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Old 02-26-2013, 03:53 AM
Location: Moving back to the US
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So I've been looking for someone for a while now, & I've been unable to find anyone. It seems this type of skill set is hard to find.

I have to move from the country I'm in, & I don't know where to move to next.

I'm originally from Canada, but don't want to move back there unless it's just to figure out where to go from there & clearly the extra expense just isn't worth it.

The US is out since I'll never be able to get citizenship (I did check into it) & frankly, after reading this book I just read - GROSS, there's no way I'd want to move there even though I love Americans & the culture, plus all it has to offer.

I'm contemplating Israel, so if you are Jewish & know Israel, that is a plus, if not, that's okay too.

I haven't really investigated EU yet. Asia is pretty much out, I'm not interested in India or the Philippines & I'll never live in Latin America again.

If you've been an expat & have lived in several different places, this is really what I'm seeking, but I understand most people only travel, they don't live in multiple different countries for long periods of time.

Visiting a country is NOT the same as living there. I didn't know I hated Panama until 8 months in.

I'm looking for someone very sharp, communicates well, & feels they can help me narrow down some locations based on cost of living, culture, language, produce, pollution & of course immigration. I'm a netrepreneur, so I can live anywhere so long as the Internet is fast & reliable, & there's solid electricity.

Please PM me with your experience & hourly rate.

Thank you

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Old 02-26-2013, 04:12 AM
Status: " tired" (set 17 days ago)
Location: Europe
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there are some big expat forums were people post about this you might get a start there
there exist emigration/immigration service offices for people wanting to go to CAN AUS NZ maybe these also exist for other countries
I have looked into some countries and the deeper you delve and hear about the negative things well is no country perfect
Scandinavia , EU have all sorts of regulations rules I searched this out for someone who asked is quite complicated
as a person who changed countries if I had to do it again I would choose differently
What is your reason for wanting to leave Canada? The grass is never greener at the other side...
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Old 02-26-2013, 04:05 PM
Location: Moving back to the US
180 posts, read 206,235 times
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Yeh I heard you have to be really careful about these immigration services. They tend to rip desperate people off.

I belong to a lot of expat forums, but never seen any place to advertise for what I need & I tend to dislike expat forums. Maybe it's just the LA ones, but expats on there can be VERY nasty. HUGE bullies.

I think there's only one or two expat forums I know of that is nice. Not sure if you were referring to some others & want to shoot me some URLs. Finding one forum that encompasses all countries is impossible, this forum is the closest to it.

I didn't really understand what you said in this line, "EU have all sorts of regulations rules I searched this out for someone who asked is quite complicated
as a person who changed countries if I had to do it again I would choose differently"

What would you choose differently?

As for Canada, I have been living in Ontario for years (the Toronto area) & most people there are unfriendly, cold, etc. I hadn't really noticed it until I guess I started to look for other things in my life, meaning I wasn't driven by work & money like I used to be. Plus, I started to hear about this from others as well. Even people from Ottawa are friendlier, but it's colder there than in Toronto.

Also it's very expensive to live there & the gov't doesn't help the people at all, not unless you have lots of money, then all is fine.

I judge a country by how well it takes care of people in need & at least Ontario just doesn't do that.

There's huge issues from everything such as landlord issues (tenants aren't protected), family law issues (they let the fathers get away with no paying & their government program is TERRIBLE & has been written up about a couple of times & no one does a thing, so tons of mothers are at poverty level. There's very few programs for children, programs for the needy, etc. They even close down shelter after shelter which makes the problem even worse.

Then there's all the immigrants who came to the city & do things their way which would be fine if they cared about quality, safety, respect, etc., but they don't.

I used to LOVE the diversity until it started to overpower what was there before.

People think it's such a great country, but IMO it's not & if you do a search about Canadians who hate Canada, you'll see several threads that say pretty much the same thing I said. Even foreigners who move there were lied to about how great it is.

The only thing it has going for it is that it's close to the States & so it's modern & it's a clean country, so I give it that a high point. In Toronto I come across tons of people who just lie about what they are good at. I think the lying is more prevalent there than even in the States. And that goes with lawyers too.

After talking with many Americans (I deal with Americans every day with my biz), they don't have nearly the same issues as I have encountered in Ontario.

All those issues including the freezing cold weather made me start thinking I have to get out of there.

If you wish to talk more, I ask you to PM me.


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Old 02-26-2013, 06:37 PM
Status: " tired" (set 17 days ago)
Location: Europe
1,409 posts, read 1,159,276 times
Reputation: 1795
Expat Forum For People Moving Overseas And Expats Living Abroad
British Expats
Live Overseas; Resources, Articles & Videos For Living Overseas In A Multi-Newsletter Format By Nation, Featuring Expat Taxes, Asset Protection, 2nd Passports, International Real Estate, Overseas Jobs - Expatriate Resources - Overseas Retirement Expatriates/
a few links to browse
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Old 02-27-2013, 02:57 AM
Location: Moving back to the US
180 posts, read 206,235 times
Reputation: 127
Thanks, unfortunately those didn't help.

The first site I already know of & I posted my job post on their site & already they deleted a line from my post trying to control me.

This is what so many expats do. They think they know it all & are VERY controlling. Why that is I have no clue. I've only ever come a couple who are nice & don't have that "know it all, I'm going to tell you what to do or what I think" attitude. It's terrible. You should see the fights that break out on the Panamanian groups & I've been bullied countless times in public on these groups.

The second site didn't give me anything, in fact most of the links are broken or down for maintenance. Not your fault of course, just an FYI.

Thanks for trying. I guess no one on here has the skills either. I'll try looking somewhere else.

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Old 02-27-2013, 06:11 AM
Status: " tired" (set 17 days ago)
Location: Europe
1,409 posts, read 1,159,276 times
Reputation: 1795
best of luck to you !
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Old 03-02-2013, 03:59 PM
Location: San Antonio/Houston
33,658 posts, read 51,887,220 times
Reputation: 83170
I think you should tell us more what are you looking for? Nice people? Good weather? Cheap ( food, housing )? Great medical insurance? Government help for poor? Not too many immigrants?
Do you have money ( retirement? savings? ), do you still work and what kind of work you will look for? Do you understand the immigration process and requirements? Did you narrowed your desire down to few countries? Do you speak languages? What about education? Do you have family that will be moving with you?
You see... there are so many unanswered questions. How could we help you without knowing all those details?

BTW: this post is in the wrong forum, and I am going to move it to World Forum now. There are more threads like yours.
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Old 03-02-2013, 04:54 PM
Location: Moving back to the US
180 posts, read 206,235 times
Reputation: 127
Hi there Elnina,

Thank you for the move, I didn't realize.

Since there's just too many factors involved, I was going to send the person my Word doc once they PMed me.

My main musts are: (I've updated this since living in Panama since I would NEVER have thought to make sure these things were in place when moving)

1. Smart people. I don't mean educated, but people who at least have common sense, know how to run businesses, don't blame the customer for their mistakes, it doesn't take 3 people to done one person's job, someone is home upstairs (the lights are on), etc.

2. People who are mature & take responsibility for what they do. While many people don't take responsibility for their actions, I've come to learn that an entire country NEVER takes responsibility, nor even knows how to apologize. I believe other countries in CA are the same. Some people here do (the more educated & civilized ones), but they are the minority.

3. Civilized people - they respect others, meaning they don't try to run pedestrians off the road with their car, they don't blast their music at all hours of the night, for the most part, they are conscious that their actions affect others.

That they understand boundaries & the difference between right & wrong. Now granted everyone has their own perceptions of what is right & wrong, but I'm talking global understandings.

I don't know 100% if this is the case in other countries too, but for example if I'm standing in line, the person behind me is RIGHT IN MY SPACE. They have no sense of space here or boundaries & other expats have complained about this as well.

4. A country where they aren't partying 24/7 & if they do, it's like once or twice a year, not every weekend where the music is turned up to deafening levels.

I need peace & quiet.

I came to this country for just that & instead I'm more stressed here than I was back in Canada. Like here they let their dogs bark 24/7. Back home you get one idiot who lets his/her dog bark all night & you can either get the police involved or try to talk to your neighbor reasonably. You can even call an animal protection group.

Here none of that is possible. I have dogs barking for hours on end & it could be 3 different dogs too. I can't sleep, sometimes I can't work or even hear the person on the other end of the phone.

They abuse their dogs here by leaving them chained up outdoors 24/7. A small minority treat their dogs with respect, but the majority don't. I never EVER hated dogs before until I came to this country. There's some really vicious ones too.

5. A country where the basics we all need in order to live with are available, & they ONLY go out in times of emergencies. So that's electricity & water. I'm lucky if I get water a full straight month without it being shut down for hours on end.

Oh & NO dirty electricity. I've lost close to $2k worth of items since being here b/c of power surges, outages & dirty electricity.

6. Internet is VERY VERY important to me. It doesn't have to be the fastest on the planet, but it does have to be clean & at least 3 DL & 1-3 UL. Who knew that you could have dirty Internet.

OH & another VERY important factor. The ISP HAS to know what they are doing. If I call up, they MUST know what a ping is, what a blacklist is, etc. They also have to have no spam policies for their customers.

If the country just got Internet in the last 3-4 years, forget it. I can't take a chance.

This affects my work when I can't e-mail b/c my IP address is blocked. There's times I can't even get onto a site b/c I'm being blocked. Not to mention when the Internet is down.

7. I came here for the weather of course, but I've come to realize that wherever it is beautiful & nice, one probably has to give up on the things I mentioned above. Again there are exceptions to the rule (I hope there are), but it seems to me that in hot climates, people don't seem to be as "with it" as in colder climates. Why that is I don't know. In fact I tried to find any study where temperature affects the brain & I couldn't find anything online although I didn't look very hard.

I've even been affected since I got here.

So I certainly don't want Alaska or Russia, but I'd rather know I'm in a civilized country & deal with winters, than deal with what I've had to go thru for 2 years now.

Also there's tons of mold that I was told wasn't toxic, but I'm sure it is. And there's also a lot of rust that ruins things, so I can't have that.

If I had my dream weather, it would be around 80 degrees year round. I'll put up with 70, but 80 is more to my liking. And I don't like a lot of rain b/c of the mold.

8. Little to no pollution. I didn't find anything about pollution here in Panama, but they have it & it's HUGE.


Because they don't keep their vehicles in working order & they use toxic diesel. The stuff that comes out of buses, trucks vans & some cars is black toxic soot. I breath that in every time I have to go do errands & I am constantly ingesting chemicals from all the renovations & construction in the area. It doesn't even have to be right next door, but I smell it & it's very very toxic. They use very cheap toxic materials here. Everything is from China.

If they burn garbage in a country, I'm NOT interested. I need people who know that's VERY dangerous.

I need a country where they care about this sort of thing & aren't trying to kill one another off with their ignorance.

9. I do want to be around kind people, but again, am I going to find a country where people are nice, happy & smart? LOL That's the 64,000 dollar question LOL

10. Immigration is an issue, I have to be able to live there & I don't have tons of money to buy my way into a country.

11. Cost of living can't be through the roof expensive. I run my biz online, but since the Google fiasco, things haven't been going well.

I need a house to rent. I just learned Portugal doesn't have rentals, you can only buy (What??? LOL)

12. I'm not looking at Asia, so that's out.

13. I do want to be around nature & be close enough to a major city for shopping.

14. I do want clean produce. If the food there (meat, produce & poultry) is laden with toxic chemicals, antibiotics, the cows are fed dead animals & feces like they are fed in the US, I'm not interested. I know all countries spray chemicals on their produce, but some are more conscious of it or use very little, AND some countries have small farms where you can buy local so you aren't getting all that garbage.

15. Have to be able to ship packages in without it costing a fortune. I do buy & ship from the US regularly. And it can't be a country where the locals will steal said shipments.

16. As for language, I'm not one who picks up languages quickly. I had planned to learn Spanish when I first got here, but the owner of the school I had arranged turned out to be a blank & cancelled my application 3 days before I moved here, so I never ended up taking Spanish. I tried to find another school, but it was just so difficult (as it is with everything in this country) to find what I needed since I HAVE to have wired Internet. I can't just backpack all over the place. I work for a living & not on a laptop.

I'm not retired, so every day I have to have Internet, electricity & a stable place to work (desk, office chair, a place for all my things, etc.)

Yes the language has been a HUGE challenge for me. Why? Not b/c I don't speak it, but b/c most of the locals will lie & say they don't speak English even though they do. Or their way of handling things is to hang up on you.

I'm not saying I required people to speak English fluently, but at least enough to carry on a conversation with my Spanish & their English. If no one spoke it here, that would be one thing, but that's not the case. They learned it in school & of course there was a huge American influence here for years & still is.

So I'm not looking for a country where they have this attitude.

Yes I'm going to want to learn whatever language it is, but it will be hard for me, so I hope to find a country where a lot of people do speak English.

Before moving here I seriously thought it didn't matter if I was around expats, but now I'm realizing it sort of does. Now I know what that isolation feels like & I NEVER felt that before.

Although, I've grown to dislike expats (at least the ones in this area of Central America). As I mentioned above, I find them to be VERY VERY controlling, bullies & unless there's something in it for them, they aren't interested. There's also a lot of them that rip other newbie expats off, but that's not my concern as much as the other things. I've only ever come across 2 expats who were nice.

I'm still curious if expats are like this in other countries, or it's ONLY like this in Latin America. I had one expat tell me she stayed clear away from expats & she was in the DR.

I'm by myself, so that helps.

So in the end I didn't give out my Word doc LOL but this is a book all unto itself. Hey, you asked.

Thanks & I hope I get more responses, but I really would like people to PM me, as this is a private matter.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

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Old 03-02-2013, 05:00 PM
Location: Moving back to the US
180 posts, read 206,235 times
Reputation: 127
Sorry, the only country I'm considering right now is Israel. If I don't find a suitable country, I will have to go back to Canada. I just can't stay here anymore.

I'm looking at BC, but not sure where.
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Old 03-02-2013, 05:16 PM
994 posts, read 1,013,829 times
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Finding someone to do a job is a two-way thing; the fact that this forum or others haven't yielded a suitable candidate doesn't necessarily mean that one or more hasn't read your posts - it could just mean they've decided you're not the employer/client for them.

My 2c worth would be that your OP comes across as a bit frenzied and disorganised (I don't find it easy to understand what you're after), a bit self-regarding (you seem to want us to know that you're something special, and that you're looking for someone else pretty special, and you want to be clear that most people reading won't be that person), and, I'm afraid, a tiny bit spammy. I'm not saying you're not genuine, but I could understand if someone reading your post were doubtful as to your authenticity.

Perhaps you should consider approaching a professional head-hunter?
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