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Burke, Virginia Neighborhood Map - Income, House Prices, Occupations, Boundaries

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Based on 2000-2016 data
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Burke Centre neighborhood in Burke statistics: (Find on map)

Area: 3.207 square miles

Population: 17,310

Population density:
Burke Centre:

5,397 people per square mile

3,668 people per square mile

Median household income in 2016:
Burke Centre:



Median rent in in 2016:
Burke Centre:



Male vs Females



Median age

44.3 years

43.0 years

Housing prices:
Average estimated value of detached houses in 2016 (47.2% of all units):
Burke Centre:



Average estimated value of townhouses or other attached units in 2016 (39.0% of all units):
This neighborhood:



Most popular occupations of males: management occupations (except farmers) (18.1%); sales and office occupations (17.6%); service occupations (10.7%); computer and mathematical occupations (9.0%); business and financial operations occupations (8.5%); construction, extraction, and maintenance occupations (7.0%); architecture and engineering occupations (5.0%)

Most popular occupations of females: sales and office occupations (28.1%); service occupations (16.8%); education, training, and library occupations (15.1%); management occupations (except farmers) (11.7%); business and financial operations occupations (8.6%); healthcare practitioners and technical occupations (3.4%); production occupations (3.1%)

Highways in this neighborhood: State Rte 643 (Burke Centre Pkwy); Pohick Rd (Fairfax County Pkwy, Co Rd 7100, State Rte 641); State Rte 645 (Burke Lake Rd); State Rte 123 (Ox Rd).

Roads and streets: Marshall Pond Rd; Coffer Woods Rd; Oak Leather Dr; Woods Grove Ct; Burnside Landing Dr; Burr Oak Way; Windward Dr; Co Rd 6197 (Roberts Pkwy N); Oakland Park Dr; Steamboat Landing Ln; Burke View Ct; Burke Commons Rd; Natick Rd; Wilmington Dr; Cove Landing Rd; Roberts Pkwy S (Co Rd 6197); Heritage Landing Rd; First Landing Way; Humar Pond Dr; New England Woods Dr; Rand Dr; Freds Oak Rd; Clara Barton Dr; Reed's Landing Cir; Wooden Hawk Ln; Winnepeg Dr; Burke Pond Ln; Quiet Pond Ter; Belleair Rd; Split Oak Ln; Walnut Wood Ln; Mason Bluff Dr; Old Landing Way; Chestnut Wood Ln; Chase Commons Ct; Premier Ct; Powell's Landing Rd; Canvasback Rd; Carters Oak Way; Hillock Ct; Downeys Wood Ct; Sassafras Woods Ct; Robins Nest Ln; Oak Green Way; Pond Spice Ln; Vernons Oak Ct; Hemlock Woods Ln; Knolls Pond Ln; Chase Commons Dr; High Bluff Ct; Wilmette Dr; Eagle Landing Rd; Battalion Landing Ct; Summer Oak Way; Crevenna Oak Dr; Burke View Ave; Jacksons Oak Ct; Wye Oak Commons Cir; Burke Towne Ct; Ormandy Dr; Wheaton Dr; Waters Edge Landing Ln; Dory Landing Ct; Burke Pond Ct; Marquand Dr; Clermont Landing Ct; Bridgetown Pl; Lucas Pond Ct; Wesley Pond Ct; Mantle Rd; Bridgetown Ct; Winter Park Dr; Lincolnwood Ct; Park Woods Ln; Eagle Landing Ct; Beacon Pond Ln; Woodedge Dr; O'Hara Landing Ct; Oak Ridge Ct; Oakshore Ct; Wye Oak Commons Ct; Wood Sorrels Ln; New England Woods Ct; Wood Green Way; Wicklow Dr; Wood Poppy Ct; Pond Spice Ter; Skinner Dr; Merridith Cir; Freds Oak Ct; Spring Oak Ct; Meyers Landing Ct; Meadow Pond Ct; Burke Commons Ct; Lakeside Oak Ln; Falcon Landing Ct; Round Top Ln; Oakenshaw Ct; Devon Ln; Oak Apple Ct; Blincoe Ct; Poburn Landing Ct; Homar Pond Ct; Calico Pool Ln; Oak Tanager Ct; Woodvale Pond Dr; Summit Oak Way; Schoolhouse Woods Ct; Whidbey Ln; Oak Ladder Ct; Heron Pond Ter; Faire Commons Ct; Todman Landing Ct; Manet Rd; Scarborough Commons Ln; Wolcott Dr; Wood Aster Ct; Edgewater Oak Ct; Summer Oak Ct; Nordeen Oak Ct; Oak Thrush Ct; Pohick Crest Dr; Burnside Landing Ct; Walnut Wood Ct; Wood Laurel Ct; Gabon Ct; Wood Mouse Ct; Gooding Pond Ct; Lincolnwood Dr; Wood Grouse Ct; Wooden Dove Ct; Luria Commons Ct; Basket Oak Ct; Rein Commons Ct; Annaberg Ct; Natick Ct; Simpson Ln; Park Woods Ter; Bear Oak Ct; Hollow Oak Ct; Roberts Common Ln; Schoolhouse Woods Rd; Burkewood Way; Colston Ct; Oak Wilds Ct; Fenwick Ct; Acorn Knoll Ct; Wooden Spoon Ct; Myrtle Oak Ct; Lakeside Oak Ct; Quiet Oak Ct; Martins Landing Ln; Mockingbird Pond Ter; Apple Wood Ct; Mockingbird Pond Ct; Stone Wood Ct; Coopers Landing Ct; Oak Green Ct; Oak Fern Ct; Annaberg Pl; Winnepog Dr; Wood Flower Ct; Hartford Ct; Heritage Landing Ct; Quiet Pond Ct; Coffer Woods Ct; Tara Ct; Bunker Woods Ln; Leslie Ct; Apple Wood Ln; Lexington Ct; Shingle Oak Ct; Swan Landing Ct; Roberts Common Ct; Fern Pool Ct; Waters Edge Landing Ct; Robins Nest Ct; Bunker Woods Ct; Wooden Hawk Ct; Oak Bluff Ct; Dundas Oak Ct; Renton Dr; Coffer Woods Pl; Winnepeg Ct; Walden Commons Ct; Mason Bluff Ct; Carters Oak Ct; Coffer Ln; Little Ox Rd; Fulton's Landing Ct; Oak Bucket Ct; Wood Sorrels Ct; Steamboat Landing Ct; Jonesport Ct; Georgian Wood Ct; Oak Moss Ter; Woodedge Ct; Pond Lily Ct; Alison Dr; Oak Stake Ct; Heron Pond Ct; Scarborough Commons Ct; Spring Oak Way; Wood Duck Ct; Martins Landing Ct; Hendrix Dr; Montpelier Ct; Billand Common St; Pin Oak Commons Ct.

Railroad features: Norfolk Southern Rlwy.

Other features: Sideburn Br; Opposum Br; Pohick Crk.

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