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  1. Erie vs. Harrisburg: Pittsburgh, Reading, Scranton: 2013, apartment, rental - Pennsylvania (PA)
  2. Effort afoot to explore merging Greencastle and Antrim Township into one municipality: Penn: school district - Pennsylvania (PA)
  3. Great Loose Leaf Tea Shops / Yarn Shops near: Lancaster, Harrisburg: purchase, areas - Pennsylvania (PA)
  4. UPMC/Pinnacle Health Merger Completed: Pittsburgh, Erie: insurance, university, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  5. Senator Casey: Confederate Monuments to Not Belong in Fulton County: Gettysburg: office, racism - Pennsylvania (PA)
  6. Chambersburg Welding School: great, spring, people - Pennsylvania (PA)
  7. Berks County - Where Do People Work?: Philadelphia, Allentown: sales, affordable house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  8. Looking to move to PA, Work in NYC: Philadelphia, Scranton: real estate, rent - Pennsylvania
  9. film: Shamokin, Mount Carmel, Penn: hotels, theater, high school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  10. Relocating back north - job market: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: home, schools, college - Pennsylvania (PA)
  11. Will Erie survive it's long-tern continued population decline?: Pittsburgh, Reading: insurance, hotels - Pennsylvania (PA)
  12. Beaver Pa: Pittsburgh, Beaver Falls, Monaca: home, neighborhoods, school district - Pennsylvania (PA)
  13. Your 10 favorite restaurants in _________.: Erie, Gettysburg: hotel, price, sushi - Pennsylvania (PA)
  14. Trees on phone lines are not removed!: home, school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  15. Overbearing controlling Landlords: Penn: renter, lawyer, new house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  16. Company News of Interest: Harrisburg, Dallas: transfer, stores, food - Pennsylvania (PA)
  17. Whitehall realtors out there?: Pittsburgh: for sale, buying a house, buying - Pennsylvania (PA)
  18. Moving to PA--work Towson and York: Red Lion, Dallastown: school districts, property taxes, where to live - Pennsylvania
  19. Moving to PA need major help!!: Easton, Stroudsburg: real estate, apartment, rental - Pennsylvania
  20. Pennsylvania rose 10 spots to #23 in CNBC's best states for business: moving, ranking (PA)
  21. In Franklin County, The Housing Market is Hot Again: Fairfield: sales, mortgage - Pennsylvania (PA)
  22. PA E-ZPass says I didn't pay the toll, but...: credit card, zoned - Pennsylvania
  23. 80th anniversary of a departed PA industry: St. Marys, Lock Haven: airport, move - Pennsylvania
  24. Medical Marijuana Dispensary Permits Awarded, See the Locations: Penn: cost, office - Pennsylvania (PA)
  25. Age and state tax on pensions: Penn: sales, insurance, income - Pennsylvania (PA)
  26. Looking for on Waynesboro Pa visit soon>: Chambersburg: camping, swimming - Pennsylvania (PA)
  27. State College for non-student in 30's: Pittsburgh, Altoona: home, job transfer, university - Pennsylvania (PA)
  28. Is Perkasie, PA good place to raise a family?: Philadelphia: low crime, school district - Pennsylvania
  29. Parkwood Drive Opens in Chambersburg, Fifth Avenue Under Construction: Philadelphia: hotels, theater - Pennsylvania (PA)
  30. Reading, PA questions: Wyomissing, West Reading, Penn: best town, apartments, homes - Pennsylvania
  31. Help getting license back: 2013, insurance, home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  32. If im late on paying my nj dmv surcharges, can NJ suspend my PA license?: drivers license - Pennsylvania
  33. Relocating family to Johnstown area, looking for recommendations: Pittsburgh, Westmont: low income, rental - Pennsylvania (PA)
  34. Pennsylvania Gas & Electric: 2014, lawsuit, activities (PA)
  35. York,PA...downtown?: job market, living in, vs - Pennsylvania
  36. Thinking of moving to PA from Long Island: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: affordable apartments, low crime - Pennsylvania
  37. have an EZ Pass AND an RV?: motorhome, to buy - Pennsylvania (PA)
  38. out of state car sale: Penn: transfer, DMV, transport - Pennsylvania (PA)
  39. State registration of puppy mills: Lancaster, Dauphin: inspections, incomes, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  40. Lewisburg, PA: Philadelphia, Lancaster, Harrisburg: transplants, big house, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania
  41. Penn State Landmark to Close: State College: college, closing, bars - Pennsylvania (PA)
  42. First time looking for houses, PA looks affordable coming from NJ but not sure...: Philadelphia: townhouses - Pennsylvania
  43. Teenager moving to State College, PA: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: hotel, home, theatre - Pennsylvania
  44. PA Car Insurance, Repair, Registration, Inspection .. correct order?: buying, DMV - Pennsylvania
  45. Franklin County-based Summit Health Seeks to Expand in Maryland: Washington: hotels, homes - Pennsylvania (PA)
  46. State College Economy/Housing: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: lease, unemployment rate, schools - Pennsylvania (PA)
  47. Third Mini-Casino to be Located in Lawrence County Near Ohio Border: Penn: casinos, money - Pennsylvania (PA)
  48. Franklin County Experiencing Worker Shortage: Philadelphia: new home, unemployed, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  49. NW PA: East Coast or Middle America?: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: houses, mold - Pennsylvania
  50. Best PA town for vacation home - Log Cabin?: Lancaster: lease, college - Pennsylvania
  51. Relocating to Allenwood, PA: Williamsport, Bloomsburg: crimes, houses, safe area - Pennsylvania
  52. Fourth PA Mini-Casino to be Located in Cumberland or Franklin Counties: Carlisle: crime, casinos - Pennsylvania
  53. Didn't move - notice of change of address: Monroe: renter, insurance - Pennsylvania (PA)
  54. Title transfer from dealer: Pittsburgh, Penn: sales, DMV, sales tax - Pennsylvania (PA)
  55. Proposal Unveiled for New Franklin County Court Complex: construction, floor - Pennsylvania (PA)
  56. Chambersburg Studying Viability of a Parking Garage: Lititz, Franklin: apartments, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  57. Farm to rent in Southern PA: Lancaster, Atlantic: rental, house, move to - Pennsylvania
  58. Bill's Old Bike Barn: to buy, move, parking - Pennsylvania (PA)
  59. Living in Reading, PA: Philadelphia, Bethlehem: crime rate, home, theater - Pennsylvania
  60. — best plan(s) in PA?: 2015, insurance - Pennsylvania
  61. Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce Hires new Executive Director: Shenandoah, Martinsburg: authority, budget - Pennsylvania (PA)
  62. PA's baiting laws and an industry that encourages baiting!: Penn: to buy, cost - Pennsylvania
  63. Bus/Trains near Cashtown: Pittsburgh, Harrisburg: buses, train station, stations - Pennsylvania (PA)
  64. Berks County for kids and horses?: Lancaster, Chester: for sale, low crime, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  65. Jefferson County business park: tenants, construction, area - Pennsylvania (PA)
  66. T lines: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: people, should - Pennsylvania (PA)
  67. Moving to sinking springs PA area- neighborhood help: Philadelphia, Reading: best towns, homes - Pennsylvania
  68. Erie Wish List?: Pittsburgh, Avalon, Lawrence Park: amusement park, how much, hotel - Pennsylvania (PA)
  69. Prisoner's Diary Reveals Inadequate Medical Care in PA State Prison: Camp Hill: crime, camp - Pennsylvania
  70. Has found Careerlink: employment, transfer, public school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  71. Moving to Hanover, PA area.. recommendations for best schools and best area for a young family?: Gettysburg: house - Pennsylvania
  72. Relocating to Lancaster, PA: Manheim, Philipsburg: apartments, for rent, how much - Pennsylvania
  73. Getting a salvage title for deceased mother's car: insurance, attorney - Pennsylvania (PA)
  74. Pottstown commute down past philly?: Collegeville, Norwood: home, schools, college - Pennsylvania (PA)
  75. Nice towns to live commutable to Hermitage, PA??: Sharon, Butler: crime, how much - Pennsylvania
  76. My landlord tore my mailbox down: Washington: to rent, taxes, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  77. what is central PA ( like susquehana area) like?: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: transplants, home - Pennsylvania
  78. Reading high basketball State title: Mars: high school, county, seniors - Pennsylvania (PA)
  79. Disabled mother needs her prescription meds: Chester, Coatesville: credit card, pharmacists, living - Pennsylvania (PA)
  80. Sales Tax on Vehicle being transferred to another state: Pittsburgh: rent, insurance - Pennsylvania (PA)
  81. PA Metro Area Population Estimates: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: 2015, apartments, luxury - Pennsylvania
  82. Sen. Toomey Votes to Allow ISPs to Sale Your Private Data: home, money - Pennsylvania (PA)
  83. Cambria County PA Sec. 8 Waitlist?: affordable apartment, moving, authority - Pennsylvania
  84. NJ is Passing a new Distracted While Driving Law and its about TIME!: Penn: DMV - Pennsylvania (PA)
  85. How different is Erie from the rest of PA?: Pittsburgh: hotel, college - Pennsylvania
  86. Why are PA taxpayers paying approx. $20,000,000 for teachers doing union work?: Philadelphia: school districts - Pennsylvania
  87. Probate court, which county?: Selinsgrove, Duncannon: sale, real estate, insurance - Pennsylvania (PA)
  88. Occupational taxes in PA: offices, employers, pay - Pennsylvania
  89. Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax?: lawyer, income, tax rates (PA)
  90. Pennsylvania School Taxes: Whitehall, Coplay: renters, school districts, landlord (PA)
  91. Moving to Lancaster, PA Need Help!: Manheim, Manor: cheap apartments, for rent, manor house - Pennsylvania
  92. David Frum: Trump margin in PA in 2016: 44,000. Pennsylvanians who’d lose Medicaid if ACA repealed: 670,000.: Republic: low income
  93. Harrisburg-Based Pinnacle Health Signs Affiliate Agreement with UPMC: Pittsburgh, Lancaster: insurance, purchasing - Pennsylvania (PA)
  94. Avoiding mountain driving if: Pittsburgh, Somerset: live, safe, design - Pennsylvania (PA)
  95. Southeastern PA - recommendation for good orthodontist ?: Reading, Pottstown: good quality, town - Pennsylvania
  96. University System unsustainable.: Chester, West Chester, Lincoln: private schools, universities, closing - Pennsylvania (PA)
  97. Chinese to Invest in PA: Harrisburg, Carlisle: 2013, house, buying - Pennsylvania
  98. Has found a support group for new residents?: Lancaster: moving to, clubs - Pennsylvania (PA)
  99. Erie PA TV market: Scranton, Altoona: how much, college, budget - Pennsylvania
  100. Thirtieth Anniversary of Budd Dwyer's Suicide: Penn: schools, live, famous - Pennsylvania (PA)
  101. Top PA ZIP Codes per County 2015: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: how much, house, median income - Pennsylvania
  102. move to Lancaster area: Harrisburg, Elizabethtown: low income, transplants, homes - Pennsylvania (PA)
  103. Ideas Presented to Ease Traffic in Chambersburg: Lincoln: transportation, Walmart - Pennsylvania (PA)
  104. Erie County, PA countryside: Titusville, North East: homes, live in, rich - Pennsylvania
  105. Two old economy factories bite the dust.: Williamsport: co-op, tenants - Pennsylvania (PA)
  106. The Black Cowboys of North Philly: Philadelphia: crime, unemployment, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  107. get out of the south: California, Penn: living in, move, beaches - Pennsylvania (PA)
  108. PA Car Registration - New To State, Old State Reg Expired: Penn: sales, insurance - Pennsylvania
  109. Erie area ISP alternatives to Spectrum ?: cost, areas - Pennsylvania (PA)
  110. Family looking to move from Vermont to Pa...looking for: Lancaster: real estate, to rent - Pennsylvania (PA)
  111. Small Business Friendly?: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Penn: for sale by owner, buying a house, buying - Pennsylvania (PA)
  112. car emmissions test, different: how much, inspection, exemption - Pennsylvania (PA)
  113. Chambersburg 'Central' Transformation to Cost $10M: Harrisburg, Penn: apartments, school districts, tax - Pennsylvania (PA)
  114. Where in Erie to meet single men and women: Pittsburgh: job market, buy - Pennsylvania (PA)
  115. Is this a radon mitigation system?: house, heat pump, home inspector - Pennsylvania (PA)
  116. Closest to Summit, NJ...: East Stroudsburg, Stroudsburg: to move, train station, stations - Pennsylvania (PA)
  117. Best School Districts in PA for child w/Autism? Relocating.: Erie: rent, transfer to - Pennsylvania
  118. Relocating to Erie..: Pittsburgh, Edinboro, North East: middle-class, rentals, amusement park - Pennsylvania (PA)
  119. Obtaining PA Drivers License: Penn: DMV, moving, bill - Pennsylvania
  120. Relocating to PA for work. Where to move to?: Philadelphia: apartment, to rent - Pennsylvania
  121. Cumberland Valley to be attracting warehouses.: Allentown, Harrisburg: lease, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  122. So where is this new coal mine everybody is talking about?: Washington: credit, how much - Pennsylvania (PA)
  123. Pa Unemployment Help needed ASAP: live, centers, budget - Pennsylvania (PA)
  124. Need Help Someone in Pennsylvania: loan, live in, federal (PA)
  125. Another Penn State scandal makes national news: York: school districts, universities - Pennsylvania (PA)
  126. Verizon email notice: moving to, consumer, service - Pennsylvania (PA)
  127. Why does City Data PA not have a subsection for SE PA?: Philadelphia: college, to move - Pennsylvania
  128. Poorest Towns in Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: condos, college, living in (PA)
  129. Pennsylvania Gerrymandering: Newtown, Republic: rated, deal, areas (PA)
  130. New PA Budget $500 Million in the Red: Philadelphia, Harrisburg: bankrupt, income - Pennsylvania
  131. A shout out to Pennsylvania Pride!: Erie, Harrisburg: house, casinos (PA)
  132. Pennsylvania Topographic Map: Pittsburgh, Altoona, State College: university, vs., areas (PA)
  133. Southern California to Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: ski resorts, real estate, house (PA)
  134. Pa midwest vs east coast: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: areas, contemporary, central - Pennsylvania (PA)
  135. Report: GE close to Selling its Transportation Equipment Division: Erie: buyer, public schools - Pennsylvania (PA)
  136. Pennsylvania regains status as 5th largest state in the nation.: Philadelphia: neighborhood, cost (PA)
  137. Chambersburg Borough Leaves Door Open for Class 4 Mini-Casino: Franklin, Greencastle: hotels, casinos - Pennsylvania (PA)
  138. NJ Governor fails to pardon PA Woman: Penn: where to live, legal - Pennsylvania
  139. Erie Snow!: Pittsburgh, Meadville, Edinboro: home, vs, to move - Pennsylvania (PA)
  140. Where would you choose in NW PA: Pittsburgh, Erie: home, school districts - Pennsylvania
  141. Coal in streams?: Pittston, Nescopeck, Republic: home, pollution, design - Pennsylvania (PA)
  142. What is York, PA like?: Philadelphia, Lancaster: crime, neighborhoods, living - Pennsylvania
  143. The Pennsylvania HQ: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: homes, school, universities (PA)
  144. Foxconn may build Iphone plant in PA - create up to 50,000 jobs...: Pittsburgh: sales, houses - Pennsylvania
  145. To All In PA: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: appointed, credit, house - Pennsylvania
  146. Why I'm Leaving PA ASAP in 2017: Progress, Republic: sales, real estate, to buy - Pennsylvania
  147. Your favorite(s) of PA's top 10 cities.: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: violent crime, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania
  148. Pennsylvania Announces First Round of Medical Marijuana Grower Permit Winners: Houston: appointed, live (PA)
  149. Real ID and PA drivers' licenses: Harrisburg, Republic: DMV, airplanes, drivers license - Pennsylvania
  150. Forget NWPA/Erie rebound: Pittsburgh, York: renting, how much, house - Pennsylvania
  151. Favorite small to medium-sized town in Pennsylvania?: Pittsburgh, Reading: real estate, houses (PA)
  152. Is dying to see old pictures of where they live: Philadelphia: for sale, home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  153. The Tea Party's Plan For Pennsylvania: A Tax Swap With Zero Benefits: Philadelphia: low income, sale (PA)
  154. Living in West Reading? (Single, 30s F): Philadelphia, Lancaster: crime, how much - Pennsylvania (PA)
  155. Pileup on I-80: Warren, Youngstown: insurance, neighborhood, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  156. One day visit to a suggested town: Philadelphia, Bethlehem: how much, hotels - Pennsylvania (PA)
  157. Warehouse Businesses in the Tri-State Keep on Trucking: Franklin, Bangor: houses, high school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  158. Lancaster/Eastern PA or Johnstown area?: Pittsburgh, Allentown: fit in, real estate, to rent - Pennsylvania
  159. Chambersburg Sees a Hospitality Sector Boom: Pittsburgh, Carlisle: appointed, hotels, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  160. Affordable, walkable cities/towns: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: real estate, houses, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  161. Lititz, the latest victim of suburban sprawl: Philadelphia, Lancaster: credit, homes - Pennsylvania (PA)
  162. DuBois, PA: Pittsburgh, Penn: to live, suburb, title - Pennsylvania
  163. Chinese Company to Build New SEPTA Cars: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: transfer, buying - Pennsylvania (PA)
  164. Senator Casey to Vote Against Supreme Court Nominee: Republic: appointed, safe - Pennsylvania (PA)
  165. Indian couple Planning on moving to Lancaster PA: Philadelphia, Harrisburg: apartments, rent - Pennsylvania
  166. Voting 2017: Oxford, Homestead, Penn: sales, how much, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  167. Williamsport - Safe at night? Updated!: Easton, Wellsboro: city hall, hotel, home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  168. Pennsylvania Set to Eliminate In State Tuition Discount For Penn State, Pitt, and Temple: Pittsburgh: house, universities (PA)
  169. How is Confluence for Retirement Living?: Pittsburgh, York: rent, crime, townhouses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  170. Tell me about Jefferson County - Reynoldsville, PA area.: Philadelphia: transplants, apartment complex - Pennsylvania
  171. No other city in PA...: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: health, parks, building - Pennsylvania
  172. Lou Barrlestta seeks to run agains Senator Casey: Scranton, Wilkes-Barre: mover, home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  173. PA's largest cities by all-time high: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: how much, manufacturing, castle - Pennsylvania
  174. move from western Mass to York PA: Lancaster, Harrisburg: crime rate, credit - Pennsylvania
  175. Interesting areas within 2-2.5 hours of NYC: Philadelphia, Washington: buy, restaurants - Pennsylvania (PA)
  176. Why does Pennsylvania have so little major cities?: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: area code, centers (PA)
  177. Hunky Culture in present day PA ?: Pittsburgh, York: how much, gated - Pennsylvania
  178. relocating to Eastern PA From the Deeeeeeep South. Crazy?: Philadelphia: transplants, real estate - Pennsylvania
  179. Amazon Moving to Philadelphia by The Onion: Pittsburgh, Scranton: houses, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  180. Do you think that Pennsylvania will be a Republican Leaning State By 2020?: Pittsburgh: taxes, budget (PA)
  181. What is best for Erie's economy long-term?: Pittsburgh: insurance, movie theater - Pennsylvania (PA)
  182. Township pay: Penn: appointed, 2014, insurance - Pennsylvania (PA)
  183. Sex offenders in Lancaster help: Media, Penn: insurance, crime, attorney - Pennsylvania (PA)
  184. Finding housing in Chambersburg, PA...: Philadelphia, Greencastle: apartments, for rent, high school - Pennsylvania
  185. Laughed - Gov Tom Wolf's Advert to get votes: Harrisburg: credit, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  186. Should Pennsylvania Legalize Pot?: Harrisburg: how much, transfer, casino (PA)
  187. Who had the most snow?: Pittsburgh, Allentown: how much, living, areas - Pennsylvania (PA)
  188. Does everyone hate Philadelphia?: Pittsburgh, Hershey: crime, neighborhoods, theater - Pennsylvania (PA)
  189. Looking for newish large neighborhood for family: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: best suburbs, HOA - Pennsylvania (PA)
  190. My parents Honeymooned in Erie: 2013, rapes, area - Pennsylvania (PA)
  191. All-Inclusive Gambling Expansion Bill Meets Approval: restaurants, bars, licensed - Pennsylvania (PA)
  192. Fees for credit 'freeze' are dropped until November 21.: Penn: loans, money - Pennsylvania (PA)
  193. 2017 Housing Starts Rise in Franklin County, But Still Fall Short of Peak: Washington: new house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  194. Could Greencastle Become the Site of a Mini-Casino? It's: Gettysburg: sale, centers - Pennsylvania (PA)
  195. Commuting from York to Bmore...questions: home, purchasing, elementary schools - Pennsylvania (PA)
  196. Second PA Mini-Casino to be Located in Westmoreland County: Pittsburgh: auction, stadium - Pennsylvania
  197. Publisher Clearing House: deposit, banking, visit - Pennsylvania (PA)
  198. Pennsylvania Set To Eliminate In State Tutuition Discount For Penn State, Pitt, and Temple (PA)
  199. Delaware and Leigh National Hertiage Corridor Accepted As Smithsonian Affliate: Philadelphia: living, yard - Pennsylvania (PA)
  200. Bets (Get it?) on Where the Mini-Casinos will be Located?: Erie: buy, college - Pennsylvania (PA)