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  7. Cleveland’s Case Western Reserve football: Mayfield, Sparta: receptions, home, dorm - Ohio (OH)
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  9. Single mother - grad student at Case Western. Buy or rent: Cleveland: for sale, foreclosure - Ohio (OH)
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  11. Renting with pets: Cleveland, Lakewood, Delaware: affordable apartments, rental, condos - Ohio (OH)
  12. Why do all the police in Westlake and neighboring suburbs speed down, one car after another, with the sirens on?: Fairview Park: to buy - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  13. Place for unique architecture: Cleveland: houses, design, castles - Ohio (OH)
  14. Heinen's to celebrate 90th anniversary in 2019: business, grocery, high quality - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  15. Millenial focused luxury apartments in Cleveland area: Lakewood: to rent, condos - Ohio (OH)
  16. Seltzer Sculpture Garden, Been There?: Cleveland, Lakewood: neighborhood, live, water - Ohio (OH)
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  18. Lake County compendium: about - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  19. St. Patrick's Day in Cleveland - Ohio (OH)
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  21. Lakewood offers many charms as Greater Cleveland's most dense city: Westlake: apartments, condos - Ohio (OH)
  22. MOCA abolishes admission fees beginning March 16: bus, design, station - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  23. Litchfield in Medina County: Cleveland, Akron: high school, horses, ratings - Ohio (OH)
  24. NE Ohio homebuilding permit process: Lorain: houses, neighborhoods, privacy - Cleveland, (OH)
  25. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum happenings: floor, schedule - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  26. Cleveland Public Power?: mobile home, income, living in - Ohio (OH)
  27. How is the area around Onaway station, Shaker Heights for young family?: Cleveland: real estate - Ohio (OH)
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  29. Happy Holidays to all on the Cleveland C-D page: best, great - Ohio (OH)
  30. Complete financially untenable idea that I like: Cleveland, Euclid: houses, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  31. Looking for desi community near Westfield Center: Cleveland, Medina: insurance, live - Ohio (OH)
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  36. This weekend..: Cleveland, Akron, Lakewood: rent, townhouse, neighborhood - Ohio (OH)
  37. Cleveland ROCKS.: Warren, Oregon, Brooklyn: houses, buy, theatre - Ohio (OH)
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  39. U.S.S. Cleveland: Independence: design, metro, build - Ohio (OH)
  40. Want to buy a secondhand mountain bike: Cleveland, Florida: for sale, neighborhood - Ohio (OH)
  41. Hotels and Quicken Loans (Gund) Arena: Cleveland, Euclid: casino, shop, bus - Ohio (OH)
  42. safe housing area, cleveland suburbs: Mentor, Cleveland Heights: condos, house, safe neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  43. safe but affordable, suburb to live in Cleveland: Euclid, South Euclid: university, shop - Ohio (OH)
  44. help with specific neighborhoods in Shaker Heights/Cleveland Heights: Green: credit, loans - Ohio (OH)
  45. Marcia Fudge featured in SNL opening skit: Cleveland, Youngstown: 2014, city hall - Ohio (OH)
  46. Northeast Ohio Public School District Enrollment: Cleveland, Akron: school districts, university, airport - (OH)
  47. Shaker Square past, present, future: Cleveland, Shaker Heights: affordable apartments, houses, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  48. Best Brewery in Cleveland: Columbus, Akron: house, to move, food - Ohio (OH)
  49. Cleveland Hts or Shaker Hts?: Lakewood, Cleveland Heights: sales, real estate, 2013 - Ohio (OH)
  50. How Ohio's transition to a red state society impacts northeast Ohio: Cleveland: transfer, construction - (OH)
  51. Cleveland city real estate / housing trends: Lakewood, Cleveland Heights: sales, real estate market, renting - Ohio (OH)
  52. Best Cleveland area kid and family friendly things to do?: Akron: houses, purchase - Ohio (OH)
  53. Brunstucky?: Cleveland, Lorain, Strongsville: houses, buy, private schools - Ohio (OH)
  54. ever do the unthinkable and move across the river to the other side of Cleveland?: Columbus: transplants, apartment - Ohio (OH)
  55. What are your favorite Cleveland street intersections?: Lorain, Euclid: university, restaurants - Ohio (OH)
  56. Annual return to Cleveland: what to see, what to do?: Lakewood: fit in, apartment - Ohio (OH)
  57. Pepper Pike 41st richest community, per Bloomberg: Cleveland, Mentor: low income, 2014 - Ohio (OH)
  58. Lordstown OH: GM plans to slash 14,000 jobs, including more than 1,400 as it ends production of the Chevrolet Cruze: Cleveland: how much, homes - Ohio
  59. What's Wrong with Cool Cities Compared to Cleveland: Washington: appointed, house - Ohio (OH)
  60. Landed safely in Cleveland: Euclid, Shaker Heights: real estate, renting, transfer to - Ohio (OH)
  61. Cleveland's weather: Green: 2013, homes, camp - Ohio (OH)
  62. Will big state GOP wins doom RTA?: Columbus, Cleveland: appointed, 2014 - Ohio (OH)
  63. Photographer documents East Cleveland's decline: Cincinnati, Toledo: for sale, real estate, 2014 - Ohio (OH)
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  65. Pro Sports athletes in Cleveland: Akron, Florida: middle-class, condo, how much - Ohio (OH)
  66. Renting vs Buying: Cleveland, Strongsville, Brunswick: real estate, rentals, insurance - Ohio (OH)
  67. Mom's obit released today...from CLE: Euclid, South Euclid: condo, high school, living in - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  68. Moving to Medina to start a family: Cleveland, Dayton: appointed, condo - Ohio (OH)
  69. Cleveland Bucket List: Willoughby, Willoughby Hills: 2014, purchase, university - Ohio (OH)
  70. Upcoming trip - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  71. Cleveland's Masonic Temple and auditorium celebrates centennial: theater, live - Ohio (OH)
  72. Free Dental, Vision, Medical Clinic for uninsured/underinsured in Ashtabula April 5-7.: news - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  73. Round 1 - Mentor: pool, children, bowling - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  74. Cleveland to Dublin, Ireland direct flight?: airport, near, rumors - Ohio (OH)
  75. Auto tours: Medina, Rocky River: 2015, electric, county - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  76. 2019 real property tax rates in Greater Cleveland: bills, towns - Ohio (OH)
  77. trash pick up charges in Cleveland area: Euclid, Cleveland Heights: homes, tenants - Ohio (OH)
  78. Lakewood Property Taxes: house, assessments, bills - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  79. Framers who specialize in framing jerseys: Cleveland, Akron: shop, area - Ohio (OH)
  80. Update on Explorations: Cleveland, Lakewood, Euclid: chapel, neighborhood, university - Ohio (OH)
  81. What is the West Side of Lorain Like?: Amherst: price, affordable housing - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  82. Future of old bridges (Hilliard and Brookpark Rd) over Rocky River Reservation Metroparks: Fulton: rated - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  83. Cleveland's Apollo's Fire wins Grammy Award: theatre, severance, best - Ohio (OH)
  84. Medina, Ohio - County / City / Townships - Let's Talk: Wadsworth: new home, living - Cleveland, (OH)
  85. Has purchased the Cleveland Memories book: Green: green, color - Ohio (OH)
  86. Cleveland Clinic or Metrohealth for Oral Surgery?: insurance, places - Ohio (OH)
  87. Seeking CLE Sports Fans for Interviews!: Cleveland, Mayfield: appointed, title, racist - Ohio (OH)