Property valuation of Hillsboro Victoria Road, De Soto, MO: 11309, 11333, 11460, 11466, 11471, 11476, 11482, 11500, 11642, 11643 (tax assessments)

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11309 Hillsboro Victoria Road
    De Soto, MO 63020
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Total assessed value for property: $7,000
Residential market value: $37,000
Residential assessed value: $7,000
Assessments for tax year: 2011
Property use: Mobile Home
Property class: Residential
Land size: 210,394 square feet
Heat / Central air: Heat Only
Building one name of type of structure: Cc
Type of building one: Residential
Area of building one: 1,034 square foot
Building one grade: Average
Building one year built: 1970
Building one condition, desirability, utility: Average
Building two name of type of structure: Shed
Type of building two: Residential
Area of building two: 288 square foot
Building two grade: Average
Building two year built: 2010
Building two condition, desirability, utility: Average