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  28. good are to live in for white people: Houston, The Woodlands: living in, racist - Texas (TX)
  29. Small hall for 50ppl: 2015, budget, dinner - Houston, Texas (TX)
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  31. looking for best public schools for special needs children in league city tx: Houston: live - Texas (TX)
  32. Cypress, Drainage behind house: new house, live in, price - Houston, Texas (TX)
  33. The british school of Houston: Katy: private schools, law, moving to - Texas (TX)
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  46. will the job market in Houston change in four years ?: Atlanta: college, move to - Texas (TX)
  47. Katy freeway toll rate: how much, cost, cheapest - Houston, Texas (TX)
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  58. Techshield or alternative radiant barrier for retrofitting existing Houston area home?: Howe: roofing, storage - Texas (TX)
  59. Where to buy a lift chair in Houston?: rental, buying - Texas (TX)
  60. Pool cleaning - Pros or college students?: Houston: insurance, how much - Texas (TX)
  61. Of areas, which will hold house value the best?: Houston: sale, real estate - Texas (TX)
  62. st john's demographics: Houston, St. Jo: daycare, lawyers, private schools - Texas (TX)
  63. Catholic Wedding-Reception different location: Houston, Corpus Christi: home, weddings, buy - Texas (TX)
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  66. Spring Tx Feedback/ History / Future Projections: Houston, Pearland: houses, purchase, construction - Texas (TX)
  67. Study evaluates Houston traffic and compares to other cities.: Austin: construction, taxes - Texas (TX)
  68. Working in Deer Park - Help on living locations: Houston: real estate, 2015 - Texas (TX)
  69. West of 610 Loop, Is this a safe area?: Houston, Roma: apartments, renter - Texas (TX)
  70. Best route to downtown?: The Woodlands, Woodway: neighborhood, buying, construction - Houston, Texas (TX)
  71. thoughts on Highland Glen area of Pearland?: West: home, restaurants - Houston, Texas (TX)
  72. Lakeshore Subdivision and more: Moving to Houston: Sugar Land, Pearland: big house, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  73. Newmark Cross Creek Ranch vs Meritage Cardiff Ranch: sales, home - Houston, Texas (TX)
  74. Pattison Elementary in Katy ISD: private school, to move, commute to - Houston, Texas (TX)
  75. Young family moving to Baytown area: Deer Park, Mont Belvieu: top school, safe, pollution - Houston, Texas (TX)
  76. Relocating to The Woodlands need help with Schools / Sports: high school, best - Houston, Texas (TX)
  77. Having Hand Pain?: Center: money, pay, clinic - Houston, Texas (TX)
  78. Where to live affordable and safe: Houston, Howe: living, price, moving to - Texas (TX)
  79. Used home inspections: 2014, house, buyer - Houston, Texas (TX)
  80. A/C service recommendation in Sugar Land Area: Rosenberg, New Territory: live, company - Houston, Texas (TX)
  81. Transportation to Cruise Port (Galveston): Houston: rent, limo, taxi cab - Texas (TX)
  82. Nice neighborhoods near hwy 249 and beltway?: Houston, Tomball: house, established neighborhood, buy - Texas (TX)
  83. fiesty people: cats, about, range - Houston, Texas (TX)
  84. Moving from South Florida to Houston (katy) area: leases, school - Texas (TX)
  85. DPS Spring Megacenter Walk-in: car, dates, driving test - Houston, Texas (TX)
  86. Covered Patio with stone or concrete: cul-de-sac, HOA, house - Houston, Texas (TX)
  87. fake adt vs. real adt signs: contractors, yard, company - Houston, Texas (TX)
  88. experience a wait list at St. Agnes Academy?: Spring: spring break, private schools - Houston, Texas (TX)
  89. For Houston having so many sq miles of rough, rundown and weathered looking areas... I must say: Anton: 2014 - Texas (TX)
  90. Looking for a Doc...: Houston: insurance, cost, best - Texas (TX)
  91. Selling home in Katy: apartment, rental, home owners insurance - Houston, Texas (TX)
  92. Copperfield/Copperwood area: Sugar Land, Katy: neighborhoods, to buy, live - Houston, Texas (TX)
  93. Moving to Houston: transfer to, community college, living in - Texas (TX)
  94. Spring, TX Safe ??: apartment complexes, rental, safe area - Houston, Texas
  95. Past 99 does it matter if you are north or south of ten?: Katy: neighborhoods - Houston, Texas (TX)
  96. Moving to Houston for grad school, tips on affordable areas to live?: El Paso: apartments - Texas (TX)
  97. Pet Boarding: Houston, Katy, Shepherd: spring break, daycare, house - Texas (TX)
  98. Sell Washer Dryer options: Katy: sales, new home, neighborhood - Houston, Texas (TX)
  99. Buying home right on bayou: Buffalo: insurance, lofts, buying a home - Houston, Texas (TX)
  100. In Traffic Congestion, Houston Ranked 85th Worldwide, 12 in U.S.: The Woodlands: vehicle, rankings - Texas (TX)
  101. Q1 Just Ended, Houston Home Sales Figures: for sale, real estate - Texas (TX)
  102. Riverstone - ES47 Zoned Kindergarten Admission Issue: spring break, transfer - Houston, Texas (TX)
  103. Mosquitoes Mosquitoes Mosquitoes Mosquitoes: Houston, Lawn: rent, how much, house - Texas (TX)
  104. know the cost of a new wooden fence in Houston?: Katy: houses, buy - Texas (TX)
  105. Cane Island, Yes or No???????????: Katy, Howe: sales, new house, neighborhood - Houston, Texas (TX)
  106. Thinking of moving family to suburbs of Houston: Sugar Land, Pearland: daycare, houses - Texas (TX)
  107. City Vs. Suburbs/Heights/Safety: Houston, Hudson: appointed, apartment complex, for rent - Texas (TX)
  108. What's with Htown's weather?: Houston: move to, yard, best - Texas (TX)
  109. Moving to Houston in Two Months: Dallas, Plano: renting, insurance, condos - Texas (TX)
  110. Newly married moving to Houston: Allen, Atlanta: rentals, student loans, how much - Texas (TX)
  111. This weather like it wont stop: Houston, Scotland: home, mosquito - Texas (TX)
  112. Affordable granite, quart, marlble, countertops?: Dallas, Spring: for sale, how much, new house - Houston, Texas (TX)
  113. Apartments in or close to the Energy Corridor: hardwood floors, rental - Houston, Texas (TX)
  114. 77433 Move in & completely confused: Houston, Canyon Lake: 2013, renting, first time home buyer - Texas (TX)
  115. Help picking an area to live in Houston: Baytown, Spring: for sale, home sales - Texas (TX)
  116. Best Elementary Schools in the Woodlands/Spring: Houston: how much, home - Texas (TX)
  117. Need urgent Granite chipped/ broken in 18 spots. help.: Taylor: credit, house - Houston, Texas (TX)
  118. Where to see bluebonnets from Houston: Austin, Brenham: fences, rail, property - Texas (TX)
  119. water softner for $1100. is it a good deal?: homebuyer, maintenance - Houston, Texas (TX)
  120. Divorce in Texas: Houston: lawyer, home, law - (TX)
  121. Study Comparing Houston Neighborhoods: Sugar Land, The Woodlands: top neighborhoods, 2015, renters - Texas (TX)
  122. Houston home sales decline for the first time in six months: real estate, 2014 - Texas (TX)
  123. Beach Entry Pool.....Cool Feature or Gimmick?: Houston, Mart: how much, house - Texas (TX)
  124. Indian Community in Woodland/Spring: Houston, The Woodlands: houses, elementary schools, zoned - Texas (TX)
  125. job offer with relo but wary of O&G layoffs: Howe: price, safety - Houston, Texas (TX)
  126. Want to relocate to Houston: Buffalo, Fulton: apartments, rent, house - Texas (TX)
  127. Is there a neighborhood where elementary/mid/highschool is good in/around Houston?: Sugar Land: fit in, real estate - Texas (TX)
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  129. Hardwood floors??: Houston, Mart: rental, credit, how much - Texas (TX)
  130. Why do you love Houston (and suburbs)? Reply!: Dallas: lease, buying a home - Texas (TX)
  131. What if Houston had built the rail system it considered in 1973?: Atlanta: 2015, to rent - Texas (TX)
  132. Advice for volunteering activity (or other) for my wife: Houston: attorneys, home - Texas (TX)
  133. Need help: lease, credit score, loan - Houston, Texas (TX)
  134. North Side hidden gem neighborhoods: Houston, Spring: apartments, lease, house prices - Texas (TX)
  135. mixed race family looking for church in Houston: West: daycare, school - Texas (TX)
  136. $52,000 a good salary for the Houston area?: Spring: appointed, 2013 - Texas (TX)
  137. Auto Insurance Relocating From Cali: Houston, Liberty: 2015, car insurance, crime rate - Texas (TX)
  138. Scary move: Houston, Mart: 2015, house, living - Texas (TX)
  139. Pre-K waitlists: Houston, Spring, West: spring break, how much, elementary schools - Texas (TX)
  140. Another .. are housing prices going to stagnate: Houston, The Woodlands: sales, 2015 - Texas (TX)
  141. Firethorn or Cane Island?: Houston, Katy: sales, 2014, apartments - Texas (TX)
  142. kitchen remodel- permits?: Houston: insurance, attorneys, house - Texas (TX)
  143. Cypress Creek Lakes - Purchase advice: Houston, Katy: 2013, crime rate, how much - Texas (TX)
  144. Need your advice and help - new home issue - closing in 3 weeks: Houston: appointed, rental homes - Texas (TX)
  145. buying a home in Tavola...: Houston, Atascocita: appointed, 2015, construction - Texas (TX)
  146. Fifth Ward Real Estate Developments - Your take: Houston, Dallas: middle-class, for sale - Texas (TX)
  147. Houston water is contaminated: Dallas: homes, water heater, live - Texas (TX)
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  149. Family of 5, want to move to inner loop: Houston, Jersey Village: for sale, real estate - Texas (TX)
  150. Does moth balls repell snakes or its a myth!!: Houston: Home Depot, live - Texas (TX)
  151. New Houston, Seabrook, Nassau Bay: real estate, 2015, schools - Texas (TX)
  152. Montrose vs the heights - 30yr old single female: Houston: apartments, to rent - Texas (TX)
  153. Cost of new construction in 77079/77024: Trinity, West: how much, custom home, neighborhood - Houston, Texas (TX)
  154. Place to live: West: sale, real estate market, apartments - Houston, Texas (TX)
  155. Apartment furniture - one step above IKEA: West, Howe: renting, insurance - Houston, Texas (TX)
  156. Are houses really that cheap in Houston? or is that a bad neighborhood?: Atascocita: crime rate, big house - Texas (TX)
  157. GreatWood Community -Sugarland Commute Problems: Sugar Land, Spur: how much, house, neighborhoods - Houston, Texas (TX)
  158. Would you buy a home with a Water storage tank behind it?: homes, transfer - Houston, Texas (TX)
  159. What are your dealbreakers for buying an upper end home?: Houston: big home, living - Texas (TX)
  160. Snake in the pool: Earth: to move, eat, yard - Houston, Texas (TX)
  161. good experience with property tax reduction firms?: Houston: 2014, how much - Texas (TX)
  162. Grand Parkway commercial development in Richmond: Mission, West: real estate, 2015, apartments - Houston, Texas (TX)
  163. Property Tax Rate for over 65 years old: Richmond, Mart: real estate, insurance - Houston, Texas (TX)
  164. Moving to Houston (inner loop?): Bellaire, Rice: real estate, condo, house prices - Texas (TX)
  165. I will be visiting Houston, is westheimer a good hotel location?: extended stay, university - Texas (TX)
  166. New home (stone on the front elevation looks different): how much, contractor - Houston, Texas (TX)
  167. Grand Mission Estates in Richmond, TX: Sugar Land, Katy: sale, 2014, lease - Houston, Texas
  168. 2015 HCAD valuations starting to trickle in.: Crosby: sales, houses, buy - Houston, Texas (TX)
  169. Rented a house in Grand Mission in Richmond. help me, I am second guessing the decision.: Houston: 2013, rental homes - Texas (TX)
  170. Two Steps, One Sticker program - Placement?: Dallas: 2014, inspections - Houston, Texas (TX)
  171. Loss hair after move to Houston? Water problem?: college, live - Texas (TX)
  172. Buy a house on Briar Forest Drive?: Houston, Reno: houses, established neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  173. Another article on the fastest growing city in America: Houston: real estate, 2015 - Texas (TX)
  174. are groceries, clothes, expensive in Houston: Atlanta, Columbus: for rent, purchasing - Texas (TX)
  175. Young family wanting to be close to medical center: Houston: for sale, house - Texas (TX)
  176. another Woodlands Relocation: Houston, The Woodlands: houses, to buy, high school - Texas (TX)
  177. help me to understand the Vanguard program for new residents: Houston: home, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  178. Freight Train through residential areas: Houston, West: new house, neighborhoods, buyers - Texas (TX)
  179. Is this an illegal way of enrolling your kids to school?: Katy: house, to buy - Houston, Texas (TX)
  180. Fullbrook on Fulshear Creek: Houston, Katy: HOA, new house, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  181. Guess the Krispy Kreme was our 15 minutes of fame!: Houston: 2015, rated - Texas (TX)
  182. I've visited Houston for the first time. I am if there are small towns near it.: Pasadena: live, moving to - Texas (TX)
  183. Trendy clubs and bars: Sugar Land, Happy: best, area, place - Houston, Texas (TX)
  184. Luxury commuter buses come to San Francisco. Would it be the answer in Houston ?: Kyle: how much, transfer - Texas (TX)
  185. Moving with my teen daughter from San Francisco to Katy in July: Houston: transplants, apartment - Texas (TX)
  186. Proposed FM 1093 and FM 1463 mobility projects discussed at Fort Bend County Infrastructure Summit: Spring: 2015, new home - Houston, Texas (TX)
  187. Life in Fort Bend County pre-1996: Houston, Sugar Land: insurance, pre-school, living in - Texas (TX)
  188. What's with all of the aparments in the Cinco area?: Katy: cheap apartments, homes - Houston, Texas (TX)
  189. Houston metro area continues torrid growth !: Baytown, Sugar Land: real estate, 2014, high school - Texas (TX)
  190. Apartments near memorial dr - 77079: rent, safe, budget - Houston, Texas (TX)
  191. About Fairfield Nodal in Sugar Land--is it a good company to work in as geophysicist: home - Houston, Texas (TX)
  192. Hospital price gouging: Houston, Center: 2015, construction, living - Texas (TX)
  193. Apartment hunting: Houston, Kirby, Howe: rental, broker, tenant - Texas (TX)
  194. Westside Apartments Rents: rental, prices, locations - Houston, Texas (TX)
  195. Young Women's College Preparatory Academy (YWCPA): school, program, grade - Houston, Texas (TX)
  196. Best Ram dealer in Houston: good, recommendations, experiences - Texas (TX)
  197. Best New Subdivision for commute: Pearland, Spring: neighborhoods, buying, new construction - Houston, Texas (TX)
  198. Psychiatrist recommendations in Katy or Sugar Land: looking for - Houston, Texas (TX)
  199. Custom built-in woodwork: live in, land, recommendations - Houston, Texas (TX)
  200. Housing Suggestions for a Family of Six: to rent, home - Houston, Texas (TX)