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Restaurant inspection findings and violations in Iowa 11t-Dyn (Big Dog's Hot Dogs, W, Bubble Tea, W, Checkers, E, Days Inn, E, 11th Street Precinct Bar & Grill E, ...)


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11TH STREET PRECINCT BAR & GRILL ETavern with food preparationFull Service1107 Mound StDavenport52803113/30/2010
3RD ST BAR AND GRILL, W831 W 3rd StDavenport528020None
A LITTLE SLICE OF HEAVEN INC, E2718 Bridge AveDavenport5280326/2/2010
ABARROTES CARRILLO, WOther food service establishmentFull Service903 W 3rd StDavenport52802111/16/2010
ADAM MCKINNEY FOOD SERVICESMississippi Valley Fairgrounds, 2815 W Locust StDavenport528040None
ADAMS ELEMENTARY, W3029 N Division StDavenport528041010/6/2010
AFC SUSHI @ SUPER TARGET 0533, EOther food retailerFish Dept.5225 Elmore AveDavenport5280759/14/2010
ALDI FOODS 53, WSuper market/grocery storeNone2825 Rockingham RdDavenport52802258/16/2010
ALDI INC # 151702 N Brady St, Midtown PlazaDavenport528040None
ALDI INC #80, ESuper market/grocery storeNone5262 Elmore AvenueDavenport5280731/19/2010
ALL SAINTS CATHOLIC SCHOOL, W1926 Marquette StDavenport52804108/31/2010
ALMOND BOX,THE, WRestaurant with liquorFull Service320 W Kimberly, RdDavenport52806311/4/2009
AMAN TRAVEL CENTER, WConvenience storeFish Dept.214 Myrtle StDavenport5280295/6/2010
AMERICINN LODGE & SUITES, E301 Jason Way CtDavenport5280647/1/2010
ANTONELLA'S112 W 3rd StDavenport528010None
ANTONELLAS TRATTORIA RISTORANTE, WRestaurant with liquorFull Service112 W 3rd StDavenport528011811/17/2010
APPLEBEES NEIGHBORHOOD GRILL & BAR, WRestaurant with liquorFull Service3005 W Kimberly RdDavenport52806118/16/2010
APPLEBEES, ERestaurant with liquorFull Service3838 Elmore AveDavenport52807285/3/2010
ARAMARK JOHN DEERE TRAINING, ECommissary or cateringFull Service8000 Jersey Ridge RdDavenport52808164/23/2010
ARAMARK PALMER COLLEGE, EPrivate/public service institution (includes schools, hospitals & nutrition programs)Full Service1000 Brady StDavenport52803276/22/2010
ARAMARK-SENTRY INSURANCECommissary or cateringFull Service4400 E 53rd StDavenport5280746/4/2010
ARBYS 7017, ERestaurant without liquorFull Service3150 E 53rd StDavenport52807179/7/2010
ARBYS ROAST BEEF RESTAURANT, WRestaurant without liquorFull Service3412 Brady StDavenport52806247/22/2010
ARENA HOSP LLC THE LIQUOR STORE, WOther food retailerNone211 W 53rd StDavenport5280676/16/2010
ASSUMPTION HIGH SCHOOL, W1020 W Central Park AveDavenport52804119/8/2010
AWSHUCKSMississippi Valley Fairgrounds, 2815 W Locust StDavenport528040None
AZTECA 2 MEXICAN RESTURANT, ERestaurant with liquorFull Service2843 E 53rd StDavenport5280716/30/2010
AZTECA MEXICAN RESTAURANT INC, ERestaurant with liquorFull Service4811 N Brady StDavenport52806246/29/2010
B W STEEPLEGATE INN, WOther food service establishmentFull Service100 W 76th StDavenport528063511/17/2010
BAKER STREET, EOther food retailerNone4907 Utica Ridge RdDavenport5280742/11/2010
The BARBECUE COMPANYLeclaire ParkDavenport528010None
BARNES & NOBLE BOOKSELLERS WOther food service establishmentFull Service320 W Kimberly Rd, Northpark MallDavenport52806168/10/2010
BASS ST CHOP HOUSESt Ambrose University, 518 W Locust StDavenport528020None
BAYMONT INNS & SUITES 1041, E400 Jason Way CtDavenport5280635/11/2010
BAYMONT INNS AND SUITES, EOther food service establishmentFull Service400 Jason Way CtDavenport5280642/25/2010
BAYSIDE SMOOTHIES & MOREDowntown DavenportDavenport528010None
BEACH BUMS, WOther food service establishmentFull Service14910 110th Ave, West Lake ParkDavenport52804126/24/2010
BEST WESTERN STEEPLEGATE, E100 W 76th StDavenport52806912/26/2008
BETHEL AME, WOther food service establishmentFull Service322 W 11th StDavenport5280316/24/2010
BIAGGI'SSt Ambrose University, 518 W Locust StDavenport528020None
BIAGGIS, EOther food service establishmentFull Service5195 Utica Ridge RdDavenport52807226/24/2010
BICKFORD COTTAGE OF DAVENPORT, EPrivate/public service institution (includes schools, hospitals & nutrition programs)Full Service4040 E 55th StDavenport52806203/19/2010
BIER STUBE, ERestaurant with liquorFull Service2228 E 11th StDavenport52803234/5/2010
BIG 10 MART, WOther food service establishmentFull Service5310 N Brady StDavenport5280683/29/2010
BIG BONED BBQDowntown DavenportDavenport528010None
BIG DADDYS, WRestaurant without liquorFull Service1524 N Harrison StDavenport52804124/13/2010
BIG DOG'S HOT DOGS, WOther food service establishmentFull Service905 W. River DriveDavenport5280213/31/2010
BIG DOG, E1007 Grand CtDavenport528030None
BIG DOGS HOT DOGS, W1010 Waverly RdDavenport5280418/6/2009
BIG TEN MART DELI, EOther food service establishmentFull Service5310 Corporate Park DrDavenport52807238/17/2010
BIG TEN MART, EConvenience storeNone5310 Corporate Park DrDavenport52807182/25/2010
BIG TEN MART, WConvenience storeNone2308 W 53rd StDavenport52806154/27/2010
BLACK WATCH ROOM ,THESt Ambrose University, 518 W Locust StDavenport528020None
BLEYARTS TAP, ETavern with food preparationFull Service2210 E 11th StDavenport5280324/5/2010
BLEYS TAP WTavern with food preparationFull Service215 E 29th StDavenport5280334/14/2010
BLIMPIE, EOther food service establishmentFull Service5811 Elmore AveDavenport5280739/14/2010
BLOOMER'S IN KILKENNEY'S, W300 W 3rd StDavenport528010None
BLUEPORT JUNCTION, WRestaurant without liquorFull Service6605 W River DrDavenport52804145/26/2010
BOAT HOUSE, ERestaurant with liquorFull Service1201 E River DrDavenport52803156/4/2010
BONES BBQRestaurant without liquorFull Service4425 W Locust StDavenport52804410/8/2010
BOOZIES BAR AND GRILL WRestaurant with liquorFull Service114 1/2 W 3rd StDavenport528011611/17/2010
BORDERS INC/SEATTLE'S BEST COFFEE, EOther food service establishmentFull Service4000 E 53rd StDavenport52807247/15/2010
BOURBON STREET GRILLRestaurant without liquorFull Service320 W Kimberly Rd, Northpark MallDavenport52806511/17/2010
BOWLMOR LANES, WOther food service establishmentFull Service2952 Brady StDavenport528032511/17/2010
BRADY I 80 SHELL SERVICE, WConvenience storeNone6268 Brady StDavenport52806142/23/2010
BRADY MART, EOther food retailerNone3107 N Brady StDavenport5280394/26/2010
BRADY OIL, E3205 N Brady StDavenport528030None
BRADY ST EXPRESS DELI, WOther food service establishmentFull Service3622 Brady StDavenport52806111/29/2010
BRADY ST EXPRESS LANE, WConvenience storeNone3622 Brady StDavenport52804131/29/2010
BUBBLE TEA, W320 W Kimberly Rd, Northpark MallDavenport5280671/31/2007
BUBBLE TEA, WRestaurant without liquorFull Service320 W Kimberly RdDavenport52807115/18/2010
BUCHANAN ELEMENTARY, W4515 N Fairmont StDavenport52806108/9/2010
BUFFALO WILD WINGS GRILL AND BAR, ERestaurant with liquorFull Service4860 Utica Ridge RdDavenport52807168/9/2010
BURGER KING 4043, WOther food service establishmentFull Service229 W Kimberly RdDavenport5280682/11/2010
BURGER KING 4201, EOther food service establishmentFull Service5231 Brady StDavenport52807109/1/2010
BURGER KING 4334, WOther food service establishmentFull Service2423 Rockingham RdDavenport5280287/16/2010
BURGER KING 8044, ERestaurant without liquorFull Service3865 Elmore AveDavenport52807268/4/2010
BUY FRESH BUY LOCAL421 W River DrDavenport528010None
CAFE D' MARIE & COFFEE, WOther food service establishmentFull Service614 W 5th StreetDavenport5280117/9/2010
CAFE EXPRESS, E1507 E Locust StDavenport52803158/5/2010
CAFE FRESH!EXPRESS!, WRestaurant without liquorFull Service201 N Harrison St, Ste 100Davenport5280125/21/2010
CAFE INDIGO LLC, ERestaurant with liquorFull Service4925 Utica Ridge RdDavenport5280795/5/2010
CAFE ON VINE, WOther food service establishmentFull Service932 W 6th StDavenport52802910/19/2010
CAKES BY KAY, E1203 Jersey Ridge RdDavenport528070None
CAMS COFFEE HOUSE WOther food service establishmentFull Service3000 N Fairmount StDavenport5280432/4/2010
CAMS COFFEE HOUSE, EOther food service establishmentFull Service6000 Eastern AveDavenport5280717/6/2010
CANTEEN VENDING5111b Tremont AvenueDavenport528070None
CAPELLI STUDIOCosmetologyCosmetology5515 Utica Ridge RdDavenport5280712/4/2009
CAPRIOTTIS SANDWICH SHOP, ERestaurant with liquorFull Service3016 E 53rd StDavenport5280724/30/2010
CARD & CRAFT CREATIONS, W702 W. 35th StDavenport528060None
CARLETON LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEMS, WOther food service establishmentFull Service2734 Hickory Grove RdDavenport52804132/16/2010
CARLOS O KELLYS MEXICAN CAFE, ERestaurant with liquorFull Service1012 E Kimberly RdDavenport52807284/22/2010
CAROLE'S TAPTavern with food preparationFull Service2735 Telegraph RdDavenport5280455/11/2010
CARRIAGE HAUS, WTavern with no food preparationFull Service312 W 3rd StDavenport52801912/10/2009
CASA LOMA INN & SUITES, E6014 N Brady StDavenport5280698/5/2010
CASEYS GENERAL STORE 1068, WConvenience storeNone11200 140th StDavenport52804102/8/2010
CASEYS GENERAL STORE 2077, WOther food service establishmentFull Service3700 W Locust StDavenport52804227/16/2010
CASEYS GENERAL STORE 2092, WConvenience storeNone6278 N Pine StDavenport52806121/14/2010
CASEYS GENERAL STORE 2168, WOther food retailerDairy, Produce1691 W 53rd StDavenport52806111/5/2010
CATCH UP LOGISTICS, W4611 Kimmel DrDavenport5280298/5/2010
CEDAR ST INN, WTavern with food preparationFull Service810 Cedar StDavenport52804164/14/2010
CENTER FOR ACTIVE SENIORS, WPrivate/public service institution (includes schools, hospitals & nutrition programs)Full Service1035 W Kimberly RdDavenport528061412/7/2009
CENTRAL BAKING FACILITY, W1002 W Kimberly RdDavenport52806139/9/2010
CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL, W1120 Main StDavenport5280193/3/2010
CENTRO RESTAURANT DAVENPORT, W131 W 2nd StDavenport528011612/5/2007
CHARLEYS GRILLED SUBS, WRestaurant with liquorFull Service320 W Kimberly Rd, Northpark MallDavenport528061110/19/2010
CHECKERS, ERestaurant without liquorFull Service2519 E 53rd StDavenport52807114/9/2010
CHECKERS, ERestaurant without liquorFull Service1721 E Locust StDavenport52803315/7/2010
CHECKERS, WRestaurant without liquorFull Service2310 W Kimberly RdDavenport52806278/16/2010
CHERRY BUFFET, E1510 E Kimberly RdDavenport528070None
CHICAGO BBQ COMPANYLeclaire ParkDavenport528010None
CHICK FIL ALeclaire ParkDavenport528010None
CHICK-FIL- A, AT NORTHPARK MALL - WRestaurant without liquorFull Service320 W Kimberly Rd, Northpark MallDavenport52806510/14/2010
CHICK-FIL-A - ERestaurant without liquorFull Service2945 E 53rd StDavenport5280759/13/2010
CHILI'S GRILL & BAR - ERestaurant with liquorFull Service4020 E 53rd StDavenport5280766/14/2010
CHINA 2008, WOther food service establishmentFull Service902 W Kimberly RdDavenport52806115/25/2010
CHINA CAFE, ERestaurant with liquorFull Service3018 E 53rd StDavenport52807209/1/2010
CHINA CITY, WOther food service establishmentFull Service5260 Northwest Blvd, Ste #3Davenport52806136/30/2010
CHOCOLATE CITY RIBS, W3536 Heatherton Dr, Apt 4Davenport528040None
CHS BAND/ORCHESTRA PARENTS ASSNBrady Street StadiumDavenport528040None
CHUCK E CHEESE, ERestaurant with liquorFull Service903 E Kimberly RdDavenport52804244/26/2010
CHUCKS TAP, WTavern with food preparationFull Service1731 W 6th StDavenport528021711/10/2010
CIRCLE TAP, WTavern with food preparationFull Service1345 W Locust StDavenport52804136/17/2010
CLARION HOTEL & SUITES, E5202 N Brady StDavenport52806212/29/2008
CLARION HOTEL & SUITES, WRestaurant with liquorFull Service5202 N Brady StDavenport528062011/17/2010
CLUB FUSION LLC, WTavern with food preparationFull Service813 W 2nd StDavenport52802712/2/2009
COFFEE DIVE, WOther food service establishmentFull Service230 W 3rd St, Suite 216Davenport5280136/28/2010
COFFEE HOUND COFFEEHOUSE, W2642 Brady StDavenport528030None
COL BALLROOM, WOther food service establishmentFull Service1012 W 4th StDavenport528022011/23/2009
COLD STONE CREAMERY, EOther food service establishmentFull Service4706 Utica Ridge Rd, Suite 2Davenport5280781/19/2010
COLONY LE MEKONGLindsay Park, Village Of E DavenportDavenport528010None
COLUMBUS CLUB, WRestaurant with liquorFull Service1111 W 35th StDavenport52808206/8/2010
COMFORT INN & SUITES, E8300 Northwest BlvdDavenport52806212/16/2008
COMFORT INN & SUITES, WOther food service establishmentFull Service8300 Northwest BlvdDavenport5280624/20/2010
CONNECTIONS NIGHT CLUB - WTavern with food preparationFull Service822 W 2nd StDavenport52802212/1/2009
CONNIES CONCESSIONS/GREATER TATERSMississippi Valley Fairgrounds, 2815 W Locust StDavenport528040None
COOKERY, WRestaurant without liquorFull Service8200 Northwest BlvdDavenport52806334/26/2010
COUNTRY CLUB COFFEE, W2506 W Central Park AveDavenport5280427/2/2010
COUNTRY HOUSE RESIDENCES, WPrivate/public service institution (includes schools, hospitals & nutrition programs)Full Service900 W 46th StDavenport52806205/20/2010
COUNTRY INN & SUITES, EOther food service establishmentFull Service140 E 55th StDavenport5280678/10/2010
COUNTRY INN SUITES140 E 55th StDavenport52806512/16/2002
COUNTRY INN SUITES, E140 E 55th StDavenport52806811/23/2005
COUNTRY MARKETSMississippi Valley Fairgrounds, 2815 W Locust StDavenport528040None
COUNTRY OAKS, WPrivate/public service institution (includes schools, hospitals & nutrition programs)Full Service12160 S Utah StDavenport52804174/19/2010
COUNTRY SPRING BOTTLED WATER1114 W 5th StreetDavenport52802146/14/2010
COUNTRY STYLE ICE CREAM & COFFEE, WOther food service establishmentFull Service1640 W 53rd StDavenport5280641/28/2010
CRACKER BARREL 161, EOther food service establishmentFull Service300 Jason Way CtDavenport52806345/6/2010
CREEKSIDE BAR AND GRILL, EOther food service establishmentFull Service3303 Brady StDavenport528031110/28/2010
CROW VALLEY GOLF COURSE, EOther food service establishmentFull Service4315 E 60th StDavenport52807225/6/2010
CULLIGAN OF THE QUAD CITIES701 W 76th StDavenport52806146/15/2010
CULVERS OF DAVENPORT - KIMBERLY, WRestaurant without liquorFull Service3400 W Kimberly RdDavenport52806147/22/2010
CULVERS OF DAVENPORT, ERestaurant without liquorFull Service5320 Jersey Ridge RdDavenport52807289/3/2010
CUPCAKES MUFFINS AND MOREBakeryNone207 W 4th StDavenport5280147/30/2010
CUPCAKES MUFFINS AND MORE, WOther food service establishmentFull Service207 W 4th StDavenport5280117/30/2010
CVS/PHARMACY #8658, WOther food retailerNone1655 W Kimberly RdDavenport5280662/24/2010
CVS/PHARMACY #8659, WOther food retailerFish Dept.1777 Division StDavenport5280462/15/2010
D & K MART LLC, WOther food retailerDairy, Produce1715 W Kimberly RdDavenport5280616/9/2005
D & M PRODUCTS, W1329 N Harrison StDavenport5280381/6/2009
D'S SEAFOODMississippi Valley Fairgrounds, 2815 W Locust StDavenport528040None
DAIRY QUEEN, ERestaurant without liquorFull Service2960 E 53rd StDavenport52807212/4/2010
DANCELAND INC, WOther food service establishmentFull Service501 1/2 4th StDavenport528011012/1/2009
DARSEY DEARBORN3212 W Colorado StDavenport528040None
DAVENPORT EAST LITTLE LEAGUE, WOther food service establishmentFull Service600 West 32ndDavenport5280329/9/2009
DAVENPORT ELKS LODGE #298, WRestaurant with liquorFull Service4400 W Central Park AveDavenport528042112/1/2009
DAVENPORT INN & SUITES, EOther food service establishmentFull Service6605 N. Brady StDavenport52806200227/1/2010
DAVENPORT NORTH HIGH SCHOOL, W626 W 53rd StDavenport52806109/13/2010
DAVENPORT SQUARE RESTAURANT, WRestaurant without liquorFull Service902 W Kimberly RdDavenport52806296/11/2010
DAVENPORT WEST HIGH SCHOOL, W3505 W Locust StDavenport528041210/5/2010
DAYS INN3202 E Kimberly RdDavenport52807111/29/2006
DAYS INN, E3202 E Kimberly RdDavenport52807112/9/2008
DAYS INN, E101 W 65th StDavenport52806410/10/2008
DELICIOUS CARTSLeclaire ParkDavenport528010None
DENNY'S RESTURANT, W8200 Northwest BlvdDavenport528060None
DESPERADO BBQLeclaire ParkDavenport528010None
DICKEY'S BARBECUE PITFejervary ParkDavenport528020None
DICKEY'S BARBECUE PIT, ERestaurant without liquorFull Service4707 N Brady StDavenport5280615/6/2010
DICKEYS BBQ PIT - ERestaurant with liquorFull Service4706 Utica Ridge RdDavenport5280745/19/2010
DINE & DASH, WRestaurant without liquorFull Service226 N Pine StDavenport5280216/2/2010
The DO DAH, WTavern with no food preparationFull Service702 W 3rd StDavenport528011112/22/2008
DOLLAR GENERAL STORE 0254, EOther food retailerNone2170 E Kimberly Rd Ste 350Davenport5280762/11/2010
DOLLAR GENERAL STORE 10846, EOther food retailerNone403 E Locust StDavenport5280343/26/2010
DOLLAR GENERAL STORE 2772, WOther food retailerNone2604 W Locust StDavenport5280462/12/2010
DOLLAR GENERAL STORE 2913, WOther food retailerNone2217 Rockingham RdDavenport5280252/23/2010
DOLLAR GENERAL STORE 4010, WOther food retailerNone3936 N Pine StDavenport5280682/12/2010
DOLLAR GENERAL STORE 9381, EOther food retailerNone109 E 50th StDavenport5280662/15/2010
DOMINGAS RESTAURANT, WRestaurant with liquorFull Service1525 S Concord StDavenport52802175/19/2010
DOMINOS PIZZA, WRestaurant without liquorFull Service1908 Brady StDavenport52806228/27/2010
DONINO'S PIZZA, W1926 Brady StDavenport528030None
DONUTS & MORE, EOther food service establishmentFull Service1717 Brady StDavenport5280328/24/2010
DOWNTOWN DELI, ERestaurant without liquorFull Service330 N Main StDavenport52801164/21/2010
DOWNTOWN FUSION, EOther food service establishmentFull Service110 E 2nd StDavenport5280414/28/2010
DOWNTOWN PARTNERESHIPLeclaire ParkDavenport528010None
DOWNTOWN PARTNERSHIPLeclaire ParkDavenport528010None
DRAGON HOUSE RESTAURANT, ERestaurant with liquorFull Service2198 E Kimberly RdDavenport52807245/7/2010
DRAGON PALACE, WRestaurant with liquorFull Service2720 W Locust St, Suite 5-BDavenport52804248/31/2010
DUCK CITY DELI & BISTRO, ERestaurant without liquorFull Service115 E 3rd StDavenport52801276/23/2010
DUCK CREEK GOLF COURSE, EOther food service establishmentFull Service3000 E Locust StDavenport52803144/7/2010
DUGOUT SPORTS COMPLEX, WTavern with food preparationFull Service3504 Hickory Grove RdDavenport52806182/16/2010
DYNASTY BUFFET, ERestaurant with liquorFull Service5388 Elmore CirDavenport5280795/4/2010

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