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  1. Ladies: New Kids on the Block: El Paso: places, summer, sold - Texas (TX)
  2. El Paso/TX DOT Wishlist From Obama: West: unemployed, taxes - Texas
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  6. Local Businessman to announce candidacy for Mayor: El Paso, Santa Fe: loft, wage - Texas (TX)
  7. Places to Watch Premier League Soccer: restaurant, tavern, sports - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  8. City council meeting!: live, build, flooding - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  9. Margaret's Journey Ends: El Paso: moving, child, young - Texas (TX)
  10. state income taxes: El Paso: live in, refund, paycheck - Texas (TX)
  11. Drug venture is UTEPís first biotech spinoff: Houston, El Paso: universities, great - Texas (TX)
  12. Good window tinting places in el paso: Alamo: prices, legal - Texas (TX)
  13. Re-Open Shadow Mountain Lake A.K.A. Lake El Paso: to rent, hotel - Texas (TX)
  14. HEADLINE STRAIGHT OUT OF THE JAY LENO SHOW:Concerned puppy owner smoked marijuana inside Target, shoplifted, then attack: criminals - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  15. Need recommendations ..: price, shop, car - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  16. Need to find two things: Hotel room w/a hot tub and Naga Jolokia peppers: hotels - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  17. Extreme Makeover to film in El Paso: homes, builder - Texas (TX)
  18. I just saw a tv ad for a Mexican food place called AY CARAMBA... BWAHAHAHAHAHA: restaurant - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  19. Dentist that take payments: El Paso, Center: insurance, credit, unemployment - Texas (TX)
  20. AT&T U-VERSE coming to El Paso!: Beaumont: how much, home - Texas (TX)
  21. Moving soon!: El Paso: home, live, moving to - Texas (TX)
  22. Residential Security Consultants in El Paso?: Austin: house, high school, live - Texas (TX)
  23. Problems Collecting Unemployment Benefits?: Austin, El Paso: purchasing, luxury, school - Texas (TX)
  24. Juarez Violence: El Paso: safety, visit, trip - Texas (TX)
  25. UTEP's Nursing School/RN demand in El Paso?: Fort Bliss: buying, cabin - Texas (TX)
  26. nice places to walk/run/jog in El Paso: Canyon: landscaping, high school - Texas (TX)
  27. What is the City-Council Smoking???: money, mayor, too hot - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  28. Former NFL Player Now Border Patrol Agent: El Paso: office, career - Texas (TX)
  29. Ft Bliss: new home, centers, swimming pool - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  30. Homeschooling: public school, best, teacher - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  31. ABC's Homeland Security USA focuses on El Paso tonight: Buffalo: office, dental - Texas (TX)
  32. Texas vs the nation: El Paso, West: college, living, vs. - (TX)
  33. El Paso - sales tax rebates - retail sales down SHARPLY 9.4%: Midland: home, layoffs - Texas (TX)
  34. Girls HS Basketball Playoffs Pairings and Results: Arlington, Lubbock: area, town - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  35. Water, softner and filter or just drink it!: El Paso, Lubbock: sales, appliances - Texas (TX)
  36. Keystone Heritage Park a little piece of heaven within El Paso: parking, rating - Texas (TX)
  37. Does TX pay a parent for caring for a Disabled Child?: El Paso: home, live in - Texas
  38. Mexican Car Insurance: Austin, El Paso: buy, costs, legal - Texas (TX)
  39. Parks: El Paso, Canyon, West: neighborhood, schools, camping - Texas (TX)
  40. Phase I Of New High School Breaks Ground: El Paso, Socorro: transfer, construction - Texas (TX)
  41. Boys HS Basketball Playoffs Pairings and Results: Dallas, Austin: schools, live - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  42. Meredithmyoung how are ya doing?: West: home, school district, move - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  43. Santa Fe Place apartments....: living in, drive, festival - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  44. Can tell me if El Paso has an ARC (Association for Retarded Citizens) and activities for special needs adults.: Dallas: home - Texas (TX)
  45. UTEP Physical Therapy program: El Paso: credit, schools, place to live - Texas (TX)
  46. Toddler Entertainment: El Paso, Fabens, Atlanta: homes, live, restaurant - Texas (TX)
  47. If $52 Million isn't enough, taxes will pay for Asarco cleanup: El Paso: cost of, estimate - Texas (TX)
  48. Northeast Rep Castro Draws Third Challenger: El Paso, Howe: tax, live in, office - Texas (TX)
  49. Why is El Paso such a horrible place?: Portland, Center: cul-de-sac, transplants - Texas (TX)
  50. Body Kit Shops?: El Paso, Alamo: cars, sell, supply - Texas (TX)
  51. Guantanamo Bay Detainees.....: El Paso, Center, Howe: house, camp, live in - Texas (TX)
  52. Craft markets/venues in El Paso: shop, farmers market, park - Texas (TX)
  53. Magoffin Neighborhood Apartment Complex approved..: El Paso: low income, appointed, houses - Texas (TX)
  54. More on Magoffin and the smart 101 route: Austin, El Paso: homes, living in - Texas (TX)
  55. Dermatologist on West Side?: Adrian: health insurance, assess, friendly - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  56. Just Curious about La Meclazera: for sale, neighborhood, to buy - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  57. Sunset Heights - Arizona Rio Grande neighborhoods: El Paso, Victoria: apartment, crime - Texas (TX)
  58. PSB and the City: pros and cons, wage, money - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  59. Allergies - Which Part of Town is Best?: El Paso, West: transplants, subdivisions - Texas (TX)
  60. ELP 2009 Housing Prices - uneven ? depends on area?: Houston, Dallas: real estate, foreclosures - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  61. Does El Paso allow smoking in bars?: Houston: house, restaurants - Texas (TX)
  62. Looking for Chapulines: El Paso: how much, school, shoppers - Texas (TX)
  63. Will we ever really OWN our homes?: to rent, mortgage - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  64. Recommend an reasonable, mechanic on the westside?: shop, car - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  65. Where to move in EP?: Houston, El Paso: for sale, foreclosure, lease - Texas (TX)
  66. Myrtle-Magoffin-Streets East of Downtown: El Paso, West: to rent, homes, living - Texas (TX)
  67. Short-term Apartments in El Paso: West, Canadian: apartment complex, leases, house - Texas (TX)
  68. El Paso Header Concept: Franklin: design, land, top - Texas (TX)
  69. True Story: Dallas, El Paso, Chico: famous, road, Mexican - Texas (TX)
  70. ts going on in El Paso during Christmas time?: Houston: live in, train - Texas (TX)
  71. Merry Christmas: Bowie: great, time, about - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  72. Rubik's cube: buildings, place, soccer - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  73. Restaruants/hotels serving thanksgiving buffets/meals?: restaurant, eat, places to go - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  74. Whats going on in EP for New Years?: El Paso, Sunset: hotels, houses - Texas (TX)
  75. I had a dream: Dallas, San Antonio: how much, restaurant, fence - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  76. Help with FastTrack program at UTEP's Nursing school, real estate and schools?: El Paso: new house - Texas (TX)
  77. Does Business in El Paso do Christmas Window displays?: sale, lease - Texas (TX)
  78. Things I have Learned: eat, expensive, work - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  79. Latino's Nightmare - La Chancla: house, school - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  80. Merry christmas el paso!: Roma, Canton: home, bars, island - Texas (TX)
  81. Nice Article About EL Paso International Airport: Fort Bliss, Sandia: retiring, golf course - Texas (TX)
  82. El Paso superhero appears in Batman TV series: Blue Beetle: Bells: title, retired - Texas (TX)
  83. where is everybody?: El Paso, Italy, Happy: house, shop, grocery - Texas (TX)
  84. Stopping, Standing & Parking?: El Paso: school, law, car - Texas (TX)
  85. Wind!!!: El Paso, Franklin: live, airport, office - Texas (TX)
  86. Ascarate park plan: El Paso, West, Cesar Chavez: houses, theater, taxes - Texas (TX)
  87. remember this guy/show in El Paso?: Tool, Morgan: live, news - Texas (TX)
  88. El Paso Animal Control: Wilson: house, to buy, to live - Texas (TX)
  89. the MINESHAFT: college, price, shop - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  90. HELP! Stucco home and Christmas lights?: Home Depot, tile, cost - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  91. Ludicrous Parade Attendance Figures: El Paso: estimates, parking, park - Texas (TX)
  92. Marine corps reserve: El Paso, Fort Bliss, Center: transfer to, school, centers - Texas (TX)
  93. Your favorite:: El Paso, Franklin: how much, live, move - Texas (TX)
  94. Mexico collapse unlikely: Experts say: Austin, El Paso: crime, credit, utilities - Texas (TX)
  95. The 2009 Perspective on Construction and the Job Market in El Paso: Houston: apartments, health insurance - Texas (TX)
  96. Moving a lil sooner than expected!: El Paso, Spring: rent, insurance, movers - Texas (TX)
  97. Doggy rescue gone bad: El Paso, Bowie: house, neighborhood, to live - Texas (TX)
  98. No free basic cable anymore?: how much, house, move to - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  99. Citation for Underage Drinking: Howe: felony, lawyer, house - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  100. If you had to leave El Paso: San Antonio, Austin: college, quality of life - Texas (TX)
  101. What's El Paso Getting From Obama's Stimulus Plan: Richardson, Mart: unemployment, construction - Texas (TX)
  102. Northeast: El Paso, Mesquite, Hondo: low income, apartment complexes, rentals - Texas (TX)
  103. El Paso is in Top 10 Least Affordable Cities: Fort Bliss, Cleveland: home builders, neighborhood - Texas (TX)
  104. Sun Bowl 2008 - Oregon State vs. Pittsburgh: El Paso: movers, college - Texas (TX)
  105. Council OKs tax zone to raise $70 million for $1 billion transportation plan: El Paso: sales, wages - Texas (TX)
  106. Greater El Paso(El Paso-Las Cruces) to reach 1.05 million according to article: tech jobs, living - Texas (TX)
  107. The Economy and El Paso: Alamo: home, layoffs, live in - Texas (TX)
  108. Medicaid Participation in El Paso: Miami: health insurance, incomes, health - Texas (TX)
  109. Dish/DSL: apartments, house, neighborhood - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  110. el paso legends: Richardson, Sherman, Shamrock: credit, movies, schools - Texas (TX)
  111. Got Bad Neighbors?: apartment, lease, how much - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  112. El Paso one of few U.S. cities with housing price increases!: Houston: for sale, foreclosures - Texas (TX)
  113. UTEP sees record enrollment: El Paso: credit, best schools, college - Texas (TX)
  114. El Paso one of few U.S. cities with job increases in 2008, city officials say: Houston: houses, construction jobs - Texas (TX)
  115. yard watering/landscaping: El Paso, Point, Lawn: how much, house, buying - Texas (TX)
  116. Groundbreaking for The El Paso Children's Hospital: Lubbock, Center: construction, university - Texas (TX)
  117. Proposed names for new EPISD schools: El Paso, Fort Bliss: school districts, retired, campus - Texas (TX)
  118. RailRunner going to cruces... will it soon operate in El Paso?: San Antonio: how much, live in - Texas (TX)
  119. General questions about UTEP: El Paso: dorms, school, college - Texas (TX)
  120. I Want To Open A Grocery Store In El Paso: Fabens: high school, college - Texas (TX)
  121. currently stationbed at fort bliss: El Paso, Robinson: school district, military, garden - Texas (TX)
  122. Fleas, true or false?: Dallas, West: house, live, outlet mall - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  123. Weather: El Paso, West, Happy: tornado, living, discount - Texas (TX)
  124. chocolate covered strawberrys: El Paso, Valentine: buy, shopping center, moving - Texas (TX)
  125. What Holiday Displays Does El Paso Have?: Hondo, Happy: neighborhoods, high school - Texas (TX)
  126. Why I like El Paso: Houston, Dallas: insurance, low crime, houses - Texas (TX)
  127. I've never heard of a hate crime in El Paso like this...: Dallas: crime rate, dangerous - Texas (TX)
  128. How does your job rate with the national average?: Houston: lawyers, house - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  129. What are Chicos?: El Paso, Spring, Lindale: transfer to, live in, food - Texas (TX)
  130. Ohio man plans to build $180 million state-of-the-art cancer treatment facility in El Paso: Houston: taxes, land - Texas (TX)
  131. What can we do to improve the Sun Bowl?: El Paso: appointed, schools - Texas (TX)
  132. Help! Can't decide between Tucson, El Paso, and Phoenix: Franklin: extended stay, appointed - Texas (TX)
  133. El Paso No. 9 city in U.S. for job growth last year: Houston: employment, place to live - Texas (TX)
  134. Fourth challenger for Melina Castro's seat: El Paso, Franklin: house, neighborhood, schools - Texas (TX)
  135. World's largest U.S. consulate opens in Juarez: Fort Bliss: violent crime, bills - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  136. Poisonous creatures of El Paso: Fort Bliss, Franklin: house, scorpions, school - Texas (TX)
  137. Fiance is fine but what about me?: Houston, Dallas: 2013, tech jobs - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  138. Looking for accomodations near fabens: El Paso, Mission: hotels, house, trendy - Texas (TX)
  139. Lots of houses for sale in 79912 Zip- time to learn.: El Paso: foreclosures, mortgage - Texas (TX)
  140. Fired for requesting OT pay: Houston, El Paso: crime, unemployment, go bankrupt - Texas (TX)
  141. Land value in Horizon City: El Paso, Coleman: high school, taxes, restaurant - Texas (TX)
  142. Volaris and Southwest Airlines now partnering with service to Mexico - Will Volaris come to EP?: Houston: price, buses - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  143. Extreme Home makeover..RUIZ FAMILY: El Paso: house, school, live - Texas (TX)
  144. Where would you say the most expensive neighborhood in El Paso is?: Howe: for sale, real estate - Texas (TX)
  145. Is going to climb Cristo Rey on December 30!: Austin: crimes, home - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  146. Ft Bliss spring bazaar: El Paso, Fort Bliss: to buy, gym, shoppers - Texas (TX)
  147. Where can I buy live hens?: zip code, law, stores - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  148. Looking to rent a home that accommodates my horses: El Paso: for rent, houses - Texas (TX)
  149. El Paso in top list of 5 strongest Housing Markets in America: Fort Bliss: low income, crime - Texas (TX)
  150. El Paso footing bill for security of Mexican politician now?: house, tax - Texas (TX)
  151. getting a Spaghetti Warehouse: Dallas, San Antonio: restaurants, train, to eat - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  152. Stimulus at work in El Paso: Easing East Side traffic snarls: West: construction, money - Texas (TX)
  153. Trucking Jobs In El Paso?: Stagecoach: home, live in, moving to - Texas (TX)
  154. Good Authentic Mexican place and daytrips: El Paso, Waco: restaurants, dangerous, shop - Texas (TX)
  155. I'm Moving To El Paso and Need Help!: Dallas, Austin: apartments, renting - Texas (TX)
  156. Fox News - Hannity Report on Border Violence in EP: El Paso: apartment, renting - Texas (TX)
  157. Cool Pictures of El Paso: West: 2015, houses, live - Texas (TX)
  158. Juarez. How many?: Houston, El Paso: neighborhood, living in, most dangerous - Texas (TX)
  159. Pediatrician- Tricare Prime: El Paso, West, Cool: living in, military, moving to - Texas (TX)
  160. CNN Report on Border Violence & El Paso City Council Resolution: legal, safe - Texas (TX)
  161. Puerto Rican Food?: El Paso, Franklin: how much, live in, restaurants - Texas (TX)
  162. Is there a local newcomers club or moms group?: El Paso: transplants, apartment - Texas (TX)
  163. Outdoor wedding ceremony and reception in El Paso: Waco, Fabens: rent, hotels - Texas (TX)
  164. Craigslist today..: El Paso: pay, community, free - Texas (TX)
  165. Castro votes against improvements: El Paso: shopping mall, land, donate - Texas (TX)
  166. More wonderful news from the lovely northeast: El Paso: credit, school district - Texas (TX)
  167. Gas bill: rental, how much, houses - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  168. Spur 601: Fort Bliss, Wilson: construction, building, highrise - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  169. stationed at fort bliss soon: El Paso, Beaumont: 2013, rent, crime - Texas (TX)
  170. is utep football and bball ever going to be the best in conference usa?: Houston: salary, price - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  171. Tacotote locally owned business?: Houston, San Antonio: home, live, restaurants - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  172. Handball Courts in El Paso?: Bowie: YMCA, high school, military - Texas (TX)
  173. Looking for good church: Center, Sanctuary: home, school, college - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  174. Why don't houses in El Paso have basements?: Hondo: new house, construction - Texas (TX)
  175. Married to El Paso: for sale, vehicle registration, crime - Texas (TX)
  176. ipod repair in el paso?: rental, store, company - Texas (TX)
  177. Official Photo for Juarez, Mexico: El Paso, Victoria: skateboarding, law, mall - Texas (TX)
  178. Moving and have more questions about apartment complexes and outlet furniture stores.: El Paso: lease, hotel - Texas (TX)
  179. leaving El Paso, or who have left El Paso. Do You Have Regrets? Where did you move?: San Antonio: home, transfer to - Texas (TX)
  180. El Paso HS Basketball Rankings: Austin, Socorro: layoffs, private schools, college - Texas (TX)
  181. Is El Paso a good place to live for Asthmatics?: McAllen: best cities, home - Texas (TX)
  182. Ft. Bliss To Get New 42.5 Million Family Health Clinic: San Antonio: construction, living in - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  183. Re Violence in Mexico and collapse of it's government?: El Paso: living, military - Texas (TX)
  184. Of Interest To El Paso...... DHS cracking down on employers who hire illegals: sales, gated - Texas (TX)
  185. Dentist: Dallas, El Paso, West: garages, oil, best - Texas (TX)
  186. Ramos & Compean sentences commuted!: home, law, jobs - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  187. High Rise condos in El paso: condominiums, hotel, buying - Texas (TX)
  188. Breakfast buffet ?: El Paso, Fort Bliss, Anna: hotels, price, food - Texas (TX)
  189. Your thoughts on Evaporative Cooling??: Dallas, El Paso: apartments, new home, construction - Texas (TX)
  190. Thomason: Center, Morton: construction, school, university - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  191. El Paso INDIOS: vs, relocating to, schedule - Texas (TX)
  192. Sunbowl party!: Fort Bliss: club, office, officer - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  193. where to buy fresh soybeans?: El Paso: market - Texas (TX)
  194. Texas Pride Beer: stores, sell - El Paso, (TX)
  195. Sun bowl, the best in the business: El Paso: home, university - Texas (TX)
  196. Pay Grades: high school, college, minimum wage - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  197. El Paso HS Basketball Rankings: Austin, Socorro: top 10, girls, teams - Texas (TX)
  198. Jobs in El Paso: education, places, job fair - Texas (TX)
  199. Has stayed at the Gateway Hotel downtown?: area, reviews - El Paso, Texas (TX)
  200. Telecommunications Jobs in EL Paso?: Socorro, Center: live, relocation, business - Texas (TX)