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  1. Analytic & Continental Philosophy: improving, morality, life, western
  2. Favourite Era of Western Philosophy
  3. Fire Vs. Ice: life, self - Philosophy
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  8. Western Philosophy or Eastern Philosophy: religion, Buddhism, soul, nature
  9. Speaking of philosophy, what would you do?: life
  10. We all want the same things: religion, self - Philosophy
  11. Determinism: nature, life, self - Philosophy
  12. Deep for the day: The matrix idea revisited...: religion, nature - Philosophy
  13. Bohemian life philosophy...: society, self
  14. What Would Determinism Mean to Ethics?: ethical, religion, morality - Philosophy
  15. Three stages to consciousness: purpose, humans, biological, life - Philosophy
  16. Why do we do the things we do?: morality, humans, nature - Philosophy
  17. The big questions: morality, life, self - Philosophy
  18. Utilitarianism and Kantianism applied to abortion.: ethical, Kantian, utilitarian, humans - Philosophy
  19. The Philosopher Durkheim: can human nature be associated with cultural conditions?: religion, society - Philosophy
  20. Philosophical - Are bacteria randomly made or purposely made?: soul - Philosophy
  21. I've spent hundreds of hours of my life studying philosophy in text, and, of course, living my life...: nature
  22. Schopenhauer, Pessimism about human nature causing depression: points, religion, soul - Philosophy
  23. Positivism and Logical Positivism: religion - Philosophy
  24. Philosophy by Ice-T: points, life
  25. The Emergence of Consciousness: soul, humans, eastern, life - Philosophy
  26. Virtue ethics: ethical - Philosophy
  27. Biocentrism and the nature of reality...: humans, biological, life, objective - Philosophy
  28. Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art: religion, soul, society
  29. Women and the Philosophers or Women Philosophers: morality, self - Philosophy
  30. Coincidences- from nothing to something: life, self - Philosophy
  31. Socratus: Metaphysics ( science and religion): Aristotle - Philosophy
  32. Epochs and the reference frames.: self - Philosophy
  33. We are all Philosophers: humans, life - Philosophy
  34. 'Being True to Yourself': divorce, points, religion, Buddhism - Philosophy
  35. The most three and a half minutes on TV: points, humans - Philosophy
  36. Sex and the single Spinozist: nature - Philosophy
  37. Metaphysics and Metaphysical questions: applied - Philosophy
  38. Philosophy and Objectivism: ethical, points, religion, soul
  39. Confucianism: religion - Philosophy
  40. Philosophy- The human desire for authenticity...: purpose, society, self
  41. Favourite Contemporary Philosophical School: life - Philosophy
  42. Philosophy of Mind: points
  43. Could an alternate evolutionary history lead to a radically different Alien epistemology and science?: humans, biological - Philosophy
  44. Do you believe in the unity of human consciousness?: Buddhism, purpose, humans - Philosophy
  45. Philosophy Real vs Not Real and then ..: life, self
  46. Who is your Favorite non-religious philosopher and why?? - Philosophy
  47. What is the material basis of Quantum Consciousness ?: nature, biological, life - Philosophy
  48. Analyze This Quote - August 2009 Edition: society - Philosophy
  49. what are the similarities and contrasts between philosophers? - Philosophy
  50. what to read from ....: life, self - Philosophy
  51. Better today than yesterday?: purpose, society, life - Philosophy
  52. Panspermia, just waxing philosophical: points, morality, nature, life - Philosophy
  53. Which era in history had a bigger effect on philosophy and science: Age of Enlightment or the Renaissance?
  54. And the Hegel science EGO is thing physical?: self - Philosophy
  55. Stolen Legacy Debate Video: religion, life, western - Philosophy
  56. Critical Self-Consciousness: religion, purpose, society - Philosophy
  57. Creating purpose and intensity in life: nature, society, self - Philosophy
  58. Philosophy discussion: life, applied, Aristotle, self
  59. good existentialism writers - Philosophy
  60. exploring philosophies: religion, marriage, soul, purpose - Philosophy
  61. A Universal Mess: humans, applied - Philosophy
  62. Logical Fallacies: purpose, life - Philosophy
  63. Live and let live. Good philosophy?: religion, life, self
  64. Who are we? - Philosophy
  65. Spirtual Philosophy?: soul, life, self
  66. Just what is Consciousness?: religion, humans, biological, life - Philosophy
  67. Do we control our thoughts, or do our thoughts control us?: biological, self - Philosophy
  68. Downside to logic and reason?: religion, humans, life, applied - Philosophy
  69. Philosophy: Biological Augmentation; The greatest debate of the future.: humans, nature, society
  70. The Morality Argument: Where It Easily Fails.: soul, morals, purpose - Philosophy
  71. Purpose: points, religion, morality, humans - Philosophy
  72. An Objective View: religion, morality, humans, life - Philosophy
  73. Theory of love: purpose, humans, nature, biological - Philosophy
  74. Why you don't really have free will: religion, soul, nature - Philosophy
  75. Your purpose in life: religion, soul, humans, self - Philosophy
  76. politically correct people: nature - Philosophy
  77. Materialism/Physicalism: soul, purpose, self - Philosophy
  78. Do Objective Moral values exist?: marriage, morality, morals, humans - Philosophy
  79. Why do philosophers use such be words?: points, religion, purpose - Philosophy
  80. Philosophical Point: divorce, religion, marriage, nature - Philosophy
  81. system equals atom?: self
  82. The Many Worlds Theory-- What is it?: life, self - Philosophy
  83. Science and ethics: ethical, religion, soul, humans - Philosophy
  84. Why is Life So Long?: humans, self - Philosophy
  85. What causes us to prefer outwardly beautiful people?: soul, nature, society - Philosophy
  86. Consequentialism: ethical, religion, morality, morals - Philosophy
  87. What would of the famous philosophers be like on internet forums?: morality - Philosophy
  88. Deprograming; The battle to free your Consciousness.: divorce, religion, soul - Philosophy
  89. The Trolley and the Fat Man.: utilitarian, morality, humans, life - Philosophy
  90. Is reality subjective or objective?: religion, Buddhism, life, self - Philosophy
  91. We are never alone: soul, morals, humans, society - Philosophy
  92. regrets?: life, self - Philosophy
  93. The second dialectic: ethical, points, religion, purpose - Philosophy
  94. Simulation theory: biological, life, self - Philosophy
  95. The Google Philosophy, does it exist?: points, applied, self
  96. The Disadvantage of Smarts: soul, nature, life, self - Philosophy
  97. This is being posted in the Philosophy section .....: religion, soul, morality
  98. Philosophy Quotes?: nature, society, life, Aristotle
  99. What moral attitude should we take toward Globalism?: religion, society, self - Philosophy
  100. What is The Purpose of Life? - Philosophy
  101. Is there one who can explain how we can have free will ?: life, determinism - Philosophy
  102. What is discrimination and equality - can't I choose to be a bigot?: points, religion - Philosophy
  103. The Philosophy Of Humanism: points, religion, life, self
  104. What Is The Nature Of Consciousness?: religion, soul, purpose, humans - Philosophy
  105. What makes an action moral or immoral?: morality, morals, humans - Philosophy
  106. Is Free Will An Illusion?: humans, life, applied, self - Philosophy
  107. Levels of consciousness?: self - Philosophy
  108. Mind and Body - Separate or Same Thing?: religion, soul, nature - Philosophy
  109. The Ethics of Science: ethical, nature, society, self - Philosophy
  110. Beauty?: morality, nature, objective - Philosophy
  111. In this vast wasteland, does one know what philosophy is?: points, religion
  112. I found an excuse to come ethics: ethical, life - Philosophy
  113. Do you believe in luck?: points, life - Philosophy
  114. The Paradox of Objective Morality: religion, purpose, nature, society - Philosophy
  115. Right from Wrong: soul, morality, morals, life - Philosophy
  116. Mind Games and disclosure: What if you had proof of Extraterrestrial life?: religion, purpose - Philosophy
  117. Morality must be safeguarded by the citizens: religion, morals, society - Philosophy
  118. Why is there a you: life - Philosophy
  119. Philosophy: Are humans naturally violent?: religion, morals, nature, society
  120. original state of existence: religion, life, self - Philosophy
  121. Is the world getting better?: morality, nature, western, self - Philosophy
  122. Happiness, Living Your Dream Life: religion, marriage, nature, self - Philosophy
  123. Has Physics Made Philosophy and Religion Obsolete?: life
  124. Philosophy:What is time?: life, self
  125. How do you approach a walk in nature?: points, life, self - Philosophy
  126. Personal Philosophy- what guides you?: religion, nature, life, self
  127. Energy is Mass accelerated (frequency of vibration) to C^2: religion, purpose - Philosophy
  128. Philosophy of The Secret: life
  129. about free will....: religion, life, self - Philosophy
  130. Examining the philosophy of 'Live and Let Live': marriage, morality, morals
  131. why do good looking people have not so attractive kids and not so attractive couples have good looking kids?: average, toddlers - Philosophy
  132. The Philosophy of Objectivity: religion, life, objective, self
  133. Will the Digital Age Destroy Creativity?: nature, society, biological, self - Philosophy
  134. Utilitarianism: religion, utilitarian, euthanasia, life - Philosophy
  135. Are we living in a computer simulation?: purpose, humans, life - Philosophy
  136. Real philosophical does human knowledg come from human brains?: nature, life - Philosophy
  137. Intellectual versus Philosophical Honesty.: points, eastern, life - Philosophy
  138. The Purpose of Life: religion, humans, nature, objective - Philosophy
  139. Philosophical gambling on unknowable, how is it done?: religion, humans, life - Philosophy
  140. Philosophy: the value of the Copernican Principle in understanding our place in the universe: purpose, humans
  141. Mind puzzle.: purpose, self - Philosophy
  142. Philosophy: Do thoughts come from our head because of nature or culture?: soul, life
  143. Exploring the pop-philosophy/Americas favorite pastime of Casual Sex: divorce, religion, marriage
  144. Using Reason to prove Reason: religion, soul, humans, nature - Philosophy
  145. Test yourself for Free Will.: life - Philosophy
  146. The Mind: Physical or non-physical?: soul, humans, life - Philosophy
  147. Ego And The Meaning Of Life: religion, morality, morals, purpose - Philosophy
  148. The Philosophy of Misunderstanding & Debate: ethical, points, religion, life
  149. Dogma of the Scientific method: soul, purpose, life, applied - Philosophy
  150. Who Is Your Favorite Philosopher?: morality, self - Philosophy
  151. I am turning into a misanthrope. solution?: religion, morality, humans - Philosophy
  152. Can logic actually be limited?: marriage, life, self - Philosophy
  153. Philosophy in the Philosophy section.: nature, society, life, Aristotle
  154. Kabalarian Philosophy: soul, purpose, life, self
  155. Is There a Purpose to Human Existance?: religion, nature, life - Philosophy
  156. Why is Philosophy unimportant in the modern world?: society, life
  157. Philosophical about truth: religion, life, self - Philosophy
  158. What is your opinion on immaterialism?: religion - Philosophy
  159. So much religion, so little philosophy on this forum
  160. Philosophical how can someone delusional know he is delusional?: soul, objective - Philosophy
  161. Are you doing what you're supposed to be doing??: marriage, nature - Philosophy
  162. Why must there be a reason why?: life - Philosophy
  163. Philosophy: how does a being in the realm of supernatural come out and rules real humans?: religion
  164. Interesting philosophical implications dolphins...: improving, religion, soul, humans - Philosophy
  165. Philosophy is Dead: religion, soul, morality, morals
  166. Have we outgrown the scientific method ?: religion - Philosophy
  167. Was Primordal man conscious as we are?: religion, purpose, humans - Philosophy
  168. Everything has to have a beginning?: religion, purpose, humans, nature - Philosophy
  169. William L. Craig on Stephen Hawking's New Book - The Grand Design: religion - Philosophy
  170. Virtues and Vices: Good, Bad and Ugly: morals, nature, society - Philosophy
  171. Is the Truth about Reality Knowable?: humans, objective, self - Philosophy
  172. 4 Questions.: purpose, life, self - Philosophy
  173. Do You Think The Morals And Ethics Of Society Are Getting Better Or Worse?: improving, ethical - Philosophy
  174. Our sense of self is an illusion?: Buddhism, nature, life - Philosophy
  175. The struggle for purpose: points, religion, morality, nature - Philosophy
  176. Love. Where does it come from?: humans, life, self - Philosophy
  177. Philosophy (not religion): Buddhism, purpose, nature, society
  178. Nothing is permanent Then why not LOVE everyone we meet: points, religion - Philosophy
  179. Too Young in College for a Philosophy Course?: society, life, self
  180. Dreams? Subconscious? Real or not?: soul - Philosophy
  181. Philosophy: is everything just an unverifiable brain-perception?: religion, soul, morality
  182. Could you ever love a robot?: morality, humans, nature, life - Philosophy
  183. Scientific basis of objective morality?: purpose, nature, biological, self - Philosophy
  184. about philosophers!: life, self - Philosophy
  185. progession of philosophy?: religion, Aristotle, self
  186. How did we know about the names of things?: religion, life, western - Philosophy
  187. Ethics and Morality: ethical, religion, morals, humans - Philosophy
  188. Philosophy?: religion, utilitarianism, nature, Aristotle
  189. The blue and the red pill: marriage, life - Philosophy
  190. Logic: life - Philosophy
  191. Critical Thinking Fun: life - Philosophy
  192. Does 'nothingness' exist?: nature, life, self - Philosophy
  193. Wish I did, wish I didn't, wish I could: marriage, life - Philosophy
  194. When u die, do u think u know u are dead?: soul, purpose - Philosophy
  195. Philosophy: The quality of a man: life, self
  196. The Big Brain: Our Soul Factory: points, religion, marriage, purpose - Philosophy
  197. Are we animals or something apart?: religion, humans, nature, biological - Philosophy
  198. Ontology and Ethics and technological fetish: society - Philosophy
  199. Philosopher videos: religion - Philosophy
  200. PhilosophyCast - A podcast concerning philosophical discussion