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Old 03-21-2013, 07:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Fox Terrier View Post
Oh, I had tried to leave a few times. Usually it was for a couple of days. However, we had been living together for ten years at the time I realized that I HAD to leave. Our lives, our finances, our child, were all intertwined, unlike this case with Jodi and Travis. They never lived together. They didn't have a joint bank account. They didn't have a child together.

I understand what you are saying, but the circumstances are totally different. For example, it's obvious that Travis desperately wanted to cut off communications with Jodi. He did not want to have any more contact with her. I don't believe her when she says Travis was expecting her on June 4. There is no evidence that Travis called her and invited her (or demanded that she see him, which is what a true abuser would do). There is no evidence of any type of communication from Travis to Jodi saying he loved her, he was sorry, and he wanted her to come back.

Very, very different.
Very very different from YOUR situation, but not necessarily different from hundreds of other women being abused.

Old 03-21-2013, 07:32 PM
Location: New Jersey
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Originally Posted by LillyLillyLilly View Post
Very very different from YOUR situation, but not necessarily different from hundreds of other women being abused.
Well, whatever you say, lilly.

I suppose you are the expert in domestic abuse...

My former situation is not unique; seems like Jodi's is very unique. But, again, you seem to be the expert. How long were you in an abusive relationship?
Old 03-21-2013, 08:15 PM
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If Jodi was afraid of Travis, would she be brazen enough to slash his tires twice, send threatening messages to the women he dated, enter his home without invitation, and all of this for a year after they broke up? She stalked HIM. Claiming that Travis was the abuser is just more of her gaslighting, typical sociopathic behavior.
Old 03-21-2013, 08:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Fox Terrier View Post
This shrink is a liar. "MOST people exhibit disassociative amnesia..." ????

I guess he doesn't know about all the many people who have murdered their abusers and can testify to what happened to them with no problem.

I was terribly abused for 15 years; it took me five years to actually get away (from the first time I knew I had to, to when I actually did get away). I have no problem remembering things that were done to me. There were many times after I got away that I wished I could get brainwashed to remove the horrible memories! There were times I wished I could take my head off and set it down somewhere just to get away from the thoughts and memories.

Granted, I did not kill my abuser, although I did think about killing myself, many times. I was lucky to get away with my life.

That's why I know Jodi is lying. If you are afraid of someone; if they abused you; you don't drive a thousand miles to go see them and have sex with them.

This whole trial makes me sick!!!!
That $250/hr pseudo-shrink makes me sick!!!!

Jodi, especially, makes me SICK!

Fox Terrier ... I understand. I did volunteer work for years at our local Abused and Battered Womens Shelter. I'm not a shrink just answered the telephones for help ... sat and listened to ladies that entered the shelter ... sat in on group therapy and believe me, I never met a woman that couldn't tell you in detail the first time she got a black eye, arm broke, tooth knocked out, down to the details of what brought it on. In addition to the details of what brought them to the shelter that particular time.

This is teetotal trauma, stress, fear, panic for women with a 175 -250 lb male drunk or just violent or had a bad day at work or just plain mean and he's coming after you, the punching bag, to take his frustrations out on you.

What always broke my heart some of the women had children and we would accommodate the kids too. My teenage daughters would play with the kids and read to them but the majority of the children knew exactly what dad or boyfriend did to their mother.

In my years at the shelter I never encountered one person with amnesia of any kind.

I sincerely hope we don't have another Pinellas 12 jury here and they realize all this false info doc quacker is spewing out.

Fox Terrier ... congrats you got out. Many women don't get out and end up dead or killing their abuser.
Old 03-21-2013, 08:50 PM
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Default geez...

Originally Posted by trinity1111 View Post
Wow. There's definitely blockage of the backlight, and the image of 2 persons standing. Riveting. That would explain the look on Travis's face, fright, shock. Flight or Fight...........

It certainly would not surprise me if there's more people involved.
So much does not add up.
It would explain the bootprint left in blood, the impossible 62 second timeline, the mystery death of Ashley who died "of natural causes" after she called police implicating her husband as Travis's murderer, Zac the roommate lack of memory, non reaction to the decomposing body, renting a car the day Travis was murdered.
Where was Travis headed to when he left the bathroom,? Why didn't he take on Jodi in the bathroom, why go down the hall?

In murders the pieces come together. In this case, Jodi acting alone doesn't add up.
I hate it when I miss stuff. Where did all these photos and info come from. I stay riveted every day to the tube to stay filled in. Bumber....
Old 03-21-2013, 11:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Harlem Shake View Post
This case is getting so much publicity because like someone said earlier she is one twisted sister

No doubt she is guilty but it is hard to understand her personality

I had only read printed media but I just heard one of their conversations. He is the one that sounds self centered and narcissist. She doesn't come off as that. She seems humble and smart.

I don't have time now to listen to all the tapes but I read the script where they say he is a pedophile. Based on what I read, Travis was one sick individual. Normal people don't get turned on by 12 year olds. I will want to hear that tape to make sure I'm not mising anything. I feel bad he died the way he did but I think he was one scary individual.

I think she is gonna get life in prison and a movie.
Harlmen Shake,

There is ZERO evidence of Travis Alexander being a pedophile except what Aries says There were no pics on his computer, photos of boys or other things pedophiles keep when detectives searched his house. Would you trust anything she says?

She tries to portray how "intelligent" she is. The truth is, if you know much about perpetrator/victim dynamics, Aries has many classic perpetrator traits and she sensed how she could use her sexual tricks on Travis Alexander. I will agree that in many ways Travis Alexander was living two different lives when it came to what his friends/relatives knew about his ADULT sexual activity and where Aries lead him. Aries was the one who had tried many of the activities that she he later references. Some think she may have written a script for him to read as so she could record what she did.

I haven't heard or seen any testimony, tape recording etc. about Travis Alexander having fantasies about boys or children.

Since you appear to be connected to perps and offenders, then maybe like me you'll find it more than SLIGHTLY interested that ARIES was assaulted at age 13 with a KNIFE to her throat. That info via Samuels and a telephone conversation he had with her brother.

Seriously, Aries attacked at age 13 with a knife to her throat.........I'm surprised no one else has mentioned that here given how Travis' throat was slashed ear to ear and down to his spine.

When states something they did or he said, unfortunately, the other person to challenge her potential/probable lies about him is dead. I find it disgusting she can drag his name through all the stuff she is saying..... the only way to combat that is read/listen to what his friends/family/roommates and others said. Especially look for the interviews with friends who had children and their total comfort, as well as the comfort of their children, staying with Travis. That doesn't happen around a pedophile.

BTW - in those same interviews, I found it interesting no child wanted to be around ARIES! But neither did most guys and their wives/gfs didn't want them around her either!

When you listen or read more, be sure to check what HIS FRIENDS and especially their wives said about her.

Good for your for keeping an open mind about her rapid lies vs. finding out more truth on your own


Last edited by Mtn. States Resident; 03-22-2013 at 12:18 AM..
Old 03-21-2013, 11:48 PM
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Jodi seems like, Glenn Close, in that movie "Fatal Attraction", borderline. Guys seem to like crazy women like that...I am not sure why. Addictive relationships. Bad news.

I was in one of those one time. Incredible intensity. And insanity. Complete insanity. Abuse, sex, making up, breaking up, jealousy, rejection, insecurity....all wrapped up in crazy. He was the psycho one. After that relationship I wanted nothing to do with men or drama like that for over a decade.
Old 03-21-2013, 11:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Mouldy Old Schmo View Post
Is there any reason why this particular crime Ms. Arias is accused of and is currently being tried for demands the media spotlight? Please reply in short, easy-to-understand sentences.
Death penalty for a female in AZ. My understanding is there are 4 women in that limited line.

I don't know the ages of the others, it is very possible Aries might be the youngest, if she's convicted and her penalty is death. That would make her the 5th woman in AZ sentenced to death, IF that is what the jury decides.

Hope that helps.

Old 03-22-2013, 12:10 AM
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Originally Posted by CarolinaWoman View Post
We have murder trials going on all over the country but this one has drawn big media attention including social media attention.

Why??? Because it has all the ingredients the media likes to feed us, pretty young girl, sex, more sex, kinky sex, Mormon background, overkill murder, shooting, stabbing, slashing victim's throat from ear to ear, lies upon lies, deceit, more lies, not the greatest defense lawyers and a killer prosecutor. In addition she has admitted on the stand to killing Travis Alexander.

I only watch it when Juan Martinez the Prosecutor is questioning a witness ... one of the defense lawyers drones on and puts me to sleep. But Martinez keeps things popping.

In addition Arizona allows the jury to submit questions they have for a witness, over and above what the DT and Prosecution has ask ... I have never seen this type of trial. I like the idea of allowing the jury to ask questions. We don't do that where I live.

I don't watch the case on TV, I watch it live streaming on my computer. No commercials/ads and no talking heads, just the trial.

You and I seem able to multi-task while getting the essentials of this trial. Of course, with an "expert witness" like Samuels on the stand for what, a week?????????????, one could go on a short cruise and not have missed too much.

Besides the fact for many in the media it is about putting a female on death row in AZ, which does execute prisoners, absolutely, Aries' ability to prey upon men with her sexual activities over the years and her other boyfriends does draw a lot of interest.

My understanding is only 3-4 states in the U.S. allow the jury to ask questions. For me, that is probably one of the strongest interests on my part. The attorneys are limited by court rules for both the defense and prosecution of certain questions they can ask or how they can ask them. It appears to me, the jury is not.

I seriously doubt someone from the Defense Team wouldn't be up objecting if Juan Martinez asked Samuels about PTSD after a bad haircut the way the jury sent that sarcastic remark (and implied meaning) to Samuels.

I, too, like Juan Martinez. He is efficient, effective and I'd certainly want him to defend me if I had a serious legal problem. Wait until he gets to put on his experts who also did psych evals of the defendant. We'll see if he has an expert who sent her a book or tries to give her encouraging smiles etc. In many ways, I see Samuels as another male cast under the seduction of Aries.

In one way I can't fault the defense too much. The defendant already had one set of lawyers quit. I wouldn't want near this case, but given the U.S. constitution, the defendant is entitled to legal representation when she changed her mind from wanting to represent herself to deciding she couldn't do it all by herself. Unfortunately, those assigned to represent clients, have to work with what the have in the client. I don't think Aries is the "dream" client for any attorney, especially when she's attempting to change her story another time after she's testified.

Did you hear about/see on the net that the defendant apparently got ticked about something Samuels said today and flipped him off in court? It's worth checking out on HLN or probably YouTube by now.

Thank goodness there is no testimony on Friday.

Old 03-22-2013, 12:26 AM
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Originally Posted by jasper12 View Post
Jodi seems like, Glenn Close, in that movie "Fatal Attraction", borderline. Guys seem to like crazy women like that...I am not sure why. Addictive relationships. Bad news.

I was in one of those one time. Incredible intensity. And insanity. Complete insanity. Abuse, sex, making up, breaking up, jealousy, rejection, insecurity....all wrapped up in crazy. He was the psycho one. After that relationship I wanted nothing to do with men or drama like that for over a decade.

Good for you for getting out of a horrible relationship!!!!!!!!!!!! It takes a long time to understand toxic combinations. I hope you've had many happier days since you got out of such a bad situation.

Some guys fall for women with sexual powers. I wondered about that one myself when it came to Travis Alexander as he was the life of the party and so many females adored him. One of his former very, very close friends described the very humble beginnings of Travis and how he felt about himself when his parents left the kids with the grandparents, he didn't have clothes that fit in high school and was basically a social outcast.

Most people agree that earlier in her life (with a different hair color and more) Aries was attractive. If Alexander couldn't get a date in high school, or never asked anyone, if he didn't have the $ to date etc., then in a way, for him it was a HUGE deal to have someone who looked the way Aries did pay attention to him.

I guess that only emphasizes the saying even more about Beauty only being skin deep.

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