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Property sale prices of Brooklyn, New York City (NYC)

Avenues: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 03rd Nostrand;
Streets: 1st, 2nd, 3rd;
Others: 1st Court, 1st Place, 2nd, 2nd Pl, 2nd Place, 2nd Stree, 3rd, 3rd Place;

Avenues: 4th, 5th;
Streets: 3rd, 3rdd, 4th;
Others: 04th, 4th, 4th Place, 5th;

Avenues: 5th, 6th, 7th;
Streets: 5th, 6th;
Others: 5th Avenue Bklyn, 6th, 7th, 7th Av;

Avenues: 7th, 8th, 9th;
Streets: 7th, 8th, 9th;
Others: 8th, 8th Avenue Unit B;

Avenues: 10th, 11th;
Streets: 9th, 10th, 11th;
Others: 10th, 11th, 12th;

Avenues: 12th, 13th;
Streets: 12th, 13th;
Others: 12th, 12th Streeet, 13th, 14th;

Avenues: 14th, 15th;
Streets: 14th, 15th;
Others: 14th, 15th, 15th Streeet, 16th;

Avenues: 16th, 17th;
Streets: 16th, 17th, 17th Th.;
Others: 16th, 17th, 18th;

Avenues: 18th, 19th, 20th;
Streets: 18th, 19th;
Others: 18th, 19th, 19th La, 19th Lane, 20th;

Avenues: 20th, 21st, 23rd, 24th, 25th;
Drive: 20th;
Streets: 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th;
Others: 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th;

Avenues: 26th, 27th, 28th;
Streets: 26th, 27th, 27th Th., 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st, 32nd, 33rd, 34th, 35th, 36th, 37th, 38th, 39th;
Others: 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st, 32nd, 33rd, 34th, 35th, 36th, 36th Th, 37th, 37th Th, 38th, 39th;

Streets: 39th, 40th, 41st, 42nd;
Others: 40th, 40th Th, 41st, 42nd;

Road: 43rd;
Streets: 43rd, 43rd Road, 44th, 45th, 45th Th.;
Others: 42nd Street Bklyn Ny, 43rd, 44th, 44th Th, 45th, 45th Th, 46th;

Streets: 46th, 47th, 47th Th., 48th;
Others: 46th, 46th Th, 47th, 47th Stree, 47th Th, 48th, 48th Th, 49th;

Streets: 49th, 50th, 50th Th., 51st;
Others: 49th Sreet, 49th Th, 50th, 50th Th, 51st, 52nd;

Road: 53rd;
Streets: 52nd, 52nd Nd., 53rd, 53rd Road, 54th;
Others: 52nd, 52nd Nd, 53rd, 54th;

Drive: 56th;
Streets: 54th, 54th Th., 55th, 56th, 57th;
Others: 54th Th, 55th, 55th Th, 56th, 57th;

Streets: 57th, 58th, 59th;
Others: 57th Street Hdfc, 58th, 58th Th, 59th, 59th Place;

Streets: 59th, 60th, 61st;
Others: 60th, 60th Place, 60th Stree, 61st, 62nd;

Road: 63rd;
Streets: 62nd, 63rd, 64th;
Others: 62nd, 62nd Nd, 63rd, 64th, 65th;

Streets: 65th, 66th, 67th;
Others: 65th, 66th, 67th, 68th;

Streets: 68th, 69th, 70th, 71st;
Others: 68th, 68th Stree, 70th, 71st;

Streets: 71st, 72nd, 73rd;
Others: 72 Street 708th, 72 Street 754th, 72nd, 72nd Court, 73rd, 73rd Stree, 74th;

Streets: 74th, 74th Th., 75th, 76th, 77th;
Others: 74th, 76th, 77th;

Streets: 77th, 77th Th., 78th, 79th;
Others: 78th, 79th;

Avenue: 80th;
Streets: 79th, 80th, 81st;
Others: 80th, 81st;

Streets: 81st, 81st Street, 82nd, 83rd, 84th;
Others: 82nd, 83rd, 84th;

Streets: 84th, 85th, 86th;
Others: 84th Th, 85th, 85th Th, 86th, 86th Th, 87th;

Avenue: 95th;
Road: 93rd;
Streets: 87th, 88th, 89th, 90th, 91st, 92nd, 93rd, 94th, 95th, 96th, 97th, 98th, 99th, 100th;
Others: 88th, 89th, 89th Th, 90th, 90th Th, 91st, 92nd, 92nd Nd, 93rd, 94th, 95th, 96th, 96th Th, 97th, 97th Th, 98th, 99th, 100th, 101st;

Avenues: 101st, A Emmons, A Flatbush, Alabama, Albany;
Roads: Albemarle, Albemore;
Streets: 101st, 104th, 527th Eigth, A Union, Aberdeen, Adams, Adelphi, Ainslie;
Others: 101st Street D, 104th Th, A, A Holt Court, Abbey, Abbey Court, Aberdeen, Adams, Adams Sta Tp., Adelphi, Adler Pl, Adler Place, Agate Court, Ainslie, Alabama, Albany, Albee Square, Albemarle Terrace, Albermarle, Albermarle Raod;

Avenues: Allen, Arlington, Ashland, Atford;
Drives: Angela, Arkansas;
Roads: Albermarle, Aldemarle, Amboy, Argyle;
Streets: Amber, Amboy, Ames, Amherst, Amity, Amuty, Anthony, Apollo, Ash, Ashford;
Others: Alice, Alice Court, Alice Ct, Alton Place, Amboy, Amersfort Place, Ames, Amherst, Applegate Court, Apt, Argyle, Arion, Arion Place, Arlington Place, Ashford, Ashland, Ashland Pl, Ashland Pl., Ashland Place, Aster Court, Aster Ct;

Avenues: , Atford, Atkins, Atlantic, Autumn;
Others: Atkins, Autumn, Av, Av P, Avenu U, Avenue "u", Avenue "v", Avenue 2nd, Avenue North, Avenue South;

Avenue: Banner;
Drive: Barlow;
Streets: Bainbridge, Baltic, Bank, Banker, Barbey;
Others: Avenue South, Avenue West, B Holt Court, B Ide Court, Bainbridge, Balfour Place, Bancroft Place, Banner, Barbey, Barlow Drive North, Barlow Drive South, Bartlett Place;

Avenues: Bassett, Bath, Battery;
Streets: Bartlett, Batchelder;
Others: Barwell Terrace, Batchelder, Baughman Place, Bay, Bay 10th, Bay 11th, Bay 13th;

Avenues: Bay, Bay Ridge;
Streets: Bay 16th, Bay 17th, Bay 22nd, Bay 29th, Bay 38th, Bay 40th, Bay 46th;
Others: Bay 7th, Bay 8th, Bay 13th, Bay 14th, Bay 16th, Bay 17th, Bay 19th, Bay 20th, Bay 22nd, Bay 23rd, Bay 25th, Bay 26th, Bay 28th, Bay 29th, Bay 31st, Bay 32nd, Bay 34th, Bay 35th, Bay 37th, Bay 38th, Bay 40th, Bay 41st, Bay 43rd, Bay 44th, Bay 46th, Bay 47th, Bay 48th, Bay 49th, Bay 50th, Bay 52nd, Bay 53rd, Bay Cliff Terrace, Bay Parkway, Bay Parkway., Bay Pkway;

Avenues: Bay Ridge, Bay View, Bayridge, Bayview;
Streets: Bay, Bay10th, Bay19th, Bay28th, Bay46th, Bayard;
Others: Bay Ridge Parkway, Bay Ridge Pkway, Bay Ridge Place, Bay View Place, Bay16th, Bayard, Baycliff Terrace, Bayridge Parkway, Bayview Place, Beach, Beach Court, Beach Place, Beach Reservation, Beacon, Beacon Court;

Avenue: Bedford;
Streets: Beadel, Beard, Beaumont, Beaver;
Others: Beadel, Bedell Lane;

Avenues: Bedford, Belmont, Benson, Bergen;
Drive: Bell Point;
Road: Bergen Cove;
Streets: Belvedere, Belvidere, Bergen;
Others: Bedford Place, Beekman Place, Belmont, Bennett Court, Bergen Beach, Bergen Beach Place, Bergen Court, Bergen Cove, Bergen Place;

Avenues: Berkeley, Blake;
Roads: Berkeley Place, Beverley, Beverly, Bklyn First;
Streets: Bergen, Berriman, Berry, Bleecker;
Others: Berkelex Place, Berkeley, Berkeley Pl, Berkeley Place, Berkely Place, Berkley Place, Berriman, Beverly, Bevy, Bevy Court, Bevy Ct, Bighton, Billings Place, Bills Place, Blake Court, Bleecker;

Avenue: Bright Water;
Streets: Bleecker, Bleeker, Boerum, Bogardus, Bogart, Bond, Bowne, Box, Bradford, Bragg, Branton, Bremsen, Bridge, Bridgewater, Brigham, Brighan;
Others: Bleeker, Bliss, Bliss Terrace, Boardwalk, Boardwalk West, Boerum Pl, Boerum Place, Bogardus Place, Bokee Court, Borinquen Place, Boulevard, Boulevard Court, Bowery, Boynton Place, Br, Bradford, Bradford Str, Branton, Brevoort Place, Brifhton Beach, Brigham, Brigham St, Bright Water Court, Brighten, Brighton;

Avenues: Brighton Beach, Brightwater;
Roads: Brighton Fint, Brighton First, Brightton First;
Streets: Brighton 6th, Brighton12th, Brighton13th, Brigton, Bristol;
Others: Brighton, Brighton 13th, Brighton Beach Avenu, Brighton Court, Brighton First Place, Brighton First Stree, Brighton Second Stre, Brighton Seventh Str, Brighton Third Court, Brighton Third Stree, Brightonter Aveneu, Brightwater, Brightwater Court, Brightwater Ct, Brightwater Ct., Brigton, Bristol, Broadway;

Avenues: Brooklyn, Buffalo, Bushwick;
Road: Buckingham;
Streets: Broome, Brown, Bryant, Burnett, Bush;
Others: Broadway, Broadway Corp, Brooklyn Terminal Ma, Brown, Buffalo, Bulwer, Bulwer Pl, Bulwer Place, Burnett, Burnett Street *etal;

Avenues: Bushwick, Canal, Canda, Carlton;
Roads: Campus, Canarsie;
Streets: Butler, Calyer, Caroll, Carrol, Carroll;
Others: Bushwick Court, Bushwick Place, Butler Place, Cadman Plaza East, Cadman Plaza West, Calyer, Cambridge, Cambridge Pl, Cambridge Place, Cameron Court, Campus Place, Canton Court, Canton Ct;

Avenues: Caton, Central, Chester, Chestnut, Christopher;
Road: Chore;
Streets: Carroll, Catherine, Cedar, Centre, Chauncey, Cherry, Chester, Chestnut;
Others: Carroll Street Brooklyn, Carroll Street F9th, Cass, Cass Place, Cass Plce, Catherine, Caton Place, Celeste, Celeste Court, Celeste Ct, Charles Place, Chauncey, Cheever Place, Chester Court, Chestnut Court;

Avenues: Christopher, Church, Clarkson, Classon;
Road: Clarendon;
Streets: Clara, Clark;
Others: Clarendon, Clark, Clark Street Bklyn, Clarkson, Classon;

Avenues: Classon, Clemart, Clermont, Clinton;
Roads: Clear Water, Clove;
Streets: Clay, Cleveland, Clinton, Clipson, Clymer, Coffey, Coleman;
Others: Claver Place, Clermont, Cleveland, Clifford Pl, Clifford Place, Clifton, Clifton Pl, Clifton Place, Clinton, Clinton Av., Clinton Avneue, Clymer;

Avenues: Coney Isalnd, Coney Island;
Roads: Colonia, Colonial;
Streets: Coleman, Coleridge, Coles, Columbia, Commerce, Commercial, Concord;
Others: Coleridge, Coleridge Str, Colin Place, College, College Place, Colonial Court, Colonial Gardens, Columbia Court, Columbia Heights, Columbia Ht., Columbia Hts, Columbia Place, Columbus Heights, Columbus Place;

Avenues: Coney Island, Conklin, Corpsey;
Roads: Cortel You, Corteland, Cortelyoo, Cortelyou;
Streets: Congress, Conover, Conselyea, Conway, Cook, Cooper, Cornelia, Court;
Others: Congress, Conklin, Conselyea, Conway, Corbin Place, Cornelia, Corso Court, Cortelyou, Cortelyou Road Unit 2nd-o;

Avenues: Cozine, Crawford, Crooke, Cropsey, Crosby, Crospey;
Road: Coventry;
Streets: Covert, Coyle, Cranberry, Crescent, Crown, Crystal, Cumberland;
Others: Cove Lane, Covert, Covert Stree, Cox Place, Coyle, Cozine, Cranberry, Crown;

Avenues: Cypress, Cyrus, De Kalb, De Witt;
Road: Dahill;
Streets: Cumberland, Danforth, De Graw, Dean;
Others: Cw, Cypress Court, Dahl, Dahl Court, Dahl Ct, Dahlgren, Dahlgren Pl, Dahlgren Place, Dakota Place, Dank Court, Dare Court, De Graw, De Koven Court, De Sales, De Sales Pl., De Sales Place, Dean;

Avenues: Debevoise, Dekalb;
Streets: Dean, Decatur, Degraw;
Other: Dekalb;

Avenues: Dekalb, Dewitt, Ditmas, Division;
Road: Dorchester;
Streets: Delevan, Devoe, Diamond, Dikeman, Ditmars, Dobbin, Dodworth, Dooley, Dorset, Doscher, Doughty, Douglas, Douglass, Dover;
Others: Dekoven, Dekoven Court, Delavan, Dennett Pl, Dennett Place, Denton Place, Desales Pl, Desales Place, Desmond, Desmond Court, Devoe, Dewey Pl, Dewey Place, Dewitt, Diamond, Dictum Court, Dikeman, Dinsmore Place, Ditmas, Division Place, Doone Court, Dorchester, Dorset, Doscher, Douglass, Dover;

Avenues: Driggs, Dumont;
Streets: Dover, Downing, Drew, Duffield, Dupont, Dwight, E100th, E102nd;
Others: Driggs, Dumont, Dunham Pl, Dunham Place, Dunne Court, Dunne Ct, Dunne Place, Durland Place, Duryea Court, Duryea Place, Dwight, E;

Streets: E7th, E13th, E19th, E22nd, E26th, E29th, E31st, E32nd, E45th, E49th, E87th, E94th, E96th, Eagle;
Others: E7th Th, E85th Th, E98th Th, Eagle, Eas, East;

Other: East;

Other: East;

Streets: East 1st, East 10th, East 13th, East 15th, East 16th, East .53rd, East 103rd, East 104th;
Others: East, East 1st, East 10th, East 11th, East 12th, East 13th, East 14th, East 15th, East 16th, East 17th, East 100th, East 101st, East 102nd, East 103rd, East 104th, East 106th, East 108th;

Streets: East 2nd, East 18th, East 19th, East 21st, East 22nd, East 23rd;
Others: East 2nd, East 17th, East 18th, East 19th, East 21st, East 22nd, East 23rd, East 24th;

Streets: East 26th, East 27th;
Others: East 3rd, East 24th, East 25th, East 26th, East 27th, East 28th, East 29th, East 29th Street A-k-a, East 31st;

Streets: East 31st, East 32nd, East 34th, East 35th, East 38th, East 39th;
Others: East 4th, East 31st, East 32nd, East 33rd, East 34th, East 35th, East 36th, East 37th, East 38th, East 39th;

Streets: East 5th, East 40th, East 43rd, East 48th, East 51st;
Others: East 4th, East 5th, East 40th, East 41st, East 42nd, East 43rd, East 45th, East 46th, East 48th, East 49th, East 51st, East 52nd;

Streets: East 54th, East 58th, East 59th, East 67th;
Others: East 6th, East 52nd, East 53rd, East 54th, East 55th, East 56th, East 57th, East 58th, East 59th, East 60th, East 61st, East 63rd, East 64th, East 65th, East 66th, East 67th;

Streets: East 7th, East 8th, East 70th, East 78th, East 79th, East 81st, East 83rd, East 85th;
Others: East 7th, East 8th, East 68th, East 69th, East 70th, East 71st, East 72nd, East 73rd, East 74th, East 76th, East 77th, East 78th, East 79th, East 80th, East 81st, East 82nd, East 83rd, East 84th, East 85th;

Streets: East 9th, East 87th, East 89th, East 91st, East 93rd, East 95th, East Fifth;
Others: East 9th, East 86th, East 87th, East 88th, East 89th, East 91st, East 92nd, East 93rd, East 94th, East 95th, East 96th, East 98th, East 99th;

Avenues: East New York, East Ny;
Streets: East First, East Fourth, East Second, East Seventh, East Third, East10th, East12th, East13th, East16th, East19th, East22nd, East23rd, East28th, East31st, East33rd, East35th, East36th, East38th, East42nd, East43rd, East48th, East49th, East51st, East53rd, East59th, East78th, East88th, East91st, East92nd, East94th, East96th, East98th, East103rd, East106th;
Others: East Mill Basin, East New York, East Second, East Seventh, East Street Bklyn Ny, East Third, East22nd Nd, East38th, Easterb Ojwtm Aot, Eastern Parkway, Eastern Parkway Bklyn Ny, Eastern Parkway Cooperative, Eastern Parkway Ext, Eastern Pkway, Easterns Parkway, Easton Pkway, Eaton Court;

Avenues: Eighth, Eigth, Elm, Elmwood, Emmons;
Streets: Eckford, Egan, Eighth, Eithtsh, Eldert, Ellery, Elton, Emerald, Emmons;
Others: Eaton Court, Ebony Court, Ebony Ct, Eight, Eighth Avenu, Eldert Lane, Elderts Lane, Ellery, Elm Place, Elmwood, Elton, Emerson Place, Emmons, Empire, Empire Boulevard;

Avenues: Engert, Euclid, Evergreen;
Streets: Erasmus, Essex, Est 104th, Etna, Evans, Everit, Exeter, Falmouth;
Others: Empire Boulevard, Engert, Erasmus, Erie Basin, Erskine Place, Essex, Est, Etna, Euclid, Evergreen, Exeter, Fairview Place, Falmouth;

Avenues: Fifth, Fiftth, Fillimore, Fillmore, Flarbush, Flatbush;
Road: Farragut;
Streets: Falmouth, Fayette, Fenimore, Ferris, Fifth, First;
Others: Fanchon Place, Fane Court, Fane Ct, Fay Court, Fayette, Fenimore, Ferris, Fillmore Place, First Court, First Place, Fiske Place, Fiske Place C-1st, Flatbush Av.bklyn;

Avenues: Flatbush, Flatland, Flatlands, Florence, Fltbush, Flushing;
Others: Flatbush Avenue B 105th, Flatbush Avenue C606th, Flatbush Avenue Ext, Flatbush Avenue Exte, Flathosh, Flatlands, Flatlands 1st, Flatlands 8th, Fleet Place, Flushing;

Avenues: Flushing, Force Tube, Forest, Foster, Fountain, Fourth;
Streets: Forbell, Ford, Forrest;
Others: Folsom Place, Forbell, Ford Stree, Forest Place, Fort Greene, Fort Greene Pl, Fort Greene Place, Fort Hailton Parkway, Fort Hamilton Park, Fort Hamilton Parkw, Fort Hamilton Parkwa, Fort Hamilton Parkway, Fort Hamilton Parkway., Fort Hamilton Parkwy, Fort Hamilton Pky, Fort Hill Place, Foster, Fountain;

Avenues: Fourth, Franklin;
Streets: Fourth, Franklin, Freeman, Front, Frost, Fulton;
Others: Fourth Place, Frank Court, Franklin Venue, Freeman, Friel Place, Frost, Ft Green Place, Ft Greene Place, Ft Hamilton Parkway, Ft Hamilton Pkway, Ft Hill Place, Ft. Greene Place, Ft. Hailton Parkway, Ft. Hamiltin Pkway, Ft. Hamilton Parkway, Ft. Hamilton Parkway., Ft. Hamilton Pkway, Ft.hamilton Parkway, Fuller Pl, Fuller Place, Fulton;

Avenues: Furman, Gardner, Gate, Gates;
Streets: Fulton, Furman, Garden, Garnet;
Others: Gain Court, Garden Place, Garfield, Garfield Pl, Garfield Pl., Garfield Place, Garland Court, Gates;

Avenues: Gates, Gelston, Georgia, Gerritsen, Glenmore;
Drives: Gateway, Gaylord;
Streets: George, George Apen, Gerry, Girard, Glen;
Others: Gatling Place, Gaylord Drive North, Gaylord Drive South, Gelston, Georgetown Lane, Georgia, Gerald Court, Gerald Ct, Gerald Ct., Gerritsen, Gilmore, Gilmore Court, Girard, Glendale Court, Glenmore;

Avenues: Glenmore, Glenwood, Gotham, Graham, Grand;
Road: Glenwood;
Streets: Gold, Grafton;
Others: Glenwood, Gold, Goodwin, Goodwin Pl, Goodwin Place, Gowanus Expressway, Grace Court, Grace Court Alley, Grace Ct, Grafton, Graham, Grand Army Plaza;

Avenues: Grant, Greene;
Road: Gravesend Neck;
Streets: Grand, Granite, Grattan, Green;
Others: Granite, Grant Square, Gravesend Neck;

Avenues: Greene, Greenpoint, Greenwood, Guider, Hale, Hamilton, Hampton;
Road: Grevesend Neck;
Streets: Greene, Grove, Guernsey, Hall, Halsey;
Others: Greene Lane, Guernsey, Gunnison Court, Gunther Place, Hale, Hall, Halsey, Hamilton Walk, Hampton Pl;

Avenue: Harrison;
Drive: Harbor;
Streets: Hancock, Harden, Haring, Harman, Hart;
Others: Hampton Place, Hancock, Hanover Place, Hanson, Hanson Place, Harbor Lane, Harbor View Terrace, Haring, Harman, Harrison Pl, Harrison Place, Hart Place;

Avenues: Harway, Hegeman;
Streets: Hart, Hastings, Hausman, Havemeyer, Hawthorne, Hawthrone, Hemlock, Hendrickson, Hendrix;
Others: Hastings, Hattie Jones Court, Havens Place, Hawthorne, Hazel, Hazel Court, Hegeman, Hemlock, Henderson Walk, Hendrix;

Streets: Hendrix, Henery, Henry, Herbert, Herkimer, Herzl, Hewes, Heyward, Hick;
Others: Henry, Henry Sta Pt., Henry Street Bklyn, Herkimer Court, Herkimer Ct, Herkimer Place, Herzl, Heyward, Hicks;

Avenues: Highland, Highlawn, Hitchings, Home Homecrest, Homecrest, Hopkinson;
Streets: Hicks, Hill, Himrod, Hinsdale, Holly, Hooper, Hope, Hopkins;
Others: Hicks, Highland Boulevard, Highland Pl, Highland Place, Hill, Hillel Place, Himrod, Hinckley Place, Hinsdale, Holmes Lane, Homecrest Court, Homes Lane, Hooper, Hope, Hopkinson;

Avenues: Howard, Hudson, Independence, Ird;
Streets: Hoyt, Hubbard, Hull, Humboldt, Humbolt, Huntington, Huron, Imlay, India, Ingraham;
Others: Horace Court, Horace Harding Boulevard, Howard Place, Hoyt, Hubbard Pl, Hubbard Place, Hull, Humboldt, Hunterfly Place, Huntington, Hunts Lane, Huron, Hutchinson Court, Hyman, Hyman Court, Hymen Court, Hymen Ct, Ide Court, Indiana Place, Interboro Parkway, Interborough Parkway, Ira Court;

Avenues: Ird, Irving, Jackson, Jamaica, Jefferson;
Streets: Ird, Irwin, Jackson, Jaffray, Java, Jay;
Others: Ird Place, Irving Pl, Irving Place, Irvington Place, Ivan Court, Jackson Court, Jackson Pl, Jackson Place, Jamaica, Jardine Place, Jay;

Avenues: Jefferson, Jerome, Johnson;
Streets: Jefferson, Jerome, Jewel, Jewell, John, Johnson, Joralemon, Jorelemon, Judge, Junius, Kane, Keap;
Others: Jewel Mc Coy Lane, Jewel Mccoy Lane, Jewell Mckoy Lane, Jones Walk, Joralemon, Joval Court, Juliana Place, Junius, Just Court, Kane Pl, Kane Place, Kansas Place, Karweg Place, Kathleen Court, Kathleen Place, Kaufman Place, Kay Court, Keap;

Avenues: Kent, Kingland, Kinglands;
Streets: Keap, Kensington, Kent, Kimball, King;
Others: Keen, Keen Court, Kenilworth, Kenilworth Pl, Kenilworth Place, Kenmore Court, Kenmore Ct, Kenmore Terrace, Kermit Place, Kiely Place, King Highway, Kings Highway, Kings Higway;

Avenues: Kingsland, Kingston, Knickerbocker, Lafayeete, Lafayette;
Streets: Knapp, Kosciusko, Kosciuszko;
Others: Kings Hwy, Kings Place, Kings Plaza, Kingsland, Kingston, Kingsway Place, Knapp Street Corp., Knapps, Knickerbocker, Knight Court, Kossuth Place, Krier Pl, Krier Place, Lacon Court;

Avenues: Lafayette, Lake, Lancaster, Laurel, Lawrence, Lee, Lefferts;
Drive: Leif Ericson;
Roads: Lennox, Lenox;
Streets: Lake, Langham, Lawrence, Lawton, Legion;
Others: Lafayette Walk, Lake Pl, Lake Place, Lama Court, Lama Ct., Lamont Court, Landis Court, Langham, Lawn Court, Lee, Lefferts Boulevard, Lefferts Pl, Lefferts Place, Legion, Lenox;

Avenues: Lewis, Lexington, Liberty, Lincoln;
Road: Lenox;
Street: Leonard;
Others: Leonard, Lester, Lester Court, Lewis Place, Lexington, Lexington Aveneue, Liberty, Linclon Place, Lincoln;

Avenue: Lincoln;
Road: Lincoln;
Streets: Linden, Linwood;
Others: Lincoln Pl, Lincoln Pl., Lincoln Place, Lincoln Terrace, Linden Boulevard, Linwood;

Avenues: Livonia, Locust, Lois, Loring, Lott, Louisiana;
Streets: Linwood, Little, Little Nassau, Liuingston, Livingston, Livingtonston, Livinston, Lloyd, Locust, Logan, Lombardy, Lorimer, Lorraine, Lott, Louisa;
Others: Livingston, Livingston Stree, Lloyd Court, Lloyd Ct, Logan, Lombardy, Lorimer, Lorimer Stree, Loring, Losee Terrace, Lott Place, Louis Place, Louisa, Louise Terrace, Louisiana, Love Lane, Ludlam Pl, Ludlam Place;

Avenues: Lyme, Macdonald;
Streets: Luquer, Lynch, Mac Donough, Mac Dougal, Macdonough, Macdougal, Mackenzie, Macon, Madison;
Others: Luquer, Lyme, Lynch, Mac Donough, Mac Dougal, Mac Kay Place, Macdonough, Macdougal, Mackay, Mackay Place, Mackenzie, Macon, Madeline Court, Madison Pl, Madison Place;

Avenues: Manhattan, Maple;
Streets: Madison, Main, Malbone, Malta, Maple;
Others: Main, Malcolm X, Malcolm X Boulevard, Malcom X, Malcom X Boulevard, Manhattan Court, Manhattan Ct, Manor Court, Manroe Place;

Avenues: Marcus Garvey, Marcy, Marine, Maspeth;
Drive: Mayfair;
Road: Marlborough;
Streets: Maple, Marginal, Marion, Martense, Maujer;
Others: Marconi, Marconi Place, Marcus Garvey Boulevard, Marcy, Margaret Court, Margaret Ct, Marginal Street East, Marginal Street W, Marginal Street West, Marine Parkway, Marion, Martense Court, Martin L King Place, Martin Luther King J, Martin Luther King P, Maspeth, Matthews Court, Matthews Place, Maujer;

Avenues: Mc Donald, Mc Kinley, Mcdonald, Mcdonlad, Mckinley, Mdconld, Meeker;
Streets: Mc Donough, Mc Dougal, Mc Kibbin, Mcdonough, Mcdougal, Mckibben, Mckibbin, Meadow, Melrose;
Others: Mayfair Drive N., Mayfair Drive North, Mayfair Drive South, Mc Clancy Place, Mc Donald, Mc Guinness Boulevard, Mc Guinness Boulevard South, Mc Kibben, Mc Kibbin Court, Mcclancy Pl, Mcclancy Place, Mcdonald, Mcdonough, Mcdougal, Mcguiness Boulevard, Mcguinness Boulevard, Mckibbin Court, Melba Court, Melrose;

Avenues: Mermaid, Meserole, Metropolitan;
Streets: Melrose, Menahan, Meserole, Middagh, Middleton, Midwood, Milford;
Others: Menahan, Merit Court, Mesereau Court, Metropolitan, Metrotech Center, Miami Court, Miami Ct, Micieli Place, Middleton, Midwood, Milford;

Avenues: Mill, Miller;
Road: Mill;
Streets: Milford, Mill, Milton, Minna, Moffat, Monitor, Monroe;
Others: Mill Lane, Miller Place, Moffat, Mogtague Terrace, Monaco Place, Monague Terrace, Monroe Pl, Monroe Place, Monroe Stree;