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  1. Chambersburg Mall Tries to Shake 'Dying Mall' Perception: Pittsburgh, State College: for sale, real estate - Pennsylvania (PA)
  2. Reading/Wyomissing/Sinking Spring for Young Family?: Philadelphia, King of Prussia: real estate, home - Pennsylvania (PA)
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  4. Amber alert for PA: kids - Pennsylvania
  5. Design Proposals for New Franklin County Courthouse on the Table: Chambersburg: real estate, estate - Pennsylvania (PA)
  6. AG Kane is now a convicted Felon, Good Riddance: Philadelphia: crime, attorney - Pennsylvania (PA)
  7. hispanic family with 2 small kids under ten: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: high crime, school districts - Pennsylvania (PA)
  8. Lookin to relocate from nyc to Lebanon area!: Cornwall: school district, stats - Pennsylvania (PA)
  9. PA estimated tax: Harrisburg: rental, depreciation, vouchers - Pennsylvania
  10. HELP - Entering a lease with a landlord who lives in the house - what are my rights?: apartments - Pennsylvania (PA)
  11. Erie: Apartment Rentals - Suggestions: Lawrence Park, Wesleyville: apartments, insurance, university - Pennsylvania (PA)
  12. home builders in reading pa: pros and cons, money, cheap - Pennsylvania (PA)
  13. Fairfield Waynesboro area: Chambersburg, Washington, Gettysburg: house prices, theater, YMCA - Pennsylvania (PA)
  14. Large parcels of land for not much money: mineral rights, for sale - Pennsylvania (PA)
  15. What is wrong with Penn State: children, town, great - Pennsylvania (PA)
  16. Where Do Philadelphia Eagles Fans Live?: Harrisburg, Penn: hotel, live in, stadium - Pennsylvania (PA)
  17. Autism related services in public schools in Pennsylvania: Erie, York: home, school districts (PA)
  18. Weather around Thanksgiving in Central PA: Pittsburgh, Erie: car, county, average - Pennsylvania
  19. re a law firm to reduce your property taxes?: Chester: lawyer, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  20. want to live in PA: moving to, place, residents - Pennsylvania
  21. Nice areas near altoona: Pittsburgh, State College: homes, schools, college - Pennsylvania (PA)
  22. PA State Route 290: Erie, Penn: neighborhoods, maintenance, design - Pennsylvania
  23. Light and Sound Theatre Branson, MO or Lancaster, PA?: Penn: theater, pros and cons - Pennsylvania
  24. State budget due July 1, 2016: Harrisburg: school, tax, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  25. Moving to Meadville - Erie: Edinboro, North East: to buy, school, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  26. claim accepted and no money: unemployment, wages, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  27. Thoughts on Shoemakersville PA ?: Lancaster, Chester: house, purchase, schools - Pennsylvania
  28. Hanover PA area schools and neighborhoods: renting, how much, buying - Pennsylvania
  29. Lititz pa: Lancaster: live, suburb, commute to - Pennsylvania (PA)
  30. Lancaster/lititz/wyomissing harrisburg, help!: Reading, State College: transplants, crime, homes - Pennsylvania (PA)
  31. spot assessment: California: assessor, legal, reassessment - Pennsylvania (PA)
  32. Philadelphia Outlet Stores in Limerick - Need a place for lunch: Penn: restaurants, building - Pennsylvania (PA)
  33. No pets allowed - Can I ask about fish?: Pittsburgh: apartment, leases - Pennsylvania (PA)
  34. Looking for a weekend cabin rental within 2 hours of pittsburgh.: Tidioute: cabins, yard - Pennsylvania (PA)
  35. Health Care in PA: Beaver Falls, Beaver: attorney, house, live - Pennsylvania
  36. Joe Paterno and the Freeh Report: live in, deal, children - Pennsylvania (PA)
  37. Living in Milford, working in Middletown, NY: credit, school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  38. It's Time for Ohio and Pennsylvania to Part Ways: living in, working (PA)
  39. Lititiz Area? Daily things to do for teens?: Lancaster, Hershey: apartment complex, amusement park - Pennsylvania (PA)
  40. Good family doctors in Shippensburg PA: Chambersburg: moving to, offices, health - Pennsylvania
  41. Danville vs Upland: Philadelphia, Bloomsburg, Sunbury: apartments, to rent, home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  42. PA Renter: Lansdale: real estate, sublet, apartment - Pennsylvania
  43. Penn National Receives Transportation Grant for Town Center in Mont Alto: Chambersburg: home, construction - Pennsylvania (PA)
  44. At sometime in the future could Pennsylvania consider euthanasia?: felons, transfer (PA)
  45. Relocation to southwest PA: Pittsburgh, Smithton: house, transfer, to live in - Pennsylvania
  46. Medical Marijuana Facility Proposed in Waynesboro: Franklin: crime, neighborhood, zoning - Pennsylvania (PA)
  47. Relocation to Emmitsburg: Hanover, Waynesboro, Gettysburg: middle school, income, income tax - Pennsylvania (PA)
  48. Looking for list of all colleges/universities near Lancaster: Philadelphia: credit, transit - Pennsylvania (PA)
  49. Standardized Testing in PA? PARCC? AIR?: high school, moving, teach - Pennsylvania
  50. Deciding between living in Hollidaysburg and State College: Altoona, Tyrone: section 8, apartment complex - Pennsylvania (PA)
  51. Another Casino (and Race Track) Planned or Gettysburg: York, Chambersburg: hotel, buying - Pennsylvania (PA)
  52. PA Turnpike and I-95 interchange: Levittown: construction, schedule, place - Pennsylvania
  53. Rv rental lot: Sunbury, Shamokin, Lewisburg: RV parks, mobile home, camping - Pennsylvania (PA)
  54. Working part time whilst receiving benefits (1099): unemployment, compensation, taxes - Pennsylvania (PA)
  55. Violent Crime on the Decline in Erie: Penn: 2015, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  56. Relocating to Berks county area, husband just took job in Hamburg , PA: Penn: teaching jobs - Pennsylvania
  57. PA Law when it comes to credit card debt: Penn: real estate, rent - Pennsylvania
  58. Should Erie copy Pittsburgh?: Carnegie, Edinboro: real estate, insurance, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  59. Shippensburg: Chambersburg, Newburg: home, college, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  60. Wyomissing vs. Lititz vs. Lancaster? Family with 9 & 6 yo: Reading: transplants, condo - Pennsylvania (PA)
  61. Jobs in Erie: rental market, condo, hotels - Pennsylvania (PA)
  62. Is there a town named Luzerne?: Wilkes-Barre, Back Mountain: houses, live, suburbs - Pennsylvania (PA)
  63. Berwick's West Side Ballroom: Columbia: rated, businesses, county - Pennsylvania (PA)
  64. *UPDATE* Working in Meadville, PA where should I live?: Pittsburgh: home, job market - Pennsylvania
  65. relocating...: Philadelphia, Pottstown, Greenville: fit in, condo, crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  66. retiring in PA: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown: real estate, YMCA, high school - Pennsylvania
  67. What are of the best schools around Grove City, PA: Mexico: area, cheaper - Pennsylvania
  68. One Year since I requested a duplicate for car title: Harrisburg: insurance, credit - Pennsylvania (PA)
  69. Penn State to play in Rose bowl: Williamsport, Lyons: university, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  70. Refile unemployment: Penn: unemployment benefits, compensation, approval - Pennsylvania (PA)
  71. Moving to PA commuting to NYC - Closest Place in PA to NYC?: Stroudsburg: apartment complex - Pennsylvania
  72. Driving route from Harrisburg to Boston: Allentown, Stroudsburg: construction, calculator, design - Pennsylvania (PA)
  73. Thank you Pa.: counties, urban - Pennsylvania (PA)
  74. Erie Nurse Salary: 2015, job market, zip code - Pennsylvania (PA)
  75. How much do you pay for water?: Norristown, Easton: loan, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  76. How do you get a smaller builder to lower house price ?: appliances, new construction - Pennsylvania (PA)
  77. Registering an out-of-state car in PA (Scranton/WB area ideally): insurance, DMV - Pennsylvania
  78. Moving to PA with two autistic sons: York, Penn: leases, houses - Pennsylvania
  79. Moving for the first time: Pittsburgh, Indiana: apartment complexes, rent, how much - Pennsylvania (PA)
  80. Shootout at Fort Littleton: Pittsburgh, Harrisburg: condo, how much, bankruptcy - Pennsylvania (PA)
  81. move to Erie from SW VA: Pittsburgh, Edinboro: purchase, living - Pennsylvania (PA)
  82. Moving to Spring Grove with 12 year old son with autism: York: house, school district - Pennsylvania (PA)
  83. Where is there an Amish 'center' in the Southeast?: Lancaster: roach, culture - Pennsylvania (PA)
  84. Drew Lewis dead at 84: Allentown, Bethlehem: transfer, bankruptcy, contractor - Pennsylvania (PA)
  85. cheap and nice laid back place to live in pennsylvania?: Philadelphia: sales, for rent - Pennsylvania (PA)
  86. Distressed ZIP codes in PA: unemployment rate, suburban, places - Pennsylvania
  87. Looking for news on Lebanon or Lititz: Reading, Lancaster: for sale, hotel - Pennsylvania (PA)
  88. Is it to change our Primary system in PA?: Republic: live, to move - Pennsylvania
  89. Moving from NJ to PA- where to move? clueless in NJ...: Philadelphia: sale, house - Pennsylvania
  90. Umm, Y R ALL of the people from Pennsylvania Exceptionally Goodlooking?: Hershey: home, closing (PA)
  91. York PA: Philadelphia, Lancaster, Ephrata: hotels, neighborhood, movie theater - Pennsylvania
  92. Lancaster County PA Resident, MD Nonresident worker - Taxes: Philadelphia: wages, live in - Pennsylvania
  93. Lock Haven apartment..advice?: Bath: real estate, apartments, lease - Pennsylvania (PA)
  94. Democratic PA attorney general debate on TV: licenses, cheapest - Pennsylvania
  95. Thinking of retiring in Elizabethtown PA: Lancaster, Harrisburg: real estate, rental, neighborhood - Pennsylvania
  96. Gifting Car to Daughter, MD to PA: Philadelphia, Reading: sales, transfer - Pennsylvania
  97. Moving to Berks county from Philly after 35+ years: Philadelphia, Reading: fit in, camping - Pennsylvania (PA)
  98. State Colleges and Rugby: Pittsburgh, Lancaster: school, universities, live in - Pennsylvania (PA)
  99. Best place near New York: Penn: houses, children, bedroom - Pennsylvania (PA)
  100. Compromise between Exton and Harrisburg: Philadelphia, Lancaster: apartment, lease, loft - Pennsylvania (PA)
  101. Are there seniors living in College Station Pa?: State College: housing, retirement - Pennsylvania (PA)
  102. Lancaster County - I'm Puzzled?: York: home, live, shops - Pennsylvania (PA)
  103. Meadville Business: for sale, area, place - Pennsylvania (PA)
  104. PA transfer car title: Penn: sale, law, notary - Pennsylvania
  105. Two day vacation/getaway ideas?: Philadelphia, York: house, theater, live in - Pennsylvania (PA)
  106. Lake Grubb Area: places to live, property, places - Pennsylvania (PA)
  107. Tell me about rural central-ish PA living ideas: York: mineral rights, house - Pennsylvania
  108. Recommended housing for Penn State professional: State College, Shiloh: apartment, to rent, condo - Pennsylvania (PA)
  109. PA Unemployment- Fired for being 20 minutes late: attorney, new house - Pennsylvania
  110. Does know how the job market is around the York area???: towns - Pennsylvania (PA)
  111. Can't Remember What the Towns Name Is: Easton, Hershey: deposit, metropolitan - Pennsylvania (PA)
  112. Ironville - Silver Spring, Columbia: Centerville, Marietta: homes, taxes, live in - Pennsylvania (PA)
  113. plant closing: insurance, home, find a job - Pennsylvania (PA)
  114. Erie apartment?: apartments, rentals, college - Pennsylvania (PA)
  115. Moving out for the first time(To Pennsylvania)!: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: apartment, to rent (PA)
  116. Take me out to the Fair!: Kutztown, Penn: coupon, agriculture, farm - Pennsylvania (PA)
  117. Pennsylvania milk: Lancaster, York, Williamsport: to buy, live, prices (PA)
  118. Rural area halfway between Zelienople and Greensburg?: Pittsburgh, Butler: how much, school district - Pennsylvania (PA)
  119. Moving to Erie in a few months!: Edinboro, Waterford: real estate, violent crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  120. Faculty of PA Owned Universities on Strike: Penn, Sylvania: credit, transfer - Pennsylvania
  121. Will Trump take Pennsylvania?: Philadelphia, Republic: live, beach, suburbs (PA)
  122. If Pat Toomey Loses, Can He Come Back in 2018?: Allentown: home, restaurant - Pennsylvania (PA)
  123. Farmer's Almanac calling for a bear of a winter; are we ready?: power lines, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  124. Best areas near Letterkenny: Chambersburg, Washington: for sale, HOA fees, low crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  125. PA population loss and retention - merged threads: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: middle-class, real estate - Pennsylvania
  126. What's life like in Erie and surrounding suburbs?: Pittsburgh, Lancaster: sales, 2015 - Pennsylvania (PA)
  127. More ?s areas around Chambersburg: Lancaster, Harrisburg: ski resort, 2014, rental - Pennsylvania (PA)
  128. Can Someone Explain To Me Penn DoT's Problem With Credit Cards: home, DMV - Pennsylvania (PA)
  129. about PA cities.: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: buying, college, cost - Pennsylvania
  130. Is it too early to speculate about the PA primary?: Philadelphia: live in, legal - Pennsylvania
  131. Driving from Pittsburgh to Hershey and back- speed traps?: Philadelphia: coupons, 2015 - Pennsylvania (PA)
  132. Hundreds of Acres Rezoned in Chambersburg to Enable Development: Carlisle: apartments, condos - Pennsylvania (PA)
  133. What Wild Animals Have You Seen in PA: Telford, Hawley: home, eat - Pennsylvania
  134. Boys weekend skiing - suggestions?: Stroudsburg, Manor: house, casino, restaurants - Pennsylvania (PA)
  135. Why so many PA license plates start with a J?: Erie: codes, law - Pennsylvania
  136. Philadelphia vs Pittsburgh: Harrisburg, Butler, Progress: unemployment, neighborhoods, construction - Pennsylvania (PA)
  137. New TSA driver's license requirements can keep you off the plane in 2018: York: insurance, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  138. Pennsylvania Due For Explosive Economic Growth: Mexico: buy, taxes, manufacturing (PA)
  139. The Pennsylvania Turnpike Blizzard Fiasco: Duquesne: Valentine's day, high school, college (PA)
  140. Is PA now more like WV and OH than northeast states?: Pittsburgh: home, live in - Pennsylvania
  141. PA City and County Poverty Levels: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: 2015, unemployment rate, universities - Pennsylvania
  142. How is Altoona for retirement?: Pittsburgh, Erie: rent, low crime, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  143. PA state budget: Unbiased: Republic, Penn: 2015, houses, school districts - Pennsylvania
  144. Need help deciding where to move to in PA for better healthcare. Advice?: Philadelphia: low income, apartments - Pennsylvania
  145. First time renters with 4 cats in the Lancaster area: Parkesburg: for sale, real estate - Pennsylvania (PA)
  146. townships abusing state trooper laws: Wyoming, Tunkhannock: transporting, crime, how much - Pennsylvania (PA)
  147. Make York great again: Pittsburgh, Reading: best cities, hotel, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  148. What are Harrisburg's Peer Cities?: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: live, vs., suburban - Pennsylvania (PA)
  149. Racial tension between whites and blacks/Hispanic in S. central and Eastern PA: Allentown: low income, 2015 - Pennsylvania
  150. Is there chance of a rebound for Reading PA?: Philadelphia: condos, crime rate - Pennsylvania
  151. in PA originally from NH?: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: real estate, apartment, rental - Pennsylvania
  152. What the heck is woter?: Philadelphia: transplants, camping, beach - Pennsylvania (PA)
  153. Best places to visit in PA for a short trip?: Pittsburgh: 2013, house - Pennsylvania
  154. Relocating to LANCASTER COUNTY area: Chester, West Chester: transplants, to rent, amusement parks - Pennsylvania (PA)
  155. Nearing year 2- how is PA's Decade of Investment road program working out?: Pittsburgh: home, construction - Pennsylvania
  156. Tell me about PA smaller cities: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: insurance, crime rates, houses - Pennsylvania
  157. Why is Chambersburg still considered a borough and not a city?: Philadelphia: waterpark, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  158. Favorite Western PA town?: Pittsburgh, Lebanon: college, outlet mall, suburban - Pennsylvania
  159. Why is Lancaster county so expensive?: Pittsburgh, Allentown: apartment complex, rental, townhouse - Pennsylvania (PA)
  160. Questions PA...: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown: fit in, crime, credit - Pennsylvania
  161. Erie vs. Allentown: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Reading: amusement park, insurance, credit - Pennsylvania (PA)
  162. Dubois, Pa: Clarion, Treasure Lake, Brookville: rental, house, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  163. Tell me about three eastern PA counties: Allentown, Bethlehem: real estate, 2015 - Pennsylvania
  164. Pennsylvania: Bernie vs Hillary: Republic, Tioga: to move, residential, yard (PA)
  165. moving to PA from NC originally from NYC: Philadelphia: rent, townhouse - Pennsylvania
  166. tell me about Lancaster: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: 2015, rent, violent crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  167. Erie has over 100,000 people again: Pittsburgh, Lawrence Park: insurance, employment, construction - Pennsylvania (PA)
  168. South Central Pennsylvania Residential/Commercial Development: Lancaster, York: real estate, mattress (PA)
  169. Will PA overtake IL to become 5th most population state?: Philadelphia: moving to, suburbs - Pennsylvania
  170. All! New to com! for retire in PA options/advice!: Philadelphia: transplants, real estate - Pennsylvania
  171. Looking for a place to start a bakery: Erie, State College: real estate, insurance - Pennsylvania (PA)
  172. Pennsylvania politics: Philadelphia, Scranton, York: 2013, salaries, living (PA)
  173. up for starting a drive to change the vehicle inspection rip-off?: Penn: sales, rental - Pennsylvania (PA)
  174. For Fun: PA's 3, 4, and 5 Metro Areas: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: homes, gated, living in - Pennsylvania
  175. Congressional districts in PA: Pittsburgh, Erie: neighborhoods, college, live in - Pennsylvania
  176. Working in Meadville, PA where should I live?: Pittsburgh, Erie: rent, insurance - Pennsylvania
  177. Trump arrives in Pennsylvania!: Erie, California: neighborhoods, legally, design (PA)
  178. Gov. Tom Wolf legalizes medical marijuana: Pittsburgh, Penn: buying, pharmacies, to live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  179. Douglassville: Allentown, Reading, Bethlehem: rent, hotel, big house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  180. Shed conversion into tiny house: Pittston, West Pittston: neighborhood, buying, tax - Pennsylvania (PA)
  181. Vacation destinations?: Allentown, Erie, Wilkes-Barre: rent, live, floor - Pennsylvania (PA)
  182. honey farmers: farmer, place, market - Pennsylvania (PA)
  183. Moms of Teens: Lititz: home, high school, shop - Pennsylvania (PA)
  184. Congrats: Beaver, Penn: stadium, state, great - Pennsylvania (PA)
  185. Diversity and acceptance of people of color in (E-Town) Elizabethtown, PA?: 2015, crimes - Pennsylvania
  186. Points on licence: 2013, should - Pennsylvania (PA)
  187. Searching for a Pennsylvania Author -- Historical Fiction: DuBois: direct, similar (PA)
  188. work in NJ and have Horizon Omnia EPO?: health insurance, health - Pennsylvania (PA)
  189. Lot/Land Rent for RV: Sunbury, Shamokin: to rent, places, water - Pennsylvania (PA)
  190. PA UC: pay, how long, roof - Pennsylvania
  191. HS Football Legend George Curry Passes at age 71: Berwick: living, career - Pennsylvania (PA)
  192. Construction Loans in Pennsylvania - Taking Longer Than Usual?: vacation, bank (PA)
  193. State vehicle registration went up this year? 5$ in Philly?: Philadelphia: car registration, car - Pennsylvania (PA)
  194. Plans Resurface for Cocalico Commons Shopping Center in Lancaster County: Franklin: tenants, to move - Pennsylvania (PA)
  195. Crime Rates of Cities: Allentown, Bethlehem: crime rate, most dangerous, town - Pennsylvania (PA)
  196. Re-opening a unemployment claim?: job, file, about - Pennsylvania (PA)
  197. Game Commission Watchable Wildlife: interest - Pennsylvania (PA)
  198. Northern Appalachian Folk Festival: Indiana: home, rating, town - Pennsylvania (PA)
  199. Where do teenage kids hang out in Lancaster, PA?: college, mall - Pennsylvania
  200. Indiana, Pa. Move to NC: county, curtains, moved - Pennsylvania (PA)