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Old 09-30-2012, 10:58 PM
Location: Orlando
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I suggest a sage stick for any home. it is a great way to clean the energy in a home and should be done from time to time.

at the very least what can it hurt? other than it smells a bit like pot...lol
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Old 10-03-2012, 09:03 AM
Location: Toledo, OH
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We just bought our house almost a year ago, and we never spent much time upstairs. My wife and I came to the conclusion that it just didn't feel good up there. Like it felt awkward, draining, and stressful going up there. Thing is, an old lady lived in the house before us, and she was by herself and had dementia, and was kinda strange....like she left behind a file cabinet with tons of personal stuff, like random political articles, as well as letters she wrote and recieved and what not. We got the feeling that she was the cause of negative energy upstairs as it was her master bedroom. My mother, who has been stressed and burdened with tons of issues as of late stayed with us, in our upstairs for awhile, while finding a new apartment.....and she added onto the already negative energy, we believe. Now that she moved out, we decided to redo the upstairs to bring new life to it. We initially burnt sage just to neutralize the atmopshere temporarily. We cleaned the carpets, repainted all the walls amd ceilings, and our refinishing the wood floors. We also redecorated and added our own furniture. Were almost done and will burn sage again to hopeful rid the upstairs of crappy energy for good.
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Old 10-07-2012, 08:06 PM
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Old homes are always a risk, if too many people have lived there then there's often bound that something happened. I try to live in buildings built within the last few years if possible.
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Old 10-10-2012, 02:29 PM
Location: central Oregon
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In 1994 my mom, my 11 year old son, and I moved into a nice three bedroom house located in a very nicely kept diverse neighborhood. Kids played out in the street all the time.

As we moved in we noticed a small house across the street had had a recent fire. It looked liked the fire had started in the outside laundry room and spread across the ceiling/roof to the rest of the house. The house was fixed up and painted and that is when the strange things began to happen.

We woke up one morning and this family was living there. They had two kids and two dogs. One dog (a wiener - don't even ask me how to spell the correct name!) refused to stay in the backyard and somehow always managed to sneak out. He was a fat thing that like to waddle around and was most happy in the middle of the street. Put this dog on the sidewalk in front of its house and it barked like crazy; which means that this dog constantly did so while in the house or the backyard. The other dog was some big slobbery thing that stood at the gate and barked at the loose dog. They did not make it a pleasant neighborly experience.

Then one morning we woke up and the house was completely empty. No cars, no people, no dogs.
What is weird is that I have always been a night owl and would sit and write on my bed until the wee hours of the morning. My bed was right next to a window that faced the house across the street. I never heard nor saw any sign of anyone moving.

Again and again this same scenario happened. People seemed to move in and out without us ever seeing or hearing anything. My bedroom, and my son's bedroom faced the street. The kitchen and living room were in the rear of the house. However, we were able to hear vehicles out on the street from the back of the house.
It's funny because we saw and heard people moving into other houses. We saw family after family move from the neighborhood, but we never, ever, ever saw one moving truck or filled pickup drop off or load stuff from that small house across the street.

One time, when the place was empty, we saw a red warning sign on the front window. We could clearly read the word "WARNING" from across the street. Knowing the strange things going on over there we dared not go read what the sign actually said.

Soon the red sign was gone and families moved in and out again, just as before. It just became 'normal' in a weird sort of way.
In early 2001 I had surgery and was unable to mow the front lawn for a few weeks. One Sunday morning, just after my surgery, I heard a mower out front and assumed it was my younger brother. I went outdoors in my bathrobe and some strange man was mowing my yard. When he saw me watching him he shut off the mower and told me he lived across the street (yes, in the small house) and saw me come home from the hospital (Always a tell-tale thing when you carry a large bag clearly labeled with the hospital's name in 6 inch letters.) and just wanted to be neighborly. I thanked him and went back inside.
A week later I was feeling better and made some chocolate chip cookies and decided to bring some over to thank him for mowing my yard. I bravely walked over there and knocked and no one answered the door. It was only then that I noticed that none of the stuff that had been there yesterday was there today.
Again, someone moved in the middle of the night without us hearing them. By this time my son was also a night owl and his computer was right next to the window.

No one rented the place after that and then we moved in 2004.

Weirder still:
When we moved into our house the kids outside playing told us that the empty house next door to ours was haunted. For months I watched these kids dare each other to go near that house and none would. However, they had no problem playing on the lawn or driveway of the small house.
When a family moved in next door the haunting business with the kids stopped.

Weirder even still:
The house we lived in WAS haunted! I had too many strange things happen there to say they were anything but paranormal. Too many to go into right here.
Things got moved, we heard voices and sounds that turned out to be nothing that we could see (like one time my son swore he heard someone slicing the screen door with a knife and the screen was not touched).
I always knew we had the spirit of an animal running around the house. We had a cat who died three days after we moved in - he fell out of a tree and broke his neck - and we thought it was him.
In 03 my mom got lung cancer and died in the house. While she was in her final days she talked to people we could not see. She told us that she saw two kids, a woman and an elderly man - and she saw a monkey! A monkey explained more of the tossed objects than a cat would. It really was a very strange time for us all.
Just before she died (she was in a coma) she spoke aloud to her dead brother. Her voice rang with her happiness. She had a few conversations with him in her final days.
My wish is that she did not suffer such a nasty death that she stayed behind with the others that haven't moved on. I sure hope she went with her brother. That thought warms my heart.

(I've compared housing prices in this neighborhood, and the house across the street is always the cheapest house on the block. It is not the only small house.)
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Old 10-16-2012, 03:49 PM
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I believe that all homes have diff energys, whether it be cheerful, homely, bright, or the other end, sad, un-settled or negative. In my experince of over 6 homes in my life, it can be from previous owners, or where its built ( as in the land and what was there prior) or it can be as many belive a presence either a spirit or other.

All the homes i have lived in growing up and as a adult, felt diff, i am very sensitive though and i tend to pick up emotion, and feelings from people and places, even when i dont want too!
And growing up my family more or less stayed the same ( a few siblings arrived!) But the family were the smae, as in our happiness, and circumstances, but each room i had was diff, one was bright and i loved it, i would sleep well, and feel safe.
One was dark, and i always felt watched, and heard noises, and generally felt un-easy in there ( iwas around 7)
The last house i lived in before leaving home when i got married was strange, it actually was mixeed in diff parts, like other poster said, downstairs was very very negative, you always felt watched... not just me, even my father who does not belive in 'ghosts' did not feel right, you always were cold, even in summer, things would happen and noises, but a general awfully sad and depressing feeling.... but as you went upstairs, around the 5th step... it changed... and it was bright, sunny, and i felt happy... as did all our family, My mum had major spinal problems, and ended up mainly in her room, as was unable to manage the stairs, so from 11 upwards i tended to stay upstairs, it was our main part of the house... and i remember my brohers and sisters would cry if they had to go down on there own to get a drink etc ( they were around 4 upwards) so im not sure what the energy was, i dont know think it was a spirit... as i have now experinaced a awful one... but i belive its risidual energy, left over.

In my old house that i moved from 2 years ago... this was haunted... we spent 3 years living in fear... my sons cot was dragged across his room , and my other son would see a man, who he said was mean ( he was 3) my eldest would talk to a man at night and said he would sit on his legs. We all ended up in fear and in one room together, after so many things happening, and paranormal teams came in and made it a million times worse, they caught voices, shadows, lights and things moving ( doors opening, and growls and whispers whilst investigating)

The last straw was when my 1 year old son was taking a nap and he awoken scremaing i went to pick him up and he had a scratch along his back, 2 lines. and i watched them appear, then the noises bangs and whispered and things moving got worse, We left and got another home in days. I wont go in to detail but it was horrific, my husband never belived till he seen with his own eyes and felt the evil.

We discovered after that no one lived there more than 2 years, and all had the same things, The tenents know have had blessings and live in fear. This i know is haunted and in no way in-harmful, or risidual... as risidual is a feeling, or scenario playing over and over.. Not inteligent in any way.
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Old 10-18-2012, 04:26 PM
Location: In the city
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Absolutely they can.

As someone who struggled with depression for many years, I firmly believe that depression carries with its its own aura: a weighty, dense aura which can affect other things around it. Ever notice how someone who is depressed can make OTHER people depressed? How certain individuals have absurd amounts of tragedy-- a loved one dies, they lose their job, get diagnosed with some uncomfortable illness and have a spouse leave them all within a short time frame? I have always believed that depression has sort of a magnetic quality to it and can draw other tragic or sad circumstances into its orbit. I think its contagious. And I think it sticks around, long after the vessel carrying it moves on.

I adore old houses and old things because of the energy they carry with them. Sometimes, it can be negative. Because I am prone to negativity myself, I try to be very careful in selecting a place to live. I can't tell you how many places I looked at before choosing my current house (which I love). I found out that it was originally built by a woman who was going blind, whose husband left her and who had lost all of her children to various illnesses. But instead of being mournful, she built the house, moved in with her sisters, and spent her final years in the place as a sort of refuge. To this day, the house has an incredible calm, gracious energy. When I saw it, I knew it was the right place.
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Old 01-18-2015, 07:45 PM
Location: IN
22,241 posts, read 38,797,715 times
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Originally Posted by GraniteStater View Post
I would like to add that I think this is often overlooked as the attention is focused on houses with known entities, spirits, etc that often present themselves in a more active manner...

I grew up in a house that just had this negative depressed energy to it. The previous owner was a couple who lost a daughter in a car accident when she was 16 years old and remained in the house over 15 years before selling to my parents over 20 years ago. The previous owners kept strange things in the house, particularly spooky was a pull down chain for an overhead light fixture in the daughters bedroom that had her initials on it. The basement was downright spooky and the owners kept all kinds of odd metal chains in the furnace room. I hated going down there because I don't like basements and it had that cheap 1960s era wood paneling that made things even more depressing. The man nearly committed suicide on the west side of the house opposite of the garage and I could almost sense the negative energy there. I just wondered if anyone agreed with me that some houses have a definite negative energy to them even if they aren't really "haunted"? Needless to say, I'm glad I don't live there any more and have moved on to a different stage in my life.
Here is an update to this information as I gathered new items through research online. The family that lived in the house before we moved in had a total of 5 kids, the one that died was 20 years old from what I believe was a car accident, occurred in 1981. The near suicide attempt on the west side of the property by the garage I am unsure of the year it occurred. The energy was negative as I do recall a study/office off the garage with one window that faced south, no windows on the west. That room was also untouched with an old glass plate ceiling fixture light with four light bulbs. Only one was working at the time. Our family bought the house in 1991. No kids lived in the house at the time when it was bought from the prior owner, they were all older.. I would say absolutely nothing in the house was updated from 1981 to 1991 at all and the house was built in 1966. The fact that it was a larger family that lived there shocked me even more as the negative energy was nearly unbelievable to me, particularly the basement as I mentioned previously. The initials of the deceased daughter were most definitely a match for the religious medallion for the light pull chain in the upstairs bedroom. Kids initials on the laundry room walls were present (coloring, names, crayons, etc), including the initials of the deceased daughter. I am a big believer in negative energy and this house had it in spades.

Last edited by GraniteStater; 01-18-2015 at 07:55 PM..
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Old 01-18-2015, 09:25 PM
1,385 posts, read 1,306,207 times
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Do you know if the house was built on or near an Indian mound/effigy?

I know our house has negative energy, but we don't know much about the previous occupants other than there names. I have one theory as to the cause of this which involves the previous occupants, but won't go into online.
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Old 01-19-2015, 11:12 PM
Location: Herriman, Utah
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Best to get a new construction home. The final building inspector will scare off any bad vibes.
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Old 01-19-2015, 11:31 PM
Location: Herriman, Utah
145 posts, read 164,708 times
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I love new construction, bought one new home in 1995. I watched it be built, just the way I wanted it. The home was still like new when I sold it in 2005.

Growing up I loved the Amityville horror movie, also loved those quarter round windows that were in that home. I actually put those in my new home! They were in the master bedroom. Nonetheless, there was never anything weird in that home.

Although I like a new home, my current home is an existing one built in 1977. I bought it because it's on a really cool 5 acre mountain property with an amazing view of the whole Salt Lake Valley. The folks that built the home are deceased, but I have no idea if they passed in the home.

There was only one weird thing that happened in the home. The doorbell rang and made noise continuously like someone was holding the button at 6 AM one morning. I got out of bed, found no one outside and pulled the wire off the doorbell and went back to bed. A few weeks later I reconnected it and it was working fine. Then a few days later it happened again around 6 AM! I am not a moring person. I disconnected it again and never reconnected it since. I don't think it's haunted though, I think mice got in the wall and possibly chewed the wires causing a short which is the same as someone pushing the doorbell button, thus closing the circuit.
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