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  70. Places to stand up paddle board: Indianapolis, Fishers: renting, beach, best place - (IN)
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  86. Wanamaker area apts: Franklin, Beech Grove, Southport: apartments, home, nightlife - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  87. Best Place to Live Far East/Southeast/South Side of Indy: Carmel: Home Depot, school district - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  88. High speed or fiberoptic Internet provider: Indianapolis, South Bend: cost, monthly, road - (IN)
  89. private schools- in indy area? too sports focused and outdated?: Carmel: credit, house - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  94. Fishers lands an Aurelios: Indianapolis, Hammond: 2014, house, tenants - (IN)
  95. Carmel? Zionsville? Best area with small children?: Indianapolis, Fishers: best town, rental - (IN)
  96. 800 N. Capital Apartments: Riley: safe area, tenants, living in - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  97. rental needed - avon schools: Rockville: apartment complex, rentals, home - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  98. What is Carmel, Indiana Like?: Indianapolis: how much, houses, job openings - (IN)
  99. CP Morgan Vinyl Siding Manufacturer?: house, eat, company - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  100. Avon or Brownsburg or Plainfield, Which is best?: apartment complexes, elementary schools - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  101. Recommend good veterinarians for cats: Lafayette, Fishers: living, moving, bill - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  102. Da Bears games in Indy: Hope: 2014, how much, home - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  103. relocating to Indy help: Fishers, Carmel: rental, mover, broker - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  104. Loose Dogs: Franklin: house, school, living in - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  105. What is causing homes in this area to drop precipitously in value?: Indianapolis: for sale, foreclosed - (IN)
  106. Banker Life Fieldhouse parking: Shelbyville, Washington: house, restaurant, pub - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  107. Another about commute: Indianapolis, Fishers: schools, living in, suburbs - (IN)
  108. So, would you move a family with four kids into a home in Holy Cross?: Indianapolis: high crime, houses - (IN)
  109. Is a commute from Bloomington to Greenwood feasible?: Indianapolis, Carmel: apartments, how much - (IN)
  110. Are road conditions/potholes major liabilities for the city going forward?: Indianapolis: college, maintenance - (IN)
  111. Is $37,000 a nice salary for a single person in Indianapolis?: Fishers: apartment, to rent - (IN)
  112. Synagogues in the Indy area: Indianapolis, Fishers: 2015, for rent, home - (IN)
  113. Moving to Indianapolis/Carmel as non-religious family: Anderson, Fishers: transplants, neighborhood - (IN)
  114. Free things to do in Indianapolis: Washington, Butler: rent, how much, university - (IN)
  115. Carmel as poster child of the new aspirational suburb in USA: Indianapolis: high school, college - (IN)
  116. Help Family of 6 relocating to Indianapolis where to live and schools!: Fishers: rent, how much - (IN)
  117. Planning in advance for trip to Indianapolis: Lafayette, Washington: rentals, hotels - (IN)
  118. Indianapolis or Charlotte?: Atlanta, Economy: taxes, living, cost of living - (IN)
  119. Where South meets Midwest. (photos): Indianapolis: 2015, living, station parking - (IN)
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  121. Place to live in between Indianapolis and Bloomington: Greenwood, Franklin: houses, school district - (IN)
  122. Pacers and colts fans are boring and cheesy.: Indianapolis, Orleans: to live in, horse - (IN)
  123. a job transfer from Anchorage airport to Indianapolis airport: Bloomington: sales, 2013 - (IN)
  124. Indy has recovered all the jobs from the recession.: Indianapolis: 2015, income - (IN)
  125. 2014 homocide stats Indianapolis vs Chicago: Marion: crime, dangerous, activities - (IN)
  126. 93.1 wibc dropping rush limbaugh??: Indianapolis: 2015, live, retired - (IN)
  127. My diabetic, blind dog barks when we leave for work - neighbors at apt complex are complaining! :(: Hope: 2014, apartment complex - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  128. Yorktown to Indy Commute?: Muncie, Anderson: buying a house, buying, elementary school - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  130. Massive brawl at Castleton mall results in shots fired.: Indianapolis: 2015, crime - (IN)
  131. I need help! My son has problems: deficit disorder and so on: Indianapolis: renting, schools - (IN)
  132. I smell a lot of marijuana in the area.: Bloomington: apartment complex, buying - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  133. What gives? Cell Phones & Driving in Indianapolis: law, legal - (IN)
  134. Judgmental Maps - Indianapolis version: Carmel: best, areas, map - (IN)
  135. Van Rooy Properties?: Indianapolis, Fishers, Lebanon: Valentine's day, 2014, apartment complexes - (IN)
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  138. City similar to Carmel +good weather: Indianapolis, Austin: job market, good schools, living in - (IN)
  139. Recycling in Carmel.: Indianapolis: apartment complex, homes, live in - (IN)
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  141. Brownsburg Town Center: Bloomington, Carmel, Greenwood: 2014, apartments, bankrupt - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  144. Weekend in Indy: Indianapolis, Carmel, Westfield: sales, 2014, loft - (IN)
  145. Why is Indianapolis so cheap?: Columbus, Carmel: apartment, rental, house - (IN)
  146. Why do people in Indiana paint their walls like that?: Indianapolis: for sale, appliances - (IN)
  147. Why does Indianapolis get a bad rap as a boring city?: South Bend: low income, 2014 - (IN)
  148. Chicago pizza coming to Indy: Indianapolis, South Bend: credit, home, restaurant - (IN)
  149. The District At Saxony Apartments: Fishers, Noblesville: apartment complexes, lease, home - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  150. Films in Indiana: Indianapolis, Mexico: credit, movies, tax credit - (IN)
  151. Living near Broad Ripple restaurants: Indianapolis, Monon: apartments, insurance, condos - (IN)
  152. see this?: Indianapolis, Marion: 2014, county, culture - (IN)
  153. Moving in 2 WEEKS...Location Advice Needed!!: Indianapolis, Westfield: section 8, apartment complex, lease - (IN)
  154. Left Indianapolis, review of a 20s male: Fishers, Merrillville: low income, section 8 - (IN)
  155. Questions about Pike Township: Indianapolis, Lafayette: real estate, apartments, violent crime - (IN)
  156. Capital Punishment for Davis: buying, price, law - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  157. City closes broad ripple avenue for traffic on Friday and Saturday nights: Indianapolis: calculated, safe - (IN)
  158. internet provider: Fishers, Carmel, Bright: house, transfer, contractor - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  159. Judge throws out Indiana ban on same-sex marriage: Indianapolis: 2014, legal - (IN)
  160. Must try for who like tenderloins: Columbus, Greenwood: deed, eat - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  161. Tornado hits Indianapolis: Fishers, Carmel, Marion: 2014, daycare, homes - (IN)
  162. construction on Keystone?: Kokomo: college, map, work - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  163. Good alternative to Carmel that is closer to Plainfield?: Greenwood: mortgage, home - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  164. Moving to Carmel in a month- How is it?: Indianapolis: transplants, apartment - (IN)
  165. Glendale Mall: Indianapolis: neighborhood, floor, marketplace - (IN)
  166. Which is a better city to live in Indianapolis or Columbus ?: Carmel: home, neighborhoods - (IN)
  167. Where to find blank Real Eastate Purchase Agreement form?: short sale, real estate - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  168. Trouble finding jobs in indy.: colleges, live in, pool - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  169. Is Indianapolis Midwestern culturally?: Evansville: home, college, taxes - (IN)
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  171. Carmel - east/west: Indianapolis, Fishers: houses, high school, gated community - (IN)
  172. Fishers police arrest white high schooler in slaying of 73-year-old Korean man: Indianapolis: homes, neighborhood - (IN)
  173. Indy's Suburbs with Best Schools: Indianapolis, Fishers: home, to buy, to live in - (IN)
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  180. History of White Flight in Indianapolis: Gary, Hamilton: how much, neighborhoods, schools - (IN)
  181. Why are the buildings in Carmel all brown or dark red: lease, houses - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  182. For all the Indy haters: Indianapolis, Bristol: job market, place, market - (IN)
  183. Gas prices - $2.29 in Carmel today: Bloomington, Rushville: buy, oil, vehicles - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  184. New to area - best commute to downtown from north side (65/69/31)?: Indianapolis: renting, low crime - (IN)
  185. Greenwood Indiana: Indianapolis, Bloomington, Carmel: university, living in, restaurants - (IN)
  186. Perhaps this will make the city a little less boring.: Lafayette: purchasing, to live in - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  187. Carmel ranks #3 on Money magazine's best places to live.: Fishers: houses, neighborhoods - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  190. Looking for prefabricated granite counters in Indianapolis: cost, shop - (IN)
  191. Miramar Club: basketball, team, looking for - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  192. 1.25% buyers rebate sought -- Carmel, IN: Indianapolis: new home, school, relocating to
  193. unique places: Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel: area, business, good - (IN)
  194. Christmas Eve Dinner - Carmel: house, restaurants, park - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  195. We need help looking for a new place: Indianapolis: landlord, yard - (IN)
  196. recommendation for infant daycare?: Carmel: how much, school, pay - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  197. Electrician needed: Brownsburg: electrical, parent, fire department - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  198. House for rent: zip code, safe, area - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  199. Installer or Satellite Oasis: Indianapolis, Brookville: warehouse, installation, office - (IN)
  200. Indy's Wine & Brew Fest THIS FRIDAY!: Indianapolis, Hope: live, station - (IN)