Southport, ME City Guides

1. Ship Ahoy Motel

City: Southport, ME
Category: Accommodations
Telephone: (207) 633-5222
Address: Route 238

Description: A room on the waterfront in the Boothbay area with a private seaside deck for only $79? That’s the story at this motel complex a few miles outside of Boothbay Harbor. The rooms may be typical motel fare, but they all have color TV, private bath, air-conditioning, access to the nice freshwater inground pool, and better still, a direct line to a quiet section of Southport waterfront where there is a dock from which you can fish or launch boats. Unbelievable, really. The Ship Ahoy campus has four motel options on it now, each with varying degrees of comfort, none of which costs more than $79, and some of which can be had for $49—and that’s in high season. And the setting is truly spectacular.

2. Robinson’S Wharf

City: Southport, ME
Category: Restaurants
Telephone: (207) 633-3830
Address: 20 Hendricks Hill Rd.

Description: Watch lobsters being hauled on Townsend Gut, a stretch of saltwater that gets busy with lobster boats, while you wait to haul your own. Lobster is served any number of ways, and those immune to the charms of red crustaceans can dig into burgers and fries. The fish chowder has its fans, and people like the crabmeat roll as well. New management is getting raves.
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