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  1. Siemens in Charlotte: employment, salary, maintenance - North Carolina (NC)
  2. The Point vs. Harbour at the Point Mooresville / other s.: Woodland: fit in, home - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  3. Sports Bars Around South Park Mall?: Charlotte: college, food, best - North Carolina (NC)
  4. Jetton Cove - How is it? What's the 411?: Cornelius: townhomes, buying - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  5. Fred Kirby from WBT Charlotte: Boone, Clyde: home, school, floor - North Carolina (NC)
  6. Restaurants with a mountain view (< 3 hrs away): Charlotte, Welcome: hotels, pine - North Carolina (NC)
  7. NY1 available on Time Warner Cable through 9/11/11: live, costs - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  8. Lazy Five Ranch is the #1 Field Trip Attraction in the State: Charlotte: chapel, purchase - North Carolina (NC)
  9. Oral Surgeon that does free consultation?: Charlotte, Gastonia: insurance, university, office - North Carolina (NC)
  10. Decent Spa: area, resort, spas - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  11. relocation in Midland, NC: rental, home, living - Charlotte, North Carolina
  12. Sweet 16 Resturant/Birthday Ideas: Charlotte: eat, dinner, place - North Carolina (NC)
  13. Charlotte based Sushi distributor to be Obama guest tonight: restaurants, stores - North Carolina (NC)
  14. Relocating to Charlotte: Columbia: cheap apartments, rental, neighborhoods - North Carolina (NC)
  15. Moving company -Allied Van Lines: Charlotte: damaged, agent, great - North Carolina (NC)
  16. Does all CMS High Schools have the virtual instruction?: Gaston: area, requirement - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  17. Digging in Indian Trail: Monroe, Norman: power lines, underground, tubing - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  18. Robin McGlohn on WSOC midday news...: Shelby, Kings Mountain: casinos, costs, bill - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  19. Charlotte is Rated #2 for Best Value: unemployment rate, income, living in - North Carolina (NC)
  20. Best hole for catchin' catfish?: Charlotte, Norman: area, island, place - North Carolina (NC)
  21. Private room for a dinner: Charlotte, Matthews: metropolitan, area, location - North Carolina (NC)
  22. Pet Friendly Cabins: Bryson City: where to stay, rentals, home - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  23. Aetna dentist: Charlotte, Monroe, Matthews: insurance, university, zip code - North Carolina (NC)
  24. where to buy a cocktail dress with southern flair: Charlotte: loan, house - North Carolina (NC)
  25. changing filters and maintenance program: apartment complex, lease, home - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  26. Looking for a Church: Charlotte, Hickory: home, high school, university - North Carolina (NC)
  27. Does know if the airport flight pattern recently changed?: Charlotte: new home, live in - North Carolina (NC)
  28. for web designers - small business: Charlotte, Raleigh: price, designer - North Carolina (NC)
  29. Looking to Relocate: Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham: homes, find a job, to buy - North Carolina (NC)
  30. Accounting/ Internal Audit positions around Charlotte?: real estate, relocating, estate - North Carolina (NC)
  31. For who like to go fast:: Charlotte, Speed: club, car - North Carolina (NC)
  32. Job in Lincolnton-where to live: Charlotte, Raleigh: sale, neighborhoods, public schools - North Carolina (NC)
  33. if out there knows ofSpeech Therapist jobs in and around Charlotte: home - North Carolina (NC)
  34. Camping suggestions Looking to rent small cabins but still want a camping feel: Charlotte: rentals - North Carolina (NC)
  35. Looking to rent a BOUNCY HOUSE: Charlotte, Waxhaw: rentals, residential, company - North Carolina
  36. Moving to Charlotte from Chicago!!: gyms, swimming, relocate to - North Carolina (NC)
  37. Power Outage In the South Charlotte area.: power lines, neighborhood - North Carolina (NC)
  38. Churches in the Huntersville area: Charlotte, Welcome: to live in, place, offer - North Carolina (NC)
  39. Nice area to live in/near Uptown with child: Charlotte: best neighborhood, renting - North Carolina (NC)
  40. City views? How far can I live out from downtown and still see?: Charlotte: real estate - North Carolina (NC)
  41. relocation to Charlotte from Florida: Mooresville: home, job market, store - North Carolina (NC)
  42. Getting Married at the courthouse in charlotte,nc: city hall, house - North Carolina (NC)
  43. who does aeration/power seeding?: Charlotte: houses, neighborhood, prices - North Carolina (NC)
  44. How to locate an obituary for a Mint Hill resident?: Charlotte: date, church - North Carolina (NC)
  45. 99.7 The Fox Traffic Report: live, friendly, better - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  46. Pediatrician in Pineville or south Charlotte: arboretum, reviews, top - North Carolina (NC)
  47. I need your help Charlotteans.: Concord, King: homes, neighborhoods, square footage - North Carolina (NC)
  48. Need feedback on Williamsburg (Weddington, 28104) Community: Charlotte: custom home, neighborhoods, to buy - North Carolina (NC)
  49. Want to move from Long Island to North Carolina: Charlotte: middle school, to live in - (NC)
  50. Relocation - Location Help: Charlotte, Raleigh: job transfer, high school, living in - North Carolina (NC)
  51. Are They Going to Have A Charlotte Literary and Neo-Soul Festival This Year?: place - North Carolina (NC)
  52. Charlotte: why no HD webcams showing the city?: construction, live - North Carolina (NC)
  53. Rea Rd and Johnson Rd Re-Surfacing: Charlotte, Micro: neighborhood, tax, transportation - North Carolina (NC)
  54. Alternative/less mainstream hangouts around Charlotte?: Matthews: house, trendy, nightlife - North Carolina (NC)
  55. When did the Flying Biscuit Close?: live, restaurant, store - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  56. If your city is your power provider & a disaster takes out your electricity: Charlotte: to buy - North Carolina (NC)
  57. been to Brig's in Torringdon?: closing, shop, friendly - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  58. Is there ever flooding around lake Norman areas?: live, relocation - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  59. Baileys Glen in Cornelius NC: neighborhood, middle schools, live - Charlotte, North Carolina
  60. Indian Trail Movie restaurants?: Charlotte, Monroe: chapel, houses, theater - North Carolina (NC)
  61. Hough High School in Huntersville: Norman: transplants, school district, vs. - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  62. Boy Scout Troop: Weddington, Waxhaw, Wesley Chapel: chapel, wedding, middle school - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  63. I need on Driveway alarm: design, install, best - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  64. Young Female Professional with small dog - Working Uptown and need Apartment advice: Charlotte: apartment complex - North Carolina (NC)
  65. Junkyards Near Wesley Chapel: Charlotte, Marshville: car, pay, place - North Carolina (NC)
  66. moving back: transfer, safe area, to live in - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  67. Does have a map of the new park in Uptown?: design, county - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  68. It's 5 o'clock: safe, good, time - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  69. Couples cooking classes?: Charlotte, Concord, Welcome: community college, food, place - North Carolina (NC)
  70. Central Location in Charlotte (Restaurants/Bars/Entertainment): Star: hotels, movie theater - North Carolina (NC)
  71. Lynx stop for Panther's game: Stonewall: best, Sunday, looking for - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  72. Labor day fireworks around Charlotte: live, county, place - North Carolina (NC)
  73. Where can I donate books?: Pineville, Waxhaw: home, schools, cost - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  74. Having Trouble Finding Areas without HOA fees: Charlotte, Huntersville: real estate, townhomes - North Carolina (NC)
  75. Walkability and/or Pedestrian Traffic in Charlotte?: neighbourhoods, live - North Carolina (NC)
  76. Camping locations.......: Charlotte, Kings Mountain, Davidson: renting, state, great - North Carolina (NC)
  77. Textile maker to add 62 workers in Kings Mountain: Shelby, Cleveland: business, county - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  78. Animal in my ceiling: sublet, apartment complex, house - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  79. College Student to Budget: Charlotte: apartments, utilities, places to live - North Carolina (NC)
  80. Medicade doctors: Charlotte: health insurance, health, area - North Carolina (NC)
  81. Just relocated to Charlotte and need help: financial, services - North Carolina (NC)
  82. Moving to Charlotte, suggestions?: Gastonia, Gaston: cheap apartment, for rent, condos - North Carolina (NC)
  83. We want to move to Uptown...need advice :): Charlotte: apartment, rentals - North Carolina (NC)
  84. How much for a Pre-moving house cleaning: Charlotte: hardwood floors, houses - North Carolina (NC)
  85. Relocating to South Charlotte: rent, felons, buying - North Carolina (NC)
  86. Spring Water delivery in Charlotte: best, area, companies - North Carolina (NC)
  87. which charities will pick up refrigerators?: house, donate, place - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  88. GP, Internist? South Charlotte (South Park): Pineville: retired, health, area - North Carolina (NC)
  89. where are the friendliest places to live in/around charlotte nc?: Harrisburg: friendly, people - North Carolina (NC)
  90. Need a good barber: Charlotte, Welcome: shops, relocate to, office - North Carolina (NC)
  91. Someone spoke of The Open Kitchen: Charlotte, Dallas: coupons, to buy, restaurants - North Carolina (NC)
  92. Cato launches high-end accessories store in Arboretum will employ 25: Charlotte: shop, retailer - North Carolina (NC)
  93. Huntersville commute to Salisbury: Charlotte, Concord: new house, neighborhoods, high school - North Carolina (NC)
  94. Salon/stylist that specialize in African American hair: Welcome: university, oil - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  95. Homes with small lots - pet restrictions?: Huntersville, Cornelius: real estate, HOA - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  96. for a Plumber or Plumbing Store Owner or Worker: Charlotte: Home Depot, purchase - North Carolina (NC)
  97. lake Norman to Charlotte commute - need who drive it to weigh in: Huntersville: home search - North Carolina (NC)
  98. Lennar Paint: new home, codes, design - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  99. How is the job market for attorneys?: Charlotte: appointed, tenant - North Carolina (NC)
  100. Areas to buy/build homes in union county?: Monroe, Lake Park: to rent, houses - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  101. 1 yr old looking for play group: Charlotte, Davidson: home, live in, nursing - North Carolina (NC)
  102. Wendy's burns down in Matthews!: Charlotte: restaurant, store, office - North Carolina (NC)
  103. Recommendations for a Handy Man: neighborhood, live in, price - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  104. Bagpipe player for irish wedding in Charlotte Sept 17th: prices, charges - North Carolina (NC)
  105. Makeovers (Salons, in Charlotte: cost, money, place - North Carolina (NC)
  106. Draperies in Ballantyne area.: Charlotte, Monroe: second mortgage, house, living - North Carolina (NC)
  107. Looking for a good plumber: Charlotte, Franklin: water heater, construction, floor - North Carolina (NC)
  108. Favorite camping spots near Blowing Rock?: lizard, mountains - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  109. Need the best plastic surgeon in charlotte: Matthews: nurse, areas - North Carolina (NC)
  110. Sky Blue Vacation Rentals?: Norman: rental homes, vacation home, safe - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  111. Good men's suits to donate: for sale, find a job, to buy - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  112. Lawn care co that uses granulars, not sprays.: Charlotte: eat, company - North Carolina (NC)
  113. Flea Markets: Charlotte, Salisbury, Huntersville: home, storage, best - North Carolina (NC)
  114. Relocation to Charlotte from Florida: job market, military, move to - North Carolina (NC)
  115. Need disability doctor: insurance, lawyers, income - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  116. relocating to Charlotte NC from Orange County CA: insurance, job market - North Carolina
  117. Kenny G at Pops: Charlotte: theatre, live, Friday - North Carolina (NC)
  118. Relocating from CT: Charlotte, Raleigh: sales, real estate, rent - North Carolina (NC)
  119. Gonna to Let My Cable TV Go.: home, rooftop - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  120. Malvern, PA Vs Charlotte, NC for relocation: Wilmington, Washington: apartment, rental - North Carolina
  121. Revaluation of Real Property - Next Steps?: Charlotte: comparable sales, sales - North Carolina (NC)
  122. Charlotte to Hickory...where to live? Need to be 20 mins from Charlotte...: Gastonia: to rent, house - North Carolina (NC)
  123. moving to Charlotte without a car: apartment, neighborhoods, buy - North Carolina (NC)
  124. How SCARY is scarowinds?: houses, vs., safe - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  125. Christmas: Bunn: for sale, home, buying - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  126. NC Wineries Near Charlotte: Asheville, Monroe: limousine, home, wedding - North Carolina
  127. Kudzu problem: Davidson, Mooresboro: houses, college, disposal - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  128. Westin Hotel is falling apart: Charlotte, Stonewall: credit, wedding, floor - North Carolina (NC)
  129. Hanging out in Rochester, NY.: Charlotte, Star: how much, homes, live - North Carolina (NC)
  130. 2 dead at the Lowes in Concord.: Charlotte: crime, employment, gated - North Carolina (NC)
  131. Moving to Charlotte from Louisville: Gastonia, Shelby: apartment, to rent, house - North Carolina (NC)
  132. Cars parked on front lawns: Charlotte, Raleigh: HOA, neighborhood, living - North Carolina (NC)
  133. Where to live in Charlotte near Microsoft?: Concord: real estate market, apartment complex - North Carolina (NC)
  134. Where can I buy locally made honey?: Charlotte, Statesville: home, allergies - North Carolina (NC)
  135. Looking to change insurance provider: Charlotte, Gastonia: credit, house, deductible - North Carolina (NC)
  136. Charlotte Transit System: Concord, King, Tryon: transfer, neighborhood, luxury - North Carolina (NC)
  137. CMS named top urban district: Charlotte, Chapel Hill: low income, chapel, credit - North Carolina (NC)
  138. Where are they hiding all the organic produce?: Charlotte, Huntersville: buying, prices - North Carolina (NC)
  139. Where is your favorite breakfast spot?: Charlotte, Raleigh: house, restaurants, kitchen - North Carolina (NC)
  140. Incumbent defeated by first openly gay candidate in primary: Charlotte: crime, house - North Carolina (NC)
  141. good with a solder iron or can suggest cheap electronic repair shop?: Charlotte: home, buying - North Carolina (NC)
  142. What is your Favorite Movie Theater?: Concord, Woodlawn: movie theaters, university, to live in - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  143. Flooding: Charlotte: living in, yard, phone - North Carolina (NC)
  144. DNC predictions: Charlotte, Speed: live, cities, charge - North Carolina
  145. Local Dodge dealerships experience reviews: Charlotte, Statesville: sale, buying, maintenance - North Carolina (NC)
  146. What has changed in Charlotte over the past 5+yrs??: how much, living in - North Carolina (NC)
  147. Free Chick-fil-A for Breakfast: Star: restaurants, food, friendly - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  148. Affordable Greek food in Charlotte?: house, neighborhood, restaurants - North Carolina (NC)
  149. Sorry, just a little PO'd and vent: living, floors - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  150. Ughh - A bleak employment picture discourages moving there?: Charlotte: find a job, income - North Carolina (NC)
  151. HP Touchpad Firesale: sale, buy, live in - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  152. Landlord wanting to evict tenant: Charlotte: real estate, rental, HOA - North Carolina (NC)
  153. Questions about Charlotte...from ny: Statesville: apartment, homeowners insurance, crime - North Carolina (NC)
  154. The best place to buy charger plates: Charlotte, Kirkland: prices, stores - North Carolina (NC)
  155. Severe weather?: Tryon, Woodlawn: moving, pool, yard - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  156. Looking for a place to meet between Charlotte and Asheville: Hickory: house, live - North Carolina (NC)
  157. Northstone residents anywhere?: Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson: real estate, homes, neighborhood - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  158. Why has Providence been so backed up lately?: Charlotte, Forest Hills: school, closing - North Carolina (NC)
  159. Bra Fittings in Charlotte?: sales, price, shop - North Carolina (NC)
  160. September & October is Festival Time in Charlotte!!!: Concord, Monroe: for sale, amphitheatre - North Carolina (NC)
  161. Favorite lunch place near university area?: Charlotte: house, restaurant, shopping center - North Carolina (NC)
  162. How bad is your new tax bill?: houses, bills - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  163. Katia: Charlotte: buy, store, move to - North Carolina (NC)
  164. Pie is tasty: Charlotte, Hickory: appointed, transplants, sales - North Carolina (NC)
  165. If you are going to move live near your work: Charlotte: DMV, live in - North Carolina (NC)
  166. Relocation to Charlotte: Concord, Monroe: apartment, transporting, rental homes - North Carolina (NC)
  167. Pediatrician recommendation- South Charlotte: office, medical, arboretum - North Carolina (NC)
  168. Hat on backwards: Charlotte: income, codes, schedule - North Carolina (NC)
  169. Well I was checking the weather forecast: home, neighborhood - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  170. Was it legal for Councilman Howard to photograph his ballot?: Charlotte: law, permit - North Carolina (NC)
  171. Bank of America to cut 30,000 jobs: Charlotte: unemployment, college, prices - North Carolina (NC)
  172. Need a marriage couselor in or near Mooresville: to work, community - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  173. Camping & Critters: Charlotte, Norman: house, live, moving to - North Carolina (NC)
  174. Fondu restaurants: Charlotte: home, buy, prices - North Carolina (NC)
  175. help! Looking for baby sitter in Ballantyne area- asap: Charlotte: real estate, day care - North Carolina (NC)
  176. Long term parking at CLT - advice is: Charlotte: transfer to, taxi - North Carolina (NC)
  177. Chiquita Headquarters Relocating to Charlotte: home, gated, cost of - North Carolina (NC)
  178. I need New Tires: Mooresville, King: sales, credit, buying - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  179. Charlotte #4 of The Happiest Cities for Young Professionals: Marshall: rent, tenant - North Carolina (NC)
  180. Charlotte forum posters - Where were YOU on 9.11.01?: Lexington, Madison: real estate, home - North Carolina (NC)
  181. Kohl's on Rea Rd.: Waxhaw: sale, lawyer, price - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  182. Fall Aeration and Overseeding: King: home, buy, price - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  183. Chapel Cove - Standard Pacific homes: Charlotte, Hickory: appointed, home builders, landscaping - North Carolina (NC)
  184. HELP!! My wedding is October 22nd, 2011: Charlotte, Pineville: hotels, wedding reception, price - North Carolina (NC)
  185. Pastrami Sandwiches in Charlotte/Matthews Area: restaurant, shopping center, kosher - North Carolina (NC)
  186. Time Warner vs ATT U-Verse vs Direct TV: sublets, house - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  187. School Zone Traffic Ticket: Insurance?: Charlotte, Speed: car insurance, lawyer, house - North Carolina (NC)
  188. Another drug bust in Marvin/Waxhaw: Charlotte: house, unemployed, tax - North Carolina (NC)
  189. Walkability of Davidson & Cornelius: Charlotte, Concord: real estate, high crime, chapel - North Carolina (NC)
  190. Fall Lawn Care: credit, homes, neighborhoods - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  191. Part of Eastway is closed: Charlotte: color - North Carolina (NC)
  192. Street/Ball Hockey in the Charlotte Area: Huntersville: YMCA, park - North Carolina (NC)
  193. 5th Street around the stadium is closed: people, today - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  194. Anniversary Activities: Charlotte: live, restaurant, area - North Carolina (NC)
  195. Thanks for the reported: King: live, health, sunny - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  196. Chimneys of Marvin: moving, community, great - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  197. just visited Monroe and had a nice time: new house, school - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  198. Slit seeder rental?: Matthews: Home Depot, yard, place - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  199. Autism Services in Charlotte Area: school, relocating to, transit - North Carolina (NC)
  200. wreck on 74 inbound: schedule, town, traffic - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)