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  1. Road Construction 75/69/Indian Nations: Tulsa, McAlester: casino, area, build - Oklahoma (OK)
  2. Dermotologists that accept medicaid?: phone number, doctor, where to - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  3. Hourly Interior Design Consult Rec - South Tulsa: new home, versus - Oklahoma (OK)
  4. The men come clean...: heating, women, Christian - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  5. Edison HS & Elementary Feeders: Jenks: middle school, high income, living - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  6. Do the Tornado Alarms go off in the Middle of the Night and how Often Does Tulsa get Tornadoes at Night (Knock on Wood)?: apartment - Oklahoma (OK)
  7. Spotlight on Tulsa - the new debtors' prison: crime, credit card - Oklahoma (OK)
  8. Is it a stupid idea to buy a really cheap home in Tulsa?: Broken Arrow: rent - Oklahoma (OK)
  9. Shipping container home: Tulsa: house, to live in, homeless - Oklahoma (OK)
  10. 74008 Zip: Tulsa, Bixby: HOA, house, neighborhoods - Oklahoma (OK)
  11. Tulsa schools underfunded?: Stillwater: sales, to buy, elementary school - Oklahoma (OK)
  12. Veterans Day Free meals and more (Updated for 2018): Tulsa, Buffalo: coupon, purchase - Oklahoma (OK)
  13. Lee Woodward (late of Tulsa's KOTV) Passes Away: Muskogee, Morris: market, weather - Oklahoma (OK)
  14. MIL in South Tulsa has a minor mold issue.....: May: for sale, home builders - Oklahoma (OK)
  15. US 412 from Tulsa to NM: Jenks: move to, areas, distance - Oklahoma (OK)
  16. This story reminds me of Tulsa's Gathering Place.: Chelsea: live, garden - Oklahoma (OK)
  17. Questions: Tulsa: rent, home, income - Oklahoma (OK)
  18. What is the average cost of living for Tulsa: apartment, to rent - Oklahoma (OK)
  19. How is the treatment of minorities in Tulsa?: Broken Arrow, Sand Springs: house, school - Oklahoma (OK)
  20. Is Independence and Memorial area safe?: Tulsa: rent, crime, houses - Oklahoma (OK)
  21. Close-up on a startlingly good school: Tulsa: real estate, school district, doctorate - Oklahoma (OK)
  22. New Jersey to Tulsa: Broken Arrow, Owasso: low crime, homes, find a job - Oklahoma (OK)
  23. Why Can't July 4th Come More Often?: population, town - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  24. Looking for a 'gift of experience' for a family of 6, for Christmas (Tulsa area).: low cost - Oklahoma (OK)
  25. I-44 and US-64 interchange: 2013, home, authority - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  26. Safety/crime: living, shopping center, apts - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  27. Right & Left:: Tulsa: to live, move, racist - Oklahoma (OK)
  28. Politics of Tulsa city board/state senators from Tulsa districts: house, map of - Oklahoma (OK)
  29. Final Move Before Retirement: Tulsa, Broken Arrow: low crime, home, neighborhoods - Oklahoma (OK)
  30. Process of putting double wide on land? help!!: Sapulpa: mobile home, inspections - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  31. Tulsa World story: Millions of Dollars in Mineral rights unclaimed: oil - Oklahoma (OK)
  32. What Tulsa zip code???: Jenks: real estate, homes, neighborhoods - Oklahoma (OK)
  33. School Districts (high school) for 16 years old kids with Autism in Tulsa Area, Oklahoma: Broken Arrow: professionals - (OK)
  34. Are you an older, mature person seeking work?: home, taxi - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  35. Tulsa Bound: Broken Arrow, Bixby, Jenks: house, school districts, college - Oklahoma (OK)
  36. Camper titles: DMV, yard, selling - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  37. Tell me something good about Tulsa: Broken Arrow, Owasso: real estate market, rent, buying a home - Oklahoma (OK)
  38. Transferring from Az to Tulsa: car registration, credit card, inspection - Oklahoma (OK)
  39. Tulsa Being Considered For New Tesla Production Plant: Stillwater: store, park - Oklahoma (OK)
  40. rattlesnakes in yards in broken arrow?: house, tornado - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  41. Tesla factory deal near Austin tax breaks being considered disclosed: Tulsa: school district, property taxes - Oklahoma (OK)
  42. Best Bass fishing places near Tulsa: Broken Arrow: live, club, store - Oklahoma (OK)
  43. Do You Live Kendall-W Area (Lewis)?: neighborhoods, live in, office - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  44. A perfect circle, !: McAlester, Carrier: living in, tickets, selling - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  45. Is this normal December weather for Tulsa?: home, live - Oklahoma (OK)
  46. Copper Destroys Viruses and Bacteria.: bills, trains, health - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  47. Mary Lou Retton Visited Tulsa: Howe: title, severance, teach - Oklahoma (OK)
  48. Hanson group - low-interest $2M loan for Brady District development: Tulsa: home, purchase - Oklahoma (OK)
  49. LIVE FEED at TRUMP Rally Tulsa: Stillwater, Cheyenne: restaurants, bars, area - Oklahoma (OK)
  50. Tulsa or Broken Arrow for a family with school age kids?: Owasso: public schools, suburbs - Oklahoma (OK)
  51. Why are we complaining about school funding?: Tulsa: budget, educational - Oklahoma (OK)
  52. Tulsan That Find Motorhomes And RV'S An Extremely Attractive Option: Freedom: RV park, rental car - Oklahoma (OK)
  53. Tulsa Auto Service, 11th & Harvard:: car, drive, recommend - Oklahoma (OK)
  54. Why Charlotte exploded and Tulsa prayed: Lahoma, May: residential, office, residency - Oklahoma (OK)
  55. Black Lives Matter :: city hall, home, moving - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  56. No on Terrence Crutcher?: May: crimes, school, gated - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  57. Gas line shut offs and caps: house, crawl space, move - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  58. Relo to Tulsa: Broken Arrow, Woodward: first time home buyer, neighborhoods, buyers - Oklahoma (OK)
  59. I'm surprised no one is talking about this!: Stillwater, Howe: credit card, attorney - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  60. About to interview for QuikTrip warehouse....: best place, place, working - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  61. Nicest gym in Tulsa: floor, fitness, equipment - Oklahoma (OK)
  62. Property Taxes in Bixby, Jinks or Tulsa proper: sales, assessor - Oklahoma (OK)
  63. How has Woodland Hills mall managed to succeed where so many other malls haven't?: Tulsa: house - Oklahoma (OK)
  64. Safe Neighborhood: Tulsa: condos, high crime, house - Oklahoma (OK)
  65. Petroleum Land Man made me an offer. Is it fair?: Stillwater: mineral rights, leasing - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  66. Jenks or Owasso?: Tulsa: neighborhood, school district, college - Oklahoma (OK)
  67. where to find home with land near tulsa: Sapulpa, Sand Springs: real estate, insurance - Oklahoma (OK)
  68. Cleveland, Ok or Bristow: Tulsa, Sapulpa: homes, to live in, restaurants - Oklahoma (OK)
  69. Moving to Tulsa, OK from Tucson, AZ: Broken Arrow, Owasso: high crime, safe area - Oklahoma
  70. Ugly ATT building downtown: Tulsa, Stillwater: sales, tornadoes, design - Oklahoma (OK)
  71. relocation to Tulsa area: Broken Arrow, Owasso: assessor, crimes, transfer to - Oklahoma (OK)
  72. Can I get a Oklahoma ID card while having Texas DL ?: Tulsa: rental, motel - (OK)
  73. Foundation will pay you $10,000 to move to Tulsa -: Oklahoma City, Stillwater: places, work - (OK)
  74. Things to do when visiting Tulsa: Broken Arrow, Bartlesville: how much, hotel, neighborhood - Oklahoma (OK)
  75. Young and Single possibly moving to Tulsa: Stillwater, Sand Springs: condominium, hotels - Oklahoma (OK)
  76. Best neighborhood for mixed race family?: Tulsa, Broken Arrow: purchase, public schools, living in - Oklahoma (OK)
  77. 64/169 Diverging freeway diamond: Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jay: buying, construction, utilities - Oklahoma (OK)
  78. Oklahoma is ranked third best state to retire.....: Tulsa: how much, tornado - (OK)
  79. Oklahoma Supreme Court rules Trump rally attendees don't have to wear masks or socially distance - Tulsa, (OK)
  80. move from Ca to Jenks Oklahoma...: Tulsa, Broken Arrow: rentals, houses - (OK)
  81. Bugs, weather questions: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Broken Arrow: power lines, how much, houses - (OK)
  82. Relocating from Queen Creek AZ to Bixby Oklahoma and we have uestions!: Tulsa: houses, movie theaters - (OK)
  83. Affordable Healthcare Act ( Obamacare ):: Stillwater, Colbert: low income, health insurance, to buy - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  84. Tulsa--haven't lived there since 2000: Broken Arrow, Bartlesville: sales, real estate, rent - Oklahoma (OK)
  85. Moving To Greater Tulsa Area: Broken Arrow, Stillwater: appointed, to rent, crime - Oklahoma (OK)
  86. Liberals in Tulsa?: Oklahoma City, Stillwater, Tahlequah: home, neighborhoods, university - (OK)
  87. President Trump is asking today...: Stillwater, Clinton: credit, house, gated - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  88. Another Example Of Freaky Misbehavior With Horrible Outcome: Tulsa: low crime, community college - Oklahoma (OK)
  89. Submit photos of your favorite places in Tulsa that celebrate our community: 2014, architecture - Oklahoma (OK)
  90. Thinking of moving from CA to Tulsa, OK: Stillwater, Catoosa: fit in, for sale - Oklahoma
  91. Owasso, Collinsville housing: Tulsa, Stillwater, Bartlesville: to rent, houses, established neighborhood - Oklahoma (OK)
  92. South Tulsa area suburb living: Oklahoma City, Stillwater: fit in, new house, neighborhoods - (OK)
  93. How safe is 1842 N Main?: Tulsa, Cheyenne: low income, homes, safest area - Oklahoma (OK)
  94. Fremont, Ca. to Tulsa?: Stillwater, Francis: houses, to buy, earthquakes - Oklahoma (OK)
  95. Roger Wheeler tragedy impact on Tulsa: Durant, Elk City: movies, construction, elementary school - Oklahoma (OK)
  96. Neighborhoods near the airport: Tulsa, Owasso: real estate, apartments, rental - Oklahoma (OK)
  97. Are there areas of tulsa that are affordable and have access to trains and buses?: Oklahoma City: apartment, low crime - (OK)
  98. Veterans: Don't forget about the free meal tonight Monday Nov. 14, 2016 at Golden Corral.: service - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  99. Tulsa Golf League: live, golf course, courses - Oklahoma (OK)
  100. Sapulpa's full list is on with several other towns.: Tulsa: money, parks - Oklahoma (OK)
  101. Tulsa Probate Attorney Charged with Fraud: Howe: estates, charges, county - Oklahoma (OK)
  102. Bixby or Jenks for schools?: Tulsa: job, kids, elementary - Oklahoma (OK)
  103. Christmas lights at the Gathering Place?: winter, great - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  104. Artificial Pet Turf: yard, about, interest - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  105. Tulsa Oklahoma BOK Center Selected As Venue Arena Of The Year 2016: buyers, association
  106. Day watch Night Watch movies: corporation, about, information - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  107. Places in the Tulsa area to buy pet pigs: metro area - Oklahoma (OK)
  108. Unclaimed property list in Tulsa; not the same list as Unclaimed Property in Oklahoma.: May: legal - (OK)
  109. BEST Women's Full Service Salon - they actually know what they are doing!: Tulsa: hair salon - Oklahoma (OK)
  110. Tulsan do me a favor and give your mother a salute on this Mother's Day Eve: shower - Oklahoma (OK)
  111. Partial unemployment: rent, bills, car - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  112. Snowing in Tulsa: yard, whole - Oklahoma (OK)
  113. Mechanical Insulator looking for work: Tulsa: move to, companies, insulation - Oklahoma (OK)
  114. Seeking studio or 1 bedroom...: credit, landlord, bills - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  115. Reputable car dealerships in the Tulsa area?: budget, reviews - Oklahoma (OK)