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  1. Wanting to move to downtown Indianapolis, I am which area or area's are good?: Greenfield: apartments - (IN)
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  7. In Rememberance of Martin Luther King Jr.: Indianapolis: credit, buildings - (IN)
  8. Wentworth at West Clay, Main Street on the Monon, or the Reserve at Williams Glen: Carmel: apartment - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  9. Nora & Meridian-Kessler: Indianapolis, Washington, Butler: apartments, houses, job transfer - (IN)
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  11. For Real?: Hope: house, DMV, moving to - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  14. is there an art community?: Indianapolis, Bloomington: buying, school, college - (IN)
  15. Best documentry of Indianapolis i have ever seen.: town, road - (IN)
  16. La Joya Apartments: Lafayette: apartment complex, rental, crime - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  20. Daycare recommendations: Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel: schools, college, live - (IN)
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  22. Merle Sidener Gifted Academy: Carmel, Zionsville: magnet school, live, relocation - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  23. Coming back to Indianapolis!!: Upland: house, college, live - (IN)
  24. about bike lanes: Indianapolis, Elkhart: home, live, dangerous - (IN)
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  26. Chiropractor who teats SI joints: Dyer, Shadeland: health, rated, county - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  27. Moving to INDY where to live?: Indianapolis, Fishers: apartments, renting, mover
  28. Questions about Historic Marcy Village Apts: job transfer, groceries, mold - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  29. The Bar Scene: Monon: to live in, bars, area - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  30. Indianapolis/Milwaukee city and suburb comparison: Fishers, Carmel: apartment, townhouses, neighborhood - (IN)
  31. Devonshire neighborhood: Fishers, Marion, Shadeland: foreclosures, homes, established neighborhood - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  32. Indianapolis and Indiana about to get a major job boost?: Fishers: 2015, bus - (IN)
  33. Best apartment to live Downtown with a dog: Carmel: apartment complexes, living - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  34. Survey on Right to Work: salary, live, office - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  36. Act of Valor!!: living in, safe, average - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  39. Local Teacher's Forum?: Indianapolis: school, teachers, black - (IN)
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  42. One day in Indianapolis on photography trip; best sights to photograph?: Columbus: home, neighborhoods - (IN)
  43. Broad Ripple Area?: drive, hospital, traffic - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  44. Pining for Indy: Indianapolis, Lafayette: apartment, school, live - (IN)
  45. E,W,N,S of Methodist for a walkable Apt. names or streets?: apartment - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  46. Leaving out of state licensed vehicle in Indiana: home, exemptions - Indianapolis, (IN)
  47. IT/Tech jobs Indianapolis: Brook: contractors, income, live - (IN)
  48. Ooops-I meant good area within walking distance of Methodist Hospital?: apartments, condos - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  49. Need recommendation for fencing company, Indy area: Hope: price, privacy - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  50. Husband's 30th - Celebrate in Indy: Indianapolis: gardens, bars, kitchen - (IN)
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  52. State fair findings r in: get credit, safety, design - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  53. New newspaper?: Indianapolis: buy, homeless, money - (IN)
  54. Independent custom home builders: Indianapolis, Lawrence: real estate market, power lines, luxury - (IN)
  55. storic towns near the Indy area?: Indianapolis, Greenwood: homes, theater - (IN)
  56. keep lease or backout: houses, neighborhood, tenant - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  64. What to do in Indianapolis for a day?: Washington: how much, theatre - (IN)
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  69. Need: Indianapolis: apartments, home, income - (IN)
  70. Good Schools in Indy: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne: sales, real estate, rental - (IN)
  71. Place to Shoot an Engagement Photo.: Indianapolis, Speedway: university, restaurants, club - (IN)
  72. Do you feel like you are fairly taxed?: Indianapolis: unemployment, taxes - (IN)
  73. Westfield vs. Fishers/Noblesville: Indianapolis, Carmel: rental homes, new home, to buy - (IN)
  74. Need a really cheap hotel!: Shadeland: hotels, places, road - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  75. Campaigning Over: Greenwood, Frankfort, Greenfield: college, castle, suburb - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  76. Are V.L.'s In Fountain Square?: real estate, how much - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  77. Is there development in this area?: Indianapolis, Speedway: for sale, houses - (IN)
  78. public school: school district, living, required - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  79. Is it safe for us to move to Greenwood, IN???: Indianapolis: to rent, movers
  80. Information for people moving to Indianapolis.: Hope: apartments, for rent, crime - (IN)
  81. Indianapolis has one of the most affordable housing markets in the country.: Kokomo: ranked - (IN)
  82. Moving to Indy very soon and need help: apartments, rentals - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  83. 49th Annual Circle of Lights.: Edinburgh: restaurant, rich, horse - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  84. Looking for downtown apartment information (can't find anything!): Indianapolis, Madison: apartments, rent - (IN)
  85. Oh jesus not again.: Indianapolis: car, gas, charge - (IN)
  86. Eagle Creek Areea: Indianapolis, Marion: apartment complex, rentals, crime - (IN)
  87. Schools with both strong academics AND strong Catholic identity?: Indianapolis: catholic schools, nicest - (IN)
  88. Best Coffee Shops in Indy to loiter for a few hours?: Indianapolis: buy, deal - (IN)
  89. hello: Indianapolis: home, taxes, living - (IN)
  90. your advice: houses, crawl space, buy - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  91. High Rise Student Housing Downtown: Washington: home, college, moving - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  92. Deal with Fountain Square?: Indianapolis, Avon: apartments, for rent, how much - (IN)
  93. Nursing School? Clinicals?: Bloomington, Butler: private schools, universities, licensed - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  94. Is there about to be a surge in job openings in Indy?: best - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  95. Moving to Indy advice would be great: Indianapolis: real estate, to rent - (IN)
  96. Eagledale: crime, new house, neighborhood - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  97. Good news for Downtown Indianapolis.: moving, train, cars - (IN)
  98. Indianapolis City Market: home, prices, office - (IN)
  99. Indianapolis downtown photos: skyscraper, places, photographer - (IN)
  100. Will Colts season ticket renewals drop?: to move, location, economy - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  101. Indy area floods: Indianapolis, Columbus, Marion: insurance, lender, how much - (IN)
  102. give advice on apartment complexes...: Indianapolis: mover, crime - (IN)
  103. Indianapolis poised for a High-Tech Boom?: best cities, tech jobs, construction - (IN)
  104. Sanitary Diner: Washington: bill, train, electricity - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  105. Buyers Agent?: houses, market, agents - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  106. GA Street possibilities: Indianapolis, Marion, Boston: crime, how much, luxury - (IN)
  107. On business for 2 months. what to do in Indy?: Indianapolis: car rental, rental - (IN)
  108. Religious Protestors: Indianapolis, Knox, Orleans: cars, rating, best - (IN)
  109. Random: Indianapolis, South Bend: live in, price, move - (IN)
  110. Help on a couple of Indy neighborhoods...: Lawrence, Washington: homes, school district - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  111. Leave Indianapolis for Chicago? (hipsterish, single, youth life, college, dating): real estate, apartment - (IN)
  112. Your humble mod needs s: Plainfield, Avon: appointed, high school, subdivisions - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  113. Good news for Indianapolis and Indiana: sales, credit, home sales - (IN)
  114. Hiking in central Indiana: Anderson, Greencastle: purchase, camping, income - Indianapolis, (IN)
  115. Can't figure out BrightHouse/Comcast: Plainfield, Jonesboro: home, contractor, living in - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  116. Ryan Homes in Noblesville: Hamilton, Greensboro: fit in, sales, house - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  117. What has happened to the Nora area?: Indianapolis, Fishers: section 8, apartment complexes - (IN)
  118. Can an old apartment comples sue me after 14 years: real estate, lease - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  119. Do you find pictures of downtown INDY shocking?: Indianapolis: mover, how much
  120. Curious as to when the Indiana house is going to approve Mass Transit.: Indianapolis: 2014, taxes - (IN)
  121. leaving Indy!: Indianapolis, Washington: school, college, living - (IN)
  122. Hmm interesting.: Indianapolis: rent, houses, job openings - (IN)
  123. Suck for Luck.: oil, stadium, health - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  124. The Rarest Ethnic Food in Indianapolis?: Carmel, Peru: school, restaurants, costs - (IN)
  125. The Mayor of Indianapolis Between 2011-2015 is.....: Knox: to live, budget - (IN)
  126. Speeding violations in Marion and surrounding counties: Carmel, Westfield: high school, living in - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  127. Great Challenge for Indianapolis and Greg Ballards 2nd term.: Washington: bus, light rail - (IN)
  128. Austrians in Indianapolis (or of German heritage): South Bend, Greenwood: homes, neighborhood - (IN)
  129. Occupy Indianapolis More Civilized than other cities?: move, companies - (IN)
  130. Better Gas up!: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne: house, unemployment, tax - (IN)
  131. Have Experience With Township Small CLaim Courts?: Indianapolis: appointed, insurance - (IN)
  132. Wow that is very affordable!: Indianapolis, Carmel: low crime, how much, houses - (IN)
  133. Moving to Indianapolis and just saw an apartment... is the area ok?: apartments, for rent - (IN)
  134. safest apartments for under $500 in nw or sw indy?: Indianapolis: to rent, crime - (IN)
  135. Thin Mints still rock regardless!: Hope: house, shop, homosexual - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  136. City- County Council to consider expanded smoking ban: sale, hotel - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  137. Indy vs. KC Battle: Indianapolis, Muncie: how much, houses, neighborhoods - (IN)
  138. Indianapolis' Super Bowl a Net Loser for Locals: hotels, neighborhoods - (IN)
  139. Patriots Fans Going to Practice Facility: Travel Warning: Lafayette, Carmel: design, best - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  140. seen traffics cams in Indy?: Hamilton, Orland: move to, ticket, expense - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  141. What is the job market like for special education teachers?: Indianapolis: low income, home - (IN)
  142. Public Schools vs Christian: Lafayette, Plainfield: catholic schools, university, live in - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  143. State and Amazon come to an agreement: Indianapolis, Evansville: sales, 2014 - (IN)
  144. Relocating to Indianapolis: Gary, Carmel, Greenwood: 2013, apartment complexes, rental homes - (IN)
  145. January 19th 1994 Am I alone?: Indianapolis, Franklin: middle school, closing, taxes - (IN)
  146. Is the Indianapolis Metro Area becoming too top-heavy: Fishers: employment, camps - (IN)
  147. When is Fishers becoming a city?: Columbus: construction, living, deal - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  148. Liberal church near Indianapolis: Universal: college, gay-friendly, warm - (IN)
  149. The REAL cost of home ownership?: Indianapolis, Greenwood: insurance, assessors, mortgage - (IN)
  150. Great job Mayor Ballard this is the perfect vision/plan: Indianapolis: bankruptcy, university - (IN)
  151. Which Town/City will become the next Suburb?: Indianapolis, Anderson: new home, elementary schools - (IN)
  152. moving to indy from gary: Indianapolis, Washington: apartments, rental, crime - (IN)
  153. Parking meter rates go up again: Indianapolis: restaurants, prices, shop - (IN)
  154. Moving to Indy from NYC this summer...where to live?: Indianapolis: apartment, to rent - (IN)
  155. Looks like we will be advertising around Chicago/Cincy/louisville :): Indianapolis: 2014, buying - (IN)
  156. OOOOOOO WEEEEEEE......What up with that????: Indianapolis: home, school, pros and cons - (IN)
  157. May I be the first to welcome: Indianapolis, Patriot: price, best - (IN)
  158. !!! Indianapolis officially matters now!!!: 2014, purchase, costs - (IN)
  159. What's with the Pure Michigan Billboards all over Indy?: unemployment rate, buying - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  160. Indianapolis Zoo: 2014, live in, transport - (IN)
  161. Moving to Indianapolis, advice about where to live.: Fishers, Carmel: rental, home builders - (IN)
  162. Predictions for Population of Indianapolis Metro 2030?: Anderson, Kokomo: fit in, apartment, to buy - (IN)
  163. How far is too far to drive to work?: Indianapolis: house, neighborhood - (IN)
  164. Martinsville, Indiana crime: high crime, schools, live - Indianapolis, (IN)
  165. Automobile Excise Tax: Indianapolis, Zionsville: sales, car insurance, homes - (IN)
  166. For people interested in Indianapolis History :): house, high school, move - (IN)
  167. KC/Indy/Columbus outgrowing Minneapolis?: Bloomington, Atlanta: wealthy, suburbs, estate - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  168. ESPN giving lots of love to Indy: Indianapolis, Greensboro: renting, buying a home - (IN)
  169. Uh Oh! Chicago Maaaaddddd!: Indianapolis: hotel, new home, pricing - (IN)
  170. Off the chart Radon levels: Indianapolis, Columbus: how much, homes, to live - (IN)
  171. Super Bowl XLVI: Indianapolis: credit, how much, tax - (IN)
  172. That Uneasy Feeling: Indianapolis: hotel, houses, unemployment - (IN)
  173. No longer Winless!: Hope: safe, move, toxic - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  174. Is Indy ahead for its size?: Indianapolis, Bloomington: fit in, credit, home - (IN)
  175. New Jordans at Lafayette Sq Mall!!: buy, eat, sold - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  176. Has Indianapolis seen the last of Peyton?: Bloomington: to move, retired - (IN)
  177. commute: Indianapolis, Marion, Plainfield: low income, for sale, rentals - (IN)
  178. Married Same-Sex Couple moving to Indy: Indianapolis, Anderson: fit in, real estate, apartments - (IN)
  179. no way!!!!: Indianapolis: 2013, casino, taxes - (IN)
  180. City to present Rail to State Tomorrow: Fishers, Carmel: income, income tax - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  181. Indianapolis westside (46222)...questions???: Fishers, Plainfield, Speedway: extended stay, apartment, lease - (IN)
  182. New Downtown Development and bye bye surface lots: Indianapolis: how much, neighborhood - (IN)
  183. Indianapolis hosting the Superbowl: appointed, renting, hotel - (IN)
  184. And we Contiune to build Houses in Indy.....: 2013, renting - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  185. Thanks in advance!!: Indianapolis: unemployment, payments, application - (IN)
  186. Purdue grads: student, landmarks, events - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  187. Harbour Club condominiums: purchasing, school, safety - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  188. Downtown this Months International Downtown Associations DT of the Month - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  189. 2012 Country Mega Ticket: sale, buying, military - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  190. Great job, Indianapolitans!: rated, area, weather - Indianapolis, (IN)
  191. Paramount School of Excellence: Indianapolis: about, information - (IN)
  192. New to Area Carpool needed: Lawrence, Carmel: live in, car, work - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  193. good story from CMT Crossroads show in Indy Feb 4: tickets, hairdresser - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  194. Legends Creek Condo: golf, map, - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  195. subdivisons with a community gym/ fitness center: house, buy - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  196. Great story about housing :): Indianapolis: crime, homes, estimate - (IN)
  197. Looking for an apt. with publis trans. to Methodist Hosp. on Senate Street.: apartment - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  198. live in this place?: Carmel, Alexandria: place to live, reviews, Internet service - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  199. A long 4 years for Indianapolis: Vernon: law, county, party - (IN)
  200. Marion County is getting safer.: Indianapolis: map, comparison, between - (IN)