27. Philosphical: humans, self - Philosophy
  28. The point of conversation with other humans...: points, religion, purpose - Philosophy
  29. I think this says it all - Good Commercial - Philosophy
  30. The root of politically correctness.: society, life - Philosophy
  31. Exactly when did we become conscious beings?: Aristotle, self - Philosophy
  32. New lease on life? - Philosophy
  33. Food for opinions v.s. choices - Philosophy
  34. Name a genius for each intelligence type: soul, society, life - Philosophy
  35. Perhaps The Only Upside Of ISIS Horrible Murdering Spree?: religion, humans, nature - Philosophy
  36. What does it mean to connect with something?: religion, humans - Philosophy
  37. Which worse senerio would you pick?: life, self - Philosophy
  38. I tell ya.......: life - Philosophy
  39. Does meditate on a consistent basis?: purpose, humans, life - Philosophy
  40. News, Marital Problems? They Don't Go Away: marriage, life - Philosophy
  41. How do you manage your free time? - Philosophy
  42. Can love be immoral?: religion, morality, society, objective - Philosophy
  43. Zombie Souls: life, self - Philosophy
  44. Profound... only if you can relate - Philosophy
  45. Should Jeremiah ask for a ride from his dad?: ethical - Philosophy
  46. In The Consensus That There's No such Thing As Time,— - Philosophy
  47. There still IS a right and wrong if they are relative: religion, marriage - Philosophy
  48. Are People Luckier Than The Rest Of Us, Or Does It Equalize In The Long Run?: society, life - Philosophy
  49. Humanity . . . The Protected Species?: religion, humans, nature, life - Philosophy
  50. Simulation Theory?: humans, life, self - Philosophy
  51. Censorship in the USA: A Hypothetical Situation - Philosophy
  52. Why do blacks come up with unusual names?: life, western, self - Philosophy
  53. Do you intend having children?: self - Philosophy
  54. the philosophy of work and virtue: life, self
  55. Solzhenitsyn on vigilante violence against a lawless government?: society - Philosophy
  56. Period of self improvement: improving, life - Philosophy
  57. Evolution? Or: humans, nature - Philosophy
  58. The Orphan Spirit 101: marriage, society, life - Philosophy
  59. Objective ethics: Manifesto: morality, purpose, humans, nature - Philosophy
  60. Does Existence really precede Essence? Or was J-P Sartre wrong?: humans, life - Philosophy
  61. Refugees and Accountability: religion, soul, life - Philosophy
  62. Karl Popper's Skeptical Empiricism - Should it be Required Learning?: utilitarian, society - Philosophy
  63. Checking out of modern society: ethical, nature, life, self - Philosophy
  64. Reality Vs Dream: life, self - Philosophy
  65. Why having babies is a result of sex?: soul, life, self - Philosophy
  66. Do we have free will: nature, life, determinism, self - Philosophy
  67. Meaning of life: purpose, self - Philosophy
  68. What is the biggest decision your facing in the next day?: self - Philosophy
  69. If you had only this two options....: self - Philosophy
  70. What do you consider successful outcomes in life?: marriage, self - Philosophy
  71. Intelligence and matter as eternal concepts: Kantian, soul, humans, life - Philosophy
  72. Why do women care so much about equality but then use it to be just like the men they complain about .: marriage, society - Philosophy
  73. If you can't make yourself loved, make yourself feared: nature, life - Philosophy
  74. Is religion philosophy?: purpose, humans, life, western
  75. Should polygamous marriage be legal?: divorce, religion, morals, nature - Philosophy
  76. Let's discuss this Ben Franklin quote.: religion, society, life, western - Philosophy
  77. Words... Got to be wrong before one is right Make sense?: soul, nature - Philosophy
  78. Give one advice: life, self - Philosophy
  79. I was told by my aunt that I am missing out on the point of life?: marriage, self - Philosophy
  80. Traditional Standards of “Abnormal Person” Lack Credibility: religion, euthanasia, humans - Philosophy
  81. Why do the good and just struggle while the evil and wicked thrive and prosper?: society, life - Philosophy
  82. I USED to be a good person...isn't that enough?: points, purpose - Philosophy
  83. What is happiness: divorce, humans, life, self - Philosophy
  84. If there is a God, why did He create?: purpose, Aristotle, self - Philosophy
  85. Subsidizing the poor: purpose, life, self - Philosophy
  86. Taboo Ideas: nature, society, life, self - Philosophy
  87. Philosophy of one's life: nature, self
  88. Is everything subjective?: Buddhism, morality, morals, humans - Philosophy
  89. Is life itself a force?: purpose, nature, objective - Philosophy
  90. My Annoyances When Shopping: society, self - Philosophy
  91. How do i get over the fact that life has many cons, how do i not whine about it: self - Philosophy
  92. An Argument Against the Existence of God: purpose, humans, nature - Philosophy
  93. Can you give me one reason why people don't suck?: humans, nature - Philosophy
  94. Is suicide by cop actually suicide?: life, self - Philosophy
  95. Should ALL “bad” behavior in adults be excused?: purpose, society, life - Philosophy
  96. Challenging Societal Norms & Standards: religion, society, life, self - Philosophy
  97. Debt and consumerism - are we getting dumber?: society - Philosophy
  98. Do you care what happens after you die? To what degree?: life - Philosophy
  99. The End of Science?: points, religion, purpose, nature - Philosophy
  100. How can Democracy be fixed?: life, self - Philosophy
  101. Since Everything Random, Does Anything Really Matter?: nature, biological, life - Philosophy
  102. Have you had Good luck, or Bad?: marriage, life, self - Philosophy
  103. If Happiness is a choice....: soul, society, life - Philosophy
  104. How are we different from computing machines and systems?: points, purpose, humans - Philosophy
  105. Have most people always cared more about what others think than right and wrong? Social media problems.: humans, nature - Philosophy
  106. The Afterlife Secrets Revealed, Proven, And?: humans, self - Philosophy
  107. The red or blue pill?: humans, life, self - Philosophy
  108. Positive thinking: improving, nature, life, self - Philosophy
  109. Ladies, would you want to live in a female dominated world?: self - Philosophy
  110. What if Nobody Could Lie?: marriage, society, life - Philosophy
  111. Does see every day as an existential dilemma?: humans, life - Philosophy
  112. unethical internet identities: nature, life, self - Philosophy
  113. Preference vs Prejudice: religion, nature, life - Philosophy
  114. Restaurants: a place for a quality meal, or a brothel?: humans, life - Philosophy
  115. Is Eating Meat Ethical? - Philosophy
  116. Immodesty: western, self - Philosophy
  117. Lucky... Or does that matter.: soul, life, self - Philosophy
  118. Morality of Debt Default: society, self - Philosophy
  119. Does time exist?: humans, nature, life, self - Philosophy
  120. How Do you to the Existentialist Delima?: religion, purpose, humans - Philosophy
  121. Do you ever feel like people become a different species after they have a kid?: biological, life - Philosophy
  122. Life is a pill, but at least it's useful for something: religion, soul - Philosophy
  123. Just because you don't drink, party, fool around, doesn't mean you are good: society, life - Philosophy
  124. I Hope To Die at 75: purpose, society, life, self - Philosophy
  125. If you woke up tomorrow with superpowers....: soul, humans, society - Philosophy
  126. Can humans survive without leadership?: morality, nature - Philosophy
  127. A naturalistic alternative to materialism? (a theory of consciousness): purpose, humans, nature - Philosophy
  128. Why is materialism loathed so much?: religion, purpose, nature, society - Philosophy
  129. Reality vs. Truth: nature, biological, life, objective - Philosophy
  130. I hope for nothing vs I hope: religion, society, life - Philosophy
  131. The soul does not exist: religion, biological, life, objective - Philosophy
  132. It’s just plain dangerous to go around pretending everyone’s ideas are valid when they really are not. religion, humans - Philosophy
  133. Evil and good are interchangeable: points, morality, humans, nature - Philosophy
  134. What I Think Happens After We Die: religion, soul, life - Philosophy
  135. Allowing Others to Die vs Actively Killing Them.: morality, purpose, society - Philosophy
  136. What is it that activates our conscience?: ethical, life, self - Philosophy
  137. Does It Scare You Sometimes Living A Comfortable Life?: soul, morality, self - Philosophy
  138. Is the Universe friendly ?: humans, life, applied - Philosophy
  139. Would you choose to have been born if you could?: nature, life - Philosophy
  140. The Philosophy of Evolution: nature, biological, life, objective
  141. What we should strive for: improving, life, objective, self - Philosophy
  142. Should a 18 year old get a large multi million dollar inheritance?: life - Philosophy
  143. Why are people busy, and then complain about it?: humans, life - Philosophy
  144. Kids about 12 in day camp at a local park sitting at a picnic table staring in their SMARTPHONES: society - Philosophy
  145. The Greatest Virtue: humans, society, self - Philosophy
  146. gift giving protocol - Philosophy
  147. Teaching Boys to be Men!: life, self - Philosophy
  148. what if the world was perfect? would new bad things be created?: divorce, religion - Philosophy
  149. A few thoughts on life's purpose and identity: religion, soul, humans - Philosophy
  150. Who owns the land on Mars?: nature - Philosophy
  151. What do you do when you're insulted?: life, self - Philosophy
  152. Death and Non-consciousness.: humans, life, self - Philosophy
  153. Damn vs.: society - Philosophy
  154. Why don't white people protest the government for not helping them decreasing black on white crime.: society, self - Philosophy
  155. People don't love each other anymore. What?: divorce, improving, society - Philosophy
  156. When you say I'm sorry shouldn't apology accepted mean forgiven?: society - Philosophy
  157. Everything in society was made up.: morality, humans, nature, life - Philosophy
  158. Why people seek fulfillment and what is it: religion, purpose, life - Philosophy
  159. Will civilization destry itself?: purpose, humans, society, life - Philosophy
  160. The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation: humans, nature - Philosophy
  161. After Awhile, Does Life Seem Like Groundhog Day? - Philosophy
  162. great philosophy to live by: life, self
  163. If you could turn back time and change one thing to alter your future, what would it be?: life, applied - Philosophy
  164. I don't understand the phrase, life is what you make it ?: soul - Philosophy
  165. Does Your Heart Soar into the heights of joy regularly?: purpose, humans - Philosophy
  166. Freedom, reality or illusion?: religion, morality, society, self - Philosophy
  167. just like we dont know if there is a God, we dont know the meaning of life?: humans, objective - Philosophy
  168. Would you rather have Dreams/Goals but no Friends or Friends but no Dreams/Goals?: society, life - Philosophy
  169. Is it morally wrong to buy something that you think is being sold too cheap: ethical, life - Philosophy
  170. Do we need the 'Freedom' to provoke others in order to be/feel free?: society - Philosophy
  171. Why is this about the only place where I can discuss this stuff?: religion, applied - Philosophy
  172. At what age is dying NOT sad?: life, self - Philosophy
  173. Is Suicide Ever Acceptable? [Discussion and Poll.]: ethical, purpose, society - Philosophy
  174. Selfless-Service: points, euthanasia, life - Philosophy
  175. What do you think is the best/ideal way to die?: life, self - Philosophy
  176. Do you find it fascinating that there are so many people in the world that we will never meet?: humans, life - Philosophy
  177. Do you think racism is the root of all evil?: religion, soul - Philosophy
  178. Why do people complain the world isn't what it used to be?.: society, life - Philosophy
  179. Thoughts on Happiness?: life, self - Philosophy
  180. Christmas materialism angst & nausea: purpose, nature, life, self - Philosophy
  181. atheists are as ignorant and condescending as religious nut jobs: religion, society - Philosophy
  182. Your thoughts on hedonism?: purpose, nature, life, self - Philosophy
  183. I Am You: The Metaphysical Foundations of Global Ethics: ethical, nature, society - Philosophy
  184. Is it wrong to give to animal charities?: points, society, life - Philosophy
  185. Having Children: Are you Comfortable Forcing Existence on Someone?: society, life, self - Philosophy
  186. What is the point of this life?: nature, self - Philosophy
  187. Where did the need to survive come from?: humans, life, self - Philosophy
  188. Today, someone asked me how I can be happy all the time: nature, life - Philosophy
  189. What does tree of knowledge of good and evil represent?: points, humans - Philosophy
  190. Does it really matter how a person dies?: morals, society, life - Philosophy
  191. Where did this idea come from, that God is love?: soul, society - Philosophy
  192. Why are people afraid to die?: purpose, society, life, self - Philosophy
  193. ​News, Hey, Guys: Posting a Lot of Selfies Doesn’t Send a Good Message - Philosophy
  194. Request for Review of An Essay on Morals by Jon P. Gunn: points, soul - Philosophy
  195. Casey Mullins Confession: I Hate Being Touched, Especially By My Kids - Philosophy
  196. Not sure how to express the idea in a sentence...Life... - Philosophy
  197. Language and creativity... - Philosophy
  198. Video against nihilsim-Thoughts and concerns? - Philosophy
  199. Theory many of world's most eccentric people are half Jewish, half ethnic something different - Philosophy
  200. An idea that Universe is virtual: life - Philosophy