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  3. Meck. taxes vs. Cabarrus taxes *Help*: sales, how much, taxi - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
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  6. for oral surgeons in s. charlotte?: insurance, loans - North Carolina (NC)
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  8. Golf in and around Union Co: Charlotte: new home, club, golfing - North Carolina (NC)
  9. Good Temp Agencies: Charlotte, Raleigh: law school, university, live in - North Carolina (NC)
  10. Summerswalk nieghborhood?: Concord, Davidson, Bailey: houses, neighborhoods, school district - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  11. Commute times Mooresville to University City: live, moving, location - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  12. help is: Charlotte, Kannapolis: best school, moving to, best - North Carolina (NC)
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  14. Want A Change Leave Nyc For Nc: Charlotte, Gastonia: section 8, employment - North Carolina (NC)
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  16. Sports Connection in Ballantyne area: Charlotte, Huntersville: coupons, credit, townhomes - North Carolina (NC)
  17. Relocation Planning: Charlotte, Asheville, Matthews: apartment complexes, rentals, condo - North Carolina (NC)
  18. home owner's insurance: Mooresville, Liberty: homeowners insurance, new home, closing - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
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  20. electrician: Waxhaw: live, great - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
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  22. brick patio installers needed: backyard, hot, good - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
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  24. TurnberryBuilders in Chatsworth: Charlotte: house, business, building - North Carolina (NC)
  25. GW Fins Resturant: Charlotte: restaurant, food, steakhouse - North Carolina (NC)
  26. Union County Help: YMCA, school, camps - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  27. Garages to buy: Cornelius: for sale, condominiums, storage - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  28. Wan Fu Restaurant: Charlotte, Pineville, Fairview: restaurants, food, health - North Carolina (NC)
  29. Curtis Pond Questions: Charlotte, Mooresville, Sherrills Ford: sales, HOA, mattress - North Carolina (NC)
  30. Affordable carpentry in Charlotte area...?: rentals, homes, living in - North Carolina (NC)
  31. Per Capita Information: Charlotte: crime rate, wages, statistics - North Carolina (NC)
  32. Gutter cleaning companies?: Matthews: coupon, house, cost - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
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  36. Relocators - how do you handle missing the extended family: home, live - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  37. Speaking of CRIME (Huntersville Concord): Charlotte, Norman: low crime, to live in, move - North Carolina (NC)
  38. Shifting school boundaries?: Charlotte, Raleigh: home, established neighborhood, buy - North Carolina (NC)
  39. Which area is best for single mom?: Charlotte, Cary: fit in, house - North Carolina (NC)
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  41. Diamond Cab - Reliable??: neighborhood, residential, area - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
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  44. Rock Hill or Matthews -North or South Carolina?: Charlotte: apartment complex, to rent - North Carolina (NC)
  45. Good custom builder: Charlotte: custom home, design, budget - North Carolina (NC)
  46. Cable Service: Gastonia, Huntersville, Gaston: apartment, homes, purchase - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  47. Business and Residential Living: Charlotte: house, neighborhood, moving to - North Carolina (NC)
  48. Need washer and dryer/scratch and dent place?: Charlotte, Gastonia: appointed, sales - North Carolina (NC)
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  50. car property tax: bill, automobile, pay - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  51. Information public schools in Stanly county.: Charlotte: moving, teachers - North Carolina (NC)
  52. Apartments Within Providence Springs Elementary School Boundaries???: Charlotte: apartment complex, house - North Carolina (NC)
  53. with Tuesday Trash pickup is it delayed: Charlotte: HOA, move - North Carolina (NC)
  54. Neighborhoods: Charlotte, Matthews, Trinity: house, YMCA, middle school - North Carolina (NC)
  55. Church help: Charlotte, Hickory: new home, university, live in - North Carolina (NC)
  56. rmation on Oak Park in Concord: townhomes, neighborhood - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  57. Cherryville/Gaston Co taxes? NC property tax?: Jackson, Trenton: sales, real estate - Charlotte, North Carolina
  58. Winter Hockey Classic: Charlotte, Hickory: food, place, town - North Carolina (NC)
  59. Places to party on New year: Charlotte: house, club, best place - North Carolina (NC)
  60. Moving to the area: Charlotte, Norman: apartment, to rent, condo - North Carolina (NC)
  61. Baseball - Little League for Adults: Charlotte: adult, great, fun - North Carolina (NC)
  62. Union County: Charlotte, Indian Trail, Weddington: for sale, lease, new house - North Carolina (NC)
  63. Stables or Barns near Mint Hill,NC: to rent, lawyers - Charlotte, North Carolina
  64. Flying lessons ?: Charlotte, Concord, Sanford: tenants, school, airport - North Carolina (NC)
  65. this area safe?: Charlotte, Huntersville: neighborhood, to live, restaurants - North Carolina (NC)
  66. Quail hunting in Southern Piedmont, NC: eat, snakes, population - Charlotte, North Carolina
  67. New Years: Charlotte: houses, live in, restaurants - North Carolina (NC)
  68. Moving Truck - Lake Norman Area...: rental, buy, trailer - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  69. blackstone (Wesley Chapel, Union County): buying a house, neighborhood, buying - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  70. Great Skyline photo: Charlotte: credit, dangerous, photos - North Carolina (NC)
  71. Best Place to Go Before a Checkers or Bobcats Game: live, rail - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  72. Auto Insurance - Agent: Charlotte, Pineville: home, prices, farm - North Carolina (NC)
  73. Valuing your opinions: My1st post. Best areas for me?: Charlotte: apartment, rent - North Carolina (NC)
  74. Public transportation safety.: Charlotte, Fairview: apartments, condo, house - North Carolina (NC)
  75. Concord or Huntersville?: Charlotte: taxes, to live, restaurants - North Carolina (NC)
  76. Houseboy Handyman: home, pricing, yard - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  77. 20 construction projects uptown: Charlotte: hotel, tax, cost of - North Carolina (NC)
  78. Family-friendly Neighborhoods: Charlotte, Jacksonville, Jackson: rentals, houses, high school - North Carolina (NC)
  79. Pine Lake Preparatory School: special needs, schedule, children - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  80. Teacher looking to move to the Charlotte Area: rent, to buy - North Carolina (NC)
  81. prescot subdivision: homes, school, build - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  82. Window Cleaner in Lake Norman Area: service, solicitation, recommendations - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  83. What can I do to keep myself busy during my job search?: Charlotte: transporting - North Carolina (NC)
  84. Check out the moon and Mars now!: outside, decorations - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  85. Things to do in Charlotte this Saturday: Wake Forest: live in, price - North Carolina (NC)
  86. Charlotte Kennel: Davidson, Welcome, Marshville: home, school, prices - North Carolina (NC)
  87. moving to the area???: Charlotte, Mint Hill: home, schools, salary - North Carolina (NC)
  88. Highland Creek: subdivision, good, family - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  89. Candlewood / Grove Park Neighborhoods: Charlotte, Indian Trail: low income, real estate, foreclosed - North Carolina (NC)
  90. Greenman Eye Associates: insurance, offices, reviews - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  91. looking to relocate: areas, great, address - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  92. I'm new, have questions: Charlotte, Welcome: apartments, to rent, crime - North Carolina (NC)
  93. How do you find a stager?????: Charlotte, Gaston: for sale, real estate market, house - North Carolina (NC)
  94. LuLu: Charlotte, Star: neighborhood, allergies, live in - North Carolina (NC)
  95. Small towns around Charlotte: Mooresville, Bessemer City: real estate, home, to buy - North Carolina (NC)
  96. suggestions: Charlotte, Concord, Monroe: affordable apartments, house, tile - North Carolina (NC)
  97. Charlotte or Savannah?: Jacksonville, Nashville, Jackson: crime, house, job market - North Carolina (NC)
  98. What's wrong with Charlotte: job market, live in, moving - North Carolina (NC)
  99. The lack of black people in South Charlotte....: Washington: house, employment - North Carolina (NC)
  100. Village of Marvin: Welcome, Waxhaw: condos, daycare, new home - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  101. LKN license plates: Statesville, Cornelius, Catawba: salon, purchase, live - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  102. Glenridge subdivision in Cornelius: rental homes, mortgage, house - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  103. Gutter Cleaning Services: Charlotte, Huntersville: installer, business, charge - North Carolina (NC)
  104. HUntersville Apartments safer?: Charlotte, Jackson: affordable apartments, lease, crime - North Carolina (NC)
  105. Photography classes for teens: school, community college, education - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  106. schools for autism (wolfe?): Charlotte, Monroe: neighborhood, move to, special needs - North Carolina (NC)
  107. Concerts in Charlotte?: Greensboro, Greenville, Cricket: amphitheatre, arena, venue - North Carolina (NC)
  108. Tour guide?: Charlotte, Norman: rental car, rental, neighborhoods - North Carolina (NC)
  109. FONTANELLA in Matthews: Charlotte, Mint Hill: school, restaurant, price - North Carolina (NC)
  110. Museum of the new South????: Charlotte: house, school, closing - North Carolina (NC)
  111. Lawson: Charlotte, Welcome, Waxhaw: HOA fees, crime, custom home - North Carolina (NC)
  112. Hilton Garden Inn - Uptown Charlotte: hotel, home, buy - North Carolina (NC)
  113. Jimmy Johns!!!: Charlotte, Monroe, Matthews: appointed, home, YMCA - North Carolina (NC)
  114. BRRRRR - It is COLD!! (in New England!): Charlotte, Toast: transplants, how much - North Carolina (NC)
  115. Polish population in and around charlotte: to rent, homes, to buy - North Carolina (NC)
  116. Why are so many people moving to Charlotte from Long Island and NJ? (2008): apartment, foreclosure - North Carolina (NC)
  117. Magnet Schools in Charlotte: Gorman: house, safe area, tax rates - North Carolina (NC)
  118. Advice Needed ... Young Professional Seeking 1st Home: Charlotte, Huntersville: real estate, renting - North Carolina (NC)
  119. What is the real safe story of Charlotte?: Monroe, Huntersville: cul-de-sac, condos - North Carolina (NC)
  120. Planning on moving to Charlotte: Concord, Huntersville: apartments, rentals, home - North Carolina (NC)
  121. LPN Job availability: Charlotte, Raleigh, Huntersville: homes, employment, community college - North Carolina (NC)
  122. Direct TV or Time Warner Cable in Charlotte: land, best - North Carolina (NC)
  123. Inexpensive Kid Friendly Furniture?: Charlotte, High Point: sales, Home Depot, to buy - North Carolina (NC)
  124. Mooresville: Charlotte, Concord, Huntersville: how much, house prices, neighborhoods - North Carolina (NC)
  125. Ballantyne CC versus Piper Glen- What to do?: Charlotte, Trinity: house, neighborhoods - North Carolina (NC)
  126. Good place to buy furniture near Ballantyne??: Hickory, Waxhaw: apartment, how much - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  127. Waxhaw or Weddington?: Monroe, Wesley Chapel, Marvin: real estate, crime, chapel - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  128. Your opinions of the best subdivisions in Huntersville: homes, movies - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  129. What are the chances of full or near full scholarships to Charlottes private schools?: Princeton: neighborhood, pre-schools - North Carolina (NC)
  130. First impressions...: Charlotte, Matthews, Cleveland: appointed, for sale, real estate - North Carolina (NC)
  131. I was if charlotte is gay friendly at all?: neighborhoods, living in - North Carolina (NC)
  132. Need Help !!!!: Charlotte: sales, real estate, mortgage - North Carolina (NC)
  133. Substitute Teaching in Charlotte?: Cornelius, Fairview: how much, transfer, middle school - North Carolina (NC)
  134. Must see, must do: Charlotte, Matthews: rent, hotel, safe area - North Carolina (NC)
  135. How to find a really good real estate agent in Charlotte???: sales, foreclosure - North Carolina (NC)
  136. Matthews and Mint Hill: Charlotte, Winston-Salem: lawyers, houses, movies - North Carolina (NC)
  137. In your opinion... are folks welcoming in Charlotte?: Raleigh, Greensboro: fit in, house - North Carolina (NC)
  138. good local mom and pop appliance places???: Charlotte, Gastonia: appliances, Home Depot - North Carolina (NC)
  139. Root canal centers or other Endodontics?: Charlotte, Pineville: flat fee, insurance, prices - North Carolina (NC)
  140. Top Dentists?: Charlotte, Hickory, Huntersville: live in, prices, versus - North Carolina (NC)
  141. Inside Things To Do In Charlotte With Kids: Gastonia, Shelby: theatre, school - North Carolina (NC)
  142. McAddenville Lights Were Disappointing: Charlotte, Lowell: appointed, new house, neighborhood - North Carolina (NC)
  143. Charlotte still southern?: McAdenville: transplants, houses, neighborhood - North Carolina (NC)
  144. have good advice on finding a professional job in Charlotte?: Apex: mortgage, headhunters - North Carolina (NC)
  145. is Charlotte pretty / pleasant / happy?: Raleigh, Chapel Hill: crime, chapel, school - North Carolina (NC)
  146. Carmel Ob/Gyn?: Charlotte: obgyn, home, high school - North Carolina (NC)
  147. Ski Mountain: Charlotte, Boone, Banner Elk: station, rank, best place - North Carolina (NC)
  148. New Year's Eve parties?: house, gay, single - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  149. Who ARE people?!?!?: Charlotte, Wilson: chapel, neighborhood, wedding - North Carolina (NC)
  150. Charlotte, NC one of 3 cities to post gains in home prices in October: sales, home sales - North Carolina
  151. big grocery stores in Steele Creek area?: Charlotte, Pineville: sale, coupon - North Carolina (NC)
  152. Adhd Specialists: Concord: school, professionals, licensed - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  153. Piedmont Gas really needs to get with the program!: how much, transfer - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  154. Enforcement of 30 day Auto Registration: Huntersville: apartment, house, to buy - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  155. Important before move (Racism): Charlotte, Waxhaw: transplants, living in, safe - North Carolina (NC)
  156. Racial intolerance in Charlotte: home, employment, construction - North Carolina (NC)
  157. Men on the DL: Charlotte: suburban, office, cities - North Carolina (NC)
  158. know anything about McCullough?: Charlotte, Pineville: condo, houses, neighborhoods - North Carolina (NC)
  159. Where are the places to avoid in charlotte?: Gastonia, Concord: high school, university - North Carolina (NC)
  160. Mail being ripped open on a regular basis: Charlotte: apartment complex, rental - North Carolina (NC)
  161. help me out!: Charlotte, Norman: apartments, to rent, condos - North Carolina (NC)
  162. IS Cherryville area a nice area to conider moving to?: Charlotte: modular home, neighborhood - North Carolina (NC)
  163. Cooking Classes: Charlotte: school, university, restaurant - North Carolina (NC)
  164. Orthopedic surgeons: Charlotte, Sims: insurance, home, construction - North Carolina (NC)
  165. Why Do So Few Houses have Basements?: sales, how much - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  166. What r u doing for New Year's Eve?: Charlotte, Matthews: home, safe - North Carolina (NC)
  167. Is there donation center that will pick up used appliances?: Charlotte: home, live in - North Carolina (NC)
  168. Property taxes... good or bad???: Charlotte, Catawba: house, purchase, new construction - North Carolina (NC)
  169. trees!: houses, purchasing, live - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  170. Health Insurance for Teachers in NC plus spouse: how much, employment - Charlotte, North Carolina
  171. Birthday Party sites for kids: Charlotte, Concord: home, school, live in - North Carolina (NC)
  172. Low Crime and GREAT Schools: Charlotte, Huntersville: house, buy, public schools - North Carolina (NC)
  173. living wages: Charlotte: transplants, crime, home builders - North Carolina (NC)
  174. Need help fast! Ballantyne!: Charlotte, Welcome: houses, to buy, movies - North Carolina (NC)
  175. How much should i rent out my house for?: cul-de-sac, renters - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  176. Californians Flooding To Charlotte: house, job transfer, university - North Carolina (NC)
  177. interested in Formula 1: Charlotte: store, title, cars - North Carolina (NC)
  178. Cable modem or DSL?????: Charlotte, Wesley Chapel: apartment, appliances, how much - North Carolina (NC)
  179. Job Possibility in Ballantyne: Charlotte, Concord: townhomes, live in, price - North Carolina (NC)
  180. Charlotte without a car?: home, school, to live in - North Carolina (NC)
  181. Aegis Custom Builders: Mooresville, Norman: home builder, buyer, subdivisions - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  182. rental houses in Charlotte & huntersville: Star: rentals, big house, neighborhood - North Carolina (NC)
  183. Gay Clubs In Charlotte?: university, club, bars - North Carolina (NC)
  184. Looking for Reasonable Commute, Safe Area: Charlotte, Pinehurst: apartments, renting, crime - North Carolina (NC)
  185. Crime on the rise?: Charlotte, Statesville: apartment complex, high crime, house - North Carolina (NC)
  186. Brixx or Fuel Pizza?: buying, store, to eat - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  187. Visiting Charlotte in 2 Weeks - Help: Huntersville, Matthews: houses, schools, to live in - North Carolina (NC)
  188. Lake Norman - On the lake or close by in the region?: Concord: real estate, new home - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  189. Crismark Community in Indian Trail and Resale Value: condos, houses - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  190. Cotswold Glen: real estate, estate, area - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  191. New area in Westport Golf Club: property, building, location - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  192. First Charlotte Program: better - North Carolina (NC)
  193. Restaurants that deliver in Matthews: apartment, shop, area - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  194. Comparison of School Districts: CMS, Cabarrus, Union,: Charlotte: house, neighborhoods - North Carolina (NC)
  195. Neurological and Vascular Testing: office, to work, doctors - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  196. county position: Charlotte, Durham, Cary: office, deal, counties - North Carolina (NC)
  197. Safe and Fun for 2 Teenagers: Charlotte: things to do, year, visiting - North Carolina (NC)
  198. Great Article about Charlotte housing!: local - North Carolina (NC)
  199. Charlotte's Healthy Living Fair: Free Admission: Monroe: bus, transportation, center - North Carolina (NC)
  200. Young Professional Looking in Charlotte: to rent, home, neighborhoods - North Carolina (NC)