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Manhasset, New York Neighborhood Map - Income, House Prices, Occupations, Boundaries

Based on 2000-2013 data
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Flower Hill neighborhood in Manhasset statistics: (Find on map)

Area: 1.827 square miles

Population: 5,101

Population density:
Flower Hill:

2,792 people per square mile

3,441 people per square mile

Median household income in 2010:
Flower Hill:



Median rent in in 2010:
Flower Hill:



Male vs Females



Median age

39.6 years

43.0 years

Housing prices:
Average estimated value of detached houses in 2010 (94.6% of all units):
Flower Hill:

New York:


Average estimated value of townhouses or other attached units in 2010 (6.6% of all units):
This neighborhood:

New York:


Most popular occupations of males: management occupations (except farmers) (31.0%); sales and office occupations (21.2%); healthcare practitioners and technical occupations (15.5%); business and financial operations occupations (10.6%); legal occupations (9.4%); transportation occupations (3.2%); architecture and engineering occupations (2.9%)

Most popular occupations of females: healthcare practitioners and technical occupations (24.9%); sales and office occupations (22.4%); education, training, and library occupations (13.4%); management occupations (except farmers) (13.2%); business and financial operations occupations (5.8%); service occupations (3.8%); computer and mathematical occupations (3.5%)

Highways in this neighborhood: Port Washington Blvd (State Hwy 101); Northern Blvd (State Hwy 25A); State Hwy 25A (N Hempstead Tpke).

Roads and streets: Stonytown Rd; Dogwood Ln; Elderfields Rd; Country Club Dr; Crabapple Rd; Woodland Rd; Northwoods Rd; Bonnie Heights Rd; Circle Dr; Manhasset Woods Rd; Hemlock Rd; Chestnut Rd; Knollwood Rd; Middleneck Rd; Boulder Rd; Walnut Ln; Mason Dr; Hewlett Ln; Rockwood Rd; Fernwood Ln; Wood Hill Ln; Reni Rd; Birchdale Ln; Sycamore Dr; Drake Ln; Park Woods Rd; Woodedge Rd; Birch Ln; Longridge Rd; Greenbriar Ln; Darthmouth Rd; Plymouth Rd; Cardinal Rd; Knolls Ln; Pinewood Rd; Wood Valley Ln; W Ridge Dr; Center Dr; Bridge Rd; Knollwood Rd W; Greenway; Ridge Dr E; Cherrywood Ln; Brookside Dr; Oaktree Ln; Colonial Dr; Maple Dr; Bayberry Ridge; Chanticlare Dr; W Shore Rd; Ridge Dr W; Farmview Rd; Hunters Ln; Sunnyvale Rd; E High Rd; Sunset Dr; Overhill Ln; John Bean Ct; Mallard Rd; Crabtree Ln; The Spur; Peachtree Ln; Homewood Pl; Rockwood Rd W; E Gate Rd; Walter Ln; Oakwood Cir; Spruce Dr; Madonia Ct; Janssen Dr; Waring Dr; Rockwood Rd E; W Gate Rd; Brook Ln; Kimson Ct; Oakwood Ln; Nassau Ave; Hawthorne Ln; W Center Dr; Elm Ln; E View Ct; Pinetree Ln; Peters Ln; Circle Ln; Nancy Ct; Eakins Rd; Mott Ave.

Railroad features: Long Island RR.

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