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  1. Foundation damaged front corner left: Post, Howe: homes, construction, home inspector - Houston, Texas (TX)
  2. Homestead Exemption: sales, mortgage broker, brokers - Houston, Texas (TX)
  3. Value for money condos in Clear Lake Texas: Taylor: to buy, to live - Houston, (TX)
  4. Is $75 a normal price for repair of a lawn mower carburetor in Houston?: West: shop - Texas (TX)
  5. Commute from Katy Tx to IAH: West: live in, move to, food - Houston, Texas (TX)
  6. Cross Creek Ranch vs Harvest Green: Austin, Sugar Land: house, buying, construction - Houston, Texas (TX)
  7. Best Montessori/Private Schools in Sienna Plantation: Missouri City: kindergarten, teachers - Houston, Texas (TX)
  8. Lakemont Richmond to Downtown Houston - Public Transpo: Center, West: cost, mall - Texas (TX)
  9. Pier and Beam Old House for Sale: Houston: movers, houses - Texas (TX)
  10. 1950s House Inspection-- Plumbing?!: Houston, Howe: buyer, inspector, mold - Texas (TX)
  11. handy man service recommendation for North West Houston?: how much, floor - Texas (TX)
  12. Houston rental market situation: apartment complexes, live, prices - Texas (TX)
  13. No More Shell Houston Open After 2017: how much, versus - Texas (TX)
  14. First time home owner - issue in the bathroom, what do i do !!: house - Houston, Texas (TX)
  15. Sugarland Commute to 77025: Houston, Sugar Land, Stafford: good schools, land, medical center - Texas (TX)
  16. Help - Can't remember name of store in The Heights: Houston: sale, insurance - Texas (TX)
  17. can i use fort bend appraisal of my neighbors for the formal/panel hearing?: sales - Houston, Texas (TX)
  18. Tamarron - Emerald Homes Builder: Marshall, Katy: sales, apartment complex, how much - Houston, Texas (TX)
  19. City of Houston Lawsuit - Unpaid Taxes: Howe, Quitman: lawyer, property taxes - Texas (TX)
  20. public transportation: Huntsville: limousine, taxi, buses - Houston, Texas (TX)
  21. CyFair ISD - when school will be over?: 2015, elementary school - Houston, Texas (TX)
  22. Large companies in The Woodlands and West Houston to apply for IT jobs?: Dallas: 2015 - Texas (TX)
  23. private schools and other questions: Houston, Briar: home, neighborhoods, theatre - Texas (TX)
  24. Real Estate Attorney - Sugar Land/Southwest Houston: purchases, deals - Texas (TX)
  25. Houston vs Dallas...: Sugar Land, Missouri City, Center: living in, young professionals, moving to - Texas (TX)
  26. Which subdivisions/MPCs are best known for their walking trails?: The Woodlands: houses, neighborhoods - Houston, Texas (TX)
  27. Wet behind drywall, mold: Katy, Cinco Ranch: how much, purchase, cost - Houston, Texas (TX)
  28. Pygmy & Date Palm Trees in Houston: Center: for sale, centers - Texas (TX)
  29. Need feedback and opinions on Morton Creek Ranch: Katy, Cinco Ranch: sale, apartment complexes - Houston, Texas (TX)
  30. Nut free restaurants/bakeries: Houston: private schools, allergies, food - Texas (TX)
  31. Temporary Walls in Houston?: rental, house, buy - Texas (TX)
  32. Moving to Tanglewilde it safe?: Richmond, West: homes, safe area - Houston, Texas (TX)
  33. Is there no more room along the Houston Ship Channel?: Beaumont: new construction, tax - Texas (TX)
  34. Cinco Southwest or Cinco Northwest?: Sugar Land, Spring: daycare, new house, neighborhoods - Houston, Texas (TX)
  35. Looking for information about neighborhoods in Pearland: buying a house, buying - Houston, Texas (TX)
  36. Pearland Utility Companies help: apartment, lease, home - Houston, Texas (TX)
  37. using MetroPCS network in Houston: to move, reviews, cellular - Texas (TX)
  38. Need for catching my mentally ill Dad: Houston: attorney, office - Texas (TX)
  39. Best places in the Houston area to live and raise a family...: Bacliff: best neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  40. EZ Tag Violations: car, tickets, violation - Houston, Texas (TX)
  41. Willow Creek Farms VS Katy Creek Ranch: Houston, Cinco Ranch: apartments, rental homes - Texas (TX)
  42. Hobby Airport security processing time: Houston: how much, hours, people - Texas (TX)
  43. best home security in sugarland: Houston, Sugar Land: new home, neighborhood, to buy - Texas (TX)
  44. Sylvia's Enchilada Kitchen: Woodway: price, food, deals - Houston, Texas (TX)
  45. Blue collar worker possibly relocating from Baltimore to Houston: Wharton: home, employment - Texas (TX)
  46. Exercise class for 50+ with joint issues, osteopenia?: Houston, Sugar Land: 2015, YMCA - Texas (TX)
  47. Good place to buy quality cigars: Houston, Briar: prices, shop, suburbs - Texas (TX)
  48. move to Victoria, TX: to live, moving to, clubs - Houston, Texas
  49. Insurance for home without tenants: sale, to rent, new home - Houston, Texas (TX)
  50. Child Care/Day Care in Kingwood: Atascocita: costs, moving to, relocating to - Houston, Texas (TX)
  51. Houston Utility/Cable/Internet Service 77469: Rosenberg: sales, credit, new house - Texas (TX)
  52. Fair price for builder to extend master and patio: sales, house - Houston, Texas (TX)
  53. House Broken bison for sale: Houston, Dallas: golf course, properties, permit - Texas (TX)
  54. Old Houston Landmarks and Forgotten Fav Hotspots: West, Cool: theater, store - Texas (TX)
  55. Commute to Freeport: League City, Pearland, Lake Jackson: apartments, luxury, living in - Houston, Texas (TX)
  56. Angleton - Holiday Lakes area: Houston, Lake Jackson: homes, neighborhood, airport - Texas (TX)
  57. Suitable palms for power line easment?: Houston, Live Oak: house, live, vs - Texas (TX)
  58. Garage Foundation Leveling / Lifting: floor, company, driveway - Houston, Texas (TX)
  59. Meritage in Fieldstone: Sugar Land, Katy: lender, buying a house, buying - Houston, Texas (TX)
  60. How to Install Bamboo Root Barrier? Experience With This?: Houston: rentals, utilities - Texas (TX)
  61. Hanging Heavy light fixture - Katy: price, licensed, place - Houston, Texas (TX)
  62. HEB crawfish: San Felipe: sale, home, buying - Houston, Texas (TX)
  63. Roof Repair Estimates: Houston: house, living in, price - Texas (TX)
  64. Is the word Tornado used incorrectly in Houston?: Howe: live, assess - Texas (TX)
  65. taxes in the second year: Bastrop: house, buy, exemption - Houston, Texas (TX)
  66. What does this mean on a street sign near Kuykendahl?: park, area - Houston, Texas (TX)
  67. Best kitchen granite showroom: Houston, Hempstead: countertops, home, buyers - Texas (TX)
  68. Millwood - riverstone - good buy ?: sale, houses, university - Houston, Texas (TX)
  69. Falls at Dry Creek: Houston, Center: daycare, new home, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  70. No Rain: Houston, The Woodlands: house, school, live - Texas (TX)
  71. Looking for Academic rankings or measure for Houston Private elementary schools: Cooper: 2015, home - Texas (TX)
  72. Barbers Hill ISD: Mont Belvieu: for sale, apartments, rentals - Houston, Texas (TX)
  73. Commercial business in Residential home?: Houston: for sale, leasing, HOA - Texas (TX)
  74. Custom builder in Fulbrook: Fulshear: how much, custom home, to buy - Houston, Texas (TX)
  75. Emerald Homes - Marshall Oaks: Katy: mortgage, loan, new home - Houston, Texas (TX)
  76. swimming pools in or around Sugarland?: Houston, Sugar Land: neighborhood, buy - Texas (TX)
  77. Where is the online protest ID in the Ft Bend appraisal letter?: house - Houston, Texas (TX)
  78. avalon terrace vs shadow creek ranch: Houston, Pearland: best neighborhood, crime, house - Texas (TX)
  79. other places similar to Kemah boardwalk close to Houston?: Galveston: amusement park, how much - Texas (TX)
  80. Lake Conroe: The Woodlands, Huntsville, Willis: schools, living in, relocating to - Houston, Texas (TX)
  81. Woodforest: Conroe, Montgomery: homes, neighborhood, purchase - Houston, Texas (TX)
  82. Spine Surgeons?: Houston, Harper: medical, best, area - Texas (TX)
  83. Need Advice! Moving to Texas!!: Houston, Conroe: schools, to live in, commuting - (TX)
  84. Shooter near Memorial/Beltway: Houston: shop, place, mechanic - Texas (TX)
  85. ROUGH BUILD-OUT COSTS for 1,200 sf Coffee Shop in Shopping Center: plumbing, estimates - Houston, Texas (TX)
  86. Purchasing House for Rent: Houston, Spring: real estate, rentals, HOA fees - Texas (TX)
  87. Irrigation System Permit - Rainwater Harvesting System?: Houston: HOA, house - Texas (TX)
  88. Richmond???: Sugar Land, Center, Oyster Creek: power lines, insurance, lenders - Houston, Texas (TX)
  89. Long Meadow Farms: Houston, West, Oyster Creek: power lines, new construction, high school - Texas (TX)
  90. Sprinkler System Installation Recommendations: how much, houses, price - Houston, Texas (TX)
  91. 2016 Memorial Day floods - Creekside Park affected areas: The Woodlands, Spring: houses, neighborhoods - Houston, Texas (TX)
  92. Relocation: Houston: low income, best city, crime rate - Texas (TX)
  93. Same sex couple relocating. DC to Houston: San Antonio, The Woodlands: real estate market, house - Texas (TX)
  94. How to clear Galveston's murky water: Houston, China: 2015, houses, organic - Texas (TX)
  95. Extensive home repair/renovation for investment: Houston: rental, homes, purchasing - Texas (TX)
  96. Red Elementry Vs. Kolter Elementry Houston: West, Howe: for sale, houses, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  97. Reverse Commute to Sugar Land from Energy Corridor: Houston, Dallas: apartments, renting - Texas (TX)
  98. Houston, Buyers market, when?: real estate market, buying a house, buying - Texas (TX)
  99. Working in Bellaire- Where to live?: Houston, Richmond: real estate, apartments, rental market - Texas (TX)
  100. West of 45, East of 45?: Houston, The Woodlands: wood floors, renting, HOA fees - Texas (TX)
  101. Chinese community in Houston: Sugar Land, Katy: for sale, real estate, HOA - Texas (TX)
  102. Is cypress real state in crises?: Houston, Spring: fit in, sales, home sales - Texas (TX)
  103. Aliana - Meritage Homes: Cove: lender, new home, buying - Houston, Texas (TX)
  104. Poor construction common?: Houston, Cove: apartments, house, inspector - Texas (TX)
  105. on buying a car: Houston, Katy: sales, loan, how much - Texas (TX)
  106. Real estate agent fees for a rental home: are they trying to pull a fast one?: Houston: renter, credit check - Texas (TX)
  107. Help with a foreclosure 80/20 loan: Houston, League City: short sale, real estate, insurance - Texas (TX)
  108. Good family steak house for Father's day suggestions?: Houston, Killeen: live in, restaurants - Texas (TX)
  109. Home security options: how do you secured your home?: Chico: apartment, house - Houston, Texas (TX)
  110. Ob/gyn - Help needed: Houston, Center: obgyn, insurance, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  111. Are solar panels popular in Houston TX?: San Antonio, Spring: lease, homes - Texas
  112. Moving to Houston from San Francisco Bay Area: Allen, River Oaks: rentals, crime - Texas (TX)
  113. How much would you spend on AC replacement for a rental house?: renters, credit - Houston, Texas (TX)
  114. Copa America Semi-Final : USA vs Argentina: Houston: how much, live, vs. - Texas (TX)
  115. Paid moving to the 77069 area, did a make a bad choice?: Heath: apartments, lease - Houston, Texas (TX)
  116. What are the best food trucks you have tried?: Houston: restaurant, price - Texas (TX)
  117. Brick for standard mortar: how much, houses, neighborhoods - Houston, Texas (TX)
  118. for Fluor employees: Sugar Land, Wheeler: employment, construction, college - Houston, Texas (TX)
  119. TSA PreCheck: Houston, Deer Park: theatre, approval, office - Texas (TX)
  120. Hill vacation place: Houston, Austin, Lakeway: to buy, living, statistics - Texas (TX)
  121. If you could eat out tonight..max $20 per person: Houston: house, restaurants - Texas (TX)
  122. Moving to Houston- Help: Dallas, Austin: low crime, big house, job market - Texas (TX)
  123. had trouble getting appt. to get a passport at Post Office?: Houston: live, renewal - Texas (TX)
  124. Neighborhoods with relaxed or no HOA: Houston, Spring: house, wedding, to buy - Texas (TX)
  125. Has ever flown a senior dog?: Houston: 2015, hotel - Texas (TX)
  126. Business Broker: for sale, real estate, 2013 - Houston, Texas (TX)
  127. Builder vs Developer survey and plat map: 2015, home - Houston, Texas (TX)
  128. Where is Donald Trump ?: Houston, The Woodlands: pictures, resort, town - Texas (TX)
  129. Need opinions on where to live....if you could choose: Houston: transplants, power lines - Texas (TX)
  130. Cost of single family home appraisal?: 2014, how much, buying - Houston, Texas (TX)
  131. How hot is the weather in Houston through out the year?: homes, living - Texas (TX)
  132. Is this an alligator nest? Should I tell someone?: Houston: live, park - Texas (TX)
  133. Houston in top 10 for US Tech Start-ups !: Dallas, San Antonio: 2015, universities - Texas (TX)
  134. How good is Grand Lakes Katy when comparing with other neighborhoods in Houston?: Spring: low crime, Home Depot - Texas (TX)
  135. Telecommunication box in backyard? what is that?: houses, fence - Houston, Texas (TX)
  136. HEB shoppers -- I need a favor!: Houston: where to buy, live in - Texas (TX)
  137. Sienna Plantation Townhome(good deal)?: Houston, Sugar Land: sales, apartment, lease - Texas (TX)
  138. Is it me or is Uptown/Galleria skyline & area getiing BIG ????: Houston: condos, hotels - Texas (TX)
  139. Moving to the Woodlands.: Houston, Dallas: for sale, houses, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  140. Attic Water Heater replacement: insurance, how much, Home Depot - Houston, Texas (TX)
  141. A family from NY In need of good advice, We want to move to Houston ASAP.: Spring: sale, 2014 - Texas (TX)
  142. Ideal home orientation Houston: West: renting, house, living - Texas (TX)
  143. Struggle over property taxes (Harris County): Howe: 2015, insurance, mortgage - Houston, Texas (TX)
  144. Renting a townhome in Houston: Greater Heights v. Rice Military?: Allen: for rent, crime - Texas (TX)
  145. The Third Ward's fight to manage gentrification: Houston, Rice: low income, crime - Texas (TX)
  146. Best low crowd fitness place: buy, closing, prices - Houston, Texas (TX)
  147. Indian restaurant: Houston, Katy: live, food, friendly - Texas (TX)
  148. How would the Gulf Region of developed if it were hurricane free and Galveston stayed the financial core?: Houston: how much, home - Texas (TX)
  149. Experience on home fish aquarium: Houston, Bellaire: how much, house, to buy - Texas (TX)
  150. New to Benders Landing Estates: Houston, Spring: HOA fees, how much, homes - Texas (TX)
  151. Moving to Houston. Neighborhood Advice,: Sugar Land, Katy: real estate, apartment, renting - Texas (TX)
  152. High speed internet in Harvest Green?: Sugar Land: homes, neighborhood, subdivision - Houston, Texas (TX)
  153. Copperfield (Westcreek Village) - Pros & Cons?: Houston, Canyon Lake: crime, houses - Texas (TX)
  154. Should i buy this car? It is a good deal but it is rebuilt.: Center: 2014, insurance - Houston, Texas (TX)
  155. Selfie statue in Sugar Land causes OUTRAGE !: 2015, city hall - Houston, Texas (TX)
  156. Renting out bedrooms in a single family home: Houston: apartments, rental - Texas (TX)
  157. Apartment Hunting in Katy (Moving from Dallas): Houston, Addison: apartments, job transfer - Texas (TX)
  158. Copa Centenario: Houston, Clint: 2013, buying, prices - Texas (TX)
  159. Energy efficient tips on housing?: Houston, Montgomery: 2015, appliances, credit - Texas (TX)
  160. How close is Houston to San Antonio?: Dallas, Austin: homes, school - Texas (TX)
  161. Houston vs Raleigh/Durham: West, Howe: calculator, income, income tax - Texas (TX)
  162. Should I avoid Houston (b/c of floods) this weekend?: San Antonio: hotel, live - Texas (TX)
  163. I Hate This Flooding Rain We Get Once A Week: yard, area - Houston, Texas (TX)
  164. WTI over $50 and going up ^^^!: 2013, employment, taxation - Houston, Texas (TX)
  165. Online Purchase Saves Home From Flooding: Lott: houses, to buy, fences - Houston, Texas (TX)
  166. Need suggestions on how to manage pets in move...: Houston: apartment, rentals - Texas (TX)
  167. Low income housing possibly developing in Katy and Richmond?: Houston: apartments, rental - Texas (TX)
  168. Best internet provider for work from home: Howe: zip code, moving to - Houston, Texas (TX)
  169. A about real estate agent and house buying: Houston: broker, new house - Texas (TX)
  170. Realtors: Are well located innerbeltway homes recession proof?: Houston, Spring: real estate, apartments - Texas (TX)
  171. Brazos River Flooding - Fort Bend County: Houston, Sugar Land: university, vs - Texas (TX)
  172. Does this roof look damaged: sales, houses, neighborhood - Houston, Texas (TX)
  173. Need top ideas for 'seeing' the city for our older kids!: Houston: rentals, chapel - Texas (TX)
  174. No rats , no roaches, no rodents,: Houston, Atlanta: apartments, rent, crime - Texas (TX)
  175. Trouble at Typhoon Texas Water Park: Houston, Katy: renting, babysitter, Walmart - (TX)
  176. Hwy 59/ I-69 Construction Past Grand Pkwy/99 Status: Rosenberg, Richmond: transfer, neighborhood - Houston, Texas (TX)
  177. Sacrifice commute or sacrifice house quality?: Houston, Katy: crime, houses, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  178. Certified pre-owned BMWs - Katy: Houston, Wichita Falls: 2015, lease, transfer - Texas (TX)
  179. Super low price on tickets to Germany!: Houston, Dallas: buy, taxes - Texas (TX)
  180. How come house prices still going up in Houston?: Stafford: real estate, insurance - Texas (TX)
  181. tutoring for admission to private middle school: Post, Howe: universities, to live - Houston, Texas (TX)
  182. NRG Stadium -- Parking Advice?: Houston, Dallas: hotels, construction, living in - Texas (TX)
  183. Are there tarantulas in Houston?: Wichita Falls, Sugar Land: houses, maintenance, live in - Texas (TX)
  184. HISD Elementary capping: Houston, Briar, West: apartment, rent, houses - Texas (TX)
  185. (HEIGHTS) - Prices drops bubble over ???.... (SUBURBS) - next ??: Houston: sales, real estate market - Texas (TX)
  186. New townhomes in Rosenberg: Center, Briar: sale, 2015, rent - Houston, Texas (TX)
  187. Relocating from CT. Best Area to buy/rent a home with kids: Houston: for sale, real estate - Texas (TX)
  188. removing a swimming pool: Houston, Sugar Land: HOA, house, to buy - Texas (TX)
  189. DPIS Engineering for Home Inspection: home builder, reviews, company - Houston, Texas (TX)
  190. buying a bank own house from auction: tax lien, tax - Houston, Texas (TX)
  191. Best place to buy a $200K lot for new build????: Spring: new home, areas - Houston, Texas (TX)
  192. RIP Mickey Rosmarin (owner of Tootsies): Houston, West: shop, resale, culture - Texas (TX)
  193. 2016 Childrenatrisk school ranking: school rankings, rankings - Houston, Texas (TX)
  194. clear pvc: Houston: Home Depot, schedule, place - Texas (TX)
  195. Federal Disaster declared for the June flooding..: Houston: areas, counties - Texas (TX)
  196. Pool Resurfacing in Houston: Jersey Village: places, village, good - Texas (TX)
  197. Meritage - Riverstone Ranch: subdivision, vs, building - Houston, Texas (TX)
  198. Old Katy: sales, business, place - Houston, Texas (TX)
  199. Persian Rugs For Sale: Houston: buyer, store, area - Texas (TX)
  200. Traders Village Or White Elephant Which Flea Market Has Better Deals - Houston, Texas (TX)