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  1. Bank of America Stadium: price, club, eat - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  2. Looking for a Cajun seasoning: Charlotte: university, live, shop - North Carolina (NC)
  3. CMC Waxhaw opening date December 12th.: Charlotte, Monroe: lease, house, transfer - North Carolina (NC)
  4. New Years in Charlotte: college, live, restaurants - North Carolina (NC)
  5. Christmas Dinner in Charlotte, Matthews, or Waxhaw: Raleigh, Pineville: hotel, live in - North Carolina (NC)
  6. Charlotte Sports Radio Stations: Gastonia, Huntersville: buy, live in, car - North Carolina (NC)
  7. great falafel..: Charlotte: restaurant, prices, shop - North Carolina (NC)
  8. Need on Union and Carabbus co. autism schools/services: Charlotte: school districts, live in - North Carolina (NC)
  9. Where to buy good Garland / Wreaths?: Mooresville: sales, Home Depot, price - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  10. Charlotte Restaurant Traffic: closing, park, town - North Carolina (NC)
  11. Mecklenburg public schools: Charlotte: special education, health, best - North Carolina (NC)
  12. Chiquita jobs?: Charlotte: how much, employment, transfer - North Carolina (NC)
  13. Cornelius the new NoDa of the future?: Charlotte, Huntersville: affordable apartments, condos - North Carolina (NC)
  14. Pest Control Company: Charlotte, Spencer: how much, home, live in - North Carolina (NC)
  15. Ballanmoor - Lennar Vs. Pulte: house, neighborhood, schools - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  16. I need a family/primary care doctor for an adult - near Southpark: medical - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  17. 1st Christmas in Charlotte - need recommendations for family friendly events and activities: Graham: theater - North Carolina (NC)
  18. Performing arts schools???: Charlotte, Monroe, Northwest: theatre, magnet school, closing - North Carolina (NC)
  19. TrueHomes USA: Charlotte: houses, purchase, contractors - North Carolina (NC)
  20. a TWC story: Concord: sales, costs, mall - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  21. Rottweiler Friendly Housing?: Charlotte: apartments, rentals, insurance - North Carolina (NC)
  22. Looking to relocate to Mooresville, seeking advice on neighborhoods!!!: Norman: houses, schools - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  23. Found small white morkie - emerywood montclair area: Madison: car, park - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  24. Lash Group to add 450 jobs in 2012 in Charlotte: living in, lawsuits - North Carolina (NC)
  25. Moving to Charlotte in 2012. Need information/Recomendations.: Huntersville, Davidson: apartments, rent - North Carolina (NC)
  26. Havenbrook Subdivision Concord NC: HOA, direct, about - Charlotte, North Carolina
  27. Negotiating on New construction homes !!!: Chapel Hill, Bath: sales, real estate, chapel - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  28. Contractor Recommendations and Charlotte home questions: Marion: buying a home, crawl space, water heater - North Carolina (NC)
  29. used/vintage Omega watch dealers in Charlotte?: recommendations, jewelry - North Carolina (NC)
  30. Need Help Moving: Concord: rental, movers, drive - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  31. Happy Thanksgiving!: Turkey: safe, food, company - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  32. Things to do in January (day trip or 2-3 day trip): Morehead City: best towns, school - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  33. Piedmont Charter School: Indian Trail: schools, shop, engineer - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  34. Exhibits & events commemorating the Civil War in the Charlotte area: Gaston: title, county - North Carolina (NC)
  35. Locker Rental in Charlotte?: rentals, month to, storage - North Carolina (NC)
  36. Magnet School Lottery for 2012 - Application Deadline this Friday, Dec. 2: Charlotte: 2013, magnet schools - North Carolina (NC)
  37. What fields are in demand in Charlotte?: home, heat pump - North Carolina (NC)
  38. Looking for Developers and Construction bidding opportunities....: Charlotte, Gastonia: contractor, live in - North Carolina (NC)
  39. Does know how to get streets accepted or uploaded to GPS: Waxhaw: neighborhood - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  40. Relocating from Orlando: Charlotte: private schools, special education, commuting - North Carolina (NC)
  41. Victorian looking clothing - thrift store: theater, school, shop - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  42. Disposing tree branches: renting, new home, price - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  43. Has been able to rent their house near Southpark? How tough is the market?: rental - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  44. Looking for a place to live: Kannapolis: to move, budget, good place to live - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  45. Elizabeth Square or Metro 808 apartments: Charlotte, Cleveland: neighborhood, living in, moving - North Carolina (NC)
  46. Advice on finding a rental house in Steele Creek/Fort Mill?: apartment, rental homes - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  47. Wow, didn't realize how close we came to losing BofA HDQ: Charlotte: home, camp - North Carolina (NC)
  48. Mint Hill Presbyterian Hospital?: Charlotte, Huntersville: 2013, construction, design - North Carolina (NC)
  49. Upholster Furniture: Charlotte: 2015, living, prices - North Carolina (NC)
  50. IKEA to install solar panels on Charlotte store: 2015, credit - North Carolina (NC)
  51. Union County to get tax cut: Monroe: lease, payment, counties - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  52. Rental Agencies in Concord area?: how much, house, tenants - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  53. New Comer: Charlotte, Newton: real estate market, buyer, living - North Carolina (NC)
  54. Help Looking for Bulk Wholesalers: Charlotte: salvaged, area, trading - North Carolina (NC)
  55. German-owned company to open plant in Mecklenburg County: Charlotte: manufacturing, transportation - North Carolina (NC)
  56. Hardwood Floor Refinishing in S. Charlotte?: floors, accent, quality - North Carolina (NC)
  57. Relocating for grad school at UNCC: Charlotte, Concord: apartment complexes, to rent, high school - North Carolina
  58. Kitty City - Cabarrus Cares: Charlotte, Concord: home, teacher, county - North Carolina (NC)
  59. Mooresville restaurants- large group: Hickory, Davidson: moving, best, area - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  60. need places to hunt in nc: lease, live, land - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  61. Non Profit Jobs?: Charlotte, Raleigh: homes, to move, medical - North Carolina (NC)
  62. Custom Builder: Concord, Kannapolis, Harrisburg: house, buy, price - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  63. Sports Bars showing PPV Boxing?: Charlotte, Hickory: area, charge, places - North Carolina (NC)
  64. Good Dog need Good Home - Chocolate/White Pitbull, Charlotte area (Southpark) ((NEW Owner found)) UPDATE: new home - North Carolina (NC)
  65. You just can't make this stuff up!: Charlotte: approval, best - North Carolina (NC)
  66. Putting in a pool...what are fence requirements....: insurance, house - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  67. Family Relocating.... 30 min commute to Carolina health system: Charlotte: apartment, to rent - North Carolina (NC)
  68. Pediatricians Steel Creek or close: Charlotte, Hickory: living in, health, building - North Carolina (NC)
  69. Paying Charlotte/Meck Property Tax: credit card, vs, bill - North Carolina (NC)
  70. sewing classes: Charlotte, Gastonia, Mooresville: buy, community college, shop - North Carolina (NC)
  71. Visiting Charlotte first week of January: Matthews, Davidson: coop, hotels, restaurants - North Carolina (NC)
  72. Roofer Reccomendations?: Charlotte, Concord: contractors, roofing, office - North Carolina (NC)
  73. Queens Grant Charter School, advice??: Charlotte, Matthews: middle school, live, safe - North Carolina (NC)
  74. Good Apartments in Mooresville: rentals, houses, school district - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  75. Wholesale Florist in Charlotte or surrounding: sale, business, place - North Carolina (NC)
  76. Curious about job openings???: Charlotte: job market, salary, living - North Carolina (NC)
  77. Renting a townhouse out in ballantyne: hardwood floors, apartment complexes, foreclosure - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  78. Armenians in Charlotte?: live in, town, community - North Carolina (NC)
  79. Should we move to Charlotte?: Huntersville, Welcome: houses, job openings, neighborhoods - North Carolina (NC)
  80. Charlotte Rescue Mission needs help for Thanksgiving....: price, food - North Carolina (NC)
  81. Looking for a Home to Rent in Mountainview Area of Hickory: real estate, rentals - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  82. Hotel near McAlpine Park?: Charlotte, Monroe: extended stay, amusement park, hotels - North Carolina (NC)
  83. Which TV services are available in the Concord/Kannapolis area?: live in, moving to - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  84. Berewick and public schools: Charlotte: purchase, private schools, live - North Carolina (NC)
  85. Renter's Rights- Reasonable Time: house, tenant, landlord - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  86. got reviews on a Charlotte hair stylist, Jaime Fornaris?: salon, location - North Carolina (NC)
  87. Licenses plate transfer: Charlotte: insurance, DMV, moving to - North Carolina (NC)
  88. Megabus offers 10,000 free seats to/from Atlanta: Charlotte, Jacksonville: bus, land - North Carolina (NC)
  89. Detroit Family looking to relocate to Charlotte area: Hickory, Belmont: real estate, new home - North Carolina (NC)
  90. Channel 96.1 radio reception: Charlotte, Greenville: station, work, better - North Carolina (NC)
  91. Apartment Advice Needed: real estate, apartments, homes - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  92. Charlotte made it in Garden and Gun magazine...: restaurants, place - North Carolina (NC)
  93. relocation to Charlotte: apartment, find a job, manufacturing - North Carolina (NC)
  94. Ping pong Partner - Matthews: Charlotte: home, live in, club - North Carolina (NC)
  95. Adult Soccer pick ups over 40 in Charolette NC: layoffs, indoor soccer - Charlotte, North Carolina
  96. Garden Inn bedbugs: Charlotte: hotels, closing, suites - North Carolina (NC)
  97. Arlington Suites Charlotte Deluxe Extended Stay????????: Tryon: safe area, safe, car - North Carolina (NC)
  98. Selling Gem Stones: Charlotte, Mooresville, Belmont: house, buy, shop - North Carolina (NC)
  99. Duke reduces rate hike request to 12 percent: Charlotte: construction, school - North Carolina (NC)
  100. Holiday party catering for office?: Charlotte, Tryon: professionals, restaurants, food - North Carolina (NC)
  101. Educational Advocate in Union Co.: Charlotte: school districts, moving, budget - North Carolina (NC)
  102. Realtor Recommendations (no realtors: Charlotte, Waxhaw: schools, to live in, relocating to - North Carolina (NC)
  103. Need help deciding on new window treatments for new home: looking for, information - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  104. Apartment/townhome rentals - Uptown & Airport.: Belmont, Gaston: apartments, commute - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  105. Charlotte Relocation- no more than $350,000: Tryon: house, job transfer, neighborhoods - North Carolina (NC)
  106. Apartment for rent near Johnson & Wales downtown: Charlotte: cheap apartment, school - North Carolina (NC)
  107. Mecklenburng County taxes -second time???: Charlotte: credit card, transfer, purchase - North Carolina (NC)
  108. ISP Options Available?: Mooresville, Norman: FIOS, location, charge - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  109. Mooresville, Davidson, Cornelius, Denver Restaurants open Thanksgiving Day?: Charlotte: eat, cities - North Carolina (NC)
  110. College Questions for Relocating Family, NC or SC: Charlotte, Chapel Hill: chapel, schools - North Carolina
  111. about the Peninsula in Cornelius?: renting, HOA fees, homes - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  112. Free dinner on your birthday!: Charlotte: club, places, offer - North Carolina (NC)
  113. Rent prices in Concord/Kannapolis???: apartments, for rent, house - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  114. about busking...: Charlotte: theater, legal, homeless - North Carolina (NC)
  115. Charlotte economic recovery?: Cornelius: best cities, loans, unemployment rate - North Carolina (NC)
  116. McAdenville- Chistmas Town USA is it worth it: Charlotte, Speed: appointed, houses - North Carolina (NC)
  117. No more Chick-fil-A for me! I'm disappointed.: Charlotte: restaurant, dangerous - North Carolina (NC)
  118. moving to NC, thinking about Charlotte or Raleigh.: Durham, Burlington: chapel, find a job - North Carolina
  119. Drunk Driving: Charlotte: insurance, attorney, taxi - North Carolina (NC)
  120. Donald Trump possibly buying Golf Course at Lake Norman...: Charlotte: sale, hotels - North Carolina (NC)
  121. first aid for sick grout: Charlotte: how much, house, buy - North Carolina (NC)
  122. Where to buy: non-wheat flour/items: Charlotte, Kings Mountain: home, wedding, buying - North Carolina (NC)
  123. Meyers Park High School ..: Charlotte: skateboarding, school district, college - North Carolina (NC)
  124. :Mooresville or Cornelius for young family?: Charlotte, Huntersville: for sale, HOA - North Carolina (NC)
  125. My neighbor is plucking a guitar all the time: Falcon: 2014, homeowners association - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  126. Way too early for 24/7 Christmas Music!: Indian Trail: live, shop, stations - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  127. Advice on relocating...: Charlotte: house, find a job, school - North Carolina (NC)
  128. CMS outshines on Nations report card: Charlotte, Gorman: renting, how much, home - North Carolina (NC)
  129. It's snowing -: Charlotte, Hudson: cul-de-sac, home, heat pump - North Carolina (NC)
  130. ANI....the only post that matters: Charlotte: how much, company, place - North Carolina (NC)
  131. in this group fly radio-controlled airplanes in the Charlotte area?: Concord: insurance, to buy - North Carolina (NC)
  132. see the guy dancing up 74 today?: Charlotte, Kelly: wedding, place - North Carolina (NC)
  133. Dynasty buffet behind Fuddruckers on 51...: Troy: restaurant, prices, license - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  134. Installer for Outdoor Christmas lights: Charlotte, Marvin: rental, house, neighbourhood - North Carolina (NC)
  135. Christmas parades in the Charlotte area - 2011: Kannapolis, Salisbury: move, park - North Carolina (NC)
  136. Your Chance To See The Opera. Free!: Charlotte: theater, restaurant - North Carolina (NC)
  137. Convergys looking to hire 220 jobs in Charlotte office: Hickory: sales, 2013 - North Carolina (NC)
  138. 7th Street Public Market: Charlotte, Columbus: for sale, apartment, buy - North Carolina (NC)
  139. use AutoBell? Tipping?: Charlotte, Monroe: loan, how much, minimum wage - North Carolina (NC)
  140. Ham that tastes like ham?: house, Mennonites, live - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  141. Christmas at Biltmore: for sale, house, restaurants - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  142. NoDa 28205 area is this a decent, area: Washington, Davidson: real estate, condos - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  143. Internet / TV Suggestions: Speed: how much, movies, live - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  144. What does a city girl from Los Angeles need to know about moving to Charlotte... the country lol: Huntersville: apartment, house - North Carolina (NC)
  145. listening to John Hancock: Charlotte, Monroe: rent to own, crime, taxation - North Carolina (NC)
  146. Charlotte for young, single women?: Greensboro, Gastonia: neighborhood, college, to live - North Carolina (NC)
  147. Radon... 13.7 to high to buy home?: Charlotte: condo, credit, houses - North Carolina (NC)
  148. Home Inspector... Use realtor's recommendation or not?: Charlotte, Huntersville: sale, new house - North Carolina (NC)
  149. Lady of the Lake Dinner Cruise: Charlotte, Mooresville: buy, living, restaurant - North Carolina (NC)
  150. Best Place to adopt a dog from ?: Charlotte, Welcome: apartment, living - North Carolina (NC)
  151. Law enforcement in Gastonia area?: Charlotte, Kings Mountain: schools, living, moving to - North Carolina (NC)
  152. banks with free coin counters in the area?: Charlotte: credit, stores - North Carolina (NC)
  153. getting solicitor calls?: credit card, house, buy - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  154. Just a little pet peeve...: Charlotte, Gastonia: school districts, land, radio - North Carolina (NC)
  155. Cut Your Own Christmas Tree :): Charlotte, Sparta: movies, costs, horse - North Carolina (NC)
  156. Art galleries in Charlotte & the Charlotte region: Shelby, Kings Mountain: buying, shop - North Carolina (NC)
  157. Nightlife at Epicenter: Charlotte: university, under 21, suite - North Carolina (NC)
  158. Relocating to Charlotte, NC school district opinions: Concord, Matthews: extended stay, rentals - North Carolina
  159. Things locally you can't get in NYC: to buy, live - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  160. Charlotte has the Nation's 4th largest Thanksgiving Day Parade!!!: Tryon: high school, light rail - North Carolina (NC)
  161. Is Lazy 5 Ranch or anything kid friendly open in Lake Norman area for Thanksgiving?: Huntersville: sale, movies - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  162. Tofurkey Hunt: Turkey: home, eat, health - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  163. Best Turkey deal for Thanksgiving: Gastonia, Shelby: cheapest, Walmart, best deal - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  164. South Park Mall boasts worst Black Friday traffic in U.S.: Charlotte: fit in, live in - North Carolina (NC)
  165. life turned upside down after moving to Charlotte: home, job transfer - North Carolina (NC)
  166. WBT and Vince Copely: live in, station, radio - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  167. Building a home, have concerns: Cleveland: cul-de-sac, new home, buy - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  168. Relocating end of 2012: Charlotte: appointed, sales, house - North Carolina (NC)
  169. poetic justice: Charlotte, Kannapolis, Mooresville: store, office, medical center - North Carolina (NC)
  170. If you want to sell your house...hold the anger,and sell your soul to the buyer: Charlotte: real estate, rent - North Carolina (NC)
  171. Real estate people - Could you explain to me why this isn't a good deal?: Charlotte: renters, insurance - North Carolina (NC)
  172. Post Office has me steaming mad. What can I do?: home, live - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  173. Reviving this old ..need dog grooming and boarding near Wesley Chapel: Charlotte: salon, wedding - North Carolina (NC)
  174. 200+ jobs slated to be lost in Concord: Charlotte, Sparta: how much, unemployment - North Carolina (NC)
  175. Hawk in backyard- dog issue?: Charlotte: home, live in, fence - North Carolina (NC)
  176. Does North Carolina (Cabarrus County) issue speeding tickets through the mail?: Concord: construction, closing - Charlotte, (NC)
  177. Reynolds says women warming up to dissolvable tobacco products: Charlotte: buying, price - North Carolina (NC)
  178. Ugg!!!!!!!!Got a Ticket Tonight.: Charlotte, Franklin: insurance, lawyer, school - North Carolina (NC)
  179. Sushi in Charlotte?: King, Waxhaw, Tryon: buy, live in, restaurant - North Carolina (NC)
  180. looking for Hotel and Restaurant near airport: Charlotte, Mulberry: hotels, house - North Carolina (NC)
  181. Christmas 2011 -- Birth of a New Tradition: Charlotte, Seagrove: fit in, hair salon - North Carolina (NC)
  182. is UCity magazine anti-semitic?: Charlotte: university, title, build - North Carolina (NC)
  183. Physician That Treats Lyme Disease: Charlotte, Washington: insurance, live, professionals - North Carolina (NC)
  184. have on United Faith Christian school: Charlotte: schools, cheaper - North Carolina (NC)
  185. Uverse: Charlotte: area, creek - North Carolina (NC)
  186. Competitive Mens Travel Softball Team: Charlotte: good, looking for - North Carolina (NC)
  187. New Years Eve!!: best place, place, people - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  188. If ignorance is bliss...: live, driving, people - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  189. Outbound 74 closed: Charlotte: affect, start, color - North Carolina (NC)
  190. Transformer Explosion and power loss in Cornelius/Davidson outtage: Statesville: house, vehicles - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  191. Development of land on Rea Rd and Tom Short: moving, county - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  192. Does work for AT&T: neighborhood, available - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  193. Buying a home in the Point Mooresville w/Trump situation.: Matthews: fit in, taxes - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  194. Looking for a great family/general physician in the Weddington/Wesley Chapel area.... - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  195. Commute time from bay crossing to city??: house, commuting - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  196. Cabarrus County Schools - Rental Home by Cox Mill High School: Concord: for sale, purchase - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  197. How to tell if your school district is affected by the Broad Virus: interest - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  198. Concord Piano Tuning: Kannapolis, Harrisburg: information, available, surrounding - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  199. Heath Insurance Options: Mooresville: health insurance, health, hospitals - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  200. Hair cut/color - University/Harrisburg: place, affordable, near - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)