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  8. NC taxes MORE than CA??: Charlotte: transfer, income, income tax - North Carolina
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  10. Horseback riding.. Seriously??: images, pics - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
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  12. Moving to Charlotte: Matthews, Mint Hill: apartments, to rent, home - North Carolina (NC)
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  14. Independence park: wedding, pool, parks - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
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  17. Great Wolf Lodge - Snowland - great outing!: Charlotte: winter, kids - North Carolina (NC)
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  27. How bad is 85 South after 8 am: Charlotte, Concord: 2015, race, sunny - North Carolina (NC)
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  29. gastonia?: Charlotte, Kings Mountain, Belmont: schools, living, price - North Carolina (NC)
  30. Christmas pudding: Charlotte: market, vegetable, substitute - North Carolina (NC)
  31. In 2010 I'm changing the way I moderate Charlotte forum (updated): move, vacation - North Carolina (NC)
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  37. Lamb Chops for Christmas...: Charlotte: rated, best place, place - North Carolina (NC)
  38. Place to buy cheap camera lens in/around Charlotte?: shops, vacation - North Carolina (NC)
  39. List the roads you been on that are in favorable condition: Charlotte: live, shop - North Carolina (NC)
  40. Does your child attend CATA in Monroe?: Waxhaw, Earl: houses, middle school - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  41. Which Inspection Company?: Charlotte, Matthews: hardwood floor, crimes, buying a home - North Carolina (NC)
  42. Local Has A DVR? I want to see what's the name of a movie that former mayor Pat McCrory is in: Charlotte: how much - North Carolina (NC)
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  44. things that might be a nit pick on selling a house: Charlotte: for sale - North Carolina (NC)
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  46. Arboretum Pediatrics: Eastover: nicest, roaches, schedule - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  47. Looking for heading to/towards Baltimore for Christmas.: Salem: gas, ticket - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  48. to practice German: Charlotte, Matthews: to buy, live in, park - North Carolina (NC)
  49. Where to find game meat in Charlotte?: buy, shop - North Carolina (NC)
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  64. Arthritis doctor in N Charlotte: health insurance, health, place - North Carolina (NC)
  65. Local Christmas shopping?: Charlotte, Goldsboro, Lexington: wood floors, home, unemployed - North Carolina (NC)
  66. Will you go out to a restaurant on New Year's Eve/Day?: how much - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  67. broadway plays: Greensboro, Matthews, Pineville: theater, live, area - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  68. been to Rugged Wearhouse?: Marshall: prices, store, designer - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  69. Water...How expensive?: Charlotte, Cornelius, Columbus: house, utilities, live in - North Carolina (NC)
  70. Looking for an autoglass company, need recommendations: insurance, safe - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  71. Mazda Dealership: Charlotte, Gastonia, Indian Trail: sales, cost of, car - North Carolina (NC)
  72. Disel mechanics: how much, construction, wage - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  73. Matthews Holiday Stroll tonight?: costs, dinner, offer - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  74. Troy update: Asheboro, Norwood: shop, areas, classes - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  75. Interested in Charlotte area: Raleigh, Huntersville: neighborhoods, school districts, living - North Carolina (NC)
  76. Interior Decorating/Design in Charlotte: Kirkland: consignment, transfer, moving to - North Carolina (NC)
  77. 3 month old baby care- near Sisky YMCA Charlotte NC: day care, babysitter - North Carolina
  78. Need a Tile Installer: construction, price, install - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  79. Hard water?: Charlotte, Huntersville, Norman: apartment complex, house, neighborhood - North Carolina (NC)
  80. Pediatrician in Huntersville Area: Concord, Cornelius: suburban, office, pediatrics - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  81. Interesting headline: Charlotte: deductible, salary, tax - North Carolina (NC)
  82. Cost Effective Dry Cleaning around Southpark Area ?: Charlotte, Monroe: live, price - North Carolina (NC)
  83. Lets see if Rudolph will fly: home, move, eat - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  84. fruit cake: Weddington, Waxhaw: wedding, live in, best - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
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  86. Where to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Charlotte, Welcome: gym, Thai, east coast - North Carolina (NC)
  87. Disney World Travel Agent: hotels, cost, bus - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  88. Amtrak station in Charlotte, is it safe?: Tryon: hotel, train - North Carolina (NC)
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  90. Manufacturing Engineering Jobs: Charlotte, Greenville, Monroe: relocate to, gas, companies - North Carolina (NC)
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  92. Good contractor recomendations...: Charlotte: home, construction, contractors - North Carolina (NC)
  93. The Granite Man for Countertops: homes, pricing, office - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
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  95. Coming 4 Visit/Vacation.. relocation..Looking for Employment in Charlotte: Liberty: rental, insurance - North Carolina (NC)
  96. would like to learn to cast concrete (where?): yard, teach - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  97. Check this new website: Charlotte: title, best, growing - North Carolina (NC)
  98. Small non-profits in Charlotte?: Jackson: neighborhood, park, area - North Carolina (NC)
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  100. Relocating to Charlotte: 2014, crime, homes - North Carolina (NC)
  101. Great News for West Charlotte High: high school, college, racist - North Carolina (NC)
  102. Does use Windstream in Charlotte?: Concord, Matthews: real estate, house, neighborhood - North Carolina (NC)
  103. coyotes: Harrisburg: live, park, roaches - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  104. A gazzillon ppl in CLT airport: Charlotte: transplants, home, college - North Carolina (NC)
  105. Myers Park IB and property values - Thank you school board!!!: Charlotte: for sale, mortgage - North Carolina (NC)
  106. Can't wait to visit the new museum of modern art when it opens!: Charlotte: schools, rating - North Carolina (NC)
  107. Mecklenburg under winter storm advisory!!!: Charlotte, Weddington: power lines, home, wedding - North Carolina (NC)
  108. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all at Charlotte: coupon, food - North Carolina (NC)
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  114. They caught the 'killer' of the 2 ladies from Gaston..: Charlotte: crime, live - North Carolina (NC)
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  120. Moonshine for sale in Children's Daycare: Charlotte: day cares, price, shops - North Carolina (NC)
  121. I need a auto mechanic: Charlotte, Monroe: neighborhood, maintenance, prices - North Carolina (NC)
  122. Fire at popular south charlotte eatery (update added): 2014, how much - North Carolina (NC)
  123. Traffic around Concord: Charlotte, Huntersville, Clemmons: renting, job market, school - North Carolina (NC)
  124. deal with buy pay car lots? Ripped OFF!: Charlotte: sales, no credit check - North Carolina (NC)
  125. How Many are you Done with your Christmas (holiday) shopping in the Charlotte metro: house, to buy - North Carolina (NC)
  126. Time Warner Rates Going up AGAIN???: Charlotte: to buy, live, costs - North Carolina (NC)
  127. Domestic partner benefits OK: Charlotte: insurance, tax, living - North Carolina (NC)
  128. Charlotte Butcher/Seafood Market: Tryon: home, organic, living in - North Carolina (NC)
  129. Likelihood of airport closing?: Charlotte: living in, stats, cities - North Carolina (NC)
  130. How are the malls?: Concord, Pineville: shop, food, parking - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  131. is there still a teaching shortage: Charlotte: layoffs, schools, live - North Carolina (NC)
  132. Dish Network: Charlotte: contractor, price, FIOS - North Carolina (NC)
  133. with experience in gifted education in Union County public schools?: Welcome: credit, homes - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  134. Bojangles Fried Turkey Review: tax, cost, store - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  135. Traffic Violation: Charlotte: insurance, lawyer, house - North Carolina (NC)
  136. New deli in town?: Charlotte, Concord: real estate, neighborhoods, school - North Carolina (NC)
  137. praying for Jon Robinson: Charlotte: radio, pictures, sunny - North Carolina (NC)
  138. Negative Charlotte??: transplants, insurance, homes - North Carolina (NC)
  139. where can i find unique gifts in charlotte?: Pineville, Fairview: for sale, house - North Carolina (NC)
  140. Moving to NC in 2010...: Charlotte: 2014, how much, home - North Carolina
  141. Food inc/organic meat in Charlotte: Monroe, Matthews: transplants, coupons, to buy - North Carolina (NC)
  142. what are: buy, garden, eat - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  143. UVerse...: Charlotte: how much, price, assess - North Carolina (NC)
  144. Donating Clothes: Gaston, Cleveland: appliances, house, YMCA - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  145. Charlotte Ranks 25th in Over Priced Homes: Cornelius, Mountain View: days on market, sale - North Carolina (NC)
  146. Which zoo is better, Riverbanks Zoo (Columbia, SC) or the North Carolina Zoo (Asheboro, NC)?: Charlotte: theater, restaurant
  147. Bill James causing controversy: Charlotte: school, to live in, office - North Carolina (NC)
  148. Three more weeks until No Smoking time: taxi, maintenance - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  149. Closest casino to Charlotte?: casinos, live, beach - North Carolina (NC)
  150. Physician Assistant shadowing: Charlotte: 2015, insurance, school - North Carolina (NC)
  151. Charlotte will rebound: sales, real estate, 2014 - North Carolina (NC)
  152. Very Cold Temps Overnight: Charlotte: transplants, new home, water heater - North Carolina (NC)
  153. stopping for school bus law in NC?: high school, DMV - Charlotte, North Carolina
  154. UNC-Charlotte adding football: 2013, public school, university - North Carolina
  155. Yellow boxes outside shops - rules: Charlotte: law, suburban - North Carolina (NC)
  156. Breakfast Places in Matthews: Monroe, Indian Trail: house, live in, restaurant - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  157. Bars in Charlotte???: Mooresville, Bath: restaurant, cities, place - North Carolina (NC)
  158. Lincoln County Animal Services seeks dog bed donations: homes, live - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  159. Lingering joblessness puts new face on foreclosure crisis: Charlotte: real estate, mortgage - North Carolina (NC)
  160. Elevation Church: Charlotte: real estate, house prices, neighborhoods - North Carolina (NC)
  161. Christmas brunches/buffets this year in Charlotte?: Concord, Toast: hotel, organic - North Carolina (NC)
  162. CMS vs. Union County: Charlotte, Graham: how much, best schools, tax - North Carolina (NC)
  163. Adopting a family for Christmas..: Monroe: to buy, cost, food - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  164. on daycare centers?: Charlotte, Matthews: day care, home, YMCA - North Carolina (NC)
  165. Do you read the Creative Loafing: Charlotte: apartment complex, crimes, restaurant - North Carolina (NC)
  166. Is with the Golden Green Hotel near Cricket Arena?: Charlotte: home, cell phone - North Carolina (NC)
  167. Dessert Buffet: Charlotte, Bailey: house, purchase, restaurant - North Carolina (NC)
  168. Moving to Mooresville area, want rural area?: Lincolnton, Pumpkin Center: transplants, good schools - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  169. A Huntersville Doctor provided me my Christmas Miracle: condo, high schools - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  170. Great gifts (with modest cost): sales, buying, living - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  171. Newscarrier tipping?: Charlotte: neighborhood, buy, school - North Carolina (NC)
  172. Cabling Project on Park and Archdale???: renting, neighborhood, contractor - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  173. Dive Bars: Charlotte, Tryon: food, pool, market - North Carolina (NC)
  174. Trees Falling -So Called Act of God: HOA, insurance - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  175. Would like to move.......: Charlotte, Mooresville: real estate, chapel, mortgage - North Carolina (NC)
  176. CMS Teacher Vacation: school district, teachers, paid - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  177. Charlotte to legalize domestic partnership and so forth: health insurance, house - North Carolina (NC)
  178. Talking of historic texts................: crime, hotel, to buy - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  179. Beantown Tavern: King: house, closing, restaurant - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  180. How do people live in Charlotte?: King: apartments, for rent, high crime - North Carolina (NC)
  181. Myers Park? This is the NAACP calling...: Charlotte, King: homeowners association, neighborhood - North Carolina (NC)
  182. Omaha Steaks: sales, houses, to buy - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  183. Rock Hill vs Clt: Charlotte: sales, rental homes, townhouses - North Carolina (NC)
  184. recommendation for a cheap cell-phone plan?: Charlotte: sales, home - North Carolina (NC)
  185. Best MLS Website?: Charlotte, Cornelius: for sale, real estate, rental homes - North Carolina (NC)
  186. Moving to Charolette, NC (currently live in Normal,IL): Charlotte: appointed, rentals - North Carolina
  187. What's the word on Electrolux?: Charlotte: rent, how much, houses - North Carolina (NC)
  188. Theatre attire: Charlotte: theater, school, live - North Carolina (NC)
  189. Has heard of this hybrid real estate agency: Charlotte: sales, mortgage - North Carolina (NC)
  190. Couch/Upholstery cleaning: Stanley: cushions, clean, used - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  191. Roof Wizard: mold, move, company - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  192. Largest Showroom of Home Entertainment and Office Furniture in Charlotte: Tryon: store, claim - North Carolina (NC)
  193. Open Call Interviews for Butter Resturant - Thurs. 12/17: Charlotte, Cashiers: restaurant, yard - North Carolina (NC)
  194. Riverbend Farms Community - Mattamy Homes: student loan, first time home buyer, buyers - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  195. Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools; News about students and math scores: good, national - North Carolina (NC)
  196. Lincoln County Animal Services has a lot of puppies available: Lincolnton: house, shelter - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  197. Cankerworms!! Status reports?: year, time, female - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  198. RiffTrax Live - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  199. Wellpath Health Insurance .... opinions or comments?: reviews, rain - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  200. Where Have You Seen Tacky Christmas Displays?: Star: sales, neighborhoods - Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)