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  13. use energy ogre or similar services?: Colleyville: credit, promotional - Texas (TX)
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  25. Beaumont area - Texas (TX)
  26. How Long Does it Take to Get an ID - Texas (TX)
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  35. AT&T asks customers affected by outage to restart their phones: Howe: airplane - Texas (TX)
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  45. She's the featured person on Google's Search or Doodle page - Selena !: live - Texas (TX)
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  47. can you get a Texas ID with traffic warrants?: Austin: drivers license, tickets (TX)
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  49. Mosquitoes in Brownsville/Rio Grande Valley?: Houston, Spring: live, beaches, area - Texas (TX)
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  61. Texas' Political Future?: Clint: transplants, property taxes, money (TX)
  62. why are texans moving to colorado?: Houston, Dallas: transplants, crime, homes - Texas (TX)
  63. Chinese Communities in Texas: Best Cities and Suburbs?: Houston, San Antonio: crime rate, elementary school (TX)
  64. Smithville, TX: Houston, San Antonio, Austin: schools, closing, tax - Texas
  65. Texas land and home: Dallas, Lubbock: real estate, broker, big house (TX)
  66. Marijuana smell coming from neighbor's unit: West, Poth: apartment, law, legal - Texas (TX)
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  71. I don't understand funding in the State of Texas: Austin: sales, real estate (TX)
  72. Advice for move to College Station as an ethnic minority: Houston: 2014, home - Texas (TX)
  73. How is the climate and the living in Amarillo, Texas: Houston: appointed, job market (TX)
  74. How do you pronounce the last name of the H-E-B founder and present owner?: house, food - Texas (TX)
  75. Young western family relocating: Houston, Dallas: crime rate, house, buying - Texas (TX)
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  78. Most Diverse Counties in Texas: Houston, Dallas: live, places, Hispanic (TX)
  79. Best sandwich in Texas?: San Antonio, Anton: eat, deal, water (TX)
  80. annexation: a problem in TX or not?: San Antonio, Austin: sales, 2013 - Texas
  81. Back from my Texas trip.: Dallas, Austin: university, taxes, law (TX)
  82. Texas, Not So Miraculous: Austin, Lone Star: transplants, how much, home (TX)
  83. Least religious city/region of Texas?: Houston, Dallas: fit in, transplants, average (TX)
  84. Alpine, TX Brewster County: West, Van Horn: real estate, 2014, homes - Texas
  85. List of cities in Dallas areas to consider.: Fort Worth, Howe: low crime, buying a home - Texas (TX)
  86. Nice east Texas towns, and ones to avoid: Houston, Dallas: low crime, house (TX)
  87. TX shootings~Did the Air Force Fail???: Austin, Brady: crimes, felony - Texas
  88. Houston has massive: Dallas, Baytown: neighborhoods, vs, bus - Texas (TX)
  89. Should the Battleship Texas be saved or scraped ?: Houston, Galveston: contractors, costs (TX)
  90. Mortgage/ Lender: to work, good, outside - Texas (TX)
  91. Lakeshore Dr Port Arthur, TX: insurance, homes, buy - Texas
  92. Angelina County Road Repair Failure: Zavalla: school, bus, move to - Texas (TX)
  93. City of Waco Landfill: Killeen, Temple: citizen, proposed, meeting - Texas (TX)
  94. Commercial RE Closing Agent -: real estate, credit report, loan - Texas (TX)
  95. Three Texas cities listed world's top real-estate investments: Center: real estate, buyer (TX)
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