Ashburn, VA City Guides

1. Loudoun County Public Schools

City: Ashburn, VA
Category: Education
Telephone: (571) 252-1000
Address: 21000 Education Court

Description: The rapidly growing, 50,740-student Loudoun County public school system is among the best in exurban Metro Washington. The system has 68 schools. A technology center serves vocational and adult education students, and an alternative education program helps middle school and high school students who have trouble fitting into traditional programs. Courses are available for gifted and special education students, and several advanced placement courses are available at the high school level. Each school offers computer education, emphasizing state-of-the-art technology, and has Internet access. The graduation rate is among the best in the state and the nation, and 87 percent of county graduates continue their formal education. Monthly meetings of the nine-member school board are held the second and fourth Tuesdays of most months.

2. The George Washington University Virginia Campus

City: Ashburn, VA
Category: Education
Telephone: (703) 726-8200
Address: 20101 Academic Way

Description: This satellite campus of GWU (see listing under Washington, D.C. in this chapter) is an innovative venture between industry and education. The school offers 13 master’s and doctoral degree programs in areas such as engineering, business, information systems, and human resources. The center also conducts a number of nondegree professional development workshops. The National Crash Analysis Center, which crash tests automobiles, is one of several research facilities here. The school is located in the sprawling University Center, a corporate and research park that sits in the middle of eastern Loudoun County’s rapidly growing Route 7 corridor, convenient to Washington Dulles International Airport.
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