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  22. Liberty Church Bean Blossom Township: Bloomington, Warren: cemetery, phone number, county - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  24. Fogo de Chao?: Indianapolis: home, restaurant, price - (IN)
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  29. home serch: Fishers: neighborhood, schools, subdivision - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  30. Area Around 16th and College: for sale, real estate, condos - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  31. Dentist Recommendations: Fishers, Carmel, Greenwood: price, car, health - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  32. TaTa Cuban Cafe: places, town, travel - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  33. Crawfords Bakery CLOSING?: Hamilton: lease, county, water - Indianapolis, Indiana
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  42. help by donating your dresses: sale, dry, working - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  44. Good Pizza/Food in Indy (Prefer near Speedway Area): Indianapolis: living in, restaurants - (IN)
  45. KIDS sports & activities??: Fishers, Carmel: YMCA, school, fencing - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  46. Neighbourhoods in Carmel: Fishers, Westfield, Yorktown: custom home, neighborhoods, schools - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  47. Need to rent a pickup truck or van for a week.: van rental, rentals - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  48. Questions about the Monon: Westfield, Shadeland: neighborhood, high school, live in - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  49. Pleasently surprised about downtown Indianapolis: Atlanta: mall, oil, stadium - (IN)
  50. Where to find fish?? Of the eating variety!: Indianapolis, Fishers: purchases, school - (IN)
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  52. know Canopy brand furniture from Walmart?: purchase, shopper - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  54. Is this neighborhood ok? See link: Indianapolis, Warren: home, schools - (IN)
  55. Tell me about Avon: Indianapolis, Danville: apartment complex, high crime, home - (IN)
  56. What gives with the gas prices???: Bloomington, Columbus: costs, oil, vehicle - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  58. Green chilli burritos: shop, road, good - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  59. Best furniture shopping: Greenwood, Avon: appointed, price, area - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  60. Moving to West Clay: Portland: home, offer, wife - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  61. Photography?: Crown Point: park, cemetery, classes - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  62. Fruit tree growth in Indy?: Indianapolis, Sheridan: where to buy, gardening, yard - (IN)
  63. Saturday Night Protestant Church Service: Indianapolis, Fishers: school, college, live in - (IN)
  64. Where can I watch the Husker games on TV: Indianapolis: home, purchase - (IN)
  65. Help with renting apartment in Indianapolis: apartment complexes, rentals, house - (IN)
  66. Looking for Babysitter/Day Care on East side: Washington: school, live in - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  67. Quick! Can someone tell me about I-65 at Southport exit area: Fishers: to rent, home - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  68. What Indy burb is nice/safe?: Fishers, Carmel: renting, transfer, neighborhood - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  69. Indy Recycled Fiber: Indianapolis: phone, recycling, pay - (IN)
  70. Best phone and internet service in Indy?: Indianapolis, Bright: apartment, home - (IN)
  71. on Indy neighborhoods: Beech Grove, Speedway: houses, live, zip code - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  72. Looking for a church!: Indianapolis: baptist, locations, races - (IN)
  73. Tell me what's good in my new neighborhood!: Indianapolis, Sullivan: where to stay, real estate - (IN)
  74. Speech Therapist jobs in Indy?: Indianapolis: school districts, relocate to, area - (IN)
  75. highway noise: house half mile from highway 65?: Hope: buying a home, neighborhood - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  76. Apartments in Indianapolis: Greenwood, Southport: hotel, live, price - (IN)
  77. Indianapolis and high tech job growth: tech jobs, income, stats - (IN)
  78. Does the IN DMV branch still charge you tax on how much you paid for a car?: Beech Grove: taxes - Indianapolis, Indiana
  79. Honda Service: Indianapolis, Carmel: sales, buy, maintenance - (IN)
  80. Best Neighborhoods?: English: to rent, condo, crime - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  81. Hills anywhere in North/west suburbs?: Carmel, Noblesville: real estate, estate, towns - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  82. indy - purdue: what's in between???: Carmel, Lebanon: apartment complex, rentals, houses - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  83. Mother's Clubs on north side?: Indianapolis: home, move, parks - (IN)
  84. move to Indy - which neighborhoods?: Highland, Butler: for sale, apartments - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  85. how valuable a unfinished basement is (esp. for tornado)?: Fishers: sale, how much - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  86. Electric bills/central air or window unit: apartment, rent - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  87. White paint on basement concrete walls? advice???: home, buyer - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  88. Quality of Neighborhood I'm checking out: Indianapolis, Lafayette: crime, house, neighborhoods - (IN)
  89. apartment hunting online: Indianapolis, Albany: extended stay, apartments, rentals - (IN)
  90. about Relocation & Mortgage Lenders: Indianapolis: loan, broker, buying a house - (IN)
  91. My 1st Father's Day without my Father!: sales, Valentine's day - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  92. Mastiff Owners!!! Vet recommendations?: Indianapolis, Beech Grove: live, costs, club - (IN)
  93. wanting to network w/business professionals in indy...: working, service - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  94. about Bates-Hendricks neighborhood: Bloomington: rentals, crime rate, houses - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  95. What is so confusing about this intersection?: Plainfield: parking, pay - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  96. Zionsville Pre-K program~ which school is better? Help!: daycare, moving - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  97. The Commons- Columbus: for rent, houses, place to live - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  98. Cab fares?: Albany: taxi, airport, to eat - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  99. Moving to Indy: Indianapolis, Fishers: real estate, house, neighborhood - (IN)
  100. Garage Fires on South Side!!: Indianapolis: coverage, about - (IN)
  101. Indy Area Apartment Reccomendations: Indianapolis, Carmel: fit in, cheap apartment, rental - (IN)
  102. Helicopter circling the area (Glendale): mall, subway, location - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  103. Lilly Imclone: buying, retirement, medical - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  104. A Saudi Family Moving to Indianapolis, where to stay?: Lafayette: sex offenders, crime - (IN)
  105. Recycling - curbside?: Indianapolis: contractor, tax, live - (IN)
  106. Teaching cert: high school, universities, license - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  107. Brownsburg: Beech Grove, Avon, Cumberland: neighborhood, moving, trendy - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  108. Is University of Indianapolis area safe?: apartment complexes, home, transfer - (IN)
  109. Moving to Indianapolis- is North side (St Vincent Hospital) a safe place???: apartments - (IN)
  110. Which subdivision to choose in Avon?: Plainfield, Linden: homes, neighborhood, purchase - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  111. Downtown Lofts???: to rent, building, about - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  112. Where does family with small children relocate to?: Fishers, Carmel: real estate market, homes - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  113. What do you think of Mr.Ballard as our Mayor?: houses, better - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  114. I've got 12 hours in Indy - your suggestions?: Indianapolis, Greenwood: houses, theatre - (IN)
  115. besides the NW ,,,.: Carmel, Butler, Southport: neighborhoods, to live in, restaurants - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  116. Avon subdivisions: Plainfield, Memphis: for sale, renting, houses - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  117. Over 40 Softball ?: Plainfield, Brownsburg, Avon: price, airport, parks - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  118. Pizza: Provel Cheese: home, restaurants, area - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  119. Rental management companies: Marion, Denver: real estate, home, moving to - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  120. Indian lady seraching for apt close to IUPUI: Indianapolis, Lafayette: apartment, movies - (IN)
  121. moving to Indianapolis: South Bend, Warsaw: school, living, legally - (IN)
  122. Relocating to Indy from Ohio: Indianapolis, Butler: house, neighborhoods, college - (IN)
  123. Apartments in the Carmel Area?: Marion, Monon: apartment complex, mortgage, how much - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  124. looking to buy a little bunglaow: Indianapolis, Butler: home, safe neighborhood, buying - (IN)
  125. From a small town going to downtown: Indianapolis, Lafayette: hardwood floors, apartments - (IN)
  126. Avon Short Term Home Rentals: Indianapolis, Brookston: sale, apartments, homeowners association - (IN)
  127. What's yummy?: Fishers, Carmel, Mitchell: restaurants, mall, family friendly - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  128. Fletcher Place - is it safe?: Hope: rent, crime, buying a home - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  129. Streetcars: Indianapolis, Lafayette, Fishers: fit in, house, school district - (IN)
  130. How is Indianapolis for a single, young professional?: Boston, Riley: apartments, house - (IN)
  131. Is Indianapolis a bad place to live: South Bend, Gary: apartment, rent - (IN)
  132. nuclear plant???: Monroe: affordable house, live, housing - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  133. Back yard Help needed!: sale, condos, credit - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  134. Indy Development: Indianapolis: lease, insurance, credit - (IN)
  135. About to visit Indy for 1st time: Carmel, Crawfordsville: violent crime, hotel - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  136. Polish newspapers: Indianapolis, Hammond, Avon: pierogi, live, safe - (IN)
  137. Loud rumbles/booms on 9/7/08: Marion: house, live in, military - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  138. North VS. South: Fishers, Carmel, Greenwood: fit in, transplants, neighborhoods - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  139. Historical Neighborhoods: Indianapolis, Columbus, Greenwood: wood floors, best neighborhood, rent - (IN)
  140. Looking for a Great Authentic Mexican Restaurants: Indianapolis, Fishers: live, price - (IN)
  141. North VS. West Sides: Indianapolis, Bloomington: homes, neighborhood, schools - (IN)
  142. Young Puerto Rican Professional Possibly Moving to Indiana: Indianapolis, Franklin: real estate, apartment - (IN)
  143. What areas in/near Indianapolis have the most warehouse and factory type work?: Hammond: apartments, rent - (IN)
  144. How 'open' is Indy to GLBT?: Indianapolis, Carmel: apartments, crime, neighborhoods - (IN)
  145. 56th and Post: Lawrence, Fishers: apartment complexes, condos, voucher - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  146. Moving to Indianapolis or Anderson: Lawrence, Fishers: apartments, rental, how much - (IN)
  147. Driver's License Reciprocity - FL to Indiana: Brownsburg: home, live - Indianapolis, (IN)
  148. job transfer to Indy (lilly): Indianapolis, Fishers: real estate, new home, neighborhood - (IN)
  149. Fishers Ranked 10th Best Place to Live in America: home, neighborhoods - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  150. Hubby works downtown - where's a family to live?: Lawrence: real estate, renting - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  151. Builders in the Indy Area and building new: Fishers, Franklin: sales, real estate - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  152. What do you think of Indianapolis?: Marion, Speedway: transplants, home, allergies - (IN)
  153. What thing do you think Indy needs the most?: Marion: public schools, taxes - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  154. Hair salons - for the women out there!: Brownsburg: appointed, school - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  155. Most dangerous neighborhood in Indianapolis?: Lafayette, Carmel: section 8, apartment complex, rent - (IN)
  156. Best High-Def Cable options?: Bright: how much, home, neighborhood - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  157. Building a new mall in Brownsburg?: Plainfield, Avon: construction, live in, shopping centers - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  158. Refrigerator shopping: Bloomington, Greenwood: renter, appliances, house - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  159. Racism against Asians?: Indianapolis, Bloomington, Lafayette: tax, living in, friendly - (IN)
  160. Moving to Indy area: Indianapolis, Fishers: low crime, new house, safe area - (IN)
  161. Property Inheritance Help: Indianapolis: real estate, renters, insurance - (IN)
  162. Basement: Carmel: how much, houses, construction - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  163. Does think Indy is the best city in the midwest besides people who live in the city?: Indianapolis: appointed, moving - (IN)
  164. I got my new job in Indy and I'm head that way in early mid-July!: Indianapolis: extended stay, apartment complexes - (IN)
  165. Moving to Indy - Looking for good neighborhood: Indianapolis, Carmel: apartment complexes, condos - (IN)
  166. Young professional moving to Indy: Indianapolis, Monon: sublease, apartments, rentals - (IN)
  167. Fishers subdivisions: Princeton, Cumberland, Covington: houses, neighborhood, buying - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  168. Geist Bubble: Fishers, Carmel, Zionsville: houses, taxes, living - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  169. a little about different areas??: Indianapolis, Fishers: how much, buying a house, neighborhood - (IN)
  170. Indy people - need help for a long weekend: Nashville: hotel, home - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  171. Need Help Finding An Apartment: Indianapolis, Lawrence: apartment complex, for rent, crime - (IN)
  172. taxes in Careml area: Marion, Hamilton: how much, house, buyer - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  173. Basketball? ~Lucas Oil Stadium~Indy H.S. Football is Huge!: Indianapolis: sales, renting - (IN)
  174. Newer homes on the West side of Carmel: Fishers, Zionsville: how much, big house - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  175. Another where to live Carmel/Fishers: Indianapolis: house, good schools - (IN)
  176. MOVING TO INDY: more affordable alternatives to Village of Clay?: Indianapolis: new home, job transfer
  177. File a Homestead ??: Marion: assessors, mortgage, refinancing - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  178. move to Indiana from California??? Do you like it?: Indianapolis: transplants, sale - (IN)
  179. What area would you suggest?: Indianapolis, Fishers: for sale, crime, houses - (IN)
  180. Can give me a realistic view of the weather.....: Indianapolis: buy, construction - (IN)
  181. Another Moving to Indy Post: Indianapolis, Carmel: fit in, sales - (IN)
  182. St. Elmo's or Morton's?: house, live, restaurant - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  183. I Feel like crying...Unbelievable: Indianapolis, Noblesville: apartment, leasing agent, crime - (IN)
  184. Pizza: Indianapolis, Fishers, Butler: college, live, moving - (IN)
  185. Want to live amongst conservatives, where do I look?: Fishers: house, neighborhood - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  186. Carmel v. Fishers Subs.: Hamilton, Brook: real estate, houses, landscaping - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  187. Timber Ridge Apartments Condemed: Indianapolis: live, maps, road - (IN)
  188. City Employee perks/benefits: Indianapolis: license, discounts, park - (IN)
  189. My take on Indy: Indianapolis, South Bend: crime, transferring to, schools - (IN)
  190. Colonial discount corportation from 70 s: Indianapolis: business, place, corporation - (IN)
  191. Can recommand a good family doctor - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  192. How hard is it to find a NICE rental in....: Carmel: rentals, loans - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  193. Hookin up: college, best place, area - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  194. Does know about this company?...: Indianapolis, Fishers: to live in, move to, rated - (IN)
  195. shopping in BR: clothes, sell, road - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  196. Decent Paying Warehouse Jobs Near Plainfield?: area, agencies - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  197. The sport of Curling open house: Indianapolis, Hope: houses, club, venue - (IN)
  198. Looking for a half-day preschool in Northwest Indy/Zionsville: Indianapolis: program, year - (IN)
  199. for moms moving to Indy: Indianapolis: school, where to live - (IN)
  200. Interesting older subdivision: sales, houses, landscaping - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)