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  1. Christmas Eve in Dallas: Houston, Cockrell Hill: high crime, hotel, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  2. kitchen floor tiles popped out of floor: Colleyville: house, landscaping - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  3. Houston vs Dalls for Financial Analyst Jobs ( prefer Hospitals settings): Dallas: schools, university - Texas (TX)
  4. UP Methodist vs. Temple Emanu-el: Dallas: preschools, live, price - Texas (TX)
  5. Torque wrench calibration.....: Dallas, Garland, Richardson: house, pricing, shop - Texas (TX)
  6. Skyscraper construction in the Dallas area!!!: metro area, buildings, skyscrapers - Texas (TX)
  7. Frisco's $2 billion Wade Park project millions in unpaid bills: how much, costs - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  8. Dallas County property taxes: Garland: house, school district, property tax - Texas (TX)
  9. Interesting amp;A about CoCo: house, buying, price - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  10. Tall buildings (skyscrapers) in Dallas!!!: Fort Worth, Plano: metro, area, skyline - Texas (TX)
  11. Where to look: apartment complexes, to live, price - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  12. THE DEMON OF CARS (car damage): paint, hail damage, rust - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  13. Need CPA Recommendations: Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano: attorney, tax, small business - Texas (TX)
  14. Moving recommendation North DFW: Dallas, Arlington: apartments, houses, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  15. Earthquakes: assault - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  16. Plano Red Light Photo Tickets: Southlake, Howe: credit report, law, versus - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  17. need real estate agent help to a sfh: Plano, Keller: rental market, how much - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  18. Westhaven at coppell vs darling homes in Flowermound: Flower Mound, Howe: house, new construction - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  19. Standard fence height in neighborhoods?: Dallas, Plano: renting, HOA, houses - Texas (TX)
  20. Dallas-bound in 2018: Denton, Lewisville, Flower Mound: for sale, homes, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  21. Dean & Deluca News (Pardon if mentioned!): Dallas, Plano: restaurant, company - Texas (TX)
  22. Whole house water filtration and softener system: live in, installation - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  23. Finding firewood for the winter: apartments, to buy, live - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  24. are low millage cars a luxury: Houston: home, buying, maintenance - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  25. Airport Qyestion.: Dallas, Newark, Detroit: hotel, buy, taxi - Texas (TX)
  26. Couples moving to Dallas: Plano, Richardson: neighborhoods, buy, university - Texas (TX)
  27. Spiders and Snakes around Dallas: Sherman, Weatherford: house, neighborhood, scorpions - Texas (TX)
  28. Apartments & more: Dallas, Plano, Richardson: new construction, elementary school, square footage - Texas (TX)
  29. St. Monica School Dallas: private schools, tuition, kindergarten - Texas (TX)
  30. How is Lantana, Texas for buying home ?: Dallas, Irving: real estate, new home - (TX)
  31. So tell me about south of Dallas County: Plano, Mesquite: low income, rent - Texas (TX)
  32. Good outskirt towns around Dallas for family relocation?: Denton, North Richland Hills: affordable houses, safe neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  33. Working from home - where to raise my family around DFW?: Dallas: for sale, to rent - Texas (TX)
  34. Driving from Dallas to Corpus Christi: Houston, San Antonio: shops, market, small towns - Texas (TX)
  35. Plano West -- can someone repost the graduating GPA % chart?: Austin: high schools, statistics - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  36. Program Thermostat Lux TX1500E: new house, stats, move - Dallas, Texas
  37. Moving toward dnt: Plano, Denton, McKinney: house, neighborhoods, new construction - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  38. Moving to Dallas from NE Ohio: Irving, Grapevine: to rent, townhomes, find a job - Texas (TX)
  39. Alcuin or da Vinci, other options for 18month olds?: Dallas: preschools, university - Texas (TX)
  40. Valentine's Day date ideas?: Dallas, Plano: live, restaurants, shop - Texas (TX)
  41. Sachse area that allows farm animals: Murphy, Lucas: HOA, house, subdivisions - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  42. Matrial Art studios: Dallas, Plano, Mart: live, fencing, gym - Texas (TX)
  43. Is the 75243 zip code safe for a single mother?: Dallas: for sale, apartment complexes - Texas (TX)
  44. Dallas Skyline at Night: photos, brick, town - Texas (TX)
  45. Moving to Dallas-spec need 11yo need for middle school: Fort Worth: live, professionals - Texas (TX)
  46. Magnet school admission: Dallas, West: cheap apartment, rent, live in - Texas (TX)
  47. Apple HQ2 vs Amazon HQ2: Miami: how much, tax, safe - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  48. Apartments in Frisco/Plano: Dallas, Spring: house, construction, live - Texas (TX)
  49. Seeking for advice: self perform or use local sources, property management for residential development in Dallas TX?: China: houses - Texas
  50. Northwest Dallas Neighborhood ?s: Richardson, Liberty: crime rate, homes, established neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  51. Coserv bill was huge last month??: Frisco: appointed, prices, gas - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  52. Best Areas for our family: Dallas, Irving: apartments, how much, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  53. Dallas?: San Antonio, Austin, Plano: rentals, hotels, attorney - Texas (TX)
  54. Better office location: Downtown vs. Uptown?: income, living, restaurants - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  55. Dallas’ newest light show: building, accents, work - Texas (TX)
  56. New Middle School in Denton ISD is a HIT with the KIDS!: architecture - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  57. Phoenix to Dallas: Plano, Irving, Abilene: rent, house, school district - Texas (TX)
  58. Too late to install a drip line for foundation?: how much, house - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  59. apartments in addison area for young 20s?: Dallas, Carrollton: apartment complex, lease - Texas (TX)
  60. Where is the best place for pre-school swimming classes in north Dallas?: Plano: 2013 - Texas (TX)
  61. Volleyball: Dallas: YMCA, middle school, community college - Texas (TX)
  62. Real Estate Country Place Neighborhood in Carrollton, TX: for sale, rentals - Dallas, Texas
  63. High schools in Carroll Vs. FM VsCoppell: Dallas, Flower Mound: buyers, relocating to - Texas (TX)
  64. Can you recommend an attorney for a WILL in Plano?: Dallas: 2013, live in - Texas (TX)
  65. Apartment for family with young kids near Legacy West in plano: Wylie: apartments, rental - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  66. Thoughts on Spanish House: preschool, teachers, dating - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  67. High School and College admission: Austin, Frisco: magnet schools, colleges, rank - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  68. Glade parks at Euless: Grapevine, Colleyville: low income, new home, neighborhood - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  69. Why are apartments and housing in the 75252 area code so affordable?: Dallas: affordable apartment, rental - Texas (TX)
  70. Commuting to Plano/Legacy from Dallas: Frisco, Liberty: apartment, lease, hotel - Texas (TX)
  71. Suggestions on apartments that are near Downtown Dallas and super convenient to a running trail: Katy: rail - Texas (TX)
  72. Seeking STEM/academic public HS (football is NOT a priority): Houston: dorms, transfer - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  73. which store has raw pecan for sale?: groceries, time - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  74. Moving Companies - Dallas: Highlands, Mustang: apartment, movers, live in - Texas (TX)
  75. Does Dallas have enough guest workers to staff an Amazon HQ2?: 2014, pool - Texas (TX)
  76. Advice on closing costs in Dallas?: Plano, Frisco: sales, 2013, insurance - Texas (TX)
  77. nice holiday lights up for kids to see today?: Highland Park: areas, town - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  78. Need restaurant suggestions again: Dallas, McKinney: live, restaurants, price - Texas (TX)
  79. Texas School Districts and Boundaries: Irving, Lewisville: bankrupt, property taxes, live - Dallas, (TX)
  80. Reasonable priced veterinarian uptown/Knox Henderson: Dallas, Katy: prices, dentistry, metro - Texas (TX)
  81. good contractor recommendation? - Remove half walls & replace with wood railing/balusters: general contractor - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  82. Ques For RE agents. - New RE training requirements: Dallas: real estate, school - Texas (TX)
  83. private schools in Dallas and 529 money: Van: fit in, house, transfer - Texas (TX)
  84. I believe Dallas is it!!!: construction, ranked, best - Texas (TX)
  85. Buy versus rent???: Dallas, Plano, Carrollton: apartments, rentals, insurance - Texas (TX)
  86. Good tech location with affordable rent: Dallas, Fort Worth: apartment, for rent, house - Texas (TX)
  87. Up and coming neighborhoods in Dallas?: Garland, Henderson: student loan, houses, buyers - Texas (TX)
  88. Update on best public special education ISD west of Dallas needed: Flower Mound: high school, move to - Texas (TX)
  89. I'm on the way!!!! Soon.: Dallas, Austin: apartment, to rent, houses - Texas (TX)
  90. Tow enforcement in apartment community: Dallas, Irving: rental car, apartment complex, rental - Texas (TX)
  91. Would like to ask a about the air quality/health of the Sanger area?: power lines - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  92. Do i need my birth certificate to get my drivers license if i have my texas i.d card?: required - Dallas, (TX)
  93. Amazon HDQ2---if DFW, then where?: Houston, Dallas: theater, schools, college - Texas (TX)
  94. Recommendations for a venue in Frisco/Plano/McKinney/Allen area to host a party: hotels, wedding - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  95. Interesting concept in house building coming to Frisco: Fort Worth, China: HOA, townhouse - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  96. Moving from the M streets to the suburbs: Dallas, Plano: insurance, houses - Texas (TX)
  97. Moving to McKinney area from California, need opinions :): Plano: house, school districts - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  98. adriatica mckinney: Wellington, Point: apartments, rent, condos - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  99. Toll $$$: Plano, Denton, McKinney: live in, move, commute - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  100. Grand Homes in the 1990s: Plano, McKinney: buying a house, buying, luxury - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  101. Living in downtown with kids: Houston, Dallas: salons, apartment, condos - Texas (TX)
  102. How preppy/fratty is Dallas Fort Worth?: China: neighborhood, college - Texas (TX)
  103. Greenhill school versus Carroll / Highland park ISD: Southlake, Howe: home, preschools - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  104. Looks like Dallas is on the short list for Amazon 2nd Hqrts: public transportation, money - Texas (TX)
  105. Jasper vs Liberty High school: Dallas, Austin: for rent, transfer, to buy - Texas (TX)
  106. How is the housing market now?: Plano, Spring: for sale, condominium, house - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  107. Can I survive on this income?: Dallas, Garland: apartment, to rent, HOA - Texas (TX)
  108. Can I take cabinet knobs with me?: Rankin: for sale, real estate - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  109. Bunk bed life time: Howe: loft, mattress, how much - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  110. Best neighborhoods for us (first time buyers): Dallas, Plano: real estate, house prices - Texas (TX)
  111. Confused about property tax exemptions: Dallas, Plano: real estate, condo, house - Texas (TX)
  112. Apartment living in or around Richardson: Dallas, Allen: section 8, apartment complexes, renters - Texas (TX)
  113. McCombs (Average GPA & SAT): Wharton: private schools, college, statistics - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  114. Townhomes: Dallas, Plano, Irving: apartments, condo, home builders - Texas (TX)
  115. Where are the Hispanic and Caucasian ladies who like to date Asian Men??: Dallas: gym, bars - Texas (TX)
  116. Who is the idiot who pays $150k more for a new house: Richardson: sale, real estate - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  117. Looking to Buy. Is this the Ghetto?: Dallas: house, safe area - Texas (TX)
  118. PSAT gains: appointed, public school, colleges - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  119. Jewish families in Plano/Frisco: Dallas, Richardson: houses, neighborhoods, school district - Texas (TX)
  120. From the Hudson Valley to DFW?: Dallas, Tyler: big house, high school, living in - Texas (TX)
  121. Marble flooring: Frisco: hardwood floors, houses, buying - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  122. What is the winter like?: dangerous, places, average - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  123. Location for shortest lines to renew DL in person?: Plano: tax, live - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  124. Single women moving to Dallas, TX. I Need advice on where.: Fort Worth: transplants, apartments - Texas
  125. Seniors - Places to live near North Richardson, Tx: Dallas: section 8, apartment complex - Texas (TX)
  126. Live there or sell - University Park New Construction?: Dallas: sales, real estate market - Texas (TX)
  127. Help needed to find sale price of a house: comparable sales, for sale by owner - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  128. Closest place to DFW to go see snow?: Dallas, Fort Worth: movies, shop - Texas (TX)
  129. Autism Support: Dallas, Denton, Keller: appointed, for rent, insurance - Texas (TX)
  130. Single Highschool Formula: Dallas, Plano, Allen: houses, new construction, middle schools - Texas (TX)
  131. Looking to move from Metro Detroit to Dallas Texas: Fort Worth: real estate, apartments - (TX)
  132. Location suggestions to commute to Richardson: Irving, Carrollton: house, neighborhoods, to live - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  133. Planting Palm Trees...: Dallas: neighborhood, to live, fences - Texas (TX)
  134. High Schools in Dallas area: Houston, Fort Worth: house, neighborhoods, buying - Texas (TX)
  135. Teacher job without certification?: Dallas, Howe: home, private school, universities - Texas (TX)
  136. Plano ISD Superintendent and Board Member resigning: Murphy: live, cost - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  137. Two Royal Blue Grocery Stores coming to Downtown Dallas: McKinney: apartments, condos - Texas (TX)
  138. West End Dart Station: Dallas: crime, home, transfer - Texas (TX)
  139. Sock-It-To-Me Cake: Dallas, San Antonio, Plano: wedding, buy, vs. - Texas (TX)
  140. Why do people from Dallas dump on Dallas?: Houston, San Antonio: best cities, 2013 - Texas (TX)
  141. No Wegman's, no Il Fornaio.: Dallas: restaurant, Whole Foods, office - Texas (TX)
  142. Relocating for the right reasons: Dallas, Fort Worth: sales, real estate, apartment - Texas (TX)
  143. Homestead Exemptions-Property tax breaks for over 65?: Houston, Dallas: for sale, how much, house - Texas (TX)
  144. For who made the move from California to Texas: Houston: low income, houses - Dallas, (TX)
  145. Man Look at UPTOWN DALLAS.: McKinney, Greenville: apartment, closing, nightlife - Texas (TX)
  146. Restaurants open on Thanksgiving day?: Italy: price, sushi, buffet - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  147. on the average, how much does an attorney charge for to write a legal will?: rent, lawyer - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  148. Grapevine or Flower mound: Dallas, Fort Worth: low income, houses, transfer - Texas (TX)
  149. Non touristy things to do in DFW: Dallas, Fort Worth: sale, houses - Texas (TX)
  150. Front door install in Plano: Dallas, Howe: house, neighborhood, contractor - Texas (TX)
  151. Proof that we are starting to peak...?: Plano, McKinney: sales, new home - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  152. New Home, Need Insurance, Typical Cost?: Carrollton, Liberty: homeowners insurance, good credit, broker - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  153. I live in Plano, can a kid skip first grade and access directly second grade if he is able to read and write?: Howe: 2013, home - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  154. Southlake Elementary Schools Need Help: Carrollton, Denton: daycare, how much, new house - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  155. Home insurance and home warranty recommendations?: sales, real estate, house insurance - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  156. Moving to Dallas... need advice/help on nice areas?: Plano: lease, daycare - Texas (TX)
  157. Ticketed for 96 while doing 78 in an 80 mph zone. What can I do?: Dallas: 2013, lawyer - Texas (TX)
  158. Best area for commute to DFW and DAL airports ?: Dallas: real estate, houses - Texas (TX)
  159. Experience with Obamacare providers in Dallas: low income, health insurance - Texas (TX)
  160. Suburbs of Dallas Best for Liberals: Houston, Plano: transplants, home, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  161. Where is the best place to fix my computer in Dallas: Irving: shop, move - Texas (TX)
  162. Dallas Magnet and out of District students: Plano, Murphy: low income, apartment - Texas (TX)
  163. What areas would you reccomend for a budget of 160K?: Dallas: middle-class, apartments - Texas (TX)
  164. Just found out we are moving to Dallas! Help with neighborhoods?: Garland: how much, houses - Texas (TX)
  165. relocation to Mesquite: Dallas, Garland: renting, crime, new home - Texas (TX)
  166. Help: building new home in Frisco: Little Elm, Mart: for sale, appliances, new house - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  167. Champagne Taste on currently...a Beer Budget (and I don't like beer): Dallas: houses, theatres - Texas (TX)
  168. Help me narrow down where to live - working in Sherman: Dallas: wood floors, houses - Texas (TX)
  169. People from the burbs claiming Dallas: Fort Worth, Plano: transplants, neighborhoods, living in - Texas (TX)
  170. Worried about holiday package theft?: Dallas: new house, neighborhood, disposal - Texas (TX)
  171. Best place for single woman professional 50s to live in Dallas: Orange: apartment, for rent - Texas (TX)
  172. Need Help. Witness lying in car accident: insurance, crimes - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  173. High School Help - Texas: Dallas, Austin: credit, houses, theater - (TX)
  174. Mid-30s Single Male Wanting to Leave South Florida. Dallas?!?: Houston: real estate market, apartments - Texas (TX)
  175. Shipping cars across state lines: Dallas, Austin: movers, hotels, home - Texas (TX)
  176. Where do successful mid-30s hang out?: Dallas, Plano: apartment, college - Texas (TX)
  177. Complaint/action against apartments in Irving,TX: Dallas, Allen: apartment complexes, leasing agent - Texas
  178. Formal Dining Room A Must?: real estate, houses, buying - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  179. How many have dash cams? Before/after accident??: San Antonio: insurance, how much - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  180. Average CATS scores: home, preschool, assessment - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  181. home buying in Mckinney: Plano, Allen: new home, neighborhood, theatre - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  182. NC to TX move from Raleigh or Charlotte?: Dallas: rental, amusement parks - Texas
  183. Frisco ISD’s Annual Musical Chairs: Plano, Liberty: homes, established neighborhood, buy - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  184. DISD vs. HPISD: Dallas, Plano, Highland Park: crime, buying a home, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  185. Did I make a mistake? Waterford Park vs Twins Creek: Dallas: for sale, custom home - Texas (TX)
  186. $3000 electric bill: Austin: house, roofing, price - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  187. Tampa vs Dallas: Hillsboro, Winters, Trinity: real estate, home owners insurance, houses - Texas (TX)
  188. Best lighted neigborhoods in DFW area: Arlington, Plano: cul-de-sac, appointed, hotel - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  189. Best acreage living around DFW?: Dallas, Fort Worth: house, to buy, price - Texas (TX)
  190. Community Recommendations for Upper Middle Class Black Family: Dallas, Plano: condo, mortgages - Texas (TX)
  191. Am I going to die in DFW?: Dallas, Paris: home, closing - Texas (TX)
  192. Pros & Cons for retiring in DFW area: Dallas, San Antonio: sales, condo - Texas (TX)
  193. Warning- Plano News: HOA, house, living in - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  194. Republicans/Conservatives/Libertarians in the Oak Lawn and Deep Ellum areas.: Dallas: credit, attorney - Texas (TX)
  195. Paying $1100 rent for 1 bedroom apartment in Farmers Branch: Irving, McKinney: apartments, rental - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  196. PSAT vs. SAT scores: Dallas, Plano: low income, high schools, median - Texas (TX)
  197. Programming in Dallas: moving to, similar - Texas (TX)
  198. Recommendations and/or advice razing an existing home and rebuilding: Dallas: new home, buying - Texas (TX)
  199. Home insurance is soared this year?: shop, plumbing, heating - Dallas, Texas (TX)
  200. Pickup Tennis Courts in Allen: Dallas, Irving: high school, park - Texas (TX)