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  1. Travis Vanguard Results: 2015, school, safer - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  2. Places in DFW area similar to Lake Conroe/Montgomery ISD?: Houston: real estate, homes - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  3. Admittance to Jesuit from a good suburban middle school: Dallas: catholic schools, moving - Texas (TX)
  4. Should I take my driving test today in icy conditions?: Dallas: DMV, safe - Texas (TX)
  5. FREE forclosure listings with photos?: sales, foreclosures, rental homes - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  6. Murder-Suicide rate Metroplex high ?: Dallas, Arlington: 2014, crime, homes - Texas (TX)
  7. Apartments in Richardson/Plano near the DART: lease, safe area - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  8. Giraffe dude.: Plano: house, tax, property - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  9. Boston suburb transplants: Dallas: allergies, live, moving - Texas (TX)
  10. Which is better for dino exhibit??: science, museum, Sunday - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  11. give me your impressions of Lakewood, Downtown & Dallas’ Telecom Corridor: Garland: renting - Texas (TX)
  12. dallas vs. fort worth for a divorced woman in her 50's: Houston: best cities, condo - Texas (TX)
  13. romanian tv chanel: Dallas: living in, companies, Russian - Texas (TX)
  14. Good schools for kids with ADD?: school districts, zoning, best - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  15. Private at home yoga sessions....: Dallas: rent, insurance, gyms - Texas (TX)
  16. Short-Term Furniture Strategy: sales, apartments, rent - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  17. Collin County - 60 rooms rental facility like a high school: spring break, private school - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  18. Sealing up my 11 year old home in Frisco, Basic Maintenance, Energy and Foundation advice sought.: Dallas: 2015 - Texas (TX)
  19. where is the nightlfe for older people: Fort Worth, Grapevine: house, to buy - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  20. Best Hand Surgeon in DFW?: time, recommendations - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  21. Where to buy boots?: Dallas, Weatherford: buying, move, yard - Texas (TX)
  22. Standing water under my house (Pier and beam): new home, inspector - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  23. help on apartment searching: Dallas, Spring: hardwood floor, apartments, for rent - Texas (TX)
  24. Seeking recommendation for an architect: Dallas, Sherman: HOA, condo, home - Texas (TX)
  25. Pet Friendly Apartments Dallas/Grand Prairie Area: Fort Worth, Carrollton: low crime, homes - Texas (TX)
  26. Denton, Texas nice place to live?: Dallas, Highland Park: home, university, mall - (TX)
  27. Magnet School Admissions Results: Van: magnet schools, weather, stone - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  28. Long Island NY Family thinking of relocating near DFW Area: Fort Worth: apartments, to rent - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  29. Washateria's that serve beer/food?: school, college, live - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  30. Master Planned Vs Standalone Homes: Southlake, Rockwall: house, landscaping, neighborhoods - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  31. Greenhill School Admission Pre-Decision Announcement: 2015, title, child - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  32. Renting Out a Home/Townhouse: Dallas, Plano: rental, townhouses, purchase - Texas (TX)
  33. Nursing opportunties in dallas metro area: Plano, Denton: live, suburbs, to relocate - Texas (TX)
  34. New home developments (Lewisville) area: Flower Mound, Highland Village: 2015, neighborhood, buy - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  35. DR Horton Rivendale Frisco, TX: Spring, Little Elm: houses, schools, square footage - Dallas, Texas
  36. Housing UT Dallas: Campbell, Pleasant Valley, Alma: apartment complexes, rent, high crime - Texas (TX)
  37. (As if!) Proposal for a new DART Line: Mesquite, Denton: house, construction - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  38. 2 early 20s to find place to live between Dallas and: Fort Worth: real estate market - Texas (TX)
  39. Packers/Loaders: house, where to buy, prices - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  40. Waitlisted at Travis Vanguard: Happy: spring break, transfer to, middle school - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  41. TX license and Out of State traffic ticket: construction, school - Dallas, Texas
  42. relocating to dallas in your 20s: Arlington, Plano: real estate market, houses, theater - Texas (TX)
  43. What to pack in my car?: Dallas: fit in, movers, buy - Texas (TX)
  44. MPC:Woodbridge or Castle Hills or Other?: Plano, Garland: for sale, house - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  45. Help with community colleges nw dallas: Denton, Castle Hills: castle, relocating, county - Texas (TX)
  46. Feedback on David Weekley in Prosper/Frisco area?: Huntington: sales, homes - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  47. where to get window tinted?: Plano, Richardson: how much, luxury, live in - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  48. Megatel Home Builder: Sachse, Prosper: appliances, neighborhood, cabinets - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  49. Trains that run through Murphy, TX: Dallas, Plano: HOA, house, neighborhood - Texas
  50. Greenville Avenue St Patrick's Day Parade - Best Place to park/Dart route to take?: Dallas: dangerous - Texas (TX)
  51. Dealey Montessori vs other good schools in DFW area?: Dallas: credit, house - Texas (TX)
  52. Recommend Denton Realtor?: mover, moving to, area - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  53. Dealey Montessori: Howe: middle school, moving, commute - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  54. Moving to Dallas. Work in Arlington. Looking for Apartment. Where to move?: Fort Worth: best neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  55. When will it be warm enough for the pool again?: neighborhood, title - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  56. mid 20s moving to Dallas for work: bars, suburbs - Texas (TX)
  57. Options if apartment staff doesn't address repairs?: apartment complex, leasing - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  58. Allergies -: Dallas, Garland: transplants, 2014, live - Texas (TX)
  59. Addison Circle Apartments: live, restaurants, price - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  60. Looking for a gym with indoor pool in DFW area.: Plano: buy, YMCA - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  61. Condo or Agent Recommendation in North Dallas: real estate, rental - Texas (TX)
  62. Utility bill: Dallas, Flower Mound, Southlake: how much, homes, new construction - Texas (TX)
  63. Trugreen or Scotts?: Dallas, Bedford, Frisco: house, buying, yard - Texas (TX)
  64. Moving to Dallas area, where should i look?: Fort Worth, Lawn: fit in, apartments - Texas (TX)
  65. I like denton now: how to, people, period - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  66. Mechanic training...?: Dallas, Irving: buying, community college, inspections - Texas (TX)
  67. International student housing: Dallas, Omaha, Wells: apartment complexes, rent, high crime - Texas (TX)
  68. Tipping for concierge services at Condo: Dallas: apartment, HOA, house - Texas (TX)
  69. Grass Fed Beef- Where Can I Buy?: Dallas, McKinney: co-ops, to buy - Texas (TX)
  70. Which Embassy Suites Hotel Location should I choose?: Dallas, Plano: real estate, house - Texas (TX)
  71. Weekend in Dallas... need ideas: Fort Worth, Spring: homes, neighborhoods, school - Texas (TX)
  72. Better Academics - Islamic School of Irving (ISI) or Quranic Academy (IQA) of Richardson, Texas?: Dallas: obgyn - (TX)
  73. Retirement in Dallas: Plano, Temple, Center: houses, neighborhood, schools - Texas (TX)
  74. denton tx why people like it: Austin: college, maintenance - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  75. Recommendation of dentist around Dallas/Plano: Addison: near, good - Texas (TX)
  76. Accountant: Dallas: taxes, professionals, estate - Texas (TX)
  77. Plano - Spring Creek & Coit- Biltmore Swim & Tennis: houses, live - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  78. Is the I-30 corridor from Rockwall east set to explode?: Dallas: sale, 2015 - Texas (TX)
  79. Public Transportation in Plano: Dallas, Orange: rental car, rental, credit - Texas (TX)
  80. Hair stylist recommendations: Addison: salon, live, driving - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  81. Collin County Development News-Frisco...The 5 Billion Dollar Mile/Golden Corridor: Dallas: real estate market, 2015 - Texas (TX)
  82. Looking for a home - Builder? or Resale?: Dallas, Plano: home builder, landscaping - Texas (TX)
  83. Family Friendly Neighborhoods within 20-30 mins of Love Field? Help…: Dallas: renting, insurance - Texas (TX)
  84. First speed ticket, can I mail the safety driving course request to court?: Dallas: 2014 - Texas (TX)
  85. DFW commute questionnaire: Plano, Coppell, Frisco: car insurance, depreciation, maintenance - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  86. Bay Area Native living in Phoenix thinking of move to Dallas: Austin: appointed, sales - Texas (TX)
  87. a move to the DFW area from west Texas, advice that can be passed down from real Dallasites?: El Paso: affordable apartment - (TX)
  88. denton tx do people who come to college stay: job market, to buy - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  89. AT&T U-Verse Service in the Park Cities: University Park: university, areas - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  90. Home inspection before warranty runs out. Worth it?: how much, new home - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  91. Coming to visit, need advice on hotels, restaurants,: Dallas: apartments, to rent - Texas (TX)
  92. Young 24-year old couple moving to dallas: Spring, Greenville: 2014, apartment complex - Texas (TX)
  93. jobseeker- need help: insurance, unemployment, vs - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  94. Commute from Waxahachie to Dallas?: living in, estimated, weather - Texas (TX)
  95. Lost job before closing: apartments, foreclosure, rentals - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  96. Best Way to Meet New People in Colleyville Area?: Dallas: HOA, house - Texas (TX)
  97. LF advice on areas near Plano: Dallas, Austin: apartments, home, high school - Texas (TX)
  98. Meet Up St Louis: Dallas: people, groups, friend - Texas (TX)
  99. Downside to buying a home much larger than one needs?: rental, home owners insurance - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  100. Frozen Chicagoan Looking to Relocate in Dallas: Plano, Irving: spring break, real estate - Texas (TX)
  101. Red light ticket...: Dallas, Plano, Richardson: insurance, legal, license - Texas (TX)
  102. Dallas vacation: Things to do with kids?: Fort Worth, Mesquite: rental car, coupons - Texas (TX)
  103. Middle class affording private school: Dallas, Plano: rent, mortgage, credit - Texas (TX)
  104. Snappy Salads vs Salata: Houston, Dallas: to buy, college, restaurant - Texas (TX)
  105. NYer moving to Dallas/Forthworth area. HELP US: Houston: real estate, to rent - Texas (TX)
  106. Amazed at the high level of consumption in Dallas area: China: rental car, real estate - Texas (TX)
  107. Frisco, Flower Mound, Southlake, Mckinney: Dallas, Plano: lawyers, house, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  108. We Love Dallas, s why: Our feedback after living for 11 months.: Plano: rent, car registration - Texas (TX)
  109. How much of a kid's looks factor into private school admissions? ?: Dallas: private schools, to move - Texas (TX)
  110. Is Town Mall East Area Safe?: Mesquite, Highland Park: fit in, apartments, crime - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  111. Help finding a genuinely Christ-like Christian high school: Dallas, Mesquite: chapel, catholic schools - Texas (TX)
  112. Mesquite - best areas to live in?: Dallas, Irving: renting, high crime - Texas (TX)
  113. 23yo Male Relocating to Dallas - Uptown?: McKinney, Taylor: apartments, for rent - Texas (TX)
  114. Lead in Frisco: Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano: real estate, 2014, sex offender - Texas (TX)
  115. Lawler Park Frisco vs Star Creek Allen: Richardson, McKinney: homes, neighborhood - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  116. How Do You Do Grocery Shopping During The Summer?: home, buying - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  117. Cheldan Homes in Frisco Hills: Dallas, Plano: lender, how much, new home - Texas (TX)
  118. Job in place to live with no more than 30 min commute: Plano: hardwood floors, for sale - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  119. Family of 4 Moving to Dallas - New Home Location: Richardson: neighborhood, to buy - Texas (TX)
  120. How cloudy is Dallas?: Houston, Pittsburg: live, to move, to relocate - Texas (TX)
  121. St. Patrick's Day Parade - Just one big drunkfest?: Dallas: lease, hotels - Texas (TX)
  122. MUD taxes: Houston, Dallas, Austin: real estate, houses, buyers - Texas (TX)
  123. Best route from Prosper to Irving on a Monday Morning: Dallas: apartment, to rent - Texas (TX)
  124. Media room: rent, houses, buying - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  125. Salt Lake City vs Dallas: McKinney, Highland Park: real estate, renting, homeowners insurance - Texas (TX)
  126. Swimming pools and resale value: Dallas, Arlington: for sale, buying a house, established neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  127. Darling homes reviews: Flower Mound, Frisco, Southlake: sales, buyers, construction - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  128. I love driving to work this week! :): Carrollton, Spring: spring break, home - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  129. Home inspector & structural engineer recommendation needed: Dallas, Allen: condo, to buy - Texas (TX)
  130. Dallas Private School Student(s) Implicated in OU SAE Racist Video: University Park: 2015, condo - Texas (TX)
  131. Officially Moving First week of March. Help with Electricity!: Lewisville: 2014, renting - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  132. Dallas High/mid rises: Memphis, Charlotte: apartments, rent, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  133. Lot sizes in McKinney, Frisco, Prosper: Dallas, Plano: HOA, new house, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  134. New to Texas. What's the process for emissions, drivers license and plates?: Plano: DMV, inspection - Dallas, (TX)
  135. Are there Families with kids living in Uptown-Condo??: Dallas, Highland Park: 2015, apartments - Texas (TX)
  136. Pick the better commute!: Dallas, Plano: live in, cost, move - Texas (TX)
  137. Building lots in an older neighborhood for $5,000.: Dallas, Plano: real estate, sex offenders - Texas (TX)
  138. Relocating to Dallas from Boston Area: Arlington, Plano: for sale, to rent, condo - Texas (TX)
  139. Relocating to Dallas - recommendations for rural living / best commute: Denton: house, schools - Texas (TX)
  140. Relocating from Bay Area, Need help with commute times: Dallas: homes, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  141. J.P.Morgan Chase shopping for a new location in DFW Suburbs: Houston: 2015, apartment - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  142. Utilities costs for 4,000 sqft house (estimates): Dallas, Allen: HOA, construction, living - Texas (TX)
  143. Uptown Dallas and SoCal similarities: McKinney, Henderson: home, neighborhood, living in - Texas (TX)
  144. Fort Worth, Katy, Trinity: club, shop, pub - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  145. North Richland Hills - How is it?: Dallas, Arlington: apartments, movie theater - Texas (TX)
  146. Media room carpet: Dallas, Murphy: how much, house, movie theaters - Texas (TX)
  147. Moving to Dallas Without Knowing: Plano, Howe: transplants, apartment, home - Texas (TX)
  148. heard about section 8 housing going in Westridge in Frisco?: Dallas: low income, 2015 - Texas (TX)
  149. Young Professional that is Relocating to DFW Area: Dallas, Fort Worth: apartments, for rent - Texas (TX)
  150. Moving from Lond Ialnd to Dallas: Austin, Fort Worth: 2014, homeowners insurance, house prices - Texas (TX)
  151. What would you do if you find a pile of dog waste right on your front door walk way?: Howe: HOA, home - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  152. Cistercian admission decisions?: Dallas, Spring: spring break, private schools, move - Texas (TX)
  153. Hows Denton, Texas for places to relocate?: Plano, Irving: rent, crime rates - Dallas, (TX)
  154. Dale Hanson's commentry about white power: Dallas, Plano: 2015, crime - Texas (TX)
  155. MainVue Homes coming to certain Dallas-area neighborhoods: Frisco, Colleyville: fit in, real estate - Texas (TX)
  156. Eye Allergies: Mart: apartment, renting, buy - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  157. Relocating from Boston to Dallas/Plano area?: Richardson, Allen: apartment, to rent - Texas (TX)
  158. Recommendation of home inspector for 70's house: Spring: how much, neighborhood - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  159. Moving to Dallas this month, 22 & need a clue: Irving: extended stay, apartments - Texas (TX)
  160. High electric bill in an apartment, advice!!: Dallas: apartments, how much - Texas (TX)
  161. Family of 6 moving quickly to Rockwall or Collin County - many questions!: Houston: for sale, real estate - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  162. Buying House in Russell Creek Area (Plano) Elementary School Help, Long-term outlook: Frisco: fit in, houses - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  163. UTA or TTU?: Dallas, Austin, Arlington: home, dorms, schools - Texas (TX)
  164. Jobs moving back to US City Centers... in Dallas!: Houston: 2015, home - Texas (TX)
  165. Thinking of moving from NY (Long Island) to Plano/Dallas, TX: Fort Worth: transplants, real estate - Texas
  166. Where to buy a sled in Dallas: Earth: fit in, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  167. What's the situation with Common Core and testing near Plano and surrounding ISDs?: Saginaw: 2014, home - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  168. Bowie, Brentfield, Mohawk, Prairie Creek, Canyon Creek [RISD/Pearce elementary schools]: Dallas: best neighborhoods, 2014 - Texas (TX)
  169. How many in your school senior class had no tips at all?: Dallas: private school, college - Texas (TX)
  170. Best area to own a rental home?: Garland, Mesquite: mortgage, how much - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  171. Relocating from California: Dallas, Plano, Richardson: appointed, real estate, rent - Texas (TX)
  172. Relocating to Dallas from Israel: Plano, Richardson: find a job, schools, to live in - Texas (TX)
  173. neighborhood to live...with access to good school district: Dallas: rent, houses - Texas (TX)
  174. Collin County Major Development News...Brinkman Ranch in Frisco: Plano: 2015, homes - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  175. Dallas Zoo, Fort Worth Zoo or Dallas Aquarium: Howe: living, fences - Texas (TX)
  176. Relocating to Dallas Fort Worth Area...Looking for best School Districts: Plano: apartment complexes, renting - Texas (TX)
  177. Good Shepherd admission 2015: Dallas, Plano, Lewisville: neighborhood, movies, elementary school - Texas (TX)
  178. Nebraska Furniture Mart: Dallas: 2015, theater, prices - Texas (TX)
  179. Which area of Dallas for 25-45 yo professionals?: Richardson, Alamo: apartments, lofts - Texas (TX)
  180. College Grad moving to Dallas?! Need help !!: Fort Worth: apartments, rental - Texas (TX)
  181. Couple from Mn relocating to Tx: Dallas, Garland: apartments, for rent, how much - Texas (TX)
  182. Will be in Grapevine this weekend with kids for spring break: Frisco: hotels, restaurant - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  183. Atlanta to Dallas move: Plano, Irving: apartments, rentals, condo - Texas (TX)
  184. from Denver move to Dallas: Atlanta: real estate market, apartment, to rent - Texas (TX)
  185. Moving to Irving Area and need help to find good place to live: Grapevine: to rent, to buy - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  186. Help with lot selection: Frisco: apartment complex, rental, house insurance - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  187. What's the best town?: Dallas, Flower Mound: houses, neighborhood, buyers - Texas (TX)
  188. Advice !: Houston, Dallas, Plano: house, neighborhood, schools - Texas (TX)
  189. Seattle to Dallas move....: Plano, Rockwall: home, transfer, buying - Texas (TX)
  190. Another about race & diversity in Dallas: Plano, Garland: middle-class, 2014 - Texas (TX)
  191. FYI Toll Tags at Love Field parking: garage, cars - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  192. University Student Advocacy Information: Denton: campus, students, looking for - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  193. Gated apartment recommendations in Las Colinas: Hackberry: to rent, gated community, garage - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  194. Pool Coping: contractor, price, estimates - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  195. Thinking of relocating to Dallas from St Louis: buy, moving to - Texas (TX)
  196. Living in Las colinas and enrolling child in Universal Academy Coppell: Irving: home, to buy - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  197. Do school admission know: schools, office, admissions - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  198. Favorite fishing spots, North Dallas: visiting, time, recommendations - Texas (TX)
  199. Rental help for a hardworking family.: Cleburne, Corsicana: credit score, loan, house - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  200. Custer Meadows in Allen, opinions?: HOA, transfer, closing - Dallas, Texas (TX)