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  1. If a coincidence happens in the forest and there's nobody to notice, is it still a coincidence?: humans, life - Philosophy
  2. The Meaning of Life? First, what is the meaning of “meaning?”: nature, Aristotle - Philosophy
  3. A Zero Sum Game: religion, purpose, nature, society - Philosophy
  4. Have you ever slept walked? - Philosophy
  5. Ever had an I was there moment in your life? - Philosophy
  6. Feng Shui Works?: life - Philosophy
  7. What's the term? - Philosophy
  8. Play JV or sit the bench?: life - Philosophy
  9. Democracy as one of the lowest regimes: humans, nature, life - Philosophy
  10. Do you think that there are times where it's necessary to make deals with the devil?: life, self - Philosophy
  11. Pooperscootianism: the philosophy I made up: religion, morality, purpose, humans
  12. Objectivism: Ayn Rand's Philosophy for Living on Earth
  13. Are woman and men that different from each other in life?: society, biological - Philosophy
  14. Are all arguments fallacies until proven correct? or .. if proven correct?: utilitarianism, marriage - Philosophy
  15. Is death really a relief?.: life, self - Philosophy
  16. Postulate (1): self - Philosophy
  17. Are the thoughts of a mouse the meaning of life?: self - Philosophy
  18. Average vs. Total Utilitarianism: improving, points, morality, humans - Philosophy
  19. philosophical insights into our economy and society...: life, self - Philosophy
  20. What’s all that fuss about ego?: points, religion, soul - Philosophy
  21. ?Utilitarianism?: Would a world where religious morality does not affect law making be better?: ethical, religion - Philosophy
  22. Conscious awareness and aliens of the upper floor: life - Philosophy
  23. What do you think of ideas?: religion, purpose, humans - Philosophy
  24. Cannibis-aided revelation: biological, life, self - Philosophy
  25. born in 1994? - Philosophy
  26. Postulate (2): purpose, humans, life, self - Philosophy
  27. If life exists on other planets, do they contemplate the look and meaning of trees? - Philosophy
  28. Would you give your history of tax return experiences to life form in the Universe?: nature - Philosophy
  29. Is the making of The Godfather the same as the history of the planet Mars?: nature - Philosophy
  30. Socrates asks himself: purpose, life, objective - Philosophy
  31. Postulate (3): self - Philosophy
  32. Plato, do you think people actually believe like he did or is he just good for a comparison?: points, Kantian - Philosophy
  33. The Human Being: points, life, objective - Philosophy
  34. Beliefs and their energy systems ripple effects in the pond of physical reality: purpose, biological - Philosophy
  35. Is there a philosophy that states that the brain is like a Quantum Engine?: Kantian, morality
  36. When people have a different philosophy than we do.: points, society, life
  37. I Still Can't Grasp Existentialism: nature, society, life, objective - Philosophy
  38. Philosophically, what do you think is the opposite of this?: points, marriage - Philosophy
  39. I am starting my own religion/philosophy. It will be called neo-Deism.: morality, purpose
  40. More important to settle down or go to college?: divorce, marriage, society - Philosophy
  41. News, Guy Goes Undercover To Prove Psychics Aren't Psychic: purpose - Philosophy
  42. can explain Plato's Idea: soul, purpose, applied, Aristotle - Philosophy
  43. This time I come for your thoughts: religion, nature, society - Philosophy
  44. Challenge Me: The Best Writers and Musicians are British - Philosophy
  45. When children learn to devalue others they can devalue including their parents. True?: society, self - Philosophy
  46. Getting On The Same Page...Easier said than done?: humans, life - Philosophy
  47. Which race / region had the best philosophers?: self - Philosophy
  48. Materialism explained in a nutshell: purpose, humans, nature, life - Philosophy
  49. Would you support the construction of a ship to carry humanity to another solar system to save humanity from extinction?: humans, society - Philosophy
  50. Do you think it's morally wrong to go against your government when you know they are in the wrong?: morality, nature - Philosophy
  51. Shaming is Overused and Often Immoral: ethical, nature, society, self - Philosophy
  52. Is the source of existence reason and difference being the same?: points, society - Philosophy
  53. Methods of attaining knowledge: religion, morality, humans, life - Philosophy
  54. Would you do it over again???: divorce, religion, life, self - Philosophy
  55. If life exists on other planets, do they have movie spin-offs and videogames too?: humans, biological - Philosophy
  56. If a super advanced Alien race came and dictated peaceful politics with force how would you feel?: life - Philosophy
  57. Does miss the loss of pre-Sexual Revolution ideals about physical intimacy?: marriage, humans - Philosophy
  58. The Selfish All-About Me: marriage - Philosophy
  59. Existence = memories: marriage, soul, purpose, biological - Philosophy
  60. Calling in sick when healthy vs. shoplifting: self - Philosophy
  61. Is it really to always get better: improving, humans, nature - Philosophy
  62. Essence of the Aspect: purpose, nature, life, self - Philosophy
  63. Pursuit of happiness the root of evil?: improving, society, life - Philosophy
  64. Riddle me this: religion, morality, life, self - Philosophy
  65. Is the truth areogant: nature, life, objective, self - Philosophy
  66. If you could run a perfect simulation of the Universe, what would you do with it?: points, humans - Philosophy
  67. Mercenaries motivation: morality, purpose, society, life - Philosophy
  68. How do you define a waste of time ?: life, self - Philosophy
  69. If the human race were to be wiped out, would it honestly be much of a loss?: purpose, humans - Philosophy
  70. Humans rights vs. Nationalism Incompatible?: religion, nature, society, life - Philosophy
  71. I was told I'm behind in life by not having kids. Feeling bad: marriage, morality - Philosophy
  72. wish they weren't born?: humans, life, self - Philosophy
  73. How would you calculate the odds?: nature, biological, life - Philosophy
  74. Just say no to romantic love: religion, Buddhism, marriage, soul - Philosophy
  75. Would it be correct if all homo sapiens just spoke about philosophy, and never anything: society, life
  76. American Obsession With Macho: eastern, western - Philosophy
  77. freedom to do whatever you want vs freedom to not suffer from other people's actions: soul, society - Philosophy
  78. Impermanence: soul, nature, life, self - Philosophy
  79. What scares me about death is that it's eternal.: soul, life - Philosophy
  80. The law of attraction: improving, points, purpose, society - Philosophy
  81. overall, do you think it's better to be alive or dead?.: humans, life - Philosophy
  82. Our thoughts are not our own. Our minds are just receivers.: self - Philosophy
  83. philosophical thoughts...Fairness = Equality?: society, life, self - Philosophy
  84. Is it really better to have loved and lost?: humans, life, self - Philosophy
  85. Dogmatism: religion, humans, society, objective - Philosophy
  86. Are Mind and Matter interdependent?: purpose, humans, nature, self - Philosophy
  87. Would you agree with this quote?: utilitarianism, humans, life, self - Philosophy
  88. Proposition 1: society, self - Philosophy
  89. Everything you are as a human being was determined before you were born.: purpose, humans - Philosophy
  90. Are 'integrity' and 'ethics' yesterday's news?: ethical, points, morals, purpose - Philosophy
  91. Plato and the end of democracies: self - Philosophy
  92. how does it feel to be dead?.: points - Philosophy
  93. It doesn't make sense to me why people aren't afraid of death: purpose, life - Philosophy
  94. is a very vague and philosophical what is love?: marriage, life - Philosophy
  95. What is consider real world ?: points, religion, Buddhism - Philosophy
  96. One thing WILL last forever.: religion, soul, life, self - Philosophy
  97. Hard work is meaningless: You are just slave to circumstances: nature, society - Philosophy
  98. If there is a hell, do you really think it's wrong to think people deserve it?: life, self - Philosophy
  99. Is reality right to evolve beyond homo sapiens?: improving, Kantian, humans - Philosophy
  100. The ethics of exchanging goods/services if everyone was nice: ethical, society - Philosophy
  101. Do we operate with obsolete software?: religion, eastern, western, self - Philosophy
  102. Main stream media violates the original intent of freedom of speech: self - Philosophy
  103. I'm over nostalgic about the 90's.: life, objective, self - Philosophy
  104. How do you all handle the fact that in 120years max we'll all be dead forever.: soul - Philosophy
  105. The halo effect: Why your actions don't matter as much as you think: soul, nature - Philosophy
  106. I am afraid of death / eternal oblivion.: religion, soul, life - Philosophy
  107. Needs versus Wants: religion, morality, purpose, humans - Philosophy
  108. I don't understand how people have the courage to kill themselves.: religion, humans - Philosophy
  109. Why is Consciousness ....: religion, society, life, western - Philosophy
  110. Conformity: marriage, society, life, self - Philosophy
  111. 100% Certainty Santa Clause Do Not Exist: Kantian, humans, life, self - Philosophy
  112. What's the point of life when we just work all the time?: purpose, western - Philosophy
  113. Is it time to wake up from The American Dream?: marriage, nature - Philosophy
  114. The rise of hatred in America: religion, marriage, humans, nature - Philosophy
  115. Part 3: What would you do if you found an Alien artifact that teleported you to a planet in a galaxy far from the Milky?: humans, life - Philosophy
  116. Would you retire if you won a billion dollars??: purpose, life - Philosophy
  117. Lsd: self - Philosophy
  118. Me vs. the world: religion, soul, humans, society - Philosophy
  119. Overthinking makes you dumb?: humans, objective, self - Philosophy
  120. Why we born to die?: life, self - Philosophy
  121. How not to waste my twenties: ethical, biological, life, objective - Philosophy
  122. Would you rather be blind or dead?: points, life, self - Philosophy
  123. Has cheating become the new morality?: ethical, humans, life - Philosophy
  124. Why are the rich so stupid?: divorce, society, life, self - Philosophy
  125. Why do I have a feeling that virtually everyone has DirecTV or Comcast? - Philosophy
  126. As I Age I Find I'm Generally Taking Things Less Seriously. Do Others Experience this? Or the Opposite?: purpose, biological - Philosophy
  127. Which reality would you prefer for humanity to exist in?: improving, religion - Philosophy
  128. Is our perception of the Universe biased because of our size?: purpose, humans - Philosophy
  129. Why do people still have kids, all the contraception options we have?: purpose, humans - Philosophy
  130. Would you rather be narrow-minded or dead?: life, self - Philosophy
  131. Eternal Recurrence.: purpose, humans, life, self - Philosophy
  132. General and Specific Epistemology Discussion.: purpose, humans, nature, life - Philosophy
  133. Afterlife: Would you spend eternity with like you?: points, self - Philosophy
  134. Absence God....: soul, purpose, life, self - Philosophy
  135. Are ethics useless?: ethical, religion, morality, purpose - Philosophy
  136. I've figured out the meaning of life: ethical, religion, soul - Philosophy
  137. Why do we as Humans Exist?: improving, soul, morality, purpose - Philosophy
  138. I don't believe in love anymore: soul, life, self - Philosophy
  139. Do people come into our life by more than just coincidence?: soul, humans - Philosophy
  140. The world as a habitable planet ends in 30 days, you do what?: western, self - Philosophy
  141. Why is it so much easier to hate then to love?: soul, humans - Philosophy
  142. My Dream of a Borderless World: points, religion, morality, morals - Philosophy
  143. Afterlife...or...nothingness: religion, self - Philosophy
  144. Intelligence - what is it: soul, humans, nature, life - Philosophy
  145. Was Hegel right in rejecting Kant's Ding an sich ?: nature, objective - Philosophy
  146. Mindfulness: improving, points, Buddhism - Philosophy
  147. The Biggest Ever...: religion, purpose, humans, nature - Philosophy
  148. Another view of Consciousness: points, religion, marriage, morals - Philosophy
  149. what makes you think your religion is the right one?: purpose, life - Philosophy
  150. The Bible says disobedient children and homosexuals should be killed. - Philosophy
  151. 100% Certainty God Does Not Exist: humans, life, self - Philosophy
  152. Is it to cheat death?: purpose, biological, life - Philosophy
  153. Why people choose to be irrational?: nature, life, self - Philosophy
  154. A clone of me with all my memories until a certain point of my life is not me: points, society - Philosophy
  155. What have you learned throughout your life?: ethical, religion, marriage - Philosophy
  156. Once you die, what will happen after death?: life - Philosophy
  157. who made this statement: religion, life, self - Philosophy
  158. Intelligence or wisdom: points, life, self - Philosophy
  159. Does something good always come out of something bad?: morality, purpose, life - Philosophy
  160. ALL Human Beings are Potentially Beastly and Evil: points, religion, morality - Philosophy
  161. how rootless people contribute to society?: religion, purpose, humans - Philosophy
  162. What is good and evil, or do they exist?: improving, ethical - Philosophy
  163. How is it an incompetent persons fault that they are that way?: humans, nature - Philosophy
  164. Can possibilities affect the actual world?: points, nature, life - Philosophy
  165. Was the Unabombers manifesto correct.: life, applied, self - Philosophy
  166. Rape is not about sex?: soul, nature, society, biological - Philosophy
  167. Who- why- where are we ?: religion, soul, humans, life - Philosophy
  168. Philosophy of Breaking Bad: marriage, morality, society, life
  169. Is it to be death and possibly come back to life?: biological, applied - Philosophy
  170. If Offense is Always Taken, Never ..: religion, soul, humans - Philosophy
  171. Teorema: The second death and the non-sense evolution concept: humans, life, self - Philosophy
  172. A person's age: points, humans, life, self - Philosophy
  173. Does technology makes us smarter or stupid?: points, humans, life - Philosophy
  174. We just live to die?: religion, purpose, humans, life - Philosophy
  175. Why bad people?: morality, purpose, society, life - Philosophy
  176. Why people think they can shape the world in a way that will last for centuries ?: purpose, humans - Philosophy
  177. Does everyone have a price?: soul, morals - Philosophy
  178. Are you a nihilist?: ethical, morality, morals, purpose - Philosophy
  179. how can i stop being such a fatalist?: life, self - Philosophy
  180. Could a single person with enough power fix the world?: purpose, humans - Philosophy
  181. A Quote from Nobody: self - Philosophy
  182. Smart people and happiness?: life, self - Philosophy
  183. What mainstream advice you hate the most?: life, self - Philosophy
  184. The most important ethical idea: anti-arbitrariness: improving, morality, morals, purpose - Philosophy
  185. Formula for morality: points, utilitarianism, humans, nature - Philosophy
  186. Posited For Consideration: Wisdom: humans, life, self - Philosophy
  187. Putting greater importance on gadgets than loved ones: life, self - Philosophy
  188. Moral philosophy in the age of neuroscience/cognitive science: ethical, religion, utilitarian
  189. Why is 21 a famous number and age?: religion, society, life - Philosophy
  190. Mortality just hit me.: life, self - Philosophy
  191. Would it be to kill someone you knew would be evil incarnate as an infant?: purpose, humans - Philosophy
  192. Are people living by their own rules, what they were taught or trying to fit in ? - Philosophy
  193. A gift: life - Philosophy
  194. Should CNN or Sky News ask about Cristina De Kirchner's opinion of Star Wars The Force Awakens? - Philosophy
  195. Were members of the Viet Cong identical to the press conference for Terminator Genisys? - Philosophy
  196. Does the Universe need to be cancelled, for reason to be one?: life, self - Philosophy
  197. Should all nations be ended because of Eva Green's performance in Penny Dreadful? - Philosophy
  198. Looking Complete idea the business and corporation laws ? - Philosophy
  199. What is the meaning of the 1996 film Scream, relative to the 15th of October, 1923 in Paris? - Philosophy
  200. Proposition 4 - Philosophy