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  2. Can AirSoft or BB guns be fired in city limits?: Indianapolis: to buy - (IN)
  3. Pre-K for kids?: Avon: daycare, preschools, live in - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  7. Mortgage/Builder deposit escrow: credit card, loans, new home - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  8. Commute time from Noblesville (Hamilton Town Center) to IUPUI, and West Side of Indy (465 + 46th street): construction - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  9. Help!: Indianapolis, Muncie, Anderson: colleges, living in, moving - (IN)
  10. school boundries: Indianapolis, Carmel: school districts, transportation, area - (IN)
  11. Linden Square or Steeplechase?: Washington, Danville: apartment complexes, lease, houses - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  12. Easy way to see if a property is in foreclosure?: foreclosures, homes - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
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  14. Police or Fire Department (OR Jobs in or around Indianapolis?: Fishers: home, universities - (IN)
  15. A safe, walkable place: Indianapolis, Greenwood: apartments, rentals, neighborhoods - (IN)
  16. Looking for the closest/safest apartment by DFAS (Fort Benjamin Harrison): Lawrence: apartment complex, to rent - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  17. How is Camby?: Indianapolis, Plainfield, Brownsburg: days on market, new home, neighborhood - (IN)
  18. Hendricks County Rentals? None?: Indianapolis, Marion: houses, schools, taxes - (IN)
  19. Newlyweds looking in Brownsburg :): Indianapolis, Fishers: leasing, loft, condo - (IN)
  20. Fountain Square: English, Laurel: for sale, apartment, renters - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  21. Avon, IN: Plainfield, Hope: real estate, apartments, renters - Indianapolis, Indiana
  22. Need city information....EVERYTHING!!!!: Indianapolis, Lawrence: crime, safe neighborhood, school district
  23. Northern Suburbs Traffic Questions...: Fishers, Noblesville: homes, construction, move to - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  24. Bike to work: house, school, live in - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  25. Coke with real sugar is: appointed, school, store - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  26. Bloomberg names Fishers Best Affordable Suburb: unemployment rate, school district - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  27. Meridian Kessler to Zionsville?: Indianapolis, Fishers: private school, living in, stats - (IN)
  28. Is Fountain Square showing signs of revitalization?: Madison, Laurel: renting, houses - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  29. Searching for good, reliable local movers.: Indianapolis, Hope: apartment, professionals, cost of - (IN)
  30. Zionsville homeowners insurance premiums: house, military, shop - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  31. Best schools on the East/far East side of Indy: Greenfield: section 8, foreclosed - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  32. Catholic Schools in Noblesville and Fishers: day care, live, cost of - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  33. Black hair Beauty Shops/Salons/Beauticians: Indianapolis: hair salon, live, moving to - (IN)
  34. doctor recommendation: Indianapolis: dermatologists, endocrinologists, medical - (IN)
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  36. owner-occupied duplex: foreclosures, renters, condo - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  37. It's official we are headed to Indy: Fishers, Greenwood: for rent, hotels - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  38. Cost of taxi to Indianapolis Airport?: Fishers, Economy: home, to buy, live in - (IN)
  39. Looking for north side apartment recommendations: Noblesville, Westfield: apartments, low crime, to live - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  40. Planning a bachelor party in Indianapolis: hotels, restaurants, bars - (IN)
  41. green pediatricians?: Bloomington: organic, living, foods - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  42. Bloomington rocks: high school, college, closing - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  43. Need a small affordable place w/ motorcycle storage: Bright: apartment complex, renting - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  44. Advice on Real Estate Career: English: for sale, foreclosures, insurance - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  45. 30 days and counting: Fishers: transplants, high school, live - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  46. Stonegate in Zionsville: for sale, homes, neighborhood - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  47. Trying Again: Warren: apartment, to rent, condo - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  48. Home in Plainfield - Westmere Subdivision: rent, transfer, good schools - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  49. College Student looking for affordable apartments/condos Downtown: Indianapolis, Amo: real estate, condominiums - (IN)
  50. exploring homseschooling.: Indianapolis, Carmel, Westfield: homes, preschool, live in - (IN)
  51. Indianapolis Speed Limits: Columbus, Carmel: living in, dangerous, safest - (IN)
  52. Best sources for demographic: Warren: school, zip codes, demographics - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  53. Southside Church Plant: Indianapolis: gardening, community, values - (IN)
  54. River Ridge and River Crossing apartments..: Fishers, Carmel: neighborhood, construction, college - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  55. Public School #3 -- where was it located?: Washington: near, rural - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  56. Nightlife in Indianapolis????: moving to, place, entertainment - (IN)
  57. Shootings near State Fairgrounds: Indianapolis: to live, area, hot - (IN)
  58. 30something moving to Indy from Atlanta..thinking of BroadRipple?: Monon: apartment complex, neighborhood - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  59. Public schools in Indi: Indianapolis: best - (IN)
  60. For Sale by Owner Car Lots: Fishers: cars, parking, areas - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  61. Does Indiana Need Teachers?: Indianapolis: unemployment, schools, tax - (IN)
  62. 7620 Hanna Ave: for sale, house, price - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  63. good african american hair stylist: salon, street, spa - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  64. Short on buses, routes, funds means IndyGo really doesn't: Indianapolis: rail, transit - (IN)
  65. Quail point or Winding Ridge subdivision: Lawrence: HOA, crime, home - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  66. The Meadows Subdivision in Noblesville: rent to own, houses, safe area - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  67. Need an Italian Deli in Indianapolis: Fishers: live, foods, best - (IN)
  68. about real estate listings in Indy/Indiana: Carmel: houses, calculating - Indianapolis, (IN)
  69. Newer apartments in Lawrence or Washington: apartment complexes, townhome, YMCA - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  70. Just got our rent to own home today!: sales, real estate - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  71. Company has been sold: unemployment obligations?: insurance, unemployment benefits, purchase - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  72. Another Two Days in Bloomington - Suggestions?: Valparaiso, Ellettsville: sales, sublet - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  73. Cell Phone Laws: Indianapolis: law, move, restriction - (IN)
  74. Public libary: safe area, college, camp - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  75. Westbury Court Apts?: Indianapolis: apartments, rental, live - (IN)
  76. How is this area: Indianapolis, Greenwood: extended stay, apartment complex, hotel - (IN)
  77. Car Seat, Booster Seat Laws: law, safe, title - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  78. Where to move in Indianapolis ?: Washington: foreclosures, neighborhoods, to buy - (IN)
  79. Movers: Fishers: new house, buy, prices - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  80. Crawfordsville graffiti?: Wabash, Culver: neighborhood, high school, college - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  81. Young family moving to Indy--where to live w/income in mid-30k?: Indianapolis: middle-class - (IN)
  82. Cab fare from Indianapolis Airport to Indiana Convention Center: Hope: how much, hotels - (IN)
  83. Redistricting, School District and Home Buying: Indianapolis, Marion: school districts, area, counties - (IN)
  84. THe IPS Money Grab: transfer, school, office - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  85. Hendricks County Schools named on Best Buy list: Plainfield: high schools, tax - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  86. Over 50 Dancing: Muncie: motel, live, clubbing - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  87. greenwood indiana or crestwoodliving westside: Indianapolis: apartment, home, living in - (IN)
  88. Reception venues that allow you to bring in your own liquor?: Indianapolis: rent, houses - (IN)
  89. Indy mayoral race: Indianapolis: crime, neighborhoods, to live - (IN)
  90. Kitchen granite countertop source in indy area: Noblesville, Spencer: countertops, to buy - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  91. Gay rights?: Indianapolis, Bloomington, Hope: home, live, centers - (IN)
  92. Where to live in downtown area: Riley: apartments, rental, condos - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  93. new to area, need idea for a 1st date: Sullivan: living, restaurant - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  94. Rockville Road and N Girl School Road area?: Indianapolis: crime, homes - (IN)
  95. childcare?: Zionsville: safe, near, center - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  96. Which is better for Bioinformatics ? IUPUI or IUB ?: Indianapolis, Bloomington: home, construction - (IN)
  97. Jewish Family Relocating: Indianapolis, Carmel, Zionsville: neighborhoods, construction, public schools - (IN)
  98. Rental Management Companies? Good ones??: Indianapolis: apartment, home, job transfer - (IN)
  99. Beech Grove: Indianapolis, Marion: low crime, houses, safest area - (IN)
  100. Greyhound bus ... ?: Orleans: spring break, prices, buses - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  101. Where should a young family live?: Indianapolis, Fishers: apartments, rentals, condo - (IN)
  102. Relocation-on the hunt for best areas in South Central/East Indiana: Indianapolis: to rent, townhouse - (IN)
  103. One night in Indianapolis this week: purchase, restaurants, club - (IN)
  104. Get out of a Lease Agreement: apartment, leasing agent, attorney - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  105. Rentals near DFAS?: Indianapolis: apartment complexes, townhome, shopping mall - (IN)
  106. IndyGo Commuter Express (ICE): Carmel, Westfield: apartment complex, mover, bus - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  107. What to do in Westfield: Indianapolis: to live in, restaurants, shops - (IN)
  108. MW2 gamers in Indy on this forum?: become, should - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  109. Thinking of Indianapolis: Fishers, Marion, Noblesville: insurance, crime, home - (IN)
  110. where has the low price for car reparing: Hope: insurance, how much - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  111. Extended Stays: Indianapolis: mall, moving, area - (IN)
  112. GED Programs: Indianapolis: homes, high school, price - (IN)
  113. Pendleton, IN: Indianapolis, Fishers, Fortville: parking, commuter, deal
  114. Greenwood Man Arrested: Indianapolis, Marion: closing, things to do, health - (IN)
  115. Tech Centers of Indianapolis?: Fishers: areas, businesses, builder - (IN)
  116. Best Christmas bargains in Indy?: Edinburgh: sale, live, outlet mall - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  117. Drees and Estridge on the Westside: Avon: for sale, home, neighborhoods - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  118. 33rd St. - What can you tell me about this area?: Indianapolis: homes, neighborhood - (IN)
  119. Vocational Schools: Atlanta: cost, tuition, education - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  120. Relocating: Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel: house, neighborhood, live in - (IN)
  121. Arsenal Park/Arsenal Heights: renting, crime, houses - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  122. Renting downtown Indianapolis: best neighborhoods, apartment, for rent - (IN)
  123. Relocating to Indy: Lawrence, Fishers, Carmel: apartment, rentals, house - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  124. City water tastes of mold lately: Indianapolis: to buy, YMCA, organic - (IN)
  125. Mass Ave safe for a single woman to live?: Indianapolis: flat fee, real estate - (IN)
  126. How people live in Indianapolis?: Bloomington, Carmel: transplants, high crime, job market - (IN)
  127. Greenline from the Airport to Downtown.: Indianapolis, Washington: apartment, condos, how much - (IN)
  128. Have a about two apartments I have in mind...: Indianapolis: for sale, rentals - (IN)
  129. Why do people like to talk loud and rub things into you?: Indianapolis: school, living - (IN)
  130. Indy sports: home, town, between - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  131. Marion County: Indianapolis, Washington: crime, home, safe area - (IN)
  132. Moving to Indianapolis: Lafayette, Fishers, Carmel: real estate, apartment complexes, rental - (IN)
  133. Water softener system: Franklin: sales, for rent, how much - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  134. Don't exceed speed limit in Greenwood: Indianapolis, Carmel: how much, high school, live in - (IN)
  135. Baseball in Indianapolis: Evansville, Bright, Hope: house, stores, moving to - (IN)
  136. Does Indiana run a state tax holiday?: Washington, Nashville: sales, rental - Indianapolis, (IN)
  137. Researching Fishers, IN for Relocation: Indianapolis, Greenwood: student loan, house, neighborhoods
  138. Safety/Hotels on Edge of Beltway: Indianapolis, Greenwood: neighborhood, movies - (IN)
  139. Indianapolis - is it pedestrian friendly anywhere?: Beech Grove, Speedway: high crime, neighborhoods - (IN)
  140. Mansions in Indy for cheap. Why?: Indianapolis, Carmel: real estate, condo, crime - (IN)
  141. Suburban schools with good sports programs: Indianapolis, Fishers: houses, middle school, to live - (IN)
  142. University of Indianapolis: Wabash, Butler: transfer, private school, live in - (IN)
  143. Thinking about moving to Indy from NYC, help...........: Indianapolis: transplants, rent - (IN)
  144. Moving To Indy: Indianapolis, Bloomington, Carmel: HOA, houses, neighborhoods - (IN)
  145. Little Flower: Washington, Butler, Laurel: for sale, apartments, rent - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  146. Thinking about vacation spots: Indianapolis, South Bend: rent, hotels, home - (IN)
  147. Thinking of moving from Chicago to Indy: Indianapolis, Lafayette: big house, neighborhoods - (IN)
  148. Commuting to Bloomington from Indy, where to live?: Indianapolis, Greenwood: house, elementary school - (IN)
  149. What are the 5 best neighborhoods in Indy?: Indianapolis, Fishers: renting, violent crime - (IN)
  150. Castleton a safe area to live?: Fishers, Marion: section 8, apartment complexes, rent - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  151. Indianapolis or Pittsburgh: Columbus, Lawrence, Fishers: spring break, apartment, rental - (IN)
  152. Apartment Search: Carmel or Keystone: Fishers, Hope: apartment complexes, lofts, condos - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  153. Interesting Districts or Good Food in Indianapolis?: Zionsville: neighborhood, restaurants - (IN)
  154. Transit options make District more affordable than suburbs: Indianapolis, Fishers: sales, condo - (IN)
  155. on TV viewing: moving, winter, America - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  156. Indanapolis TODAY?? is there vibe??: Indianapolis, Carmel: real estate, waterpark, day care - (IN)
  157. The future of public transportation in Indy: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne: appointed, sales - (IN)
  158. Cars are Over Rated: Washington: neighborhood, live in, club - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  159. Another Chicagoan wanting to move to me out: Indianapolis: appointed, transplants - (IN)
  160. Community College in Indy: Lafayette, Lawrence: home, high school, living in - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  161. Final 4: Indianapolis, Speedway, Hope: college, restaurants, design - (IN)
  162. Suburbs or small town close to I-74, between Indy and Cincy: Indianapolis: new home, transfer to - (IN)
  163. Is this 300K Beazer home a good deal?: Indianapolis, Carmel: hardwood floors, countertops - (IN)
  164. Things to do with Children: Indianapolis, Fishers: rent, home, buy - (IN)
  165. want to on Carmel High School Boys basketball team?: Indianapolis: crimes, lawyer - (IN)
  166. Which area of Indianapolis?: Lawrence, Fishers: houses, safe area, construction - (IN)
  167. Church: Indianapolis, Lawrence, Hope: house, college, living in - (IN)
  168. Don't fence me in: Lafayette, Greenwood: HOA, new house, utilities - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  169. How safe is shopping on the East side?: Indianapolis, Greenwood: section 8, apartment complex - (IN)
  170. Safe towns around Indianapolis?: Fishers, Carmel: section 8, for sale, apartments - (IN)
  171. Indianapolis women:what are they like?: metro area, area, population - (IN)
  172. wanting to move to indiana from!: Indianapolis, Fishers: houses, employment - (IN)
  173. Good Place to Play Ball: Fishers, Butler: colleges, gym, centers - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  174. Chinese Food: Indianapolis, Fishers: live, restaurant, retired - (IN)
  175. Good Mexican Food: Indianapolis, Columbus, Greenwood: appointed, home, neighborhood - (IN)
  176. Day Trip to Indy: Indianapolis, Fishers: extended stay, sales, credit - (IN)
  177. Avon, IN?: Indianapolis, Carmel, Marion: for sale, apartments, foreclosures
  178. Good neighborhoods in Indy for a family with young kids: Indianapolis: houses, school districts - (IN)
  179. Moved to ATL from Chitown.Thinking of Indy now: Indianapolis: fit in, apartments - (IN)
  180. How is security at IUPUI? I have heard of an increase in rapes and other violence.: Evansville: crime, schools - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  181. Downtown Indy yuck: Indianapolis, Washington, Butler: appointed, hotel, design - (IN)
  182. Relocation from Oklahoma: Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel: sale, coupons, crime - (IN)
  183. Retain a Restoration Company After Raccoon Attic Invasion?: Indianapolis: house, crawl space - (IN)
  184. Tell me what's great about Indianapolis!: Fishers, Carmel: crime, home, dorms - (IN)
  185. Indianapolis drivers - obeying cross walk laws and pedestrians waiting: school, taxi - (IN)
  186. If not Fishers then....: Lawrence, Carmel: middle school, live in, mall - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  187. Young Family Moving near Airport - Where??: Indianapolis, Fishers: rental, houses - (IN)
  188. Butler Bulldogs: Hope: houses, schools, college - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  189. Carmel Apartments: Mohawk Hills, Park Lane or Governors Square: Indianapolis: leasing, townhouses - (IN)
  190. Small family moving to Indy: Indianapolis, Fishers: low crime, houses, neighborhood - (IN)
  191. Carmel, indiana photo tour :) (high quality street view: Fishers: 2013, townhomes - Indianapolis, (IN)
  192. Where to look for public school jobs?!?!: Indianapolis, Carmel: loans, job market - (IN)
  193. Seeking a one family home for rent in Pendleton/Anderson: purchase, to move - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  194. Worth it? Properties between the 70 and 67 (closest to airport): Troy: to buy, schools - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  195. Helping finding decent/safe home for rent in Avon: rentals, homes - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  196. Good apartments on the north side?: Kokomo, Westfield: apartment complexes, renting, student loans - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  197. 2010 U I Ext.: authority, bill, state - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  198. Mobile Pet Grooming for cats?: Carmel: home, area, dog - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  199. Cheap apartments on the Southside: suburbs, quality, neighbors - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
  200. *Trying to decide on Subdivisions in Westfield..: builders, maple - Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)