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  1. reasonable hotels near the Omni downtown: Austin, Atlanta: rental car, rental, how much - Texas (TX)
  2. where to go: Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park: apartments, to rent, schools - Texas (TX)
  3. Constable s. Sheriff: cars, county, stables - Austin, Texas (TX)
  4. High schools Big/Small Good/Bad: Austin, Spring: fit in, transfer to, school district - Texas (TX)
  5. This is not that uncommon a situation: sale, apartment - Austin, Texas (TX)
  6. Weird Smell?: Austin: motel, house, live - Texas (TX)
  7. I have a big dog and looking to rent. HELP!!!!: Austin: for rent, house - Texas (TX)
  8. Other than mowing...: Austin: landscaping, maintenance, gardening - Texas (TX)
  9. Building a home in Austin- for from first timer: wood floors, home builder - Texas (TX)
  10. to be tons of cheap apartments in Austin: Houston: rentals, home - Texas (TX)
  11. Clear Internet + Austin Area: buy, shop, best - Texas (TX)
  12. Veterans Exemptions?: Austin: property tax, property, county - Texas (TX)
  13. Home Exemption: homes, exemptions, county - Austin, Texas (TX)
  14. car rental near airport?: San Antonio, Austin: rental car, coupons, rentals - Texas (TX)
  15. 45th St and Shoal Creek: Burnet: live in, safe, design - Austin, Texas (TX)
  16. Segway Tours: Austin: real estate, homes, to buy - Texas (TX)
  17. Good florists in Austin: West, Westlake: pharmacy, prices, shop - Texas (TX)
  18. Moving back and need !: Dallas, San Antonio: rent, school district, property taxes - Austin, Texas (TX)
  19. Cedar Park Electric/Gas + New Home in Cedar Park: West: apartment complex, buyer - Austin, Texas (TX)
  20. Are there many LDS families in Dripping Springs?: Austin, Lakeway: homes, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  21. Hill Country: Houston, San Antonio, Austin: HOA, Home Depot, to buy - Texas (TX)
  22. Going back to Austin for 3 nights in early April: San Marcos: how much, hotel - Texas (TX)
  23. Children's Hospital in Austin?: Houston, Dallas: centers, move, health care - Texas (TX)
  24. Construction at 290 and William Cannon?: work, traffic, near - Austin, Texas (TX)
  25. Major autism news has a tie to Austin: house, live - Texas (TX)
  26. Need help finding section 8 housing in austin tx: rental, moving to - Texas (TX)
  27. Machine shops in Austin: neighborhood, school, manufacturing - Texas (TX)
  28. Relocating to Austin: Portland, Clifton, West: hardwood floors, apartment complexes, rentals - Texas (TX)
  29. Round Rock Men's Softball League: Austin, Waco: college, live, store - Texas (TX)
  30. Best places to rent near hospitals?: Austin, Round Rock: apartments, neighborhoods, university - Texas (TX)
  31. Renting with 4 dogs: Austin: apartments, rentals, condos - Texas (TX)
  32. Hotel near the town lake?: Austin, Cesar Chavez: best hotel, cost, suites - Texas (TX)
  33. Overnight camp for 6 year old?: Austin, Leakey: high school, camps, cost of - Texas (TX)
  34. with Pilot Knob Acres?: McKinney, Elgin: house, neighborhood, buy - Austin, Texas (TX)
  35. Large animal/Rural Vet?: Austin, Spring: live, price, moving to - Texas (TX)
  36. IT/Tech recruiter recommendations?: Austin: relocating to, jobs, positions - Texas (TX)
  37. move from Phoenix/Tucson: Austin: condos, movies, college - Texas (TX)
  38. What are good communities to live in near Westlake?: Dallas: big house, neighborhoods - Austin, Texas (TX)
  39. Help me compare cost of internet providers!: how much, price - Austin, Texas (TX)
  40. Popular places to study (hw/exams in Austin?: Spring: crimes, houses - Texas (TX)
  41. Escape from Dallas to live in Austin...: Houston, Weir: home, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  42. Gas Fireplace again: Georgetown: new house, install, water - Austin, Texas (TX)
  43. What companies look at out of state applicants? Looking for accounting work. Thanks!: Austin: real estate - Texas (TX)
  44. Thinking about moving to Austin: Houston, Dallas: sales, apartments, rent - Texas (TX)
  45. for country music?: Austin, Howe, Granger: club, best place, distance - Texas (TX)
  46. Has used keith greinert of texas gutters?: Austin, Round Rock: house, price - (TX)
  47. Does have opinions about Oak Hill?: Austin, Howe: real estate, HOA - Texas (TX)
  48. Limo services Who do you use: Austin, Mercedes: credit card, how much, buyer - Texas (TX)
  49. Newflower Farmers Market: Austin, China, Bee Cave: sales, employment, buy - Texas (TX)
  50. Looking for a place to have a sunset wedding with lake view but at an afforadable cost, s?: cheapest - Austin, Texas (TX)
  51. Business Idea for Wanting One:: Austin, Manor: buy, school, summer - Texas (TX)
  52. First Night in Austin Video: home, stations, radio - Texas (TX)
  53. mental health help: Austin: insurance, income, psychiatrist - Texas (TX)
  54. Videos from in and Around Austin: weather, town, camera - Texas (TX)
  55. So next Little League: Austin, West: live, association, swimming - Texas (TX)
  56. Public Forms for Transportation Issues This Week: Austin, Spring: middle school, transit - Texas (TX)
  57. I'm not scared of you Texas: Austin, Santa Fe: credit, home, neighborhood - (TX)
  58. Austin #2: insurance, crime, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  59. areas to move to: Houston, Austin: for sale, apartment, rent - Texas (TX)
  60. Relocating to Austin - finding a good pre-school: Round Rock, Spring: daycare, preschool - Texas (TX)
  61. MC Howard closes: Houston, Austin, Webster: live, restaurant, storage - Texas (TX)
  62. Spa recommendations?: Austin, Valentine: price, pool, nicest - Texas (TX)
  63. Starting a business: Austin: middle school, schedule, top - Texas (TX)
  64. Public transportation-friendly areas?: Austin, West: apartments, home, transfer - Texas (TX)
  65. Nurse & homeschool family interested in relocating to Austion: Austin: schools, places to live - Texas (TX)
  66. 12 YO killed crossing street and outcry about cross walk: Austin: high school, live - Texas (TX)
  67. donuts: office, county, ranch - Austin, Texas (TX)
  68. Security Systems recos for home with no landline: Houston, Dallas: loan, month to - Austin, Texas (TX)
  69. Are there certain areas/zip codes that have more delivery options as far as restaurants?: Austin: home - Texas (TX)
  70. What is the neighborhood association for the West University neighborhood in Austin?: zip code - Texas (TX)
  71. Out of State Hiring in Education: San Antonio, Austin: health insurance, school districts, living in - Texas (TX)
  72. need help demolishing something: house, construction, fencing - Austin, Texas (TX)
  73. Traffic in Austin: Literally Day and Night: living in, metro - Texas (TX)
  74. steiner ranch apartments: for rent, house, bankruptcy - Austin, Texas (TX)
  75. Touring Austin...on a bike!: West, Barton Creek: store, safety, Whole Foods - Texas (TX)
  76. What is an Owner obligated to disclose when selling a home?: Austin: sale, real estate - Texas (TX)
  77. Rates / Downpmts on Investment Property: mortgage, credit score, required - Austin, Texas (TX)
  78. moving to South Central Tx.: Houston, San Antonio: to live in, shop, rich - Austin, Texas (TX)
  79. Sightseeing tips solicited: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio: restaurants, shops, cities - Austin, Texas (TX)
  80. Reupholstering: Austin, Allen, Spring: insurance, how much, home - Texas (TX)
  81. rural area?: Austin, Round Rock, Spring: foreclosure, how much, house - Texas (TX)
  82. what is jester like?: Spring, Lost Creek: HOA, house, neighborhoods - Austin, Texas (TX)
  83. moving to Austin need High School help: Round Rock, Spring: house, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  84. Prominent Acct/Finance recruiters in Austin Area?: San Antonio, Anton: contractors, live in - Texas (TX)
  85. another Cali musician looking East to Austin: Denton, Orange: sales, waterpark - Texas (TX)
  86. Where is Hill Country?: San Antonio, Austin: live, cost of, to move - Texas (TX)
  87. Just Moved From MI To Austin..I Have Major Questions!: apartment, credit check - Texas (TX)
  88. Moving to Austin + jobs: sales, lawyer, unemployment - Texas (TX)
  89. Good gardening soil (bulk): Round Rock: loan, house, buying - Austin, Texas (TX)
  90. Homes sliding down hillsides (from their lots with a view ) in San Antonio: Austin: how much - Texas (TX)
  91. Help. Need Advice for my 3 year old: Austin, Round Rock: daycare, house - Texas (TX)
  92. Advice for an Austin-bound family?: Round Rock, Cedar Park: rentals, house, find a job - Texas (TX)
  93. How long is the lifespan of a water heater in Austin?: low cost, plumbers - Texas (TX)
  94. Where in Austin is the best place to not own a car?: Charlotte: renting - Texas (TX)
  95. Running Group in East Austin: Chico: house, money, roach - Texas (TX)
  96. Help Me Choose A New City!: Houston, Austin: rent, crime rate, construction - Texas (TX)
  97. Extended-stay hotels in Austin?: Comfort: extended stay, sublet, apartment - Texas (TX)
  98. Residential Contractors: Austin: homes, drywall, flooring - Texas (TX)
  99. Need someone to help with TV install: Austin: home, buy - Texas (TX)
  100. How is the job market for RNs?: Austin, Center: salary, moving to - Texas (TX)
  101. Which Side Of Austin The Best?-Central,North or South?: Houston: apartment, rent - Texas (TX)
  102. City conditioned Southerner looking into Austin; Help!: Houston, Portland: home, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  103. KB Home in Silverado Ranch/Cedar Park?: Leander, Howe: mortgage, loan - Austin, Texas (TX)
  104. Pool in Austin?: West, Bee Cave: home, living, price - Texas (TX)
  105. Does know how to buy a property from the city of austin?: Spring: real estate - Texas (TX)
  106. What's wrong with Austin?: Spring, Utopia: sales, unemployment, salary - Texas (TX)
  107. Apartment Advice -- Close in Proximity: Austin, Spring: apartment complex, for rent, high crime - Texas (TX)
  108. Is Austin (surrounding) really Children Oriented?: Round Rock, Georgetown: renting, house, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  109. What do you all mean when you are referencing the culture of Austin?: San Diego: transplants, mattress - Texas (TX)
  110. Does know if you can change a lock from the outside?: Austin: house, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  111. University of Texas cuts cafe, informal classes: Austin, Cactus: appointed, loan - (TX)
  112. Thinking about moving to Austin.. From New Jersey: Clifton: transfer, high school - Texas (TX)
  113. moving to Copperas Cove: Dallas, Austin: crime, houses, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  114. Leaving Tempe, AZ for Portland or Austin...: Orange, Van: sales, crime rate - Texas (TX)
  115. Why would someone to get across I-35?: Houston, Dallas: live, homeless - Austin, Texas (TX)
  116. Hutto?: Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville: house, neighborhood, YMCA - Texas (TX)
  117. Tap Water?: Austin, Spring, Pflugerville: buying, live, price - Texas (TX)
  118. Is right now the time to purchase a home or should I wait?: Austin: real estate, apartments - Texas (TX)
  119. Living near a busy road, how annoying is it?: Austin: how much, houses - Texas (TX)
  120. Wristwatch for the Austin style: West, Rule: college, designer - Texas (TX)
  121. New to area 40 something couple needs advice: Austin, Burnet: taxi, live - Texas (TX)
  122. Cheap place to buy rain barrels?: Austin, Atlanta: houses, where to buy, live - Texas (TX)
  123. Installing Hardwood Flooring: Austin, Center, Howe: wood floors, foreclosed, mortgage - Texas (TX)
  124. Why?....why?....why?...: Houston, San Antonio, Austin: home, neighborhood, to buy - Texas (TX)
  125. interesting pool fact: San Antonio, Austin, Anton: maintenance, live in, costs - Texas (TX)
  126. Buyer Representation Agreement - New Home Construction: Keller, Alto: for sale by owner, real estate - Austin, Texas (TX)
  127. Swimming pools in Austin: Howe: how much, buying a house, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  128. What's with all the ugly water towers?: Luling: credit, live - Austin, Texas (TX)
  129. Going out in Austin: Houston, Dallas: house, movie theaters, living in - Texas (TX)
  130. School Comparison: Leander/Cedar Park VS. Round Rock: Austin, Plano: real estate, house - Texas (TX)
  131. Poll: Yes or No?: Austin: hotel, houses, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  132. Thoughts on Liberty Hill?: Austin, Round Rock: homes, elementary schools, live - Texas (TX)
  133. hard frost/palms gone: Austin, Howe: landscaping, gardens, transport - Texas (TX)
  134. Race relations in Westlake/Southlake: Dallas, Austin: crimes, neighborhood, high school - Texas (TX)
  135. Bums vs College students Vol. II: Austin: for rent, buy, school - Texas (TX)
  136. I miss austin: Portland, Howe, Meadow: home, wedding, high school - Texas (TX)
  137. ideas for 5 y.o. boy birthday party in backyard: Austin: neighborhood, schools - Texas (TX)
  138. City of Austin Building Permit for a Pool: Meridian: HOA, houses - Texas (TX)
  139. Northcross Walmart Moves Forward: Austin, Round Rock: neighborhood, gated, prices - Texas (TX)
  140. Security in Austin: San Antonio, Howe, Anton: sales, HOA, loan - Texas (TX)
  141. Best suburb of Austin?: Round Rock, Georgetown: real estate, low crime, homes - Texas (TX)
  142. Property taxes - Why so high?: Austin, Commerce: sales, buying a house, buying - Texas (TX)
  143. Austin a good town for over 30 singles???: Houston, Dallas: spring break, houses - Texas (TX)
  144. visit suggestions: Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown: appointed, houses, landscaping - Texas (TX)
  145. Think the wet winter will mean a cooler summer?: Austin: yard, rating - Texas (TX)
  146. Can you define laid back, conservative, and open-minded when it comes to Austin?: Houston: homeowners insurance, houses - Texas (TX)
  147. Bugs - Seriously, what are we talking about?: Austin, Lawn: apartment complex, house - Texas (TX)
  148. Legends of Hutto vs Riverwalk?: Round Rock, Georgetown: how much, home search, neighborhoods - Austin, Texas (TX)
  149. Basis for tax assessment on a home purchase?: Spring, Wimberley: for sale, real estate market - Austin, Texas (TX)
  150. We have ice: Austin, Round Rock, Spring: home, neighborhood, school - Texas (TX)
  151. Legends Village (Round Rock) -- Buffington or KB?: Austin, Taylor: foreclosure, HOA - Texas (TX)
  152. New home performance standards and first year warranty - how to get builder to honor it?: Howe: foreclosed, homeowners insurance - Austin, Texas (TX)
  153. People who moved to Austin from up north like Minnesota.: Dallas: rent, houses - Texas (TX)
  154. Choosing between Far West and Riverside: Center, Howe: apartment complexes, high crime, houses - Austin, Texas (TX)
  155. Kyle, TX... good place to live?: San Antonio, Austin: real estate, homes, buying - Texas
  156. I hope they have a raucos final show.: Austin, Cactus: university, move - Texas (TX)
  157. I want to move to Austin in 2011.: Dallas, Fort Worth: apartment, to rent - Texas (TX)
  158. House buying tips: Austin: sales, HOA fees, crime - Texas (TX)
  159. Moving into a brand new house - pre-move things to do to save in the long run: refrigerator, water heater - Austin, Texas (TX)
  160. Historic?: Dallas, Austin, Georgetown: condo, house, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  161. Avery Ranch or Ranch at Brushy Creek....schools: Austin, Round Rock: for sale, apartment complexes - Texas (TX)
  162. Blue tarp ratio?: Austin, Cove: HOA, house, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  163. The future of Texas culture: Dallas, Austin: transplants, buy, living - (TX)
  164. Change: Alamo, South Alamo: credit card, restaurants, bill - Austin, Texas (TX)
  165. Who is the best high school marching band in the Austin metro?: Spring: home, rich - Texas (TX)
  166. Cheapest Places to get a Prepaid Cell Phone and Mailbox?: Austin: how much, to buy - Texas (TX)
  167. where can I get $35,000 a year with a high schoool diploma: Austin: student loan, house - Texas (TX)
  168. Austin just made another top ten list - Drunkest Cities: San Antonio: home, buy - Texas (TX)
  169. Rest Areas when traveling: Houston, Dallas: loan, home, buying - Austin, Texas (TX)
  170. HOAs and Christmas decorations: Austin, West: sales, real estate, foreclosure - Texas (TX)
  171. Plenty of questions to Austinites: Houston, Dallas: houses, good schools, allergies - Texas (TX)
  172. Why Is Austin So Friggin Lame??!!!: Houston, Dallas: how much, house, car inspection - Texas (TX)
  173. 3rd car garage VS media room: Austin, Brushy Creek: real estate, new house, water heater - Texas (TX)
  174. Cool, Interesting Neighborhoods in Austin, with kids: Dallas, Clarksville: apartment, buying - Texas (TX)
  175. Looking for Production Artist/Graphic Design/Photography work in Austin!: Dallas: universities, moving to - Texas (TX)
  176. Good Place for Sunday Brunch?: Burnet, Magnolia: places, ranch, patio - Austin, Texas (TX)
  177. OK, our aunt's 37 year old house needs to be sold...: West: real estate, lease - Austin, Texas (TX)
  178. we want to move to Austin: Houston, Dallas: job market, college, places to live - Texas (TX)
  179. for who grew up in Austin: Howe: neighborhoods, public school - Texas (TX)
  180. Southwest Austin. Maple Run, Woodstone Village, Cherry Creek: Deer Park, Crockett: for sale, apartment complexes - Texas (TX)
  181. on gyms in Austin?: San Antonio, Center: YMCA, gym, moving to - Texas (TX)
  182. SW vs S suburbs?: Austin, Spring: houses, established neighborhood, good schools - Texas (TX)
  183. Where are the bad parts: Austin, Cameron: fit in, crime rate, houses - Texas (TX)
  184. Austin Skyline Pics: Atlanta, Van: condos, suburban, parking - Texas (TX)
  185. Can tell me what it's like to live kinda far out...?: Austin: houses, theatre - Texas (TX)
  186. Austin Window Washers: house, company, windows - Texas (TX)
  187. Selling/buying out of state car: money, registered, pay - Austin, Texas (TX)
  188. Thinking of moving to Texas?: find a job, relocation, money - Austin, (TX)
  189. Is western Hays County a good fit for us?: Houston: home, to buy - Austin, Texas (TX)
  190. Looking for a good housekeeper/maid in Lakeway area: home, monthly - Austin, Texas (TX)
  191. Seminar on Water Catchment on Feb. 13: homes, interest - Austin, Texas (TX)
  192. Nose surgeons in Austin?: top, surgery, specializing - Texas (TX)
  193. Presale Password for In The Heights in Austin: San Antonio, Anton: concert - Texas (TX)
  194. Decent Apartment Complexes: campus, park, people - Austin, Texas (TX)
  195. Videos of in and around Austin Texas: channel - (TX)
  196. gun torubles in Austin: police, owner, local - Texas (TX)
  197. survival work tips in Austin or in TX?: to move, bills - Texas
  198. Austin Energy estimated bills: neighborhood, estimate, gas - Texas (TX)
  199. DIY Classes?: Home Depot, stores, gardening - Austin, Texas (TX)
  200. HVAC Austin Permit?: Bryan, Cool: house, inspector, shop - Texas (TX)