The Process Museum - Tours & Attractions - Tucson, Arizona

City: Tucson, AZ
Category: Tours & Attractions
Telephone: (520) 404-0596
Address: 8000 S. Kolb Rd. at I-10

Description: Ever wonder about the creative process? What influences an artist as they create their work, what “mistakes” they leave behind, and how they create? You can find out here! This 71,000-square-foot “museum” collects early works, remnants, and artifacts that the artist leaves behind during the creative process. The primary focus of the museum is “to reveal the mental processes of the artist while engaged in creating work.” The brainstorm of John Wells, president of the medical equipment company Wells Johnson Company, the museum houses his vast personal collection and also serves as a studio for emerging artists, who use part of the space for ongoing work. The general collection consists of several thousand art pieces that fill the hallways, offices, and conference rooms of this huge office building space. Artists represented here are the crème de la crème of Tucson: Olivier Mosset, Eriks Rudans, Chris Rush, Helmay Prinzen, David Johnson Vandernberg, and Vytas Sakalas are just a few of the established artists represented here. A large proportion of the space is devoted to the works and life of Owen Williams, a local artist whose studio is re-created here along with his works from childhood. It’s fascinating to see how his art progressed throughout his life and what influenced him. Wells has amassed dozens of notebooks cataloguing his sketches, photos, and news clippings, and all that influenced the creation of his art. This is truly an unusual and fascinating collection for art lovers and those who want an insiders’ view of the creative process. The museum is open for private 2-hour tours at 10 a.m. on Tues and Thurs; reservations are required but there is no charge. The best way to make a reservation is on the website. Wells personally leads each tour, sharing his own passion and enthusiasm for the artistic process and the creation of art in its many forms, from sculpture to paintings. The private tours can last up to 3 hours, so wear comfortable shoes. Invitation-only special exhibits are mounted twice a year in an adjacent building; check the website for dates.