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  1. The 4 laws of certitude. - Philosophy
  2. More Fallout New Vegas philosophy: Hearts expansion: ethical, nature, society
  3. Why can't it just wait until sun destroys the earth?: religion, humans - Philosophy
  4. Would you choose to have been born if you could? (nature, life) ***POLL***: religion - Philosophy
  5. Which Law Is It?: ethical, purpose, humans, society - Philosophy
  6. Have we forget how to cry?: religion, nature, society, life - Philosophy
  7. hey what's the most important and thing you learned in your philosophy studies?
  8. How can you change your perspective to view life as being long rather than too short?: ethical, humans - Philosophy
  9. What Point is Goodness in a Paradise?: religion, soul, purpose - Philosophy
  10. What do philosophy majors come out of college doing for a living?
  11. How often do you look in the mirror?: life, self - Philosophy
  12. Can what is ethically and morally be right be mutually exclusive to the greater good?: morals - Philosophy
  13. Thor's Hammer - Earth's the wet paper bag anvil...: religion - Philosophy
  14. Would you consider this to be unethical (nerd ?: humans, eastern, life - Philosophy
  15. the day of the fool and I am a fool: nature, life - Philosophy
  16. ghlights of American Intolerance: humans, society, self - Philosophy
  17. play Fallout New Vegas? What did you think of the goals of the various groups?: points, nature - Philosophy
  18. If dealing with bad guys why does it matter how they are dealt with?: life - Philosophy
  19. I realized you have it all - Philosophy
  20. Will and Denial: Buddhism, nature, life, self - Philosophy
  21. Astra Thesis; Atropos in Motion: life - Philosophy
  22. What is the foundation of objective morality?: ethical, religion, humans - Philosophy
  23. Popsophia the common ppl science: nature - Philosophy
  24. Daniel Dennett on why the hard problem of consciousness doesn't exist: humans, objective - Philosophy
  25. Angry at My Own Beliefs & Abe Hicks Theories :): ethical, soul, life - Philosophy
  26. Can a conditional If A then B be a valid argument?: humans, self - Philosophy
  27. What is going with the site? - Philosophy
  28. Teenagers should be more involved in mental health profession s why: life, objective - Philosophy
  29. What is the answer?: humans, society, life, self - Philosophy
  30. Conflicted thoughts on a: religion, life, applied, self - Philosophy
  31. Cheering for Skynet?: Why the Usual Popular Ways We Measure Others’ Worth Are Bogus.: ethical, morality - Philosophy
  32. Latin translation: self - Philosophy
  33. Life Is An Experiment, Keep Experimenting: marriage, self - Philosophy
  34. What Is This Emoji Combination ? - Philosophy
  35. The Schism of Satan: religion, Buddhism, nature, self - Philosophy
  36. Delia Graff Fara, philosophizing about vagueness - Philosophy
  37. Quitting career and starting over.....: divorce, life - Philosophy
  38. Tom Wolfe death - Philosophy
  39. Why we should openly talk about a certain 'mysterious' aspect of reality: society - Philosophy
  40. Unconventional Aphorisms: life - Philosophy
  41. What are your views on this conversation?: life, self - Philosophy
  42. Would you agree with this viewpoint?: life, self - Philosophy
  43. The Spartacus Paradox: life - Philosophy
  44. Thesis on The Fool: soul, purpose, life, self - Philosophy
  45. Difference between Plato and Aristotle - Philosophy
  46. Three Bad Choices: Morality or Survival - Philosophy
  47. Why have contracts that people don't read?: soul, life - Philosophy
  48. The Three Words to Didymus, the land of Shamayim, the Heaven Within: soul, life - Philosophy
  49. No 'me', no 'I': eastern, life, self - Philosophy
  50. Hands Grasp: purpose - Philosophy
  51. What are the benefits are of reading philosophy books?: religion, soul, morality
  52. Humans neither have 'Equality in Ability' nor 'Equality in Value' in society.: religion, soul - Philosophy
  53. Embalmed Incorruptible: humans, nature, life, self - Philosophy
  54. Is someone that would happily torture someone worse than anything the bad guy did? - Philosophy
  55. Is life's not fair an admission that one lacks morals?: purpose, self - Philosophy
  56. Why isn't hedonism more popular as a philosophy: life, self
  57. What is beauty and why?: soul, nature, objective - Philosophy
  58. Have you studied Phenomenology (Husserl, Heidegger...)?: purpose, nature, objective, applied - Philosophy
  59. Is normal and abnormal behavior arbitrary or objective?: points, marriage - Philosophy
  60. s my idea for how to save the species. What do you think?: religion, soul - Philosophy
  61. How would immortality effect romantic relationships.: divorce, marriage, biological, life - Philosophy
  62. Is Christianity Man's Greatest Creation?: religion, soul, morality, purpose - Philosophy
  63. Is it to do a selfless good deed?: purpose, life - Philosophy
  64. Hail Oh Beggar: soul, purpose, nature, society - Philosophy
  65. How would you feel if life on Earth is indeed all there is and all there will be? - Philosophy
  66. Do you fear the Reaper?: life - Philosophy
  67. Arguments for Polytheism: purpose, humans - Philosophy
  68. Free will?: humans, nature, life, determinism - Philosophy
  69. Does the center of the disk move?: points, applied, self - Philosophy
  70. What would your thoughts be on this fictional ethical dilemma?: humans, life - Philosophy
  71. If You Want Peace be Prepared for War: improving, humans, life - Philosophy
  72. Covert values: ethical, purpose, life, self - Philosophy
  73. Would you chose to be reincarnated randomly after death if you could?: nature, life - Philosophy
  74. Self-Organization and Mind/Brain Dynamics: Kantian, soul, nature, eastern - Philosophy
  75. an obituary of emotions: humans, life, self - Philosophy
  76. Economics and Slavery: purpose, humans, nature, society - Philosophy
  77. Anti natalist case for not being born: society, life, self - Philosophy
  78. I [God] did not create humankind that they Worship Me.: religion, purpose - Philosophy
  79. If GOD, a Leprechaun, the Easter Bunny or other all-powerful being gave you the option to live forever...: humans, life - Philosophy
  80. How do you handle your relationship with friends who have failed in life...: humans, self - Philosophy
  81. A Miserable Existence vs. Eternal Nothingness: improving, euthanasia, purpose, nature - Philosophy
  82. Are you Volunteering if you're helping people Online (like on this forum) instead of Offline?: purpose, self - Philosophy
  83. Competition vs. Collaboration: improving, points, purpose, humans - Philosophy
  84. mind the mind: humans, life, objective, self - Philosophy
  85. We just die.: life - Philosophy
  86. God As A Reasonable Conclusion?: religion, soul, humans - Philosophy
  87. What does it mean to be a man to you?: nature, life - Philosophy
  88. Do You NOT Go Out Hardly or Ever at Night?: life, self - Philosophy
  89. What is the evidence for a Christian God?: religion, marriage, soul - Philosophy
  90. The mystery of the perception of time.: nature, life, objective - Philosophy
  91. How do we recognize our life purpose?: religion, humans, self - Philosophy
  92. Which is a greater virtue, Truth or Empathy?: society, life, objective - Philosophy
  93. If you're going to do something wrong, do it right: ethical, euthanasia - Philosophy
  94. Life and death is far over rated: soul, nature, self - Philosophy
  95. Peter Singer: moral obligation to help others: utilitarianism, morality, morals - Philosophy
  96. Does time move?: purpose, humans, nature, objective - Philosophy
  97. What is Philosophy as a profession: points, life, self
  98. Are animals better off than humans?: nature, life, self - Philosophy
  99. What is it in your life that can last through the ages?: points, morality - Philosophy
  100. Will we one day know how the Universe started?: humans - Philosophy
  101. Is change meant to be bad, good or neutral?: purpose - Philosophy
  102. Long-winded of anxiety: soul, society, life, objective - Philosophy
  103. If you didn't feel guilty nor have regrets being immoral, would you be immoral?: morals, life - Philosophy
  104. I wish I lived in the past: society, life, self - Philosophy
  105. I don't think God should be worshiped: life, self - Philosophy
  106. How much is luck attributable to success?: life, western, self - Philosophy
  107. Should life be based on trendiness and evolution?: points, purpose, humans - Philosophy
  108. Who/What are you?: life, self - Philosophy
  109. would you want to be a survivor if 90% of your sex was wiped out?: points, biological - Philosophy
  110. Seven deadly sins.: humans, nature, society, life - Philosophy
  111. Humanity is Great: morals, purpose, humans, nature - Philosophy
  112. If competition didn't have it's place in life, would people feel more hopeless?: improving, purpose - Philosophy
  113. The elixir of eternal life..: soul, biological, self - Philosophy
  114. There's no 'you'! - Philosophy
  115. Technology & The Single Person: improving, points, purpose, humans - Philosophy
  116. Billboard entering Seattle - Philosophy
  117. Karma or Coincidence?: life - Philosophy
  118. Jordan Peterson: Handling Your Darkest Feelings about Existence Itself: religion, nature, life - Philosophy
  119. There is no way I'd ever believe a monotheistic, eternal god exists, no matter what evidence was found: religion, purpose - Philosophy
  120. Pros and Cons of the Prime Directive in Star Trek: religion, purpose - Philosophy
  121. The Borg versus the Federation in Star Trek: Which is the more humane society?: purpose, humans - Philosophy
  122. Bruno said: infinite worlds...: religion, self - Philosophy
  123. Proposition 7: self - Philosophy
  124. about Will & Love: humans, self - Philosophy
  125. Do you live in the present?: religion, humans, life, applied - Philosophy
  126. Is Luck a genetic trait?: points, purpose, humans, society - Philosophy
  127. Should we just be and admit if we want peace putting women in charge would do it?: divorce, life - Philosophy
  128. lack of fulfillment in middle life: purpose, society, self - Philosophy
  129. Battleground God (and other philosophy experiments): points, life, self
  130. the universe as a giant organism: points, purpose, nature, life - Philosophy
  131. Consciousness is hard to define. Therefore, what is a higher state of consciousness?: religion, morality - Philosophy
  132. A future culture I call the Hive that I think many of the descendants of humanity will be part of: divorce, euthanasia - Philosophy
  133. What percent of people are well-behaved?: morality, humans, nature, society - Philosophy
  134. Finding 20 bucks at the ATM: life, self - Philosophy
  135. Would you like to live forever?: euthanasia, life, self - Philosophy
  136. When and how will the human race become extinct?: religion, humans, nature - Philosophy
  137. If you were the Last Person On Earth... - Philosophy
  138. Strangest Conspiracy theories you have ever heard? - Philosophy
  139. All our wounds are self-inflicted: life - Philosophy
  140. Borrowed Life?: nature, society, self - Philosophy
  141. Is not watching sports a sign of true intelligence?: religion, life, self - Philosophy
  142. Is Empiricism the Way Out Between Conservativism and Progressivism?: morals, society, self - Philosophy
  143. What will the next big thing be?: humans, biological, life - Philosophy
  144. At What Age Do You Become Old?: purpose, life - Philosophy
  145. What does it really mean to own property: self - Philosophy
  146. Is it lack of understanding that one choose not to have children?: morals, nature - Philosophy
  147. Does god create man, or.... - Philosophy
  148. Logic: humans, life, self - Philosophy
  149. Noticing and thinking: society, life, self - Philosophy
  150. Multimillion dollar medical bills vs. death: humans, life - Philosophy
  151. What is objective and subjective morality? I don't understand the difference.: religion, humans - Philosophy
  152. What misconceptions have you had about getting older?: humans, nature, life - Philosophy
  153. Do you love kids or hate them: marriage, life - Philosophy
  154. If the universe is infinite, then we exist forever.: nature, life - Philosophy
  155. 100 years from now everyone who is on earth now will be dead.: biological, life - Philosophy
  156. Would it be morally right if super hero did exist and took out all the bad guys?: morality - Philosophy
  157. Insofar as what's best for animals...why not, rather than being a vegetarian, just avoid eating certain types of meat?: religion, soul - Philosophy
  158. Cultural Attitudes towards Customers: nature, life - Philosophy
  159. Why do children so often lose their sense of wonder and curiosity when they become adults?: nature, life - Philosophy
  160. Do you think it's bad when only bad people get killed?: humans, nature - Philosophy
  161. Individual or collective consciousness: purpose, humans, nature, life - Philosophy
  162. What if were to ask a child if they wish to be born?: soul, humans - Philosophy
  163. Why should I be overall grateful for growing up as a teenager and 20s in the modern 21st century?: points, marriage - Philosophy
  164. It's really hard to not care what other people think.: life, self - Philosophy
  165. for 18-24 year olds... Social covenants (manners): self - Philosophy
  166. Why am I so darned Philosophical?: religion, society, eastern, life - Philosophy
  167. likely is it: life, self - Philosophy
  168. humans vs. nonhumans: nature, life - Philosophy
  169. The formula for morality revised, elaborated upon, and hopefully clarified: improving, religion - Philosophy
  170. Self-liberation: humans, nature - Philosophy
  171. If men and women are equal, then why is it things are viewed worse when it's a woman?: soul, nature - Philosophy
  172. Is usury necessary for a capitalist to exist?: objective, self - Philosophy
  173. People are strange.: society, life, self - Philosophy
  174. For the first time in my 50 years...I feel done ...: improving, marriage - Philosophy
  175. Is it a bad sign if you feel bad about telling the truth?: humans, society - Philosophy
  176. The older I get..: society, life, self - Philosophy
  177. Enlightenment: purpose, nature, life, self - Philosophy
  178. not a people person?: nature, life, self - Philosophy
  179. philosophical considerations about the HBO series Westworld?: ethical, humans, society - Philosophy
  180. Just consumption and reproduction?: soul, purpose, humans, nature - Philosophy
  181. Why do we say non-human animals can't talk?: humans - Philosophy
  182. Next time you're at a bar...: self - Philosophy
  183. What causes a man (or woman) to think like this?: nature, society - Philosophy
  184. Should that order others to be killed (whether good or bad) be considered killers/murderers?: morality, humans - Philosophy
  185. Time perception: morals, humans, nature, biological - Philosophy
  186. Math versus Language: purpose, self - Philosophy
  187. Regardless if you are poor or rich...: life - Philosophy
  188. Why is 'accepting yourself' pushed so much in todays society?: divorce, soul - Philosophy
  189. A plea for Consciousness: Buddhism, purpose, humans, nature - Philosophy
  190. Why don't we just have robots fight...: nature - Philosophy
  191. Is altruism too much of a sacrifice that is not worth doing?: life, self - Philosophy
  192. Proposition 5 - Philosophy
  193. The law of existence - Philosophy
  194. mortal gods - Philosophy
  195. Socrates and Chronos - Philosophy
  196. What Does This Emoji Combination Means? - Philosophy
  197. fit to survive - Philosophy
  198. Sociobiological Ethical Theories: humans, society - Philosophy
  199. Proposition 6: Buddhism, self - Philosophy
  200. Philosophize This! podcast - Philosophy