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  78. Working in Plainfield, IN: Indianapolis, Brownsburg: apartments, rentals, schools
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  83. hey there!!! brazilian???: Indianapolis: store, moving, food - (IN)
  84. Enough money?: apartment, leasing, utilities - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  90. Avon Indiana: Plainfield, Brownsburg, Danville: great, secret - Indianapolis, (IN)
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  92. Transportation: Indianapolis: bus, airport, light rail - (IN)
  93. Stonegate: Zionsville: lofts, townhouses, neighborhood - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  96. Good Cardiologists?: Shadeland: best, top, hospital - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  99. nice ares outside the city that is comutable to Terre Haute?: Indianapolis: home, transfer - (IN)
  100. Are Carmel homes commonly have radon issues?: Hamilton: buying a home, buying - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  101. Job at DFAS, IN: Indianapolis, Marion: renting, how much, home
  102. Winter in Indianapolis?: South Bend: how much, college, live in - (IN)
  103. Property Tax Situation: unemployed, income, live - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  104. Blackburn Terrace Projects: crime, community, people - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  107. Fishers - Sand Creek Farms know about it?): apartment complex, leasing - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  108. Could use on the Brownsburg area: Orland: custom home, job market - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  109. Is Indiana beach a 5-star resort?: amusement park, houses, transfer - Indianapolis, (IN)
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  111. Where do people get their money in hamilton county?: Indianapolis: lawyers, houses - (IN)
  112. Zionsville Apartments Help: rental, townhouses, college - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  116. West Clay on House Hunters: big house, price, village - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  117. Indianapolis more polluted than Chicago! -New Survey: Dale: allergies, live - (IN)
  118. How is public transport in Indy?: Indianapolis, Atlanta: insurance, day care, home - (IN)
  119. Will Indy build rail transit to support downtown?: Indianapolis, South Bend: leasing, lofts - (IN)
  120. live in Franklin Township?: Fishers, Greenwood: new home, neighborhood, elementary school - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  121. Crime in Indy: Gary: low crime, affordable house, safe area - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  122. Public vs private schools: Indianapolis, Lafayette: top schools, community college, living in - (IN)
  123. Finding the correct balance: Indianapolis, Lawrence: apartment complexes, lofts, low crime - (IN)
  124. Plainfield Highschool or Avon?: Indianapolis, Westfield: house, neighborhoods, movie theater - (IN)
  125. Is the east side safe? Parts of it: Washington: crime, houses - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  126. How do you like living in Fishers?: Hope, Brook: best neighborhood, daycare - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  127. Want to invest in Indy....: Indianapolis, Fishers: for sale, rentals, how much - (IN)
  128. Fresh Market 54th and College?: Indianapolis: house, construction, stores - (IN)
  129. East side of Indy: Indianapolis, Lawrence: houses, safe area, school - (IN)
  130. Fortville, IN: Indianapolis, Anderson, Lawrence: buying a home, buying, theater
  131. IPS, less students, less money, school closings....: Indianapolis, Washington: private school, tax - (IN)
  132. Need Indy area ...: Indianapolis, Monon: apartments, insurance, condos - (IN)
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  134. Ballard: Indianapolis, Bristol: low income, violent crime, how much - (IN)
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  136. Downtown And Fountain Square: Washington: apartments, skateboarding, high crime - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  137. Would you?: Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel: crime, appliances, big house - (IN)
  138. Moving! :): Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel: apartment, rentals, insurance - (IN)
  139. Racism really that rampant in Indy?: Indianapolis, Terre Haute: home, to buy, movie theater - (IN)
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  141. 2007 Indianapolis Elections: Gary, Lawrence, Marion: rental car, sales, rental - (IN)
  142. Who Is The Best Internet Service Provider?: Indianapolis, Bright: credit, home - (IN)
  143. I'm moving to Whitestown Indiana! Are there black or mixed race families there?: Brownsburg: real estate, houses - Indianapolis, (IN)
  144. Good High school in Indianapolis?: Carmel, Franklin: co-op, credit, loans - (IN)
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  146. Indianapolis Eateries To Someone Who Is Not An Indiana Native: Lafayette: house, college - (IN)
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  149. Worst Place for Singles: Indianapolis, Washington: mortgage, unemployed, neighborhoods - (IN)
  150. someone recommend a safe and quiet apt.: Indianapolis, Fishers: apartment complex, renters - (IN)
  151. Marion Co. Residents: On the Souteast side...: Indianapolis, Greenwood: section 8, houses - (IN)
  152. Riviera Club?: Indianapolis: home, YMCA, income - (IN)
  153. Buying New or old: Fishers, Carmel: fit in, for sale, how much - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  154. Youth sports - Carmel or Zionsville???: Fishers: low crime, credit, school district - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  162. wealthy areas: Fishers, Carmel, Noblesville: for sale, houses, neighborhoods - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  163. Downtown Indianapolis: Bloomington, Butler, Rocky Ripple: house, neighborhoods, college - (IN)
  164. Safe neighborhoods: Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel: low crime, house, construction - (IN)
  165. No basements?: for sale, insurance, how much - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  167. Insight to Comcast - What the heck?: Fishers, Hope: buying a house, transfer - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  168. Fountain Square: Indianapolis, Bloomington, Brownsburg: rental, crime, house - (IN)
  169. Interesting things to do around Indy?: Indianapolis, Carmel: how much, home, theatres - (IN)
  170. Recon Wanted: Downtown, and Cheap Housing In/Near It?: Indianapolis: real estate, apartments - (IN)
  171. need on bad areas of Indianapolis: Lafayette, Lawrence: renting, crime - (IN)
  172. Leaving Indy. What I'll miss and what I will not...: Carmel: transplants, sales - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  173. Need more opinions--Sorry so long!! ;): Hope: sales, real estate, credit - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  174. How do Chicago transplants like Indy?: Indianapolis, Gary: appointed, real estate, condo - (IN)
  175. Carmel Schools or Fishers Schools?: Westfield, Zionsville: transfer, school rankings, college - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  176. What Is Right and/or Wrong with Steak N Shake?: Hope: restaurants, price - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  177. West Side housing: Indianapolis, Plainfield, Crawfordsville: bank owned, real estate market, apartment - (IN)
  178. What about furniture stores in indy?: Indianapolis, Lafayette: sales, mattress - (IN)
  179. Apartment Rental Downtown - N. Delaware St.: Indianapolis: apartments, renters - (IN)
  180. Can I wear my patriots jersey in Indianaoplis: Indianapolis, Winchester: credit, day care - (IN)
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  182. Might be moving from NY: Indianapolis, Fishers: real estate, apartments, rental market - (IN)
  183. What's Indy like now?: Indianapolis, Mexico: college, property taxes, to live - (IN)
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  185. Moving to Indy: Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel: condo, townhouse, neighborhoods - (IN)
  186. Open house tomorrow! Wish us luck!: for sale, neighborhood, to buy - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  187. Which company for cable/internet?: Hope: apartment, home, neighborhood - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  188. Go Colts!!!!!!: house, layoffs, high school - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  189. Looking for sharing a apartment in Carmel: work, single - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  190. Indiana tax forms?: tax return, schedule, file - Indianapolis, (IN)
  191. New Year's Eve: Indianapolis: transplants, live, association - (IN)
  192. Remember A Bakery At 21st & Ritter: mall, owner - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  196. zipcode 46235: homes, buy, money - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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