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  1. what is the name of the newspaper in nehalem OR?: Tillamook: county, towns - Oregon
  2. Is the job market really that bad?: Eugene, Salem: rentals, home - Oregon (OR)
  3. I'm coming to Lincoln City: Salem, Hillsboro: sales, apartment complexes, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  4. Census releases new population estimates - Oregon grows; parts more than others: Portland: for sale (OR)
  5. The Garden Path Led us to Posy Land: McMinnville: credit card - Oregon (OR)
  6. summer jobs?: places, hires, near - Oregon (OR)
  7. How is the drive on I-84 in late April?: Pendleton: safe, best - Oregon (OR)
  8. Living in eastern washington, want to move to Oregon: Portland: sales, low crime (OR)
  9. I'm Moving To Coos Bay Soon...Can provide me with rmation and interesting things to do??????: Portland: for sale - Oregon (OR)
  10. Adult foster care in Newport, Waldport or Florence area: Salem: homes, nursing - Oregon (OR)
  11. 1~2 year break, where to go? Family, Education, Fly Fishing: Bend: to rent, low crime - Oregon (OR)
  12. By The Coast...4H!! Horse Information Needed!!!!!!: shop, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  13. Help! Moving to Oregon, need advice!: Portland, Gresham: apartments, to rent (OR)
  14. PNW Cuisine?: Portland, Marion: living in, farmers market, market - Oregon (OR)
  15. Hood River in the Summer....Kiteboarding!: rentals, buying, things to do - Oregon (OR)
  16. Mortgage Broker: Portland: hours, advertising, service - Oregon (OR)
  17. Former Oregonian answers: Portland, Beaverton: house, school districts, closing (OR)
  18. Moving to tillamook area.: real estate, to live, price - Oregon (OR)
  19. Hillsboro: Medford, Tualatin, Ashland: condo, houses, buy - Oregon (OR)
  20. thinking of moving to oregon advice: buy, sell - Oregon (OR)
  21. Tanasbourne Apartments - Living in Hillsboro - HELP: Beaverton, Forest Grove: lease, condo - Oregon (OR)
  22. hood river: Portland, Bend: transplants, schools, living in - Oregon (OR)
  23. Ambivalent on Astoria: Green, Seaside, Warrenton: for sale, condo, houses - Oregon (OR)
  24. Which town for us, ideas: Portland, Eugene: home, job market - Oregon (OR)
  25. Cosmetic Laser Technician or Personal Trainer: Portland: job market, gyms, corporate - Oregon (OR)
  26. Medford Elementary and High Schools: Ashland, Central Point: school district, to live in, rating - Oregon (OR)
  27. Questions conerning Oregon: Portland, Eugene, Salem: apartments, insurance, low crime (OR)
  28. Wilsonville Mass Transit: Portland, Beaverton, Beaver: to live in, buses, light rail - Oregon (OR)
  29. Foreclosure ???? Can you provide advice?: bank owned, for sale, real estate - Oregon (OR)
  30. Nurses out there?: Portland, Eugene: school, camping, live in - Oregon (OR)
  31. jobs: Portland: visit, good, local - Oregon (OR)
  32. Oregon made the top ten list for Safest States: Florence: real estate, renting (OR)
  33. April 2008 Oregon Beach Visit: Portland, Newport: city hall, restaurants, shops (OR)
  34. Oregon's Famous Exploding Whale: Florence: live, cabin, area (OR)
  35. Need a local's perspective on Newport, Corvallis, Hood River...: Bend: community college, living - Oregon (OR)
  36. Help Me: Waldport: hotel, housing, expensive - Oregon (OR)
  37. best place for family: Salem, Medford: for sale, rent, houseboat - Oregon (OR)
  38. looking for information on newport oregon: Lincoln Beach, Depoe Bay: mobile home, to buy, to live in - Oregon (OR)
  39. home sweet home?: Portland, Eugene, Salem: renters, house, job market - Oregon (OR)
  40. Dental School in Oregon: Portland: schools, university, live (OR)
  41. The Utah vs. Oregon Expirience: Salem, Bend: camping, live in, to move (OR)
  42. Veterinarian in Klamath Falls?: dogs, near, good - Oregon (OR)
  43. Favorite Place in Oregon: Portland, Eugene: how much, house, wedding (OR)
  44. Lincoln City/ Toledo/ Otis: Portland, Salem: apartments, rentals, hotel - Oregon (OR)
  45. vacation: places, rain, driving - Oregon (OR)
  46. about Cresswell and Mcminnville: Portland, Salem: crime, homes, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  47. air quality in Ashland: Eugene, Salem: house, law, moving - Oregon (OR)
  48. Paved trails in Yamhill County: Vernonia, Banks: linear, area, near - Oregon (OR)
  49. It feels like home to me...: Portland, Salem: insurance, house, buy - Oregon (OR)
  50. License Plates, Registration, Emissions: Portland, Medford: vehicle registration, how much, DMV - Oregon (OR)
  51. Suggestions For Moving: Portland, Eugene, Salem: schools, university, places to live - Oregon (OR)
  52. What is Albany like?: Eugene, Corvallis: universities, living, shop - Oregon (OR)
  53. want to move but dont know where in oregon: Portland: apartment, rent - Oregon (OR)
  54. Astoria Research: Seaside, Warrenton: houses, neighborhoods, movies - Oregon (OR)
  55. NW leads the nation in housing overvaluation....: Portland, Eugene: real estate, rental - Oregon (OR)
  56. Cycling in Roseburg: Portland: dangerous, farm, bike - Oregon (OR)
  57. Medford OR Housing Prices?: Ashland, Eagle Point: for sale, real estate, foreclosure - Oregon
  58. young couple looking to start a family...where do we go?: Portland: low crime, home - Oregon (OR)
  59. Looking for isolation, central, eastern Or.: Bend, Klamath Falls: camping, live, areas - Oregon (OR)
  60. Coos Bay April weather and work: fit in, camping, stores - Oregon (OR)
  61. columbus day 1962 storm stories: power lines, home, car - Oregon (OR)
  62. Lakeview Drags: to rent, home, buying - Oregon (OR)
  63. Need to Connect:: motel, camp, land - Oregon (OR)
  64. Looking to move to Roseburg: Portland, Eugene: fit in, theatres, university - Oregon (OR)
  65. Best area to live in Roseburg: Sutherlin, Winston: houses, safe neighborhood, YMCA - Oregon (OR)
  66. Portland but Smaller?: Eugene, Bend, Corvallis: universities, camping, eat - Oregon (OR)
  67. Summer Jobs on the Coast?: living, parks, places - Oregon (OR)
  68. Help, which city will best suit me?: Portland, Newberg: houses, schools - Oregon (OR)
  69. White Horse Falls: best, area, building - Oregon (OR)
  70. Looking To Move To Hillsboro,or: Portland, Beaverton: how much, neighborhood, school - Oregon (OR)
  71. Toledo--the smell: Newport: renting, college, living in - Oregon (OR)
  72. Medford winters vs. Seattle area??: Portland, Beaverton: live in, suburbs, distance - Oregon (OR)
  73. Oregon vs SO. Cal: Portland, Salem: townhomes, high school, place to live (OR)
  74. Moving to Roseburg area, end of May from NC: to rent, home - Oregon (OR)
  75. Where to move?: apartment, lease, find a job - Oregon (OR)
  76. Bicycle-friendliest cities in southern Oregon?: Portland, Medford: home, schools, quality of life (OR)
  77. Corvallis Preschools: daycare, home, preschool - Oregon (OR)
  78. College Student Possibly Moving to Hillsboro: Portland, Beaverton: apartment, how much, safe area - Oregon (OR)
  79. move to Hillsboro, OR: Portland: neighborhoods, top schools, live - Oregon
  80. What to do for young children in Medford?: Grants Pass, Ashland: live, club - Oregon (OR)
  81. Beaverton: to buy, living, stores - Oregon (OR)
  82. Oregon City neighborhoods: Clackamas: homes, living, slums (OR)
  83. moving to Oregon!!!: Portland, Gresham, Beaverton: neighborhood, best schools, place to live (OR)
  84. Job Market for Attorneys: Portland, Eugene: lawyers, law school, place to live - Oregon (OR)
  85. Sandy or Oregon City??: Portland, Gresham: homes, safest area, to buy (OR)
  86. Looking for a room in Waldport for summer: Newport: rentals, house - Oregon (OR)
  87. Moving to Oregon from Michigan with young children: Portland, Salem: school district, standard of living (OR)
  88. Game called on account of lace: Arlington: golf course, mayor - Oregon (OR)
  89. Age 22, looking to move to Oregon: Portland, Eugene: to rent, crime rate, home (OR)
  90. Very very part time work needed: Eugene: insurance, credit score, employment - Oregon (OR)
  91. Amberglen Townhomes in Beaverton OR: Hillsboro: construction, company, quality - Oregon
  92. Wishing to Move to Grants Pass: lawyers, live in, legally - Oregon (OR)
  93. Affordable Real estate prices in OR?!: Salem, Medford: home, shop, safe - Oregon
  94. Looking for a inexpensive rent!: Salem, Keizer: apartments, how much, utilities - Oregon (OR)
  95. Southern Oregon Radio: Ashland, Klamath Falls: moving to, station, best (OR)
  96. Haircuts: Portland, Salem, Beaverton: salon, movies, live - Oregon (OR)
  97. I like it: Portland, Troutdale: insurance, new home, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  98. Need Tigard/Tualatin/Wilsonville: Portland, Salem: real estate, apartment complex, lease - Oregon (OR)
  99. Leaving WI...moving to OR??: Portland, Eugene: apartment, to rent, insurance - Oregon
  100. housing in corvallis: Philomath: apartment complex, rental, house - Oregon (OR)
  101. Is there a place east of Portland were snow replaces rain and you can still take the train into the city: Eugene: living in - Oregon (OR)
  102. TAXES - Contemplating move from Reno to Medford area: sales, homeowners insurance - Oregon (OR)
  103. moving from alaska: Keizer, Monmouth, Silverton: house, to live in, price - Oregon (OR)
  104. Leo Adler/ Baker City on OPB: Ontario, Brookings: real estate, living, restaurant - Oregon (OR)
  105. Consultants: Eugene: motels, retired, money - Oregon (OR)
  106. Good local produce year round: Medford, Grants Pass: organic, garden, agriculture - Oregon (OR)
  107. Renting in Grants Pass/Medford area: rentals, credit report, landlords - Oregon (OR)
  108. TAXES - Small Business - OR vs WA: Portland, Tigard: how much, pros and cons - Oregon
  109. Where to live with my 3 boys?: Portland, Salem: renting, homes, schools - Oregon (OR)
  110. Vernonia - Housing: Portland: for sale, real estate market, houses - Oregon (OR)
  111. sweet home real estate: crime rate, high income, live - Oregon (OR)
  112. Winchester Bay, OR: Roseburg, Coos Bay, Reedsport: for sale, rentals, condos - Oregon
  113. Realtor commission rates in Central Coast: Salem: for sale by owner, house, FSBO - Oregon (OR)
  114. Hello Oregon!!! My Homestate!!!: Portland: to live in, to move, free (OR)
  115. moving to Oregon: Portland, Tigard: insurance, high crime, home (OR)
  116. Where to eat in KFalls: houses, DMV, organic - Oregon (OR)
  117. A few pictures from my travels...: Lakeview: black, where is, pics - Oregon (OR)
  118. Albany rental advice: Salem, Corvallis: apartment, rentals, house - Oregon (OR)
  119. Thinking of moving to Forest Grove, Help!!: Portland, Albany: section 8, 2015 - Oregon (OR)
  120. Perspective from a Wanderer: Portland: to live in, military, moving - Oregon (OR)
  121. Coast or the Cities?: Portland, Eugene: house, to buy, to live in - Oregon (OR)
  122. Temporary rental suggestions for elders: Eugene, Newport: house, casino, living - Oregon (OR)
  123. Dallas Oregon: Salem, Hood River, Unity: low income, for sale, real estate (OR)
  124. Mold Problem?: insurance, appliances, house - Oregon (OR)
  125. Oregon Road Trip: Portland, Eugene, Medford: rent, how much, houses (OR)
  126. Looking to relocate...: Portland, Eugene, Phoenix: rent, house, job market - Oregon (OR)
  127. How's Hillsboro?: Portland, Gresham, Beaverton: crime, house, transfer - Oregon (OR)
  128. Need advice from Phoenix: Portland, Eugene: for sale, rent, low crime - Oregon (OR)
  129. Movies in Oregon: Portland, Eugene, Salem: hotel, house, high school (OR)
  130. thinking about Coos Bay from Iowa: Portland, Eugene: real estate, sex offenders, crime - Oregon (OR)
  131. moving to oregon... best weather: Medford, Bend: sales, real estate, oceanfront - Oregon (OR)
  132. Thinking about Oregon: Portland, Eugene, Salem: real estate market, how much, new home (OR)
  133. Most liberal cities in Southern Oregon?: Portland, Eugene: violent crime, how much, homes (OR)
  134. Swarm of Earthquakes Detected off Central Oregon: Grants Pass, Newport: university, earthquake (OR)
  135. Just got back from visiting Coos Bay and would like to relocate there...: Portland: rentals, house - Oregon (OR)
  136. I was going to move to Oregon...: Portland, Joseph: health insurance, crime (OR)
  137. you can never go home: Salem, Wilsonville: big home, neighborhoods, middle school - Oregon (OR)
  138. Is There Hope For Oregon?: Portland, Salem: crime, school district, income (OR)
  139. ALBANY/ CORVALLIS- serious reasons to consider NOT moving there: Portland: low income, transplants - Oregon
  140. Beautiful areas of Oregon: Portland, Klamath Falls: house, to buy, living (OR)
  141. Best place to raise a family???: Portland, Beaverton: power lines, crime, homes - Oregon (OR)
  142. Arsty beach towns in Oregon?: Portland, Bend: apartment, rentals, house (OR)
  143. Special Needs Schools In Oregon???: Portland, Eugene: school districts, to live in, bus (OR)
  144. Driving rental truck - need highway !: Portland, Eugene: live in, dangerous - Oregon (OR)
  145. uaint towns in OR?: Portland, Eugene: employment, schools, community college - Oregon
  146. Good Schools Low Crime Affordable Housing: Salem, Bend: real estate, rentals, houses - Oregon (OR)
  147. What's autumn like in west Oregon?: Portland, Eugene: school, floor, mall (OR)
  148. Best Area to Relocate in OR?: Portland, Eugene: real estate, home, job market - Oregon
  149. Fewer allergies on the coast?: transfer, living in, dangerous - Oregon (OR)
  150. Need advice for Corvallis/Albany area...: Portland, Salem: for sale, apartments, attorneys - Oregon (OR)
  151. Opinions ~ Looking for my perfect spot in Oregon: Portland: appointed, new home (OR)
  152. african americans: Portland, Bend, Silverton: crimes, how much, catholic schools - Oregon (OR)
  153. Grants Pass Vs. Pendelton: Ashland, Pendleton: real estate, renter, houses - Oregon (OR)
  154. Relocating to Oregon: Portland, Medford, Bend: low crime, house, good schools (OR)
  155. Racial Issues in Grants Pass White City & Medford: Portland: crimes, home - Oregon (OR)
  156. Job at Mount Hood Comm. College: Portland, Gresham: real estate, apartments, condos - Oregon (OR)
  157. La Grande, Oregon: Baker City, Umatilla, Wallowa: appointed, ski resort, apartments (OR)
  158. Do you get mad at people who say Or-a-gone?: Yachats: live, best - Oregon (OR)
  159. First Impressions: Portland, Eugene, Salem: how much, new home, salvaged - Oregon (OR)
  160. Energy and utility costs: Eugene: houses, heat pump, live - Oregon (OR)
  161. Horseback Riding on the BEACH: Florence, Bandon: hotel, price, safety - Oregon (OR)
  162. 26 west: Bend: crime, price, law - Oregon (OR)
  163. thinking about moving to Hermiston: Portland, Pendleton: new home, find a job, construction - Oregon (OR)
  164. Lesbian family relocating: Portland, Eugene, Salem: sales, car insurance, how much - Oregon (OR)
  165. From So-Cal to Coos Bay: Portland, Eugene: real estate, renting, insurance - Oregon (OR)
  166. move to Oregon Coast. help: Newport, Cottage Grove: rent, insurance (OR)
  167. BEST city 2 live in coming from Vegas w/kids?: Portland: low crime, house - Oregon (OR)
  168. Crime in Oregon: Portland, Eugene, Sherwood: spring break, fingerprinting, crime rate (OR)
  169. Medical marijuana and Oregon: Portland, Brookings: low income, rental, health insurance (OR)
  170. coast in April: Bend, Coos Bay, Astoria: appointed, best towns, for sale - Oregon (OR)
  171. How do you like West Linn?: Portland, Beaverton: city hall, townhomes, middle schools - Oregon (OR)
  172. Moving from Florida to Southern Oregon: Portland, Medford: apartments, townhomes, job market (OR)
  173. Help me/ Moving to Oregon in Summer 2008: Portland: live in, law (OR)
  174. Pictures Of Oregon: Portland, Eugene, Salem: vacation, winter, single (OR)
  175. Thoughts on relocating to Oregon from Colorado: Portland, Hillsboro: apartments, renting (OR)
  176. Purchasing a Renaissance Home: Bend: home builder, neighborhood, buyer - Oregon (OR)
  177. Small Town Information?: Portland, Eugene, Salem: teaching jobs, to buy, theatres - Oregon (OR)
  178. Why is the Oregon unemployment rate so high???: Eugene: home, find a job (OR)
  179. Why Are The Larger Cities INLAND, not coastal?: Portland, Eugene: Home Depot, construction - Oregon (OR)
  180. Favorite Place in Oregon: Portland, Eugene: real estate, camp, to live in (OR)
  181. Is The Dalles Gay-Friendly?: Portland, Eugene: houses, school, place to live - Oregon (OR)
  182. Yachats Oregon, a place to raise a family?: Newport, Florence: rentals, theater (OR)
  183. Oregon Coast vs Pismo Beach Ca: Portland, Eugene: for sale, real estate, apartment (OR)
  184. Moving to Medford Oregon, where to live?: Ashland, Eagle Point: sale, low crime (OR)
  185. Worst Job Market?: real estate, theatre, income - Oregon (OR)
  186. Tillamook Cheese factory: Albany, Grants Pass, Scappoose: how much, buy, high school - Oregon (OR)
  187. Illegals in Oregon..: Salem, Roseburg, Marion: violent crime, new home, employment (OR)
  188. Young and married moving to coos bay: Eugene, Bend: crime, mortgage - Oregon (OR)
  189. Brookings, Oregon: real estate, job market, place to live (OR)
  190. Cost of living: Hillsboro: apartments, buying a house, buying - Oregon (OR)
  191. Drew's Reservoir: for sale, home, area - Oregon (OR)
  192. Southern Oregon and allergies: Portland, Grants Pass: living in, mold, move to (OR)
  193. Rental Needed in/near Brookings: to live, parking, place - Oregon (OR)
  194. Portland traffic vs. Southern Oregon: review: Beaverton, Medford: how much, new house, shop (OR)
  195. Transportation from Medford to GP: airport, looking for, options - Oregon (OR)
  196. Happy Valley: weather, near, moved - Oregon (OR)
  197. trade college students? Portland bound for Corvallis bound: apartment, rent - Oregon (OR)
  198. Ashland or Portland?: Medford: high school, college, live in - Oregon (OR)
  199. All Skiers!: price, foods, park - Oregon (OR)
  200. Autism Schools In Oregon?: Dallas, Monmouth: move to, kindergarten, child (OR)