Taqueria Potrillo, 7135 Somerset Rd, San Antonio, TX - inspection findings and violations

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Address: 7135 Somerset Rd, San Antonio, TX 78211
Total inspections: 14
Last inspection: 11/06/2015

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Inspection findings



  • All TCS foods must be held at 41 degrees F or below. Raw chicken/raw beef in reach in cooler at 50 degrees F
  • Label foods removed from original packaging: sugar/flour
  • Provide documentation that handling of ready-to-eat foods with bare hands is accomplished using two or more of the following safeguards: double hand washing, nail brushes, a hand sanitizer, incentive programs for sick employees not to work, or control measures approved by the regulatory authority.*Provided a copy of department hand out. no double barrier is being used at time of inspection
  • Separate raw animal foods during preparation, holding, and dispensing, from ready-to-eat food including raw chicken, vegetables and cooked ready-to-eat food.*Observed raw chicken over cooked chili rellano in reach in cooler
  • Store all over the counter medicines in first aid kit or away from open foods. *Observed Tylenol at pass thru from kitchen to dining
  • Discontinue using cutting boards that are stained/deeply scarred
  • Use hand sink for hand washing only- Observed wait staff fill pitcher of water at front hand sink
  • Protect open foods: bulk bags must be stored in a container with a lid. *breadcrumbs/flour/sugar/chili
  • clean in use equipment- ice chest at wait station
  • Repair lids on freezers- remove tape/string holding lids on. All in use equipment must be in good condition
  • Store all air freshners/window cleaners away from foods. Observed windex/air fresheners next to clean mugs
  • 229.164 (f) (2) (A) (iv) not covered. Food not protected from cross contamination by storing the food in packages, covered containers, or wrappings. PROTECT ALL FOOD BY PROVIDING COVERS/LIDS ON ALL FOOD CONTAINERS INSIDE WALK IN COOLER.
  • 229.164 (o) (7) (A) consume by date (prepared). Refrigerated, ready-to-eat, potentially hazardous food prepared and held in a food establishment for more than 24 hours not clearly marked to indicate the date or day by which the food shall be consumed on the premises, sold, or discarded, based on the temperature and time combinations specified. Refrigerated, ready-to-eat, PHF foods held for more then 24 hrs. Shall have a consume-by-date. The day of preparation shall be counted as day 1. If held at 41F or less food can be kept for a max of 7 days at 45F a max of 4 days.
  • 229.164 (f) (2) (A) (ii) (I) separation of meats. Food not protected from cross contamination by separating raw animal foods from each other such as beef, fish, lamb, pork, and poultry during storage, preparation, holding, and display by using separate equipment for each type INSPECTOR FOUND FISH (TALAPIA) BEING STORED WITH RAW BACON INSIDE FREEZER.
  • All potentially hazardous foods that have been cut/cooked/prepared and kept longer than 24 hours must have a use by date of 7 days, the date prepared counting as day 1.
  • Sanitizing compartment in 3 compartment sink and sanitizing bucket in front beverage area did not have a sanitizing soulution. Ensure chlorine concentration is between 50-100ppm.
  • Cold hold unit needs to be cleaned and sanitized, including between containers, shelving, and lid.
  • Observed a mixer inside the hand sink. Ensure the hand sink is only used for hand washing. Items may not be stored or disposed of inside this sink.
  • Observed a 5 gallon container of caldo sitting on top of a container of ice at 120F degrees. When cooling potentially hazardous foods must be cooled from 135F degrees to 70F degrees within 2 hours, then from 70F degrees to 41F degrees in the next 4 hours. To achieve this the foods must be placed into smaller and/or thinner portions or completely surrounded by ice in an ice bath.
  • All foods in the cold hold unit were at ~52F degrees. All potentially hazardous foods must be at 41F degrees or below to prevent any bacterial growth.
  • Observed a Coke can on prep table next to cutting board with diced onions. All employee food and drink must be kept away from all food and food prep to prevent any contamination. Drinks must be in a cup with a lid and straw.
  • Observed raw eggs being stored on the top shelf in the walk in cooler. Ensure that all raw animal products are stored below and away from all ready to eat foods to prevent contamination.
  • Foods in the walk in cooler and cold hold unit were not covered. Ensure that all foods that have been cut/prepared/cooked have a protective covering such as a lid/platic wrap/foil to help prevent contamination.
  • Observed blue/purple ink stain on a piece of beef that had bled through plastic wrap. If using markers to mark foods ensure there is enough covering over the food to prevent any chemicals from bleeding through onto the meat.
  • Observed employee cut a piece of raw meat on a cutting board with diced onions already on it. Ensure that cutting boards are properly washed and sanitized before and after cutting any raw meats. Recommend having separate cutting boards for produce and meats.
  • Observed raw meat being thawed inside of the mop sink. The mop sink can only be used for disposing of waste water. Foods may not be stored or thawed inside the mop sink to prevent contamination.
  • All foods inside the cold hold unit were at ~52F degrees. Ensure that all equipment is adequate to maintain a temperature of 41F degrees or below.
  • Observed a skillet inside of the hand sink at time of inspection. Ensure the hand sink is only used for hand washing. Items may not be stored or washed inside the hand sink.
  • Observed a bottle of windex being stored on top of a container of sugar. Ensure that all toxic chemicals are stored below and away from all foods.
  • Observed dishes being washed without a sanitizer. Ensure when ware washing the 3 compartment sink is set up as follows: 1st compartment with hot soapy water, 2nd compartment for rinsing, 3rd compartment with a sanitizing solution (chlorine with a concentration of 50-100ppm).
  • Cold hold unit did not have a thermometer at time of inspection. Ensure that all cold hold units have a thermometer that is properly calibrated to ensure a temperature of 41F degrees is being maintained.
  • Observed containers on the rack above the 3 compartment sink that still had food debris on them. Ensure all wares and utensils are properly cleaned and sanitized before being reused.
  • Rack near 3 compartment sink had built up grime and food debris. Rack needs to be cleaned and sanitized before storing any clean wares or utensils on it.
  • Racks inside walk in cooler and inside the cold hold unit had food debris stuck on them. Ensure both units are properly cleaned and sanitized.
  • Observed knives being stored between the table and wall. Knives cannot be stored against the wall to prevent contamination.
  • All foods in the walk in cooler and cold hold unit had a temperature of ~45F degrees. All potentially hazardous foods must maintain a temperature of 41F degrees ( /- 2)to prevent bacterial growth.
  • The internal temperature of the walk in cooler was ~50F degrees and all of the potentially hazardous foods were ~45F degrees. Ensure that the walk in cooler can maintain a temperature of 41F degrees or below before storing potentially hazardous foods inside.
  • Cold hold unit was not maintaining a temperature of 41F degrees or below. Ensure that the unit is working properly and/or thermostat is turned down to a temperature that can keep potentially hazardous foods at 41F degrees or below.
  • Items on the shelving unit near 3 compartment sink need to be cleaned and free of food debris before being stored to not attract insects/rodents. Shelving units holding clean wares and shelving in walk in need to be cleaned as well.
  • Observed raw chicken stored on shelf above above cooked foods, as well as packaged raw ground beef stored in the same bin as veggetables. Raw animal foods should be stored away from prepared cooked foods and ready to eat foods. Observed cooked foods not covered in walk in cooler. Shredded cheese was dropping into uncovered food on shelf below. All foods must be covered to prevent cross contamination.
  • Observed cooked potentially hazardous foods in walk in cooler without a use by date. All prepared foods kept longer than 24 hours must have a use by date of 7 days, the day prepared being day 1. Ensure all cooked foods have a use by date.
  • Observed raw chicken being stored in plastic grocery bag inside walk in cooler. All foods must be stored in original package or a food grade container. Knives were being stored between equipment and wall. All food contact surfaces including utinsels must be stored in a clean dry place. Bowls and cups were being used as scoops for tea and several food items. A ladle or scoop with a handle must be used to prevent contamination from hands. Shelves in walk in cooler were dirty and had built up food debris. Racks need to be cleaned and sanitized and free from all food bebris build up.
  • Establishment did not have current inspection report posted or food establishment permit. The latest food inspection report must be posted as well as the food permit in public view.
  • 229.163 (g) Wash before RTE. Employee that washes dishes had came from the dish washing room and touched a corn tortilla on the counter to put it away and did not wash his hands. Wash the hands whenever one changes from one task to another such as immediately before engaging in food preparation, working with exposed foods, clean equipment and utensils and unwrapped single service and single use articles.
  • Employee was observed preparing tacos and other ready to eat food items with bare hands; establishment does not have bare hand documentation. A physical barrier such as gloves or utensil must be used when handling ready to eat food.
  • Raw meat was seen in the walkin cooler on a shelve about uncovered bucket of cut potatoes. Raw meat should be away from ready to eat food items and should be below ready to eat food items to prevent cross contamination
  • 229.164 (f) (2) (A) (iv) not covered. Several food items stored in the walk in cooler were not covered. Protect food from contamination by storing food in packages, covered containers, or wrappings.
  • 229.166 (f) (4) air gap 2x. Pipe coming from ice machine was laying on the floor drain. Provide for an air gap with 1 ½ inches or two times the diameter of the pipe.
  • 229.166 (g) (1) (A) HWS not provided. There is no easily accessible hand sink in beverage area used by wait staff. Install a handwashing sink in or immediately adjacent to the bevearge.
  • 229.165 (k) (14) (A)chlorine solution. Chlorine solution was at about 200 PPM and should be between 50 to 100 PPM
  • Observed everything inside of the walkin cooler at 44F. Potentially hazardous food should be at 41F or below.
  • 229.164 (o) (4) (D) Raw Shell Eggs. Raw Shelled eggs left on prep-table, were at 90 degrees, advised establishment that they must keep the eggs cool at 45 degrees or colder.
  • 229.167 (p) (5) improper use of sinks. Do not use mopsink, as a prepsink, and do not keep dishes inside mopsink.
  • Establishment must always have at least one person on duty with a food managers certification.
No violation noted during this evaluation. 03/24/2011100
  • 229.163 (n) (1) eat.drink.smoke.. All personal drinks must have a straw.
  • 229.165 (m) (1) (A)not clean. Dirty knives seen on wall. Also do not store knives between wall and pipes. These are non-food contact surfaces, and knives will get dirty by being placed here.
  • All cold items must be kept at 41 degrees or colder, refer to condemnation report.
  • 229.168 (a) toxics not labeled. Label all cleaning bottles.
  • 229.167 (p) (11) (C)insects/pests not minimized. Flies in kitchen
  • Most recent graded inspection report must be posted in customer view.
  • All personal drinks must have a lid and straw.
  • Label all cleaning bottles with product information, and do not store medications directly over open food.
  • Clean inside RIC's
  • If touching ready to eat food with bare hands, establishment must maintaine documentation stating that employees use a double handwash plus handsanitizer or gloves. Or establishment must elimante all bare hand contact by wearing gloves.
No violation noted during this evaluation. 10/31/200877

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1 User Review:


Added on Sep 22, 2015 9:13 PM
Visited on Sep 22, 2015 9:12 PM
I had lunch at this restruant today and enjoyed it but later discovered I had forgotten my ipad.
I called several times and was told it was not there and they knew nothing about it. When I went online to locate my ipad, it was traced to 14045 Jarratt RD Atascosa TX. When I called again and told this information, all of the sudden....they knew who it was and told me to call back in 5 minutes. I have asked that the owner call me.....no call yet!! I believe if the owner was trying to"hold" my ipad for safe keeping....THEY WOULD HAVE CALLED ME!!!! SO, if you eat at this establishment, be sure to keep your belongings close....the owner wont even help you retrieve them!!!
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