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Gross Point neighborhood in Wilmette statistics: (Find on map)

Area: 4.203 square miles

Population: 18,033

Population density:
Gross Point:

4,290 people per square mile

5,013 people per square mile

Median household income in 2010:
Gross Point:



Median rent in in 2010:
Gross Point:



Male vs Females



Median age

43.2 years

45.3 years

Housing prices:
Average estimated value of detached houses in 2010 (73.9% of all units):
Gross Point:



Average estimated value of townhouses or other attached units in 2010 (11.1% of all units):
This neighborhood:



Average estimated '10 value of housing units in 5-or-more-unit structures (12.3% of all units):
Gross Point:



Most popular occupations of males: management occupations (except farmers) (23.5%); sales and office occupations (17.7%); business and financial operations occupations (9.3%); legal occupations (8.3%); service occupations (6.8%); healthcare practitioners and technical occupations (6.7%); education, training, and library occupations (4.6%)

Most popular occupations of females: sales and office occupations (24.7%); education, training, and library occupations (14.4%); healthcare practitioners and technical occupations (11.8%); service occupations (10.5%); management occupations (except farmers) (10.3%); business and financial operations occupations (8.7%); arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media occupations (4.8%)

Limited-access highways (interstate or state) in this neighborhood: Skokie Blvd (US Hwy Hwy 41); I- 94.

Roads and streets: Illinois Rd; Lake Ave; Wilmette Ave; Glenview Rd; Old Orchard Rd; Old Glenview Rd; Iroquois Rd; Hibbard Rd; Washington Ave; I 94/us Hwy 41 (Edens Expy); Greenwood Ave; Locust Rd; Thornwood Ave; Ridge Rd; Kenilworth Ave; Romona Rd; Elmwood Ave; Birchwood Ave; Hunter Rd; Central Ave; Greenleaf Ave; E Lake Ave; Laramie Ave; Lawler Ave; Lavergne Ave; Longmeadow Rd; Schiller Ave; Central St; Gross Point Rd; Woodley Rd; Leclaire Ave; W Frontage Rd (Frontage Rd); Lacrosse Ave; Indian Hill Rd (N Indian Hill Rd); Crawford Ave (N Crawford Ave); Lamon Ave; Chestnut Ave; Beechwood Ave; Blackhawk Rd; Highland Ave; Seneca Rd; Sunset Dr; Long Rd; Manor Dr; Leamington Ave; Beverly Dr; Greeley Ave; Pinecrest Ln; Sprucewood Ln; Fairway Dr; Orchard Ln; Princeton Ave; Indianwood Rd; W Wilshire Dr (Wilshire Dr W); Harvard St; 20th St; Mohawk Rd; 21st St; Westmoreland Dr; Laurel Ln; Pontiac Rd; Hartzell St; Marion Ln (Marian Ln); Walnut Ave; Thayer St; Highcrest Dr; Pawnee Rd; Hollywood Ct; Hill Ln; Temple Ln; Meadow Dr S (S Meadow Dr); Dartmouth St; Cherokee Rd; Ouilmette Ln; Meadow Dr N (N Meadow Dr); Riverside Dr; Bunker Ln; Sandy Ln; Pomona Ln; Brookside Dr; Kilpatrick Ave; Vista Dr; Pin Oak Dr (Pin Oaks Dr); Wilshire Dr E (E Wilshire Dr); Laporte Ave; Old Orchard Shopping Center (Old Orchard Shop Ctr North Ring Rd); Cherry Pkwy; Knox Ave; Forest Ave; Park Pl; Millbrook Ln; Lockerbie Ln; Briar Dr; Chilton Ln; Hawthorne Ln; Walden Ct (Walden Ln); Middlebury Ln; Cleveland St; Hillside Rd; New Trier Ct; Country Ln; Birchwood Ln; Thelin Ct; Valley View Dr (Valleyview Dr); Bronx Ave; Hill St; Seger St; Miami Rd; Lockwood Ave; Heather Ln; Skokie Ct; Grant St; Westwood Ln; Leyden Ln; Nina Ave; Pioneer Ln; Park Dr; Isabella St; Seminole Rd; Happ Rd; Harvest Ln; Red Bud Ln (Redbud Ln); Lincoln Ln; Clifford St; Princeton Pl; Colgate Ave (Colgate St); Big Tree Ln; Vine St; Peach Pkwy; Hillside Ln; Cardinal Ln; Birchwood Ct; Alpine Ln; Culver St; Gregory Ave; Woodley Mnr; Knoll Ln; Timber Ln; N Branch Rd (N Branch Dr); Sterling Rd; Pine Manor Dr; Charles Pl; Alison Ln; Hartmann Ln; W Meadow Dr (Meadow Dr W); Woodley Woods Rd (Woodley Woods); Oxford Ln; Yale St; Cornell St; Amherst Ln (Amhurst Ln); Crestview Ln; Cranston Ct; Ardmore Ave (Ardmore); Old Orchard Ct; Melrose Ct; Sprucewood Rd; Colton Ln; Pine St; Kin Ct; Edgewood Ct; Koerper Ct (Koeper Ct); Columbus St; Kenilworth Ter; Cambridge Ln; Avondale Ln; Shabona Ln; Concord Ln; Brier St; Wilshire Dr; Meadowlark Ln; Karey Ct (Kary Ct); Lilac Ln; Bernard Pl; Dale St; Cedar Ln; Virginia Ln; Romona Ct; Meadow Dr E (E Meadow Dr); Essex Pl; Jonathan Ln; Chippewa Ln; Ottawa Ln; Osage Ln; Parkview Ct; Appletree Ln; Vista Ct; Hunter Ct; 36th Pl (36th Place Dr); Crabtree Ln; Russet Ln (Russett Ln); Cove Ln; Barclay Ln; Plum Tree Ln; Carriage Way; Vine Ct; Kedvale Ave; Valley View Ct; Karlov Ave; Prospect Ave; Beech Ave; la Crosse Ct.

Railroad features: Chicago and North Western RR.

Other features: Chicago River N Br; Skokie Riv.

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