Carafe - Restaurants - Portland, Oregon

City: Portland, OR
Category: Restaurants
Telephone: (503) 248-0004
Address: 200 Southwest Market St.

Description: A favorite of the downtown crowd for both lunch and dinner, Carafe is the home of one of Portland’s favorite chefs, Pascal Sauton. Sauton labored for many years as the corporate chef in restaurants at RiverPlace, but now he has the chance to flex his creative muscles, to the delight of Portland diners. This wonderful bistro is remarkably Parisian, with rows of outdoor chairs facing the street and an elegant but unfussy interior of dusky gold and reddish brown. Its prime location across the street from Keller Auditorium makes it a favorite before shows. But no matter what’s playing, the true star will be the superbly prepared food—French classics such as croque monsieur, frisée salad with bacon, baked escargot, duck confit with olives, and bouillabaisse. We especially love the mussels cooked with shallots and cream, but even the lemonade here is impeccably French. The wine selection is full of excellent values, well chosen and in a range of styles and prices—including interesting vins du table available in (you guessed it) carafes. Carafe is open for lunch on weekdays and for dinner every day except Sun. It’s best to call ahead if a show is playing at the Keller, for the place will be mobbed and you won’t get a table without a reservation. Valet parking is available.