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  11. Oldest building still standing?: campus, buildings, place - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  13. Is Indy a good snowy vacation city?: Indianapolis, Rochester: live, dangerous - (IN)
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  16. E. 36 & Washington and Central/E. 44- Safe locations for morning/night jogging?: Monon: neighborhood - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  18. Hair Help!: Carmel: hair salon, how much, pay - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  19. 96th and Keystone - dangerous intersection: Indianapolis, Carmel: most dangerous, cars, install - (IN)
  20. Issues with U-Verse: credit, home, neighborhood - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  21. 2 free tks to brickyard: race - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  22. What do you think of the Brickyard 400.: Indianapolis: prices, move - (IN)
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  24. Broken Lease: Indianapolis: apartment complex, rental, credit - (IN)
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  28. Why did it take a mere 15 minutes for me to walk across Indianapolis?: appointed - (IN)
  29. Dog Boarding in Hamilton County: Noblesville, Hope: day care, house, price - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  30. Traveling to Indy, is it safe to walk: Indianapolis, Washington: apartments, condos - (IN)
  31. Lakeshore Apts?: Fishers, Carmel, Washington: apartments, good schools, to live - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  32. Looking for a good mechanic: Greenwood, Avon: mover, shop, vehicle - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  33. about safety and value: for sale, houses, neighborhood - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  34. Old building at of Ohio and Alabama: Indianapolis: city hall, home - (IN)
  35. Area around 65th-71st & Allisonville: Indianapolis, Fishers: houses, buyers, construction - (IN)
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  37. 100 days and counting.: neighborhood, construction, public transportation - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  38. Trains in McCordsville?: Elkhart, Marion, Austin: section 8, foreclosure, sex offenders - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  39. Indy is the new Vegas!: Indianapolis: calculated, place to live, moving to - (IN)
  40. 16 Park: section 8, apartment, renting - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  41. Daycare Danville/Avon area?: Indianapolis, Rockville: daycares, live in, club - (IN)
  42. realtors specializing in old fixer uppers?: Indianapolis, Avon: real estate, to rent, houses - (IN)
  43. Central Indiana Stay at Home Dads/Moms: Indianapolis: neighborhood, school - (IN)
  44. Indianapolis to Liberty; tornado alley ?: Richmond: trains, map of - (IN)
  45. Private school voucher program: Indianapolis, Gary: renting, home, neighborhoods - (IN)
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  47. move next year.. From Dayton to Eagle Creek..?: Indianapolis: apartment complexes, to rent - (IN)
  48. Final Days before Election '11: Indianapolis: crime, credit rating, house - (IN)
  49. Out of County Tax: Indianapolis, Fishers: school districts, taxi, income - (IN)
  50. Gratz Frankfort Indiana/Indy Metro area.: Greenwood, Franklin: tech jobs, moving, castle - Indianapolis, (IN)
  51. Popeyes Chicken: Indianapolis, Whitestown: taxes, live, restaurants - (IN)
  52. The teeth at I 70 and Holt Rd: Indianapolis: how much, tax - (IN)
  53. Know of Great Indy Shots: Indianapolis, Bright: college, arena, parking - (IN)
  54. Moved to Danville!: Alamo: homes, unemployment, schools - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  58. Kingsley neighborhood / Noblesville: Lawrence, Carmel: apartment, rent, loan - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  59. Winona Hospital: Indianapolis, Anderson, Carmel: insurance, hotel, closing - (IN)
  60. Gratz to Indianapolis!: best, top 10, American - (IN)
  61. What's with no basements?: Indianapolis, Marion: fit in, houses, construction - (IN)
  62. Viking Meadows - Westfield. We Need Help.: new house, to buy - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  64. Colts Talk.: Orleans: train, retire, deal - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  65. Colts game sunday: buy, restaurants, stores - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  66. Commute from Broadripple to Westfield ?: Carmel: live in, suburban, commute to - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  67. Can suggest a GREAT realtor to help us find a house for rent?: townhome - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  68. 24 hour tattoo parlor: Indianapolis: place, steak, owner - (IN)
  69. Sherwood Forest Nora: Carmel, Westfield, Monon: section 8, apartments, rent - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  70. driving through indianapolis: Plainfield, Southport: restaurants, floor, eat - (IN)
  71. Estridge Builders - Should I worry about an existing home?: Indianapolis: for sale, real estate - (IN)
  72. Shopping near UIndy campus: Indianapolis, Greenwood: safe area, movie theater, school - (IN)
  73. Riding bike downtown at night: Greenwood: house, neighborhood, to live - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  74. Team/live trivia in Indy: house, bars, car - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  75. Wrong Mortgage Paid Off During Real Estate Transaction: rental, 2nd mortgage - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  76. Help relocating for an AA single mother of 2 little ones: Lawrence: rent, high crime - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  77. Colonial Apartments/Meridian Management: Indianapolis, Riley: apartment complexes, lease, how much - (IN)
  78. Normandy Farms Subdivision: Lafayette, Brownsburg, Zionsville: low income, homes, neighborhood - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  79. Two-story or one-story more desirable?: Brownsburg: for sale, houses, buyers - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  80. Moving in about 2 weeks and need help!: Indianapolis, Lafayette: apartments, rentals - (IN)
  81. Equivalent of Bridgewater Club in Fishers?: Carmel, Brook: for sale, foreclosure, homes - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  82. Safe Places to Live Near IUPUI: Hope: hardwood floors, rent, townhouses - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  83. Suggestions for contemporary/transitional area rug stores in Indy?: Indianapolis: tile, price - (IN)
  84. Letting your dog swim?: Indianapolis, Fishers: buy, to live in, pool - (IN)
  85. Reliable property managment company: rentals, home, tenants - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  86. So...where would a single 34 year old with no friends meet people?: neighborhoods - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  87. Single guy - where to live?: Indianapolis, Hope: to rent, employment, neighborhood - (IN)
  88. wedding receptions downtown Indy that won't leave me TOTALLY BROKE: licensed, budget - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  89. are there polish speaking people in indianapolis???: looking for, individual - (IN)
  90. Moving to Indianapolis without a job, apartment or room sharing?: extended stay - (IN)
  91. Crime Risk for apartments: Washington, Oxford: section 8, neighborhood, pros and cons - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  92. Best movie theater in northern suburbs?: Carmel, Noblesville: live in, safe, moving to - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  93. Job in Carmel - best place to live: Westfield, Zionsville: schools, price - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  94. Questions about Avon/Plainfield: Carmel, Marion: YMCA, construction, public schools - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  95. Moving from up north to Indy, need advice on location of prospective house rental.: Indianapolis: apartment complexes - (IN)
  96. Tourism Suggestions!!: Indianapolis, Butler, Southport: hotels, house, price - (IN)
  97. boating around Indpls years ago: Indianapolis: area, race, party - (IN)
  98. Seeking real-life GT/high ability elementary school experiences: Fishers, Carmel: magnet schools, college - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  99. Indianapolis 4th of july: activities, best, park - (IN)
  100. DOWNTOWN Short Term Accomadation: apartment complexes, rental, hotel - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  101. like gas systems over electric?: house, buying, bills - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  102. Downtown Indy: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Gary: sales, condos, townhouse - (IN)
  103. Suggestions for a return to Indy area: Indianapolis, Fishers: real estate, 2015 - (IN)
  104. Attorney Needed: Noblesville: live, money, affordable - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  105. Apartment above Columbus, IN business: rentals, to live, teaching - Indianapolis, Indiana
  106. Can recommend a good volleyball club in Indy?: Carmel: best school, moving to - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  107. Teaching Jobs: Indianapolis: school district, voucher, income - (IN)
  108. English guy visiting 11-16 June: rated, business, working - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  109. Update forum for Indy.: Indianapolis: hotel, houses, neighborhood - (IN)
  110. finding a generally safe place to live in indy: Monon: apartment, living - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  111. Which side of Indy is growing the fastest?: Carmel, Hamilton: sales, foreclosure - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  112. about special ed programs in Indy area: Indianapolis, Fishers: middle school, live - (IN)
  113. Weekly benefits: insurance, how much, unemployment rate - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  114. Political/Cultural/Religious Diversity and Biking/Walking in North Indy: Indianapolis: home, safe area - (IN)
  115. Homeless: Noblesville, Beech Grove, Speedway: apartments, condo, house - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  116. Speeding Ticket in Work zone: Indianapolis, Terre Haute: construction, DMV, airport - (IN)
  117. Atheist at a christian college?: Indianapolis, Franklin: chapel, schools, university - (IN)
  118. Mayoral Race: Indianapolis, English: high crime, home, neighborhoods - (IN)
  119. How Safe/Affordable Is The Near Southeast Side?: Lawrence, Warren: apartments, rental - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  120. Broad Ripple Area: Indianapolis, Butler, Hope: crime, home, neighborhoods - (IN)
  121. The Rebirth of Center Township.: Indianapolis, Fishers: apartment, crime, neighborhoods - (IN)
  122. Many questions about relocation: Indianapolis, Fishers: apartments, rent, day care - (IN)
  123. Moving To Indiana from Florida NEED HELP!: Indianapolis, Greenwood: low crime, homes - (IN)
  124. What is this Development?: Carmel, Zionsville: condos, townhomes, neighborhood - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  125. leave Indy and hesitant to come back?: transplants, how much - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  126. Where should we rent a home?: Indianapolis, Anderson: extended stay, rental, crime - (IN)
  127. More about Public Transportation: Indianapolis, Muncie: rent, vehicle registration, mortgage - (IN)
  128. Indy has a Great Downtown!: Indianapolis: real estate, apartments, condos - (IN)
  129. Back Home for the Weekend: Indianapolis, Anderson: homes, neighborhoods, construction - (IN)
  130. Do you think that the Far West Side of Indianapolis is becoming ghetto?: Fishers: section 8, apartment complex - (IN)
  131. move from South Texas to Indy: Greenwood, Plainfield: apartment complexes, rental market - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  132. Occupy Indianapolis dying?: Warren, Elizabeth: sales, unemployment, sales tax - (IN)
  133. Indianapolis Theme Park: Marion, Noblesville, Plainfield: for sale, amusement parks, hotels - (IN)
  134. Cars with Illinois plates: Fort Wayne, Hamilton: rental car, rental, houses - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  135. Questions about Indianapolis area activities and services: Lafayette, Fishers: rent, house - (IN)
  136. Relocation: Carmel, Marion, Brownsburg: houses, neighborhoods, public schools - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  137. Fall/Winter Activities in & around Indy: Indianapolis, Bloomington: appointed, homes - (IN)
  138. can suggest suitable neighborhoods for us?: Indianapolis, Lawrence: fit in, apartments - (IN)
  139. RIP Dan Wheldon.: Indianapolis, Hope: how much, driver, road - (IN)
  140. Seeking Family Friendly, Intelectual and Politically Moderate community/neighborhood in Carmel/Zionsville/Fishers: Indianapolis: sales, homes - (IN)
  141. Does Indianapolis Have A Quality Downtown?: Portland, Salem: apartments, condos, hotels - (IN)
  142. Best smaller city within Indy metro?: Indianapolis, Fishers: apartment, rentals, houses - (IN)
  143. Need suburb suggestions: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Columbus: best city, house, transfer - (IN)
  144. Gratz to Indianapolis this is MAJOR!: Hammond, Hope: to rent, how much, unemployed - (IN)
  145. where to live working near the airport: Indianapolis, Greenwood: houses, school district - (IN)
  146. Round this off........: Indianapolis, Columbus, Carmel: 2014, construction, live in - (IN)
  147. Want To Relocate To Indy. Help!!: Indianapolis, Columbus: section 8, sales - (IN)
  148. Winter Clothing: for sale, buying, live - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  149. Who do you think will win?: Indianapolis: 2015, crime, credit - (IN)
  150. Need your advice on where to live...: Indianapolis, Carmel: apartment complexes, home - (IN)
  151. Gratz Indianapolis: Franklin: neighborhood, live, financing - (IN)
  152. a Tragedy has happened in Indianapolis.: Lawrence: construction, safety, county - (IN)
  153. Where to move?: Indianapolis, Columbus, Lawrence: fit in, home, best schools - (IN)
  154. West side of Indy: Indianapolis, Plainfield: foreclosure, renting, houses - (IN)
  155. Muncie/Anderson area??: Indianapolis, Brownsburg, Westfield: crime rates, neighborhoods, live in - (IN)
  156. Indy's bid for the 2020 Summer Olympics: Indianapolis, Atlanta: crime, cost of, relocate to - (IN)
  157. Transplants: how do you like Indy?: Indianapolis, Bloomington: real estate, house, transfer - (IN)
  158. Opportunities for new CS PhDs in Indianapolis?: Bloomington, Lafayette: fit in, buying a house - (IN)
  159. Indy Passing Detroit City Pop to Hit 1 Million??: Indianapolis: closing, moving - (IN)
  160. Moving to Indianapolis from South Florida: Elkhart: foreclosure, crime, house - (IN)
  161. Moving from Chicago to Indy-Good areas in Indy?: Indianapolis, Carmel: to rent, low crime - (IN)
  162. Desperate for advice: move to Muncie or move to Indy and commute?: Fort Wayne: real estate, apartments - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  163. How long until this happens?: Indianapolis, Lawrence: crime, cheap home, school district - (IN)
  164. Good Honda repair shop in Indianapolis area?: Lafayette, Greensboro: construction, prices - (IN)
  165. Work downtown and live where?: Beech Grove: apartment, lease, limo - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  166. Looking for cheap safe area in INDY: Indianapolis, Columbus: hardwood floors, apartments
  167. Has Broad Ripple fallen on hard times: Zionsville: for rent, neighborhoods - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  168. Indianapolis rated first in nation for cheap housing and employment opportunities: Columbus: real estate, houses - (IN)
  169. Problems with Section 8 neighbors....advice: Indianapolis, Hamilton: apartment, crime, selling a home - (IN)
  170. Indianapolis Metrorail: Lawrence, Fishers, Carmel: mover, bus, to move - (IN)
  171. Best Greek Restaurant?: Indianapolis: neighborhood, college, restaurants - (IN)
  172. Andre Carson....Why Is He Continually being re-elected??: Selma: house, live - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  173. Moving to Indy from NJ: Lawrence, Fishers: apartment complex, to rent, condos - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  174. Living in Marion County: Indianapolis, Gary: sales, real estate, crime - (IN)
  175. Who are good Estate Planning Lawyers?: Indianapolis, Noblesville: lawyer, living, law - (IN)
  176. Is Carmel, IN a family friendly place?: Westfield, Tipton: homes, neighborhoods - Indianapolis, Indiana
  177. Are We Ready for Super Bowl 46?: Indianapolis, Fishers: how much, construction, schools - (IN)
  178. Indianapolis next Boom Town!: Washington: crime rates, employment, schools - (IN)
  179. Lol You really can't get more stupid than this.: Pittsboro: crime, house - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  180. Indianapolis vs. Bloomington - Commute to Columbus, IN: Fishers, Greenwood: transplants, buying a home
  181. Indianapolis on set to have this title.: Carmel, Economy: house, job market - (IN)
  182. Big Women In Indianapolis: Fort Wayne, Evansville: living in, mall, move - (IN)
  183. Mortgage with 609 credit score????: rental, mortgage broker, credit card - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  184. oh no.: Washington: painter, sold, system - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  185. Super Bowl 46: Indianapolis, Patriot: hotel, home, college - (IN)
  186. Greenwood...The good, bad and ugly!: Indianapolis, Columbus: how much, home, school - (IN)
  187. How many people are moving from Detroit to Indy?: Indianapolis: upkeep, taxes - (IN)
  188. Crime Downtown: Indianapolis, Washington: apartments, violent crime, house - (IN)
  189. Historic Dorchester Apartments?: Indianapolis, Gary: violent crime, houses, living in - (IN)
  190. International Village Apartments: Indianapolis: high school, place to live, moving to - (IN)
  191. Church/Indoor Court to play Bball At?: electricity, winter - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  192. Autumn Breeze Apartments & Northside Choices: townhomes, tornado, moving to - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  193. Antenna purchase and installation: Warren Park, Warren: house, live in, deal - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  194. Surely there is someone out there with a reliable property management company!!!!: rentals - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  195. Dr. recommendation needed: home, college, eat - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  196. Safe Area?: Rockville: chapel, home, utilities - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  197. efficiency near airport: house, safe, cheap - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  198. Independent Honda repair shops?: good, suggestions - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  199. Carmel marathon: outside, Saturday, start - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  200. Flat downtown: Indianapolis, Southport: apartment, rent, safe neighborhood - (IN)