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  • RV until home is built

    Willow, Alaska 99688
  • Phone number: 503-333-9914
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  • 24/7
  • Year established: 2007
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  • Category: Sports & Recreation
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  • Bringing windsurfing and kite boarding to a lake or river near you soon!

    To the average kid that has not yet been corrupted by the internet and in understanding the English language... our company name means in simplest terms... to be in a state of motion, used of the air or of wind, to move along or be carried by the wind. Over the years we have turned our English language upside down and inside out to the point of making one sick ...which is now a "good" thing ...go figure ...ok we wanted a name nobody was ever going to forget.

    Company mission statement...make someone smile or laugh everyday and pass it on... it seems to be working so far.

    Company philosophy.... don't be in a hurry...wind and waves will come.

    ...the waves will rise higher than the highest, the sun will shine brighter than the brightest, and the trees will grow again as they have done so for millions of years ago in the past ....and the winds will come like never before.

    Company organic growth strategy plan...develop worldwide relationships with established distribution channel networks growth expansion, exposure, and build brand loyalty to over one million customers or at least die trying.

    All is calm before the storm...

    "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism" Thomas Jefferson

    Company name inspired by the following:ndsurfing windsurfing windsu

    Guys named Madoff and the SEC that should have been doing their job properly in the first place...

    A few CEOs and companies from Wall Street with "offshore" bank accounts, and the AIG CEOs that saw it coming...

    A few people in government that have the philosophy of do as little as possible for as long as possible until retirement sets in unless you have a gov credit card then lets go crazy... and btw thanks for that healthcare program everyone has been working on for over 20 years now...

    The IRS much longer do you think the little guy is going to pay for the big guy with bailout checks and paying for stimulus packages to people sugar comatose in front of their television that can't get off their fat asses and work instead expect more continued handouts? ...btw more tea parties are on the way and guess where all our tea will be coming from...

    The oil companies that have been bending over the American people long enough, and the big 3 out of Detroit that bought up railway transportation systems and sat on them so America had to buy your gas guzzling clunker cars ...if the damned French could make a Renault in the mid 80s getting 45 mpg why can't America make a car that gets at least 50 mpg 20+ years later and why is upper management still at the helm? ...and why doesn't America have a high speed railway system from coast to coast yet? ...from the duh files.

    A few people that created a war that will never end going slow... there will never be a "mission accomplished" and over 4000 American soldiers have died and over 20,000 have been injured because some people did not take the time to read enough history books to understand wars are never won going slow. "The Art of War" might have been a better book to read than one about a goat and btw there is no art in war's just pure ugly, but in ALL major wars it was the "art" that the people tried to protect and hide and it was the art that was the first to be stolen and it's the creators of the world that are most valued, not the destroyers...

    The so called leader of Iran and the nutjob running or ruining North Korea which will soon be called North Crater...

    Homeland security, maybe it's time to get our shit together and outsource getting that wall built by China to protect their investment from all of our borrowing and over spending they now practically own the USA since a few people in government have now put America in more debt than ever before in its history creating an over inflated dollar that now has the true real value of about 2 cents...

    The Federal Reserve ...printing more money does not make for a better economy ...start packing your bags!

    The people that have come to the USA and raise any other flag other than that of the American one you now have the freedom to go back to where you came from and if you need a translator for this, one will be provided on your way out!!!

    The WallMarts of China... opps I mean the WallMarts of America that have put the small mom and pop companies out of business here in the USA because we get a good interest rate on our loan from China ...what ever happened to made in America?

    Credit card companies that have bent over and screwed America with high interest rates long enough ...there may be a day when a cash based or barter society comes again and your plastic will become worthless.

    To all those who complain about "In God We Trust" on our American money ...if you don't like it do not use it.

    To ALL the companies and venture caps that did not want to take a chance on our brand name ...we will be coming out soon with a new outdoor adventure apparel line especially for you guys called "Upurs & Growap Air"...

    If we have left anyone out please let us know on your next large volume order.

    To all those who said, "your company is to much on the edge"... probably still think the world is flat ...what edge? "You are pushing the envelope" ...what envelope? ...everyone uses email these days.

    "Well blow me down!" - Popye the sailor

    Designed for those who make everyday count and play by their own rules or at least try to in their strive for freedom the American way.

    Here's to taking back America!

    If anyone has a problem with these statements you may take it up with our retained law firm ...Bada Bing, Bada Boom, and Vito!

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