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  9. University of Akron to eliminate 6 of 11 colleges: Canton, Orrville: school, budget - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
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  11. COVID-19 retail & restaurant experience: Strongsville, Rocky River: university, closing, ice cream - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  12. Prop. Tax I promise it's different...: low income, sales - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  13. Plain Dealer's editor-in-chief announces departure: Cleveland, Washington: how much, utilities, income - Ohio (OH)
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  15. Is this a Brooklyn, OH forum?: Cleveland: suburb - Ohio
  16. Is it right time to buy house in Cleveland suburbs? - Ohio (OH)
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  18. What's up with the hey I'm from ____ I only want to live near others from ___: Cleveland: apartment - Ohio (OH)
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  21. Marty Superhost Sullivan has Died: condo, taxes, budget - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  22. where are the liberal, family friendly suburbs?: Cleveland, Akron: homes, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  23. Cleveland Heights (and other neighborhoods)- may take trip this weekend: Euclid: houses, to buy - Ohio (OH)
  24. Thinking about driving to NE Ohio in July to visit (yeah, I know): Columbus: how much, hotels - Cleveland, (OH)
  25. Terminal Tower Apartments: Cleveland, Akron, East Cleveland: sales, for rent, insurance - Ohio (OH)
  26. Cleveland Downtown suffers damage from riots: Euclid: to live, office, metro - Ohio (OH)
  27. Cleveland Plain Dealer....being shut down?: Painesville, Washington: eat, deal, business - Ohio (OH)
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  30. The anti-viral elixir and stress fixer: Boardman, Geneva: salons, foreclosures, rental - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
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  34. 32 and snowing in CLE, 68 and sunny in Cincy: Cleveland, Cincinnati: live, vs - Ohio (OH)
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  36. ★★★ Brain Training For Dogs - Unique Dog Training Course! ★★★: programs - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
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  38. An arson conviction from 2001: office, county, children - Cleveland, Ohio (OH)
  39. Help finding an old bar on Brookpark Rd.: Cleveland: tenants, club - Ohio (OH)
  40. Ohio Unemployment: charge, claim, time - Cleveland, (OH)