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Bend, Oregon Neighborhood Map - Income, House Prices, Occupations, Boundaries

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Boyd Acres, Century, Downtown, Larkspur, Mountain View, Old Bend, Old Farm, Old Mill District, Orchard, River West, Southwest

Boyd Acres neighborhood in Bend statistics: (Find on map)

Area: 4.077 square miles

Highways in this neighborhood: The Dalles-California Hwy (US Hwy 20, N US Hwy 97, N Hwy 97); W US Hwy 20 (McKenzie-bend Hwy, Hwy 20); Mc Kenzie-Bend Hwy (US Hwy 20); The Dalles-California Hwy (N US Hwy 97); McKenzie-bend Hwy (W US Hwy 20).

Roads and streets: Boyd Acres Rd; O B Riley Rd; Nels Anderson Rd; Hunters Cir; Brinson Blvd; Empire Blvd; Cooley Rd; Vogt Rd; Morningstar Dr; Empire Ave; Liberty Ln; Jamison Rd; Ranch Village Dr; Majestic Loop; 18th St; Archie Briggs Rd (Briggs Rd); Halfway Rd; High Desert Ct; Fred Meyer Rd; Glen Vista Rd; Mathers Dr; Hardy Rd; Cox Ln; Harvest Ln; Snow Peaks Dr; Clausen Rd; Russell Dr (NE Russell Dr); Stacy Ln; Bend Pkwy (Hwy 97); Wagontire Way; Wishing Well Ln (Wishing Well Loop); Lupine Ave; Eastview Dr; Robal Rd; Layton Ct (Layton Dr); Yeoman Rd; NE 18th St; Stonewood Dr; Omer Dr; N E 18th St; Valentine St; Egypt Dr; Livengood Way; Norwood Rd; Gallop Rd; Paramount Dr; High Standard Dr; Murray Rd; Brody Ln; Sherman Rd; Amber Way; Plateau Dr; Nels Anderson Pl; Brandis Ct; Builders Ct; Rorick Dr; Jamison St; Brookstone Ln; Mariner Dr; Town Dr; Cherokee Ln; Nicolette Dr; Marlboro Dr; Brightwater Dr; Wandalea Dr; Schaeffer Dr; Mary Way; Cross Rd; Justice Ln; Barton Crossing Way; Anson Pl; Desert Sage Dr (Desert Sage St); Patriot Ln; Double Peaks Dr; Brahma Ct; NE Bend River Mall Dr; Ellie Ln; Peerless Ct; Crestview Dr; Peale St; Grandview Dr; Lancaster St; Alpine Ridge Pl; Lamoine Ln; de Haviland St; Sockeye Pl; Service Rd; Lava Flow Ln; Spinnaker St; Logan Ave; Bilyeu Way; Clausen Dr; Over Under Ct; Star Ridge Ct; Watercress Way; Cassin Dr; Turret Ct; Colt Ln; Obie Way; Ledgestone Ct; Canal View Dr; Freedom Pl; Desert Sage St; NE Bend River Mall Ave; Boyd Ct; Phoenix Way; Morningstar Ct; Bobwhite Ct; Painters Ct; Mimosa Dr; Britta St; Pharoah Ct; Cheyenne Rd; Silas Dr; Brant Ct; Redside Ct; Lower Meadown Dr; Justice Ct; Barton View Pl; Independence Way; Farenuff Pl; NE Town Ct; Sunderland Way; Chavre Way; Norwood Ct; Lyman Pl; Kandi Ct; Casey Pl; Lysander Pl; Gillette; Caddisfly Way; Kodiak Ct; Yampa Way (78); Tristar Dr; Blue Bush Ct; Raymond Ct; Glen Maroe Ct; Mercury Ct; Shaniko Ln; Joseph Way; Lavacrest St; Bilyeu Ct; Covey Ct; NE Butler Market Rd; Smith and Wesson Ct; Ridgefield Dr; Plateau Ct; Lynn Way; Majestic Ct; White Wing Ct; Marsh Orchid Dr; Marlin Ct; Beaumont Dr; Ranch Village Ct; Carnelian Ln; Weatherby Ct; Hoopskirt Pl (Hoopskirt Ct); Lithic Ct; Imwalle Ct; Conger Ct; Flintlock Ct; Firerock Rd; Hawkin Pl; April Ann Ct; St Cloud; Renee Ct; Wishing Well Ct; Brightwater Pl; NE Division St; Brumby Ln; Amber Ct; Ficco Ct; Gallop Ct; Robal Ln; NE Division Ave; Crystal Ct; Sawyer; Cross Ct; Stanley Way; Moonstone Ln; Tourmaline Ln; Sierra Ct; Carly Ln; Crestview Ct.

Railroad features: Burlington Northern Santa Fe Rlwy (Oregon Trunk Rlwy).

Other features: Swalley Cnl; Pilot Butte Cnl.

Other features: Deschutes Riv.

Boyd Acres neighborhood detailed profile
Century neighborhood in Bend statistics: (Find on map)

Area: 2.481 square miles

Highways in this neighborhood: State Hwy 372 (Century Dr, SW Century Dr, Cascade Lakes Hwy).

Roads and streets: Green Lakes Loop (Greenlakes Loop); Tam McArthur Loop; Brokentop Dr; Mammoth Dr; River Bluff Trl (Riverbluff Trl); Sunshine Way; Blue Lake Loop; SW Century Dr; Westridge Ave; Metolious Dr; Lost Lake Loop; Simpson; Fall Creek Loop; Minaret Cir; E Campbell Way (E Campbell Rd); Nat For Dev Rd 4606 (Brooks-Scanlon Logging Rd); Soda Springs Dr; Lost Lake Dr; Clear Night Dr; Mount Washington; Bridge Creek Loop (Bridge Creek Dr); Ironwood Cir (); Bunker Hill Ct; Brookside Way; Mt Washington Dr; Bachelor View Rd; Laurelhurst Way; SW Longview St; Kemple Dr; Crane Prairie Rd; Mount Bachelor Dr; Painted Ridge Loop; Simpson Ave; Devils Lake Dr; Mount Bachelor Ct; SW Blue Sky Ln; Tam Lake Ct; Rim Lake Ct; Ottoman Ct; August Ln; Golden Lake Ct; Goose Creek Ct; Blue Lake Dr; Moon Mountain Ct; Red Meadow Ct; Metolius Dr; Bounty Lake Ct; Todd Lake Ct; Pine Hollow; W Campbell Rd; Chip Shot Ln (); Braeburn St; SW Simpson Ave; Cayuse Crater Ct; Moraine Ct; Flagline Ct; Odell Lake Ct; Birdie Pl (); Cayuse Crater Ct (Bald Butte Ct); Cob St; Sleepy Ct.

Other features: Deschutes Riv.

Century neighborhood detailed profile
Downtown neighborhood in Bend statistics: (Find on map)

Area: 0.229 square miles

Highways in this neighborhood: NW Greenwood Ave (US Hwy 20 Bus); NW Franklin Ave (US Hwy 97 Bus).

Roads and streets: NW Hill St; NW Wall St; NW Harriman St; NW Bond St; NW Irving Ave; NW Oregon Ave; NW Greeley Ave; NW Lava Rd; NW Kearney Ave; NW Minnesota Ave; NW Linster Pl; NW Lafayette Ave; NW Hawthorne Ave; NW Norton Ave; NW Vermont St; NW Vermont Pl; NW Portland Ave; NW Deschutes Pl; NW Brooks St; NW Newport Ave; NE Penn Ave.

Downtown neighborhood detailed profile
Larkspur neighborhood in Bend statistics: (Find on map)

Area: 2.836 square miles

Highways in this neighborhood: The Dalles-California Hwy (S US Hwy 97, SE 3rd St); SE 3rd St (S Hwy 97, The Dalles-California Hwy); N US Hwy 97 (The Dalles-California Hwy, NE 3rd St).

Roads and streets: SE Reed Market Rd; SE Wilson Ave; Bear Creek Rd; Arnold Market Loop Rd (SE 27th St, 27th St); Baer Rd (SE 9th St); SE 5th St; SE Air Park Dr (Airpark Dr); SE 15th St; Pettigrew Rd; SE Woodland Blvd; SE Roosevelt Ave; NE Bear Creek Rd; NE Burnside Ave; SE Centennial St (SE Railroad St); SE 2nd St; SE 4th St; SE Bridgeford Blvd; Bayou Dr; Skyline View Dr; SE Fargo Ln; SE Bronzewood Ave; Thomas Dr; SE Cessna Dr; SE Shadowood Dr; SE Cleveland Ave; Gardenia Ave (SE Gardenia Ave); Livingston Dr; Clairaway Ave; SE Miller Ave; SE McKinley Ave; SE Tempest Dr (SE Tempest St); NE Alden Ave; SE Glenwood Dr; Myrtlewood; SE 6th St; SE Douglas St; SE Armour Rd; SE Teakwood Dr; SE Daly Estates Rd; NE Twin Knolls Dr; SE Railroad St (SE Railroad Ave); Capella Pl; SE Riviera Dr; Pinehaven Ave (Pinehaven Dr); Juniperhaven Ave; Woodhaven Dr (Woodhaven Ave); Denning Dr; Azalea Ave; SE Virginia Rd; Dove Ln; Dean Swift Rd (Don Carlos St); SE Arborwood Ave; SE Ramsey Rd; NE McCartney Dr (NE Mc Cartney Dr); SE Yew Ln; NE Alpenview Ln; Avonlea Cir; Hurita Pl; Darla Pl; Starlight Dr; 27th St (SE 27th St); Chilliwack Way; SE Zeller Ln; SE Craven Rd; SE Piper Dr; SE Textron Dr; SE Business Way; SE Scott St; SE Wildcat Dr; NE Craven Rd; Vega St; NE Telima Ln; SE Taft Ave; Carl St; SE Arthur Ave; SE Edgewater Ln; Copperfield Ave; SE Stratford Ct; Rawhide Dr; NE Burgess Pl; SE Skylark Dr; NE Matson Rd; SE Wye Ln; SE Ironwood Ct; SE Airstrip Rd (SE Airstrip Dr); SE Fairwood Dr; SE Dell Ln; SE Minam Ave; SE Castlewood Dr; SE Lee Ln; Darnel Ave; SE Karena Ct; SE Logsden St; SE Lostine Cir; SE Autumnwood Ct; NE Windy Knolls Dr; Sunburst Ct; Ritz Pl; Desert Skies Pl; SE Cleveland Sq Lp; SE Rice Way; SE Glencoe Pl; Sprucewood Dr; Janalee Pl; SE Glengarry Pl; SE Gleneden Pl; Wolcott Pl; SE Waco Dr; Bartlett Ln; NE Isaiah Dr; SE Breitenbush Ln; SE Pilatus Ln; NE Scott St; SE Blackridge Pl; SE Gatewood Pl; Camellia St; Kaci Ln; SE Polaris Ct; SE Pitts Dr; SE Valleywood Pl; SE Urania Ln; Damascus Ln; Borealis Ln; SE Davis Ave; SE Vine Ln; SE Willow Ln; Darby Ct; Anne Ln; SE Heyburn St; Purcell Blvd; SE Windance Ct; Poppy Pl; Don St; Gemini Way; Softtail Loop; SE Gardenia Ct; Stevens Rd; Dantili Rd; SE Laurelwood Pl; Silverado Valley Ln; SE Sun Ln; NE 5th St; SE Dorrie Ct; Violet Ln; SE Sunwood Ct; NE 6th St; Lily Way; SE Hiddenwood Pl; NE McLaughlin Pl; Pettigrew Ct; NE Lesley Pl; NE Meister Pl; NE 4th St; SE Manley Pl; SE 16th St; SE Morton Ct; SE Elkwood Ct (SE Gardenia Ct); Rigel Way; Case Dr; NE Nates Pl; 4th St; NE Wakefield Pl; SE Moorwood Ct; Witherspoon Pl; SE Palmwood Ct; SE Tee Ct; NE 13th St; SE Baywood Ct; Hwy 97 (Bend Pkwy); NE Purcell Blvd; SE Cutlass Pl; SE Ventura Pl; Tulip Way; NE Redrose Ct; Suffolk Pl; SE Banewood Ct; SE Cooper Plz; SE Mustang Pl; SE Black Ridge Pl; NE Lilac Ct; Bridgecliff Dr; SE Vickie Ct; Joan Ct.

Railroad features: Oregon Trunk Rlwy (Burlington Northern Santa Fe Rlwy).

Other features: Central Oregon Cnl.

Larkspur neighborhood detailed profile
Mountain View neighborhood in Bend statistics: (Find on map)

Area: 2.946 square miles

Highways in this neighborhood: NE Hwy 20 (NE US Hwy 20, Greenwood Ave); E Hwy 20 (E US Hwy 20, Central Oregon Hwy).

Roads and streets: NE 27th St (27th St); NE Purcell Blvd; NE Wells Acres Rd; NE Butler Market Rd; NE Providence Dr; NE Locksley Dr; NE Neff Rd; NE Tucson Way; NE Stonebrook Loop; NE Daggett Ln; NE Jackson Ave; Yellow Ribbon Ln; NE Lynda Ln; NE Bellevue Dr; NE Ocker Dr; NE Conners Ave; NE Medical Center Dr; NE Holliday Ave; Keyte Ln; NE Monterey Ave; Neff Rd; Faith; NE Savannah Dr; NE Lotus Dr; NE Hollowtree Ln; NE Paula Dr; NE Williamson Blvd; NE Moonlight Dr; NE Wichita Way; NE Jill Ave; Watt Way; NE Courtney Dr; NE Wintergreen Ave (NE Wintergreen Dr); NE Kim Ln; NE Stonebrook Dr; NE Monroe Ave (NE Monroe Ln); NE Veronica Ln; NE Dalton St; NE Weeping Willow Dr; Sedalia Loop; NE Forum Dr; Nasu Park Loop; NE Rainier Dr; NE Rosemary Dr; NE Canyon Park Dr; NE Mays Ave; NE Zachary Ct; NE Saber Dr; NE Yellowstone Ln; Red Oak Dr; NE Laramie Way; NE Meerkat Ave; Pecoraro Loop; Starling Dr; NE Cliff Dr; NE Madison Ave; NE Robinson St; NE Cradle Mountain Way; Pelican Dr; Puffin Dr; NE Red Rock Ln; NE Sandalwood Dr; NE Dawson Dr; NE Yeoman Rd; NE Conners Dr; NE Linnea Dr; Cushing Dr; NE Hope Dr; NE Cackler Ln; NE Cobble Creek Ave; Sams Loop; NE Nathan Dr; NE Community Ln; NE Pinnacle Pl; NE Donegon Rd; NE Lakeridge Dr; Purser Ln (NE Purser Ln); NE Rockchuck Dr; NE Elk Ct; NE Lena Pl; NE Edgewater Dr; NE Manchester Ave; Aurora Ave; NE Sharkey Ter; NE Taylor Ct (NE Taylor St); Daniel Rd; NE Diablo Way; NE Carson Way; NE Carrie Ln; Hawkview Rd; Derek Dr; NE Professional Ct; NE Marea Dr; NE Mary Rose Pl; Mountain Willow Dr; NE Curtis Dr; NE Jackdaw Dr; NE Post Ave; NE Faith Dr; NE Sams Loop; Azure; NE Francis Ct; NE Baroness Pl; NE Sonya Ct; Larkview Rd; NE Victor Pl; NE Cruise Loop; NE Stanton Ave; NE Buckwheat Ct; NE Iris Way; Whisper Ridge Dr (NE Whisper Ridge Dr); NE Barrington Ct; NE Windy Tree Ct; NE Shepard Rd; NE Wild Rivers Loop; NE Brandon Ct; NE Taurus Ct; NE Jenni Jo Ct; NE Full Moon Dr; Micks Dr; NE Brian Ray Ct; NE Woodridge Ln; NE Mesa Ct; NE Heavenly Ct; NE Stanton Ave (Stanton Ct); NE Great Horned Pl; NE Mark Ct; NE Flagstone Ave; NE Castle Ave; NE Richmond Ct; NE Desert Willow Ct; NE Elizabeth Ct; Promise Ln; NE Pacific Crest Dr; NE Waverly Ct; Lansing Ct; Beall Dr; NE Cromwell Ct; NE Mason Rd; NE Covington Ln; NE Williamson Ct; NE Laurel Oak Dr; NE Cordata Pl; NE Christina Ln; Kristin Ct; NE Fairmount Ct; NE Crystal Springs Dr; NE Tierra Rd; NE Shadow Brook Pl; NE Pikes Peak; Eider Ln; NE Pakenham St; NE Parkview Ct; NE Cordata Pl (NE Cordata Dr); NE Rockridge Dr; NE Baron Ct; NE Chanel Ct; NE Higher Ground Ave; NE Salvia Way; NE Snow Willow Ct; NE Charleston Ct; NE Raleigh Ct; NE Monte Vista Ln; NE Lavender Way; NE Byers Ct; NE Bluebell Ln; NE Boston Pl; NE Snowbird Ct; NE Bain St; NE Royal Ct; Nicole Ct; NE Bobbie Ct; NE Shirley Ct; NE Desert Oak St; Langtry Ln; NE Altair Ct; NE Fieldstone Ct; NE Altura Dr; NE Byers Ave; NE Crocus Way; NE Jonahs Ct; NE Oakley Ct; NE Robin Ct; NE Rambling Ln; NE Angela Ave; NE Neil Ct; NE Otelah Pl; NE Hampton Ln; Acorn Way (NE Acorn Way); NE Doctors Dr (NE Doctors Way); NE Mountain Oak Ln; NE Civet Ct; Apple Creek Ln; NE Sheridan Ave; Aladdin Ct; NE Barrett Ct; NE Curt Ct; NE Village Ct; NE Sycamore Ct (NE Sycamore Cir); NE Decatur Ct; NE Cretia Ct; NE Tahoe Ct; NE Patterson Cir; NE Moonglow Way; NE Tiffany Ln; Emily Ct; NE Worthington Ct; NE Delmas St; Joy Way; NE Coho St; NE Rachael Ct; NE Desert Ct; NE la Pointe Ct; NE Priscilla Way; NE Woodbury Ct; NE Hawkview Rd; NE Deborah Ct; NE Eddie Ct; NE Hyatt Ct; Cephus Ct; NE Spring Creek Pl; Laurel Oak Dr; NE Nikki Ct; NE Grant Cir; NE Hall Cir; NE Indigo Ln; NE Genet Ct; NE Tombstone Way (NE Tombstone Ct); Baskin Ct; NE Zoe Ave; NE Hall Ct; NE Alpen Glow (NE Alpen Glow Pl); NE Laredo Way (NE Laredo Ct); NE Alpine Peaks Pl; NE Canyon Park Pl; Snowcap Ct; NE Timberline Ct; NE Dennis Ct; NE Georgianne Ct; NE Flower Ct; Nasu Pl; NE John Ct; NE Mistletoe Ct.

Other features: Pilot Butte Cnl.

Other features: North Unit Main Cnl.

Mountain View neighborhood detailed profile
Old Bend neighborhood in Bend statistics: (Find on map)

Area: 0.343 square miles

Highways in this neighborhood: NW Colorado Ave (State Hwy 372).

Roads and streets: NW Riverside Blvd; NW Delaware Ave; NW Georgia Ave; NW Florida Ave; NW Broadway St; NW Kansas Ave; NW Congress St; NW Louisiana Ave; NW Idaho Ave; NW Wall St; NW Tumalo Ave; NW Bond St; NW Saint Helens Pl; NW Riverfront St; NW State St; NW Lava Rd; NW Harriman St; NW Hunter Pl; NW Staats St; NW Jefferson Pl; NW Sisemore St; NW Chamberlain St; NW Adams Pl; NW Hill St; NW Carlon Ave; NW Shasta Pl; NW Hood Pl; NW McKay Ave; NW Gilchrist St; NW McCann Ave; NW Park Pl; NW Lake Pl; NW Division St; NW Hastings Pl; NW Mueller Ave; NW Hixon Ave; NW Cascade Pl; NW St Helens Pl.

Old Bend neighborhood detailed profile
Old Farm neighborhood in Bend statistics: (Find on map)

Area: 5.920 square miles

Highways in this neighborhood: S Hwy 97 (The Dalles-California Hwy).

Roads and streets: Knott Rd; Brosterhous Rd (Sipchen Rd); Hamilton Rd (Murphy Rd); Parrell Rd; Rae Rd; Country Club Dr; Ferguson Rd; Mt High Dr; Brosterhous Rd; Desert Wood Dr (SE Desert Woods Dr); King Hezekiah Way (SE King Hezekiah Way); 15th St (Tekampe Rd); Ladera Rd; SE Greenmont Dr; Klahani Dr; SE Westview Dr; American Ln; SE 15th St; Mountain High Loop; Willow Creek Loop; Benham Rd; Via Sandia St; Silver Sage St; Wilderness Way; Twin Lakes Loop; King David Ave; Fairway Dr; Sherwood Forest Dr; Alpine Village Loop; China Hat Rd; Ahha Ln; Saint Andrews; SE Orion Dr; King Solomon Ln; Friar Tuck Ln; Woodside Rd; Powers Rd; Illahee Dr; Robin Hood Ln; SE Fargo Ln; Victory Loop; Sky Harbor Dr; Steens Mountain Loop; Dayspring Dr; Brightenwood Ln; Reed Ln; Aberdeen Dr; Windsor Dr; Chase Rd; Jacklight Ln; Mount Vista Dr; Miramar Dr; Donkeysled Rd; Hilmer Creek Dr; Woodside Ct; SE Camelot Pl; Parr Ln; Penhollow Ln; Fairfield Dr; King Jehu Way (SE King Jehu Way); Whistlepunk Rd; American Loop; Highlead Rd; Magnolia Ln; E Lake Dr; Sun Meadow Way; Killowan Ln (Killowan Dr); King Zedekiah Ave; Mainline Rd; Ambrosia Ln; Sarah Dr; Kwinnum Dr; Songbird Ln; Cherry Tree Ln; SE Admiral Way; Paulina Ln; Couples Ln; SE Rockway Ter; Sage Creek Dr; Splendor Ln; Alstrup Rd; Teton Ct; Rolen Ave; Brentwood Ave; Charity Ln; Outback Ct; SE Hayes Ave; New Castle Dr (Newcastle Dr); Snowmass Ct; Powder Mountain Ct; Mowitch Dr; Timberline Ct; Button Brush Ave; Newberry Dr; Carmen Loop; Wildwood Dr; Steamboat Ct; Little John Ln; King Jeroboam Ave; Canterbury Ct; Maid Marion Ct; SE Lancelot Ave (Lancelot Ave); SE Perrigan Ln (SE Perrigan Dr); Bull Block Rd; Karch Dr; Breckenridge St; Tapadara St (Tapadera St); N Woodside Dr; Edro Pl; Hearthstone Ln; Strawline Rd; Barleycorn Ln; SE Hill Ridge Rd; Chikamin Dr; Stonegate Dr; Whitehaven Ln; King Saul Ave; St George Ct; King Josiah Pl; Hamilton Ln; Bonny Brg; News Ln; Busses Only; Travelers Pl; Ridge Hts; Big Bear Ct; Ferguson Ct; King Solomon Ct; Roats Ln; Telluride (Telluride Dr); Cottonwood Dr; Misty Ln; Dorchester E; Gaines Ct; Cambridge Ct; Mahsie Ct; Rocca Way; Will Scarlet Ln; Miller Rd; Sedona Ln; Clay Pidgeon Ct (Clay Pigeon Ct); Trap Ct; Vassar Pl; Thunderbird Ct; Chloe Ln; Dorchester W; Taos; SE King Arthur Ct; Aspen Village; Wecoma Ct; Morning Tide Pl; Christmas Ridge; White Pass Ct; Buttermilk Ct (Buttermilk Ln); Desert Stream Pl; Scarlet Sage Way; Rocky Top Ct; Cabin Ct; SE Range Pl; Prince John Ct; Ridge Falls Pl; Radcliff Cir; Mazama Pl; Cabin Ln; Cresent Ct; Blue Ridge Ln; Mayberry Ct; Silver Tip Ct; Franke Ln; Ridgewater Loop; Merritt Ct; Mission Ridge Ct; Eena Ct; Lucia St; Brightenwood Cir; Springtree Ct; Whitehaven Ct (Whitehaven Cir); SE Reed Market Rd; Kingsberry Ct; Chewacan Ct; Nisika Ct (Nisiki Ct); Claremont Ct (Clairmont Ct); Yakwahtin Ct; Larsen Brook Ln; King Richard Ct; Blacksmith Cir; Division St; Clearview Ct; Alan-A-Dale Ct; Via Bonita Ct; SE Quay Ct; Enati Ct; Kiger Gorge Way; Travis Rd; Raintree Ct (Raintree Dr); Woodside North Dr; Camden Pl; Tail Block Rd (Tailblock Rd); Barrows Ct; Strawberry Mtn Ct; Buttriggin Rd; Shahala Ct; Loy Ln; Broadmoor Way; New Bedford Cir; Devon Cir; Windsor Ct; Via Sierra Ct; Tekampe Rd; SE Ridge Hts; SE Guinevere Ct; Whitstone Cir; Nawadaha Ct (Nawadaha Way); Coachman Way; Willopa Ct; SE Songbird Ln; Dooley Mountain Ct; Keystone Ct; Concho St; Majestic View Ct; Tall Mtn Cir; Keelally Ct; Whitecliff Cir (White Cliff Cir); Lost Valley Ct; High Meadow Cir; Kalakala Pl; Vail Run Ct; Kira Dr; Heath Ct; Bristol Way; Fireside Trl; Saghali Ct; Slalom Way; Aaron Way; Brookhollow Dr; Brosterhouse Rd; Cone Flower St; Steens Mountain Ct; Cultus Mountain Ct; Desert Oasis Ct.

Railroad features: Burlington Northern Santa Fe Rlwy (Oregon Trunk Rlwy).

Other features: Central Oregon Cnl; Arnold Cnl.

Old Farm neighborhood detailed profile
Old Mill District neighborhood in Bend statistics: (Find on map)

Area: 1.531 square miles

Highways in this neighborhood: State Hwy 372 (SW Colorado Ave).

Roads and streets: SW Hill St; SW Reed Market Rd; Bend Pkwy (US Hwy 97); NW Bond St; McClelland Rd (McClellan Rd); SW Industrial Way; SW Blakely Rd; US Hwy 97; Traffic Circle 8 (SW Bond St); S Alderwood Cir; Brookswood Blvd; Ashwood Dr; SW Roosevelt Ave; SW McKinley Ave (SW Mc Kinley Ave); Millview; SW Hayes Rd; Cedarwood Rd; SW Silver Lake Blvd; N Alderwood Cir; Blakely Rd; SW Cleveland Ave; SW Emkay Dr; Reed Ln; SW Chamberlain St; Summer Shade Dr; NW Arizona Ave; Birchwood Dr; SW Taft Ave; Brooks-Scanlon Logging Rd; Duncan Ln; Woodriver Ln; Forest Grove Dr; SE Arthur Ave; Pinewood Rd; SW Pelton Pl; Merriwood Ln; SW Sisemore St; Aspenwood Rd; SW Millview Way; SW Garfield Ave; SE Division St; Sunny Breeze Ln; SW Wilson Ave; SW Scalehouse Loop; Powers Rd; SW Hillwood Ct; SW Disk Dr; SW Blakely Ct; Cherrywood Ln; SE Taft Ave; SW Summer Lake Dr (Summer Lake Pl); NW Colorado Ave; SW Simpson Ave; SE Wilson Ave; SW Coulter Ln; SW Maricopa Dr; SW Donovan Ave; Woodriver Dr; Milo Ave; SW Bonnett Way; Chukar Ln (SW Chukar Ln); Windflower St (Windflower Way); SW 13th St; James Dr (SW James Dr); NW Lava Rd; Rockhouse Rd; SW Columbia St; SW Arthur Ave; SW Ellenhurst St; Coic Road 3; Wapiti Ct; SE Roosevelt Ave; SW 13th Pl; Crystal Creek Ct; Cumulus Ln; Old Rock House Rd; Merriwood Ct; SE McKinley Ave; SW Crestline Dr; SE Cleveland Ave; SW Wall St (); Elmwood Pl; Jessica Ct (SW Jessica Ct); Tanya Dr; SW Tanner Ct; SW Hayes Ave; Division St; Merriewood Ln; Sally Ct; Cirrus Ct; SW Mill Pond Pl; SW Bluff Dr; SW Theater Dr; SW Long Creek Ln (Long Creek Ln); Oakwood Pl; Jenay Ct; Marlece Ln; SE Aune Rd (SE Scott St); SW Shevlin Hixon Dr.

Railroad features: Burlington Northern Santa Fe Rlwy.

Other features: Pilot Butte Cnl.

Other features: Central Oregon Cnl.

Old Mill District neighborhood detailed profile
Orchard neighborhood in Bend statistics: (Find on map)

Area: 2.576 square miles

Highways in this neighborhood: NE Hwy 20 (NE 3rd St, The Dalles-California Hwy, N US Hwy 97); NE Greenwood Ave (US Hwy 20 Bus); N US Hwy 97 (The Dalles-California Hwy, NE 3rd St).

Roads and streets: NE 4th St; NE Revere Ave; NE 2nd St; NE 8th St; Bend Pkwy (Hwy 97); NE Olney Ave; NE 5th St; NE Franklin Ave; NE Division St (NW Division St); NE Penn Ave; NE 6th St; NE Butler Market Rd; NE Norton Ave; NE Lafayette Ave; NE Quimby Ave; NE Hawthorne Ave; NE Ross Rd; NE Emerson Ave; NE Dekalb Ave; NE 10th St; NE 9th St; NE 12th St; NE Jones Rd; NE Irving Ave; NE 11th St; NE Seward Ave; NE Kearney Ave; NE Shepard Rd; NE 7th St; NE 1st St; NE Neff Rd; NW Division St; NE Studio Rd; NE Meadow Ln; NE Ravenwood Dr; NE Watson Dr; Hwy 20 (NE Hwy 20); NE Marshall Ave; NE Underwood Ave; NE Thompson Dr; NE Addison Ave; NE Lotno Dr; NE Xerxes Ave; NE Hidden Valley Pl (NE Hidden Valley Dr); NE Webster Ave; NE Clay Ave; NE Hollinshead Dr; NW Hill St; NE Dempsey Dr; NW Deschutes Pl; NW Harriman St; NE Larch Dr; NE Pheasant Ln; NE Northview Dr; NE Keats Dr; NE Vail Ave; NE Rumgay Ln; NE Majesty Ln; NE Viking Dr; NW Division St (Division St); NE Bear Creek Rd; NE Crestridge Dr; NE Noe St; NE Vail Ln; NE Innes Ln; NE 13th St; NE Lytle St; NE Greeley Ave; NW Lakeside Pl; NE Pilot Butte Dr; NE Waller Dr; NE 11th Pl; NW Revere Ave; NE Wiest Way; NE Ulysses Dr; NE Thurston Ave; NE Tweet Pl; NE Drost Dr; NE Parkridge Dr; NE Boyd Acres Rd; NE Sandy Dr; NE Harvey Ln; NE Hidden Brook Pl; NE Maker Way; NE Eastwood Dr; NE Yale Ave; NE Butte Dr; NE Daphne Dr; NE Caldwell Ct; NE Dyer Dr; NW Thurston Ave; Norton Ave; NE Edgewood St; NE Pheasant Ct; NE Scott St; NE Longfellow Ct; NW Vail Ave; NE Viking Ct; NW Lakeside Pl (NW Minor Ave); NE Hollinshead Ct; NE Daphne Ct; NE Berg Way; NE Broken Bow Dr; NE 14th St; NE Shepard Pl; NE Bluebird Ct; NE Raven Ct; NE Edgecliff Cir; NE Helen Pl; Forbes Rd (NE Forbes Rd); NE Stalker Ct; NE Quiet Canyon Dr; NE Brush Ct; NE Burks Ct; NE Talon Ct; NE Warner Pl; NE Pinewood Dr; NE Rosewood Ct (NE Rosewood Dr); NW Olney Ave; NE Saddlerock Ct; NE Pheasant Cir; NE Mabel Ct; NE Marion Ct (NE Marion Pl); NE Soaring Ct; NE Bradford Ct; NE Kayak Loop; NE Tracker Ct; NE Shelley Way (NE Shelley Ct).

Railroad features: Oregon Trunk Rlwy (Burlington Northern Santa Fe Rlwy).

Other features: Pilot Butte Cnl; North Unit Main Cnl.

Orchard neighborhood detailed profile
River West neighborhood in Bend statistics: (Find on map)

Area: 7.665 square miles

Highways in this neighborhood: SW Century Dr (SW 14th St); SW Colorado Ave (State Hwy 372).

Roads and streets: Mount Washington Dr; NW Shelvin Park Market Rd (NW Shevlin Park Rd); NW Summit Dr; NW Wild Rye Cir; NW Portland Ave; NW Trenton Ave; Skyliners Rd; NW Saginaw Ave; NW Champion Cir; NW Newport Ave; NW Vicksburg Ave; NW Farewell Dr; NW College Way; Mt Washington Dr; NW Quincy Ave; NW Starview Dr; NW 12th St; Briggs Rd (Archie Briggs Rd); NW Ogden Ave; NW Awbrey Rd; NW Galveston Ave; NW Putnam Rd (Putnam Rd); NW Hartford Ave; NW Albany Ave; NW Milwaukee Ave; NW Kingston Ave; NW Iowa Ave; NW Promontory Dr; SW Knoll Ave; NW Yosemite Dr; NW Fairway Hts (NW Fairway Heights Dr); NW Elgin Ave; Flagline; NW Columbia St; NW Horizon Dr; NW Roanoke Ave; NW 1st St; NW 14th St; NW Hillside Park Dr; NW West Hills Ave; NW 13th St; NW 2nd St; SW Simpson Ave; NW McCready Dr; NW Greenleaf Way; NW Jacksonville Ave; NW Federal St; NW 15th St; NW Harmon Blvd; NW Three Sisters Dr; NW Redfield Cir; NW Davenport Ave; NW Cumberland Ave; NW Baltimore Ave; NW Marken St; NW Juniper St; NW 6th St; NW Glassow Dr; NW Wilmington Ave; McClain Dr; NW Stannium Rd; NW Fresno Ave; NW Nightfall Cir; NW Melville Dr; NW Ithica Ave; NW Lexington Ave; NW Rimrock Dr (NW Rimrock Rd); NW Sonora Dr; NW Golf View Dr; NW Lemhi Pass Dr; NW City View Dr; NW Polarstar Ave; NW Crossing Dr; NW Drake Rd; NW Greyhawk Ave; NW Bryce Canyon Ln; NW 17th St; NW Perspective Dr; SW Forest Ridge Ave; NW 5th St; W Commerce Ave; NW City Heights Dr; NW 16th St; NW 7th St; SW Troon Ave; NW Labiche Ln; NW 8th St; NW Powell Butte Loop; NW Stonepine Dr; NW Clubhouse Dr; Colter; NW Union St; NW Conrad Dr; NW Braid Dr; Highlakes; NW Gill Ct; NW Falcon Ridge; Rocher Way; Lucus Ct; NW Shevlin Hixon Rd; NW Summerfield Rd; NW Nordic Ave; NW Remarkable Dr (Remarkable Dr); Rainbow Ridge Dr; NW Utica Ave; NW Skyline Ranch Rd; NW Newport Hls; 12th St; NW Underhill Pl; NW Knoxville Blvd; NW 9th St; NW Todds Crest Dr; NW Eastes St; NW Foxwood Pl; NW Twilight Dr; NW Cascade View Dr; NW 10th St; NW Hill Point Dr; NW Scandia Loop; NW Windham Loop; NW Bungalow Dr; NW Regency St; NW Lower Village Rd; NW Fairway Heights Dr; NW Golf Course Dr S; NW Northcliff; Bradberry; NW Nashville Ave; NW Scenic Heights Dr; NW Puccoon Ct; NW Torsway St; NW 4th St; Perspective Dr; SW 15th St; NW Jewell Way; NW 11th St; Regency St; Jack Lake; NW Wyeth Ct; NW 18th St; SW Columbia St; NW Squirreltail Loop; Denali Ln; NW Chardonnay Ln; Big Sage Way; NW Tower Rock Rd; NW Massey Way; NW Summerhill Dr; SW Prestwick Pl (SW Turnberry Pl); NW Haleakala Way; NW Steidl Rd; NW Chelsea Loop; NW 3rd St; NW Celilo Ln; Panorama Dr; NW Silver Buckle Rd; Torrey Pines Dr; SW Allen Rd; NW Terra Meadow Dr; Monterey Pines Dr (Monterey Pines); Mt Hood Dr; NW William Clark St; NW Vardon Ct; NW Metke Pl; NW Silas Pl; NW Morningwood Way; NW Fitzgerald Ct; NW Fawn Run Ln; SW Overturf Ct; NW Park Commons Dr; Cyber; NW Sand Lily Way; NW Kirkaldy Ct; NW Broken Arrow Rd (NW Broken Top Rd); NW Fernie Ct; NW O Brien Ct; NW Arrowleaf Ct; NW Lewis St; NW Havre Ct; NW Whitworth Pl; NW Chianti Ln; NW Xeric Ave; NW Hilton Ct; NW Rockwood Ln; NW Bordeaux Ln; Mt Hood Pl; NW Meldrum Ct; NW Craftsman Dr; NW Foley Ct; NW Fort Clatsop St; Sargent Way; SW 17th St; NW Merlot Ln; NW Sun Ray Ct; NW Evergreen St; NW Quiet River Ln; NW Strath Way; NW Kidd Pl; NW Stonehill Dr; SW 16th St; NW Lindsay Ct; NW Elliot Ct; NW Robert Way; NW Stoneridge; NW Broken Arrow Rd; NW Starview Dr (NW Coe Ct); NW Debron Ln; NW Gordon Rd; NW Cotton Pl; NW Cabernet Ln; NW Lawrence Ct; NW McDermott Pl; NW Balitch Ct; NW Okane Ct; NW McCook Ct; SW Gleneagles Way; NW Eighteenth Fairway Pl; NW Mesa Verde Pl; NW Peoples Ct; NW Fresno Ave (Fresno St); NW Meisner Ct; NW Sean Ct; NW Milton Ct; Mt Jefferson Pl; NW Allen Rd; NW Hemingway St; NW Dunaway Ct; NW Yellow Tail; Olympic Ct; NW Glen Rd; NW Dohema Rd; NW Goodwillie Ct; NW Great Pl; NW Pompy Pl; Glenbrook; NW Mesa Verde Ct; NW Panama St; NW Greenbrier Pl; NW Sample Ct; Sparrow Hawk Cir; NW Upper Rim Pl; NW Shiraz Ct; NW Lolo Way (); NW Pryor Way; NW Pickett Ct; Stover; NW Palisades Dr; NW Collett Way; NW Rocklyn Rd; NW McNeal Way; NW Welcome Ct; NW Links Ln; NW Pinecrest Ct; NW Moore Ct; SW 19th St; NW Glenbrooke Pl; NW Keenan Ct; Awbrey Glen Dr; Wethered Ct; NW Grove Rd; NW Kelly Hill Ct; NW Cousins Pl; Morels Ct (NW Morris Ct); NW Locke Ct; NW Outlook Dr; Rawlins Ct; NW Divot Dr; NW Chelsea Ct; NW Clark Ct; NW Cottage Pl; SW 18th St; SW West Pine Pl; NW Austin Ct; NW Marken Pl; NW High Lakes Loop; Rainbow Ct; NW Fishwick Ct; NW 18th Pl; NW Gander Ct; NW Drouillard Ave; NW Rademacher Pl; NW Second Tee Pl; NW Dantes Way; NW Winslow Ct; NW Dwight Ct; NW Candlelite Pl; NW Runyon Ct; NW Kenwood Ct; NW French Ct; NW Meadow Ct; NW Loggan Ct; NW Morelock Ct; NW Hale Ct; NW Pilot View Ct; NW Jeffrey St; NW Dorion Way (); NW Sugar Pines Pl; NW Healy Ct; Hillpine Ct; NW Fort Mandan Way; Kretch Ct; NW Pinot Ct; NW Frazer Ln; NW Colver Ct; NW Bungalow Ct; Duffy Ct; NW Anderson Ct; O Neil Pl.

Other features: Deschutes Riv; Tumalo Crk.

River West neighborhood detailed profile
Southwest neighborhood in Bend statistics: (Find on map)

Area: 2.609 square miles

Highways in this neighborhood: S Hwy 97 (The Dalles-California Hwy).

Roads and streets: Brookswood Blvd; Pine Dr; Mahogany Dr; Poplar St; Chuckanut Dr; Amethyst St; Pinebrook Blvd; Powers Rd; Ponderosa St; Granite Dr; US Hwy 97; Nugget Ave; Amber Meadow Dr; Lodgepole Dr; Hollygrape St; Badger Rd; Targee Dr; Golden Meadow Loop; Onyx St; Pond Meadow Ave; Porcupine Dr; Rock Bluff Ln; Driftwood Ln; Elkhorn St; Goldenwood Loop; Deer Valley Dr; Cinder Ln; S Queens Dr (Driftwood Ln); Springcrest Dr; Ridge Dr; Cliffrose Rd; Driftwood Ct; Waterfall Ln (Limelight Dr); Garrison Dr; Elizabeth Ln; Romaine Village Way; Buck Canyon Rd; McMullin Dr; Alpine Dr; Jenna Dr; Kings Ln; Volare Ln; Aspen Dr; Topaz St (Zircon Dr); Hiller Dr; Nickolas Way; Tuscany Dr; Bend Pkwy (Hwy 97); Fennic Ct; Rock Bluff Cir; Platinum Dr; Opal Dr (Opal St); Ashford Dr; Cypress St; Blakely Rd; Yellow Leaf St; Beth Ave; River Rim Dr; Brass Dr; Emigrant Dr; Diamond Rd; Snowbrush Dr; Larkwood Dr; Carm Ln; Covey Ln; Porcupine Rd; Woods Valley Pl; Bighorn Ct; Garnett St; Alder Dr; Arrowwood Dr; Finchwood Dr; Alexandrite Dr (Alexandrite St); Honkers Ln; Falcon Pointe Ln; Bronze Meadow Ln; Spencer Crossing Ln; Brittle Bush St; Corsica Ln; Whitney Pl; Doanna Way; Defiance St; Echo Hollow Rd; Rough Rider Ln; Snowberry Pl; Taralon Pl; Fox Hills Dr; Jasmine St (Jasmine Pl); Gunwood Ln; Pinecone Dr; Topaz Pl; Wagontree Ct; Ruby Pl; Goldenwood Ct; Zircon Dr; Jade Ct; Parkwood Ct; Terrace Ln; Duke Ln; Sally Ln; Hitching Post Ln; Scotts Bluff Pl; Cultus Dr; Trailblazer Ln; Pond Meadow Ct; Swquail Pine Loop; Sugarbush Ln; Wedgewood Dr (Wedgwood Dr); Cobblestone Pl; Parkside Pl; Emerald Pl; Robinwood Pl; Allopex Ln; Heron Way; Doubletree Ct; Sorrento Pl; Goldenrain Dr; Salmonberry Ct; Oasis Pl; Oceanspray Way; Grassland Ln; Lynx Ln; Honey Pod Way; Fircrest Knoll; Nugget Pl; Alpine Ln; Shalimar Ct; Sapphire Ln; Dovewood Pl; Village Ln; Voltera Pl; Coic Road 3; Dover Ln; Platinum Way; Maxwell St; Stardrift Ln; Selarkwood Dr; Aspen Ct; Winterpark Ln; Porter Pl; Brighton Cir (Brighton Ct); Copper Canyon Way; Melody Ct (Melody Ln); Tara Ct (Tara Ln); Rustic Ln; Waterfall Ln; Silver Ct; Amberwood Pl; Sidewinder Rd (Sidewinder Ln); Arrowwood Pl; Sugar Mill Loop; Alta View Cir (Alta View Ct); Crystal Ln; Flint Ln; Cinnabar Ct; Park Vista Cir; Arntz Ct; Decoy Ct; Pam Pl; Hammock Ct; Wetland Ct; Grassland Ct; Holly Ct.

Other features: Central Oregon Cnl.

Southwest neighborhood detailed profile
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